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Paris Hilton Adds New Mugshot To Collection!

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Her latest one, after being arrested in Las Vegas for cocaine possession.

What do you think was going through her mind as that photo was taken???

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229 comments to “Paris Hilton Adds New Mugshot To Collection!”

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  1. 201

    she can never take a bad picture

  2. 202

    Re: Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD rescinded – I keep on reading comments to see if any come close to what I'm thinking…thumbs up you said it perfectly! hahaha

  3. 203


  4. 204

    What mind?
    Make up, hair extensions and expensive clothes notwithstanding, she always looks like the village idiot to me.

  5. 205

    'im not remotely concerned'

  6. 206

    Money can't buy good looks that's for sure.

  7. 207

    She says the purse isn't hers yet she reaches in the purse to grab chapstick. I would never apply someone else's chapstick. We aren't the dumb ones Paris. Your poor family's shame.

  8. 208

    MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. 209

    shouldn't it be Zydrate, Miss Sweet?

  10. 210

    best mug shot of all time.

    Loves it!!!!! and love her!!!

  11. 211

    What was going through her mind while this shot was made? Hmmmm, let me think…….

    Oh yes, probably: I'm going to get away with this because I'm from a stinking rich family……

    Stupid bitch.

  12. 212

    She makes me sick. What is this the second or third time she was caught with drugs this summer? She'll mostly likely get off because our legal system sucks.

  13. 213

    Re: bearmonty – Me too I believe this is a publicity stunt from Paris Hilton to stay relevant because nobody is talking about her lately.The media is only interested in Lindsay Lohan,Kim Kardashian,or Lady Gaga.

  14. 214

    Isn't she still on probation for the drunk driving/driving while have a suspended license?

  15. 215

    Yes! My hair looks awesome!

  16. 216

    "I'm so high right now"

  17. 217

    Nasty ass weave on her head.
    How old is this bore anyway?
    Also can't believe she'd make any headlines!!!! There are boys dying in Afganistan Disgusting journalism!!!!!!!!

  18. 218

    Hope her parents are REAL PROUD!

    multiple sex partners. check.
    herpes. check.
    sex tape. check.
    drug and alcohol abuse. check.
    no definable job. check.
    3 arrests. check.

    demonstrating how WHITE TRASH can surpass your bank statement. priceless.

  19. 219

    She's wondering if she goes on Letterman again if he'll rip her a new one AGAIN.

  20. 220

    she lukz pwetty!

  21. 221

    i love how she smiles for her mugshot. lmfaoo

  22. 222

    boy, thats one stoopid lookin broad……i hope they throw the book at this worthless coont !

  23. 223

    "im gonna make a mockery out of the justice system and get out on bail within 10 min"

    fuckin slut

  24. 224

    Nice Hair do!

  25. 225

    Michael Boychuck is a good friend and Character reference! Nice Hair style!!!

  26. 226

    she's thinking… "ooo they want my picture again!" — really she's a dumb biatch

  27. Jayla says – reply to this


    LOL that skank is coked up.

  28. 228

    she looks like she's on E

  29. 229

    She's thinking, "THANK GOD, this happened on a "good hair," day when I looked uber CUTE!" She looks just like a Disney princess in that mugshot! And now we all know how and why she stays so SKINNY! "Diet" my ass! :-D

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