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$20 Million For Tanning Grease, A Busted Weave, And Fake Tittays!

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Ha! We don't know what's more twisted - that this guy thinks that making her the face of his channel is marketable or that he's willing to pay her as much as he is to do so - not to mention at the expense of his employees!

Although she recently signed a two year deal with another television network, Channel Five boss Richard Desmond is reportedly attempting to lure Jordan AKA Katie Price over to them with a $20 million deal!

And insider reveals:

"Money is no object for Richard and he thinks Katie would be the perfect person to help kick start Channel Five in a new era. It's vital he relaunches the channel with a bang."

Price, being the smart bitch that she is, instantly realized that in no way, shape, or form is she worth that much and is consulting her lawyers to see if she can break her previous contract!

And we LOVE to hear that Desmond thinks that money is no object, seeing as he's due to fire a quarter of his company's 300 employees today to 'cut costs!'

UGH. So unbelievably fucked up.


[Image via WENN.]

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19 comments to “$20 Million For Tanning Grease, A Busted Weave, And Fake Tittays!”

  1. 1

    Jordan is hot. Hawt. Or I don't know. What is going on in my pants? I can't type…

  2. 2

    I love Katie!!
    Anyways please go check out my music at www.myspace.com/ozonnamusic loves you xox oz

  3. 3

    Really? 300 more people unemployed and this bitch gets 20 million? What the hell is wrong with this world!

  4. 4

    How much is her management team paying you to keep posting about her?

  5. 5

    Don't believe the hype. She is worth jack shit. This twisted drag queen slut Jordan will put these stories out herself to massage her big fat ego. if you believe this story Prez, then you'll believe you have a big dick. Prez 2-inches is 2-inches no matter what way you look at it.

  6. 6

    They are not paying her this . who started this fairytale.
    She is a nasty tramp. People in Great Britain can't stand the talentless nobody. She is famous for being photographed taking her tits out. Getting drunk in night clubs when she was pregnant, with her baby bump hanging over the top of her tight skirt . YUK!!

  7. 7

    No U.S. company would hire this women as its public face. She simply isn't cute enough for the American market. From her teeth, to her boobs, and hair she looks too artificial.
    I wish she'd stop promoting herself and take care of her children.

  8. 8

    Whatever he's been smoking send some to me because it's got to be so strong you forget your name.

  9. 9

    Bitch please, she looks like Barbie, and with that tattooed eye brow of hers, she looks like a Man. The woman has no talent other then giving great road head.

  10. 7tizz says – reply to this


    Why do you report on her so much? Her show tanked in North America and no one really cares about her. Are you trying to seem more 'international' or something?

  11. 11

    well its £13 million in uk and $20 million in u.s yes america we are worth more than you and love her or hate her she has true british spirit and relentless desire to be successful and rutheless when it comes to competition she might not be that talented but she is worth £40million uk $68million us so sit here and hate all u want shes clearly happy and fare play 2 her she sells papers and products more than most other people with 40 books perfume clothing ranges reality shows that rate higher than the kardashians shes going nowwhere any time soon ……

  12. 12

    who cares

  13. 13

    Aaaaand this bird just got busted for asking a 13 year old boy if he was 'staring at her tits' at a book signing before signing his book 'To Jack and wet dreams. Jordan.'
    The Channel 5 boss is rumoured to have offered to pay her out of her current contract, worth $4.6million by offering her media company, Pricey Media $15.4million - which includes the costs of buying her current contract. No press releases have been issued so at time of press, this is all bollocks dreamed up in the dusty back offices of a bunch of disgruntled journalists with too much time on their hands.
    I can't stand this woman, she is vile and hated over here. Seeing as you like to write about her so much, please, feel free to take her. She is already planning like crazy for another child with clueless new husband Alex Reid, in the hopes it will improve her public image.
    Sorry, my head just exploded.

  14. 14

    perez sniffs his panties

  15. 15

    Re: benelicios – Ha Ha Ha. According to World Bank USA Gross Domestic Product $14.47 in " purchasing power parity dollars" the UK is worth $2.3. That's right almost 7 times more. Live with it. But if you and Richard Desmond have the bad taste to see Price as a trend setter worth that ridiculous amount of money, than throw it away. BTW the British press was/is even more critical on Price than the USA ever was, we just saw her as she was, a drunk, cheating, plastic surgery created woman with no desirable talent.

  16. 16

    This trash isn't worth five cents.

  17. 17

    That is one disgusting looking woman. Those huge tits ruin her look. Guys, she's not hot. She's just another bimbo with huge boobs. Big deal. A dime a dozen. I blame the UK for her!!

  18. 18

    DAMN — I thought with that headline — "… A busted weave and fake tittays" that this was a story about Britney — thanks a lot Perez…

  19. @v@ says – reply to this


    Why not just jump the shark completely and have 'The Train Wreck Channel?'
    I gaurantee ratings. Paying this woman 20 million for what she represents has me rethinking my profession. I can do train wreck.