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227 comments to “GaGa Tweet Upsets Canadian City Officials!”

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  1. 101

    how hypocrite…USA uses more oil and gas than any other country in the world

  2. 102

    Re: Caprica420 – Wow, that's some stellar thinking. How can you not look at something you find offensive UNTIL you've seen it?? Wow. The issue isn't that it's a funny sign - those are great. The issue, I believe, is that this was quite possibly done on purpose and the word in question is insulting beyond belief. Obtenez plus de vous, s'il vous plaît. Et avoir une certaine classe.

  3. 103

    I use to live in that city and they are a bunch of rich spoilt oil babies that have no sense of humor! I happen to think this is super funny and dont find it offensive at all! Loves it and Loves GAGA!!

  4. 104

    It was her crew that removed the letter when fixing her light stage….then she took the pic.

    That's why the mayor said what he did

  5. 105

    Re: jesshodge – her crew removed the letter

  6. 106

    On my last note, I saw this picture and thought it was pretty funny. Rexall Place is not at fault here, it was because of her spotlight that the O was blocked out. It was probably in bad taste, especially considering the reactions most Canadians have towards that word, but since when has Lady GaGa cared about being a classy lass?

    News sources are not showing the picture because of the content of the picture, btw. People find it offensive. They wouldn't show it on reputable news sources in the States either. Television programming & newspapers have standards they have to uphold, unlike this blog. Stop assuming it's because we're a bunch of tight-asses.

    I'd like to give you a lesson in Geography, Perez. First, it's Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We have provinces up here, we're not all lumped into one big land mass called "Canadialand". Second, respect other nations. It's CANADA, not Canadialand. I understand you think you are being funny and cute by making fun of your neighbour to the north, but it's not funny or cute. It's disrespectful, end of story. I'm rather tired of American's thinking they can make fun of Canada at a whim, and then turning around and having a heart attack when one negative or joking word is thrown their way.

  7. 107

    Re: shazzer – Even if I didn't have to cross the border every time I entered the US, I would know instantly by the dissapearance of Honda, Dode, Gm, etc. compacts and Sedans into "cars" large enough to seat a football team. My sister has a Scion Xa and she gets around just fine with 2 school-girls, her office stuff, and all the girls school and sports stuff. She even folds down the seats & uses blankets to let them sleep on trips. I don't find the "Oil" part the most offensive. Until we (and yes, you) find a way to get around without oil, shut up. Those men bust their asses for a living and should not be disrespected, particularly by hypocrites.

  8. 108

    Re: hat – Them's fighten' words. :)

  9. 109

    My partner and I were at this show (amazing by the way) and it's funny cause we were actually commenting and saying the same thing about the sign before this pic ever came up. Lady Gaga is a genious, and totaly on track. If they're that worried about the sign, they should have fixed it a long time ago. Shut up all you rednecks, she just said what we were all thinking! GO GAGA!!

  10. 110

    Not a big deal. but if it was anyone else but Gaga *cough* Christina *cough*, you would have made it seem like it was the end of the world. Stop sucking up………. PS… I LOVE CANADA!

  11. 111

  12. 112

    i live in edmonton, and i think its absolutely hilarious! :) i like cheap humor like that tho….(thats why i am on this site….)

  13. 113

    1. I am Canadaian, and I approve this picture…it is hilarious…but please Perez…call us Canada, not Canadialand…..
    2. That sign is pretty funny, however the message itself it about the Tar Sands in Alberta….not a funny topic here in Canada.

  14. 114

    Print the whole story perezieland, her crew removed the letter… it was a childish move, then again it is lady gaga…she needs to stick to what she is good at

  15. 115

    Re: SeeGingerSnap

    Totally agree, never think because you live in one part of a country and think its the best, every thinks the same thing…every part of Canada has its jokes…but lets keep it at jokes….no need to be insulting

  16. 116


  17. 117

    I'm from Edmonton, and honestly, the above pic shows a classic Edmontonian inside joke. Who cares? Some people will think its funny, some people will think its gross. I will tell you most people in Edmonton could not care less. I thought it was pretty funny.

  18. 118

    Re: metalxxx – no not all us Canadians do.

  19. 119

    it's a WORD, people. just a WORD. jesus h. christ. you're all fucking martyrs in waiting, trying to feel like you're offended and people owe you something because of it. I hope a big fucking tsunami wipes this planet out of its ungrateful lame population.

  20. 120

    Re: XTINA AGUILERA IS AN ICON!!! BITCHES – Like, why are you so obsessed with me?

  21. 121

    i don't know why this is such a big deal and i'm canadian. i would've tweeted that if i was there too. celebrities are just normal people at the end of the day.

  22. 122

    i'm sure perez has broken some law here in canada with out actually being in canada so can we just pull a stephen harper move and get him extradited to canada to serve some prison time so we dont have to listen to his god damn lady fuck fuck post anymore?


  23. 123

    Shit,she may be a popstar at least she made an effort to point out a spelling error.I absolutely do NOT think the spelling error was an offense to Canada as a country.How stupid are you to go off on her.You probably would do the same if you came to the US,but we're not going to go apeshit like that!I know I won't…..but I don't know about my fellow Gaga fans?!It just goes to show she is a very detailed person,so don't blame her!!Always got to pull out the whiny "we're Canada,quit making fun of us"! We're the only civilization on this planet to make fun of each other,who is listening to this?Another alien life form?Quit whining and accept it as a FAIL on some moron out there!

  24. 124

    Re: xqueenx – What do you mean "real" part of Canada? Do you mean the poor ass toothless part of the maritimes? The snobby stuck up assholes from Ontario? The unemployed douches from B.C.? Or the other moochy parts that leech off of Alberta's money to keep food on your tables? If anything, you losers should thank us. In this economy, Canada got off lucky. We haven't been hit as bad as the rest of the world. And it's all thanks to Alberta. Your welcome, by the way.

  25. 125

    Oh lighten up Mandel…it was funny! AND how many people who have never heard of Edmonton now have?? I live here…there are worse things to be talking about than that here!

  26. 126

    Missing letters are always funny. When the "USE" was missing from the Waffle House sign, it became known as "Waffle Ho" Well by me, anyway.

  27. 127

    Re: Cdn cutie – fuck, honestly, like you could have made some totally valid points if you had concluded it with, "WELL WE'RE ALL CANADIANS" but no, i guess us snobby stuck up assholes had just better all bow down to Alberta. way to bash the rest of the country in your aims to defend the "real canada".

  28. 128

    Re: dinkus – You stupid fuck, GaGa ripping off madonna? lol listen up douche everything madonna has done has been a ripoff of other iconic stars from the 40s,50s etc… every artist out there takes things they are influenced by and uses it in their own way. You call her a ho, ugly, big nose, wtf do you look like??? Madonna and GaGa are friends both are talented, GaGa is very talented and you are just another ignorant hater.

  29. JuNoZ says – reply to this


    O Canada lighten up it was just one of GaGa antic’s, no harm was meant I’m sure.

  30. 130

    Re: Sarah Deller – After hearing all the comments that other provinces make about Alberta(rednecks, hillbillies, etc) it gets pretty damn annoying. I get the jokes and all, but these other comments were not funny. So why get all upset when we put a spin on it too? Comments like yours and others make me not surprised when I hear talks of separation by Quebec. And they get it far worse than Alberta does! If we all stopped making these jabs at eachother, we wouldn't be so divided. So don't slam us, and we won't slam you. But if you do, don't be surprised if we fight back.

  31. 131

    I'm sure she meant no harm, Gaga has a great sense of humor, give the girl a break Canada! Laughter is good for you, even if it's offensive laughter. I don't use that word and I'm pretty sure she doesn't either. If she chooses too, so what? Get over yourselves, there are worse things happening in the world today.

  32. 132

    There is a difference in being Canadian and not being bothered by this, and being from Edmonton and being offended by this. I personally am from Edmonton and I find it offensive, and I think that Gaga should grow up and act her age.

    It was her choice to put that picture up.. but it shows that she has no respect for her fans or the facility that is allowing her to be there, and if the article is right, that her crew DID take the "O" down to put a spot light, then shame on her for taking advantage of the hospitality of our city.

    and "likethepear" shut the fuck up. Have some respect for your fellow Canadians. Asshole.

  33. 133

    I'm from Edmonton and went to her concert. All she did was take a photo of something she saw that could be construed in a hilarious manner. It's not like she photoshopped it to be mean or anything. People need to lighten up! There are more important things out there to be concerned about.

  34. 134

    I think it's funny! If someone would do something like this with my place or city I would laugh and let go - it's much better to see funny things around you. Mayor made a mistake by pointing out how "Offensive" it is - if he/she just laughed and explained where is "o" that would bring much positive attention to the city (Which I am sure deserves it)

  35. 135

    [re=5307707]Re: idevenn[/its that a mariah song?? no im not obssess that all for you. you the one who wrote shit about my queen xtina. that is my only problem i dont even know you but you looks cane a hot. hahahahaha please bitch dont felling soo important.

  36. 136

    Dude im from edmonton and i found this fucking funnny. I mean whats wrong with it? Its like when people rearrange signs everybody needs to chill the fuck you. But perez…you should shut the fuck up. Your one of the most stuck up bitches from america ive ever met. You fatasses have to realize that we supply your fucking oil so dont start shit with us. Oh yea, and i can always tell if ive entered americaland. Everyones stuffing a fucking double big mac down their throats.

  37. 137

    Gaga is a piece of trash.
    But Mendel should be happy she put Edmonton on the map.
    But still. Gaga can suck rocks. Put on panties and stay in America.

  38. smcc says – reply to this


    I'm from Edmonton and I think Mandel needs to lighten uuuuuuup.

  39. 139

    She just posted a photo of what was really there. The photo was not maipulated. If a fan had posted the pic, nothing would have happened. The venue should have monitored the 'completeness' of the sign instead. I think it's a funny, innocent thing that will blow over soon.

    Gaga is obviously more alert than the concert hall's people…

  40. china says – reply to this


    yeah, the caca-version of humor. trash producing trash.
    think first, act later. ah, but you need a brain for thinking.

  41. 141

    its not that funny
    more immature than anything else

  42. 142

    omg what a bitch dont come to canada again u dick

  43. 143

    Is this ugly b***h the only person on the planet. Blog about someone else for a change. jeeeez.

  44. 144

    Really all you pissy canadians? Have you lost your sense of humor? Lighten the fuck up. You are acting like the ridiculous batshitcrazy republicans.

  45. 145

    Albertans and very touchy about their oil… It's understandable, it's their main source of income. I'd give a damn if they weren't so rich…

  46. 146

    Re: AnnAbAnnA – ur so annoying

  47. 147

    I'm Canadian, and I think this is tooooo fucking funny !!! Tee hee. Edmonton should be grateful for the free publicity, it's not like the city's a tourism hot spot or anything, geez.

  48. 148

    Tee hee. Soooo many kids, and actually adults, too … have gotten a big deep down belly chuckle thinking about that sign and what if the "O" fell off or something, especially during a hockey game broadcast live on TV. You can bet the CBC would cover it on The National, lead in story, too … if that would ever happen !!!

  49. @v@ says – reply to this


    Maybe in hindsight Gaga's crew should have chosen the 'U' to cover with their gear instead? Lol.
    Oh, and Re: likethepear – andRe: hat – , you're nuts, and sound envious. Alberta and the Rockies is stunning, with uber friendly hospitality whenever I stay there, and I understand their hard work helps pay for the rest of you. Oh, and hat, Hawks powned Wings. Dustin Byfuglien drove around with the Stanley Cup beside him shotgun with the seatbelt buckled over it. Lol.

  50. 150

    if it was something concerning the states im pretty sure all of the USA would be pissed and offended. so obviously we are going to be upset. dumb.

  51. 151

    I'm not from Canada and not much fan of Gaga, so I can be objective. If this happened in the US so many people would have been angry cause it's not a patriotic thing to do. It's disrespectful to their country. And it shows lack of maturity and respect on her side. And if you think that is this is okay then try to think of what you would do if this happened over here. And if you wouldn't freak out about then there' s obviously something wrong about your national pride.

  52. 152

    Re: Niklas King – Right on.

  53. 153

    Perez, why is it that you LOVE everything Gaga does? Do you not have your own thoughts and opinions! This is clearly a trashy, classless, ignorant thing to so to Canada and Edmonton and all you can do is support the idiot that did it!

    You both are losers in my opinion!

  54. 154

    the ones who hate it, hate it because its Gaga, the same for those who love it… I just found it funny….. the ones who feel offended are very weird ppl O.o, she didnt took the O out it was like that and she just took the picture as anyone wouldve done! crazy world for having some humor

  55. vmai says – reply to this


    I am from Edmonton too and I am not offended!! I think it's fucking funny!!! You people need to get a grip! How many times have you pulled out your cell phone to take a photo of something unusual?? How is this any different?! The blame is not to be put on Gaga….fools! It's not like she climbed up there and took the 'O' out. Besides, the sign explains the Oilers more than anything hahahaha!!! And for those of you who don't know how to take a joke, I AM AN OILERS FAN even tho they suck donkey dick!! kthxbye!!!!

  56. 156

    Can't believe people are upset about this, I thought Americans were the uptight ones, not Canadians!

  57. 157

    Yesterday, a reporter interviewed a member of the lighting crew who worked at the concert. He said the crew was specifically told to remove the "O", even though the "C" or the "U" would have been just as suitable for the installation of a temporary spot light for the show. This kind of manipulation, for the sake of a crude joke, shows a lack of class….but I guess we shouldn't be surprised when it's done by an "artist" who covers her lack of talent with tacky costumes and inappropriate behaviour at ballgames. Oh…and by the way…Toronto may think it's the centre of the universe…but it would be no more than a slum without the money from Alberta's resources!

  58. 158

    uhmm im not offended but its not funny.

  59. 159

    That's not even funny. Maybe if you're a teenager or something. AND GO OILERS!

  60. 160

    If Xtina did it you'd be all in her shit. Be a big boy and admit it was a stupid joke at the expense of some of her fans… Canadians can take their patriotism just as seriously as Americans.

  61. cozmo says – reply to this


    this is not new! just you sucking your sisters asshole again. nice reporting.

  62. 162

    Lighten up, Calgary.

  63. 163


  64. 164

    Makes me a sad Canadian to agree with this…but it is freaking hilarious. It is only the City of Edmonton's fault that this happened. What does it cost for a lightbulb anyway?

  65. 165

    Re: Sarah Deller – Why would ppl not think highly of Canada?

  66. 166

    It's Edmonton, Alberta not Edmonton, Canadialand. I understand you're not Canadian but I at least know some states too!

  67. 167

    Ok, I had to come back this morning and add to this story. My BIGGEST problem with Lady Gaga is….I grew up in the 80's and watched Madonna do all of this before. There is nothing that Lady Gaga could do to surprise me that Madonna hasn't already done. I feel she's trying too hard to be this generations Madonna and personally, it's not working for me because, like I said, I've seen it all before and oh, it's so boring and tiring. Madonna was the original and Lady Gaga is just a copy cat. There, I said it. I feel better now. If Lady Gaga was original…then maybe but, she's really not. Maybe, she is to the kids but, to us older adults…we've seen it and she's not original or shocking. She's laughable and silly, that's about it.

  68. 168

    I'm canadian and I don't think it was offensive…Obviously someone was going to notice sooner or later, why not fix the sign? Don't complain about something that was your own mistake, Edmonton! Anyone performing there would've noticed sooner or later!

  69. 169

    Its nothing Like frick, I am from that city, and it isnt that big of a deal. Its just Gaga and her awesomeness. People in this city need to calm down about it. its a funny word play joke. and its not defacing the city, in my perspective. its really immature of people saying how Gaga defaced Canada…. SHE LOVES CANADA.

  70. 170

    Re: likethepear
    wtf? have you ever even been to Alberta? if you had you would know NONE of your comments are accurate, but I think that is proven by the host of Edmontonian's AND Albertan's commenting here about the image. Go back to your bubble please, we don't need your input and you really just disgraced yourself.

  71. 171

    Such a BITCH!! COKE WHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. 172

    I am 2 hours South of Edmonton! In Calgary we have a HUGE rivalry with them..we think they suck, so of course, I think it's hilarious!!!!! That city sucked long before that happened…hahahahah. The news won't play it because of the word, I get that…

  73. Dusss says – reply to this


    Well… it was gaga's crew who removed the letter to put a light up. So yes, I understand why the mayor blames gaga. It's extremely childish.
    It's not by accident (broken light or anything) no, on purpose being offensive.

    I don't like gaga, but even I would've expected a little more class from her.

    These kind of things are considered to be rude in Canada. We still have standards unlike US of Ass

  74. 174

    Edmonton is the most right-wing part of Canada, so much so that they think they're in Texas and are wannabe Americans. Enough said.

  75. 175

    5th grade humor much? It would be funnier if the c was closer to the u anyway.

  76. 176

    Well I was BORN in Edmonton and I think Lady GaGa ROCKS!!! This sign is really an appropriate discription of this place. Totally oil hungry. It is just soooooooooo funny!!!!

  77. 177

    Re: GAYCANUCK – You're a homosexual and you're condoning sexist remarks? Maybe you should reflect. Pls don't screw things up (more) for the gays in the world; this attitude is partially why gays are having such a hard time being excepted.

  78. 178

    ….and FYI, Alberta is the third largest oil produced in the FUCKING WORLD!!!
    You haterz are just fucking jealous of our natural resources….fuckerz!!!
    I will fucking defend my HOME!!!!

  79. 179

    Re: idevenn – WTH are you talking about? He was referring to Mario and GaGa. You might also want to invest in some anger managment classes…

  80. 180

    To whoever reads this and actually pays attention:
    The letter "O" was removed to install a spotlight for Lady Gaga, as the sign is directly opposite the stage.
    The venue and organizers have NOT commented on any of this sillyness, as they're trying to bring Gaga back in the winter- her shows in Edmonton were a huge success! Who cares if she pokes a little fun at Edmonton? Did she tweet a picture of YOUR CITY? Did she even come to YOUR CITY? Suck on that!

  81. 181

    Re: lianasv – Sounds like someone is jealous that Gaga didn't come to COWTOWN! Did you come to our 'sucky' city for the concert? Yah, I thought so.

  82. 182

    That's hilarious! Maybe it will get the owners of Rexall to fix the sign. I'm from Edmonton. I'm not offended. I'm more offended that our mayor is more concerned about what Lady Gaga tweets than ACTUAL issues in our city. I would have done the same thing. No one would have cared because I'm not famous. Welcome to Edmonton where we have no sense of humour!

  83. 183

    Once again she shows everyone how much class she has stupid bitch

  84. 184

    Please, it’s not like Gaga climbed up there herself in her Noritaka Tatehana heelless hooves and blacked out the obligatory ‘O’; she merely documented a hilarious play on words that brought me and millions of others a much needed laugh. Get the stick out of your ass Canada.

  85. 185

    I believe they sometimes have to remove letters when there are shows in the arena because there's a follow spot on that catwalk. The mayor has nothing to do with it, it was done for the production. Once, they had a bunch of lights up there and it straight up said This Is C UNT.

    Welcome to Alberta.

  86. 186

    Also, just to weigh in here, anyone who's on the internet at 10am telling Perez Hilton about Canadian geography is boarder line retarded.

  87. 187

    This is why Canada always takes a back seat to the U.S. They obviously can't have a sense of humor about anything.

  88. 188

    I'm Canadian…I thought this was funny!!!! PERIOD.

  89. 189

    still waiting for the story about her being a COKEHEAD COKEHEAD COKEHEAD COKEHEAD

  90. 190

    In dublin there is this fitness centre on the train line with lettering spelling "Irelands first 500 metre pool" …. one day the "L" fell off the end of Pool… que endless hilarity

  91. 191

    Re: Joey1981
    Two things… your wonder girl Gaga's CREW took the "O" down, to put a spot light up for her show… and second of all we're not rednecks, if you were at the show, it should have given you the opportunity to realize that we are NOT rednecks/hill billys, or whatever you think we are.

  92. 192

    Re: ArthurGang – If you're going to pass judgment, at least learn to spell- you're BORDERLINE RETARDED!!!

  93. 193

    Re: katiekg88 – exactly what i was thinking

  94. 194

    omg, get OVER it cry baby's!!!

  95. 195

    "Canadialand" - Really? and Americans wonder why us CANADIANS think you are all self centered un educated jerk offs.

    ""Some things are disgusting and you shouldn't have to say they're disgusting. I think it demeans them more than anything else."

    I’m from Edmonton and our mayor is right. Count on an American to do something so childish thou. It’s a real shame too considering how many people here like Lady GaGa. She should be a little more appreciative of two sold out back to back shows. We are different than Americans in one way thou. We would never do something like that and we would never write an ignorant article about it.

    Its called class, get some.

  96. 196

    Re: honey20z

    Yeah that's probably true, but you guys get a good percentage of your fuel from canada. actually canada is the #1 exporter of oil in the whole world which is why it's called oil country.

    even worse, we sell our oil to the united states, and then they sell it back to us at a higher price!

  97. 197

    Re: Cdn cutie

    I live in northwestern ontario, stop thinking that all ontarions are like those in the south. ontario is freaking huge and the way we live up here is much more different than those near the toronto area. if you were a real canadian you'd know better.

  98. 198

    Not going to lie.. I'm a Canadian Little Monster and I LOVE GAGA!!!! I found this absolutely hilarious! This doesn't offend all Canadians.. everyone I showed this to found it SO funny.. I guess if it were to offend someone.. it would be people in Edmonton.. but people just need to lighten up.. it's funny!

  99. 199

    I think that mayor needs to get laid. Getting upset over a picture that Lady GaGa tweeted? What a loser.

  100. 200

    Re: imbulimic – Well I live in the UK and in this country this term tends to be used for a man rather than a woman, similar meaning to calling someone a bastard (as an insult not by birth). I'm pretty sure the lighting wasn't placed to deliberately block that letter out, just an amusing coincidence, I would have taken a picture of it too. What ever happened to having a a sense of humour?

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