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Paris Hilton Adds New Mugshot To Collection!

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Her latest one, after being arrested in Las Vegas for cocaine possession.

What do you think was going through her mind as that photo was taken???

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229 comments to “Paris Hilton Adds New Mugshot To Collection!”

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  1. 101

    Seriously? That's a stupid question. "What is going through her mind?" NOTHING would be my guess.

  2. Misa7 says – reply to this


    Paris "Back off Kim, i m back b****"

  3. 103

    ”Damn, I want that coke back”

  4. 104

    I'll be outta here in an hour cuz I'm Paris Hilton.

  5. 105

    at least her hair looked good

  6. 106

    Better make it look good because this is going to be all over VH1 All Access reruns for yearssss

  7. 107

    Maybe this is the only was left for her to get her picture taken!!!!
    Get away with it anyway; three times in three months, can anyone say addiction?

    Then again, prisoners can always use a little fresh meat :)

  8. 108

    "Geez, maybe the media would stop paying soooo much attention to the Hodashians, oops I mean Kardashians. I'm back in the spotlight bitches!"

  9. 109

    what an idiot

  10. TCYB says – reply to this


    The white drewl should be coming out og her nose.

  11. 111

    "This picture is going to look hot."

  12. 112

    'woops, but who fucking cares, i know im not gonna serve the time anyways'

  13. 113

    i dont look this good in pictures let alone a mugshot - i love her hair

  14. 114

    I wish Paris and Lindsay would just try to get in to college. Us with degrees will be making more than these two. Makes sense. Paris could end up like Casey Johnson, broke and… Lindsay may be the next Anna Nicole. None of these stories look good. Come on girls lets stick together. No more slutty dressing and doping. And no I'm not some holy roller. Just hoping two pretty girls don't ruin themselves.

  15. 115

    Nice Weave! But, she is thinking damn my little brother Barron who I fucked over when he was in jail is going to have a field day! Snap!

  16. 116

    I thought that her attitude would change after coming out of prison, but nope… she's still a dumb kunt…

  17. 117


  18. 118

    Her parents must be so proud! This is just another photo her mother can show off at family functions.

  19. 119

    bitch will never learn…

  20. 120

    "I hope I don't get wonky eye in this picture. You know, Like when my left eye is a lot smaller than the other one?….. aw crap…."

  21. 121

    but how is it possible she tweeted that night ? I don't get it it was basictly at the same time as well. she couldn't be doing that while in jail. ???????

  22. 122

    What was going through her mind at this moment?
    " Like, I'm so glad that I pre-planned a salon appointment! I think my hair this time around is going to look so edgy, and I will make last times mug shot a forgottem moment!! Getting mug shots and snorting coke is sooo in!!
    What a trashy bitch!!

  23. 123

    She's thinking: Good thing I got so much bank that this doesn't mean shit. Fake hair looks good. Nose job looks busted. Small weird eye makes her look high.

  24. 124

    ( O 0 )

  25. 125

    i dunno whats sadder, that she has another mug shot, or that her mug shot is better then literally all my yearbook photos haha

  26. 126

    But Lady Gaga is a COKEHEAD too but still NO story about that. Lady Gaga = COKEHEAD COKEHEAD COKEHEAD COKEHEAD

  27. 127

    she still looks absolutely stunning, im not shocked its Paris!! Anyways please go check out my music at www.myspace.com/ozonnamusic loves you xox oz

  28. 128

    "Aren't I pretty?" "Oh look, those nice men want to take my picture!"

  29. 129

    shows u all that money in the word don't stop u from making a fool of yourself. Time for paris to go in the slammer, if it was a regular everyday person they would have thrown u in jail. This shows u there is one law or the rich and one law for everyone else….

  30. 130

    Re: Lady_Saccharine_Sweetness – hahahaha, totally.

  31. 131

    Re: zumazuma1961 – lol, love it!

  32. 132

    Re: canderson – Yes!

  33. 133

    She's high and doesn't care what just happened because she is a Hilton and she'll get away with it,,,, as she always does….must be nice….useless person, unbelievable she could be doing so much for people…tell me…when is she going to grow up? enough already with her

  34. 134

    Gotta look good..I know this will get on Perez Hilton within hours

  35. judi says – reply to this


    Her left eye looks alittle wonky…

  36. 136

    This is just sad. She's pushing 30. Grow up Hollyhood.

  37. 137

    Go Paris! That's what I would do if I were rich, single and childless. Party down, baby! F*#k all the hater bitches!

  38. 138

    she is prolly pretty glad she did something gossip-blog worthy

  39. 139

    Gawd does she have a BIG NOSE ! And, without the proper lighting, and all 'tarted' up, she looks as ugly as any other streetwalker. Throw the book at the ugly skank ! Her parents, Kathy and Rick, must be sooo PROUD ! What a trashy family ! ! !

  40. 140

    PUBLICITY!!! that's what she was thinking peoples!

  41. 141

    What mind?

  42. 142

    Hang her high, hang her long!

  43. 143

    Proof that money can't buy brains.

  44. 144

    D U M B A S S

  45. 145

    I think she looks great but her nose is taking all the attention. Gosh with all that money could she find a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills? Geez! I agree she doesn't need the fake tits but she needs to do something about that nose.

  46. 146

    She has no mind for thoughts to go through. She is like a dog; she only lives off of instinct. And her only instinct: Do something for publicity!

  47. 147

    "thats hot"

    which she is.

  48. 148

    Please, Mario…..give this bitch the same shade you would give others that pull the same shit. "What was going through her mind?" Really??? Who gives a fuck??? Anybody else, and you would've burned them at the stake for drinking and driving, let alone a coke charge. Did I mention you would've flamed them for the wonk left eye and hook nose???

  49. 149

    He's going to get away with it anyways.

  50. 6one9 says – reply to this


    Pathetic!! Grow up already!! Queen is starting to “` set in, darling!!

  51. 151

    It's a really pretty picture at least! I love her hair. Definitely best mugshot so far!

  52. 152

    hahaha of curse shes not worry slut actitud and hav money 4 good lawyers, is gone 3 in thise year dont? arrest 4 possesion drugadict bitch , REHAB soon!!! again

  53. 153

    I don't understand how she and lilo let the police catch them with something we all know they both could have swallowed.

  54. 154

    She looks awesome in the shot, very sexy and cute, too bad about the arrest because mostly cops really suck.

  55. 155

    You'd think she'd get a clue after getting busted twice on vacation in Europe.

  56. 156

    What is this thing gonna be doing at age 50? Curious…

  57. 157

    Dumb bitch thinks it's a photoshoot!!

  58. 158

    "If I smile pretty, maybe the millions of people who see this won't see how bad my wonkeye is"????? Stupid bitch. How come you aren't up her ass anymore, Mario?

  59. 159

    Re: Kt_Cooter – I agree…isn't she a bit too old for to be doing this?That's stuff she could get away of doing like 5 or 6 years ago!!Even Nicole Richie is doing better and she has her family and Joel,and she grew out of that shit!Paris was doing great at one point after her jail stint,and now bitch has fall off the wagon!

  60. 160

    Take those damn played out colored contacts already. Everyone knows you have brown eyes because your full of shit and std's

  61. 161

    That she has this one in the bag….like the coke they found. I do like her hair there. It's pretty.

  62. 162

    i think vegas is really grody, to use the valley vernacular, you know. and to think, abigal folger was coffee!

  63. 163

    Unfortunately, the trouble is that she will always have a free pass. It doesn't matter what it is that she has done. Unless there's actual footage of her plunging a knife into some poor fool's neck, she will always beat the system. Maybe if we stopped paying attention to her nonsense! Of course, that's just silly…

  64. free says – reply to this


    Erm…. busted?

  65. 165

    shes so stoopid

  66. 166

    Where is that chick from South Africa when I need her?
    Where's my purse? Oh yeah, I forgot it's not my purse, silly me.

  67. 167

    "this photo is gonna spread all over the world, better make it a good one, oh yeah, I'm so hot".

  68. 168

    she looks like she hasn got a bother in the world!!

  69. 169

    atleast my hair looks good…

  70. 170

    which mind? …
    she looks bored … "oh no - again?"

  71. 171

    Re: JustCata – you said it even better

  72. cozmo says – reply to this


    "Umm, officer I'm above the law. Try it."

  73. 173

    Does it matter? Girlfriend's hair is adorable!
    Best celebrity mug-shot ever! Seriously, as in this is the most attractive celeb mug-shot in the history of celeb mug-shots. I guess she's had some practice, though…

  74. 174

    the thing is that with all the medias around her
    young kids look up to her.
    She is NOT a role model.

  75. 175


  76. 176

    "Aw no, not again! What a buzz-kill!"

  77. 177

    Sounds like someone has a real drug problem, but no surprise there.

    Isn't this her 3rd arrest? DUI, then driving with a suspended license (that sent her to jail), now cocaine possession? Let's hope she goes to jail for real this time. Sad thing is that she will only make more money from this new exposure. She has been old news for a long time now, this will bring her back in the limelight - ugh!

  78. 178

    Hahaha!Wonky's beak is shaped perfectly for snorting upbcoke!!!!What a wonk-eyed beak sporting piece of shit!!!!Bwahaha!!!!

  79. 179

    Any press is good press. I Can't have Lohan hogging up the media! I will not fade away.

  80. 180

    will someone please that thing with fire. ps usually you have to show your true eye colour when taking a mug shot. whats up with her being allowed to keep the contacts in??

  81. 181

    here's what she was thinking–How dare you arrest ME, I'm Paris Hilton & you WILL PAY FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm a rich bitch and you're NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Doesn't everyone party every night? Pot and coke may be illegal for the masses, but not ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. 182

    oh man it looks like she"s tweaking!

  83. 183

    "the creative ways I need to keep myself in the public eye"

  84. 184

    for everyone saying "lovely hair". *clears throat PARIS HILTON'S HAIR IS A THINING, BLEACHED, STRINGY, OVER PROCESSED MESS THAT IS THE LENGTH OF HER BANGS AND FALLING OUT IN CLUMPS. SHE HAS A MASS OF CLIP AND GLUE IN EXTENSIONS TO DISGUISE THE FACT SHE HAS LOST MOST OF HER HAIR THROUGH OVERUSE OF EXTENSIONS. *rests. on another note, this is a very obvious attempt for ms. hilton to regain the limelight from ms lohan and trying to stay "down with the kids". she is a used up sperm bucket who has being rode hard and put away wet. someone please put this feral animal down.

  85. 185

    I think all drugs should be legal. Paris does look good, and healthy.

  86. 186

    Oh, blow me!

  87. 187

    Is it just me, or is she starting to get that Yasmine Bleeth cokehead nose?

  88. 188

    What was going thru her mind?…"am i hot?"…NO!!!

  89. 189

    A stiff breeze

  90. Nebby says – reply to this


    HA! Lindsey/Brittney and KIM…you were gettin wayyy too much face time in the mags…..its my turn AGAIN…..now Photo taking 101: chin down, eyes up, relax the lips, look just to the right of the camera, shoulders down, turn face slightly to the left… Look like all the other pictures!!!!

  91. Nebby says – reply to this


    Re: Lady_Saccharine_Sweetness – YOU ARE SOO RIGHT ON !! She looks the same alll the time…like the Olsen twins

  92. 192

    Ok, who but Paris Hilton would actually smile and pose for a mug shot?!
    And what she was thinking was…"I have no talent, I don't have anything to do, and to stay relevant I have to get arrested." No one gets press anymore for feeding the homeless, you have to do something outrageous in public and get *wink wink* "caught.
    I'm done, let me climb down off my soapbox.

  93. 193

    arrests, probation, racial slurs, drugs. I'm sure her parents are so proud. They're probably just as pathetic and trashy.

  94. 194

    She's thinking:" I'm gonna have my nails done after this photo shoot, then some shopping and I'll definitely need a cocktail. I'm rich, blonde and slim. wohohohoho".
    Then her brain stalls as she's been thinking too much.

  95. 195

    OK, gotta comment again–what would bitch look like if they had made her…1)take out hair extentions 2)remove fake eyelashes 3)remove blue tented contacts 4)stand straight, directly facing camera (like in mugshots of all other criminals) and 5)wipe condecending smirk off stupid face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. 196

    She must still be on probation for her last stint in jail! I hope she goes straight to jail but we all know that she won't she Paris Hilton! I am sure her daddy has some judge on his payroll.

  97. 197

    and she will not serve time she will go to "rehab" wow must be nice to be rich and famouse and buy your way out of any situation

  98. 198

    CandyDanny said it best. This will be swept under the rug. Highly doubtful Hilton will serve any REAL time in the REAL prison ala Lyndsay Lohan.

  99. 199

    "I'm just a girl who can't say no. I'm in a terrible bind."

  100. Jai says – reply to this


    She takes a great mugshot. She's guilty as hell but her lawyer will buy her way out of it.

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