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Prince William To Marry Kate Next Year?

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Well, he did say that he would be ready for marriage at age 28!

According to close friends of the royal couple, Prince William is set to marry his girlfriend of seven years, Kate Middleton by August of next year.

A senior personnel member at the Westminister Abbey, where William's mother Diana was laid to rest, has confirmed that "a date has been earmarked for a royal wedding next year. It is very tentative at the moment but currently the second weekend in August has been mooted."

Other sources say that 2011 will be the perfect time for the two to marry as the Summer Olympics will be held in London in 2012, which would make it virtually impossible for a royal wedding to occur until at least 2013.

Oh come on, William! Don't make her wait!

[Image via AP Images.]

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39 comments to “Prince William To Marry Kate Next Year?”

  1. 1

    They're technically not a royal couple and the rumour of them marrying next year was in the daily mail a month ago and flat out denied.

  2. 2

    it's more likely they will marry in 2012, what with the Olympics and the Queen's Diamond Jubilee - it'll be a triple whammy of British amazingness.
    And Diana was NOT laid to rest at Westminster Abbey - it can't be that hard to at least quickly Wikipedia a person you mention can it?

  3. 3

    I can't understand why he would marry this social climber. She's a total conniving manipulator and will only get worse once he puts a ring on it. She doesn't have anything of her own. No career, no ambition, nothing. Oh wait….she does have one ambition - to marry a prince. What a pathetic woman. Harry has really surpassed Will in every department. Harry's better looking. Harry has a better girlfriend (or had?). Will doesn't know what he's in for with Kate Middleton. She's so completely fake it's obvious to everyone.

  4. 4

    Diana is not buried at westminster abby. Mario/Perez, this is what really bothers me about the shit you write. It's usually far from accurate, it usually seems to come from a reactive and over-imaginative mind, and you mix it in with a little bit of truth. That grain of truth is enough to convince less intelligent people. So congratulations, you contribute to the dumbing down of your country.

  5. 5

    I used to have a crush on William… before he started losing his hair.
    What a shame. Nice personality though. Takes after his mum.

  6. 6

    1) It's Westminster Abbey, not the Westminster Abbey and 2) Of course she's NOT buried there!!!
    But what can we expect from a guy who thinks that that comedy bit between Kristen Bell, the director, Betty White and Sigourney Weaver is real?!

  7. 7

    dear perez when referring to 'diana' please name her correctly. 'diana princess of wales.'

  8. 8

    Absolutely loved Diana, and hope her children are happy, and have found people who make them happy. So judgmental of this girl- he seems to like her, and has for some time now!

  9. 9

    Wow, seven years..that's long. Nice to know he's loyal and not a cheater like his father. Guess Diana managed to plant her moral values in his head.

  10. 10

    alRe: Diva-Babe – She is not "Princess of Wales" that title wasn't valid after the divorce, she is Lady Diana Spencer. Camilla is the Princess of Wales, but most commonly referred to as the Duchess of Cornwall to stop comparisons between the two women.

  11. 11

    Diana isn't buried in westminister

  12. 12

    Re: Diva-Babe – Actually, she had many titles during her life. She was "Honourable" , "Lady", and the most precious was HRH or "Her Royal Highness". That title was taken away from her after her divorce, along with Scotland Yard protection. If Scotland Yard had been guarding her, she may have been stopped from entering a vehicle with a drunk driver. US Presidents are protected for life by the Secret Service, and they are not nearly the attraction that Lady Di was. England should have protected her, but then again she was always a "tiresome girl" according to the Queen.

  13. 13

    cousin fucker.

  14. 14

    Re: GothamGirl – She shouldn't have been protected after her divorce, she was no longer a Royal Family member, so therefore her right to Royal Protection should, and was, void.

  15. 15

    Come'on Wills, you can do better than her. Aim for royalty. Not this ultra-commoner.

  16. 16

    does it really matter who he marries? i'm british and i don't even care.

  17. 17

    Re: Carlo_B – Even after her divorce, she was the mother of the future King of England. She deserved to be protected. After a US President is on longer in office, he is no longer the Commander in Chief, but his protection continues, as it should, because of his service. She was loved around the world, England should have protected her. But her common touch was very threatening to Royals, who's greatest fear must be that the masses realize that they are really just people after all.

  18. 18

    The Princess Diana story was bizarre and bitterly disappointing. She really was the 'perfect' bride for Prince Charles. I believe the core reason the marriage failed was that he was not in love with Diana and because of that, he would not try to make this important marriage work.

    I really don't think this Kate is good enough for him. And I really don't like her. But unfortunately Princess Diana's two sons bear serious scars from their parents marriage and this affects Prince William's judgement. Kate M. has hung onto him like a pit bull and I wonder if she truly loves him or she truly loves who he is.

  19. 19

    Re: GothamGirl – The Scotland yard protection was taken away by Diana herself. She was the one that got rid of her Royal protection saying that they were spying on her. The Royal family told her that she needed the protection but she just thumbed her nose at them. She was given extensive training in driving in a car and was told to ALWAYS wear her seatbelt. She did not have her seatbelt on the night she died.

  20. 20

    I don't think they'll ever marry. He's getting everything he wants for free, most of all privacy. He won't have that when he's married. He's probably dreading she'll get Diana-like attention. He'll be like Prince Albert and get married when he's much older and Kate will be the foolish girl who waited in vain.

  21. 21

    Yayayaya !! Anyways please go check out my music at www.myspace.com/ozonnamusic loves you xox oz

  22. 22

    who gives a shit! He looks bad just like his father. Gross

  23. 23

    You can't bee the queen of all media if you won't fact-check. PD is not interred at WMA. MORON.

  24. 24

    Poor Kate - you really can't choose who you fall in love with, but I hope she thinks long and hard - all I keep seeing is the day of Princess Diana's funeral - the small wreath of flowers carrying a card bearing only one word: "Mummy." I hope she doesn't sacrifice her life without looking at all of her options.

  25. 25

    Re: nancybee – True, she wasn't wearing a seatbelt, but many people do not wear them when traveling in a limo. And if she thumbed her nose at protection, the Royal Family should have insisted, they had not had such a popular member of their "family" before. And, the Royal Family's reaction to Diana's death caused a world OUTCRY! They were at Balmoral, and initially refused to return to London! And refused to fly the Royal Standard at half-mast. Protocol, protocol, protocol. But Charles Spencer's speech was applauded at her funeral, protocol finally disregarded.

  26. 26

    Oh please, the World has moved on. England is not ruled a monarchy and has not for generations. From an outsiders view, its a quaint tradition of historical and national pride but largely a showpiece since they really have no power and little real influence beyond being figurehead leaders.

    Diana was, (once again from an outsiders view) the classiest addition to the royal clan in the last 100 years. She was likable and liked by most who came in contact or heard of her. Her likability gave her influence and the power to build up many charities and do more in a real sense than all the royals put together.

    Prince William is no prize (although he may be a perfectly wonderful person, I don't know him) and would be lucky to get Kate. She is a lovely person who carries herself well and has withstood the ruthless onslaught of the English press with class and grace for a number of years now. What could be better training for being a royal? I think she would add a bit of charm to the royal family that has been missing since Diana's passing. Lets face it the royal family needs some brightening and beauty.

  27. 27

    Diana definitely wasn't buried at Westminster Abbey. They haven't buried any of the royals there in decades, and they wouldn't bury a non-royal there now. Aren't you supposed to be the "queen of all media?" You think you'd get your facts straight

  28. 28

    Diana is not in Westminster Abbey…COME ON MARIO you can't even get simple facts straight, she was put to rest on Spencer family property on an island in Althorp Park. Her FUNERAL took place at Westminster Abbey, there is a difference…jesus!!!

  29. 29

    Re: Lunatic.me – moral values?? sorry hunny but Diana cheated too, with her horse instructor i believe, she just didn't get caught. This is what happens when two people who don't even like each other are forced to marry.

  30. 30

    Re: zooomba – If the monarchy is just for show and has no influence how come the PM needs to ask HM's permission to dissolve parliment and form a goverment?
    Do agree with you about Kate though, what is she supposed to do ? If she got a job the press would accuse her of using her position and try to catch her out like they did the Countess of Wessex! They seem happy and well suited,i think William is just making sure and doesn't want to repeat the mistake his father made by marrying someone he didn't really love.
    Hope they do get married though,when the times right for them, i love a royal wedding and we all get the day off work to watch!!

  31. 31

    Re: europeansarepedophiles – you can't even spell 'paedophile'
    properly, it comes from paediatric meaning related to children, halfwit!

  32. 32

    Re: GothamGirl – Protocol should have been met. It was ridiculous how the country acted towards her. I applaud the Royal family for acting like they did, with dignity - none of this stupid breaking down in the streets and wailing about some woman people had never even met. Was just such a comical episode.

  33. 33

    There are still too many diana lovers here, if Charles did not love her he had his reasons. She was a master manipulator, the best evidence of this is the adoration she still inspires after more thant 10 years since she died. She was so dumb that she got in a car with a drunk driver. She adored being chased by photographers, she even tipped many of them before she went on a visit. She said herself her brain was the size of a pea and I agree with her on this. Camilla is making Prince Charles happy, he deserves it after all diana put him through, the constant humiliation and all. People open your eyes, stop idolizing an idiot just because she had blue eyes and blonde hair.

  34. 34

    Re: GothamGirl – The Royals could ot MAKE Princess Diana retain her bodyguards. They tried to talk to her about it and she blew them off. And being in a limo and in the back seat will not protect you in a bad car accident. Ask Diana about that! Sadly, she was a very stubborn and bull headed woman who would not listen to people that she should have listened to.

  35. 35

    Why would he get married in the month his mother died??????? Now, thats got to be wrong information!!!!!

  36. 36

    Diana is buried at her family home, Althorp outside of London.

  37. 37

    Re: nancybee – I agree with everything that you said. But I don't think that Diana's death was 100% her fault. It goes 1/3 to the drunk driver, 1/3 to the paparazzi chasing them at unsafe speeds, and 1/3 Diana not wearing her seat belt. She was loved by so many, such a sad end for such a lovely person and wonderful mother.

  38. 38

    Ummm, Diana is not buried in Westminster Abbey — she's buried on Spencer family property.

  39. 39

    Re: Carlo_B – I believe Diana lost her HRH title, but was still Princess of Wales at the time of her death. Camilla is Duchess of Cornwall — because naming her Princess of Wales would have obviously been unpopular.