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Little J Gets A Lesson In Manners From RiRi!

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HA! Yes!

Hearing this just makes us love her even more! This is EPIC!

Remember all those pointless digs the ever-so mature and hardcore Little J made about Rihanna? Then do you remember how quickly the little prositot took that shiz back?

Well, now we know why!

Apparently, when RiRi heard that Taylor Momsen put on her big girl boots and ran her mouth off, gurlfriend was NOT pleased, so she gave the Gossip Girl a personalized phone call and set her boney ass straight!

A source reveals:

"Rihanna did not take kindly to a 17-year-old making such rude comments about her, especially since they flooded the internet as soon as they were released. She got Taylor's number through a friend and called her up, telling her to back off and act her age. Rihanna is not the kind of person you want to mess with."


We can see that little twit now, clutching her blackberry and pissing all over her stoopid effing garter!

Bwa ha ha!

Glad someone finally gave her a wake-up call! Every child needs one sometimes!

[Image via WENN.]

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76 comments to “Little J Gets A Lesson In Manners From RiRi!”

  1. 1

    Is Taylor smiling in that photo??? REALLY? Whole different person….

  2. 2


  3. 3


  4. 4

    so great lesson learned …thats over with
    but what is with the hair - are she and Kat vD going to the same stylist……..looks like baad kool aid

  5. SS18 says – reply to this


    Rihanna, you are ugly and look like a fucking douche bag with that red shit on your head.
    Call me up now, you untalented fuck.

  6. 6

    Good. She's a first-class slut who needs a lesson in how to grow up gracefully.

  7. 7

    i dont like either of them
    but thats kind of funny.

  8. 8

    Love them both!!! but maybe Taylor shouldnt have said all that about Rihanna!!
    Anyways please go check out my music at www.myspace.com/ozonnamusic loves you xox oz

  9. 9

    A source reveals = not true!

  10. 10

    Rihanna was probably so mad because Taylor was right, lol. If anything, Rihannas the one who tries way too fucking hard. And Taylors a hell of a lot prettier, too. I'd prefer a zombie hooker over a disgruntled little troll with a fivehead and monster thighs anyday.

  11. 11

    Rockstar 101 is more hardcore than anything Momsen has done. But then of course, lol, how badass rock n' rolla of Rihanna, stalking for the phone number of a little bratty 17 yr old on the Gossip Girl show. She's the one who needs a wake-up call for still acting like a teenager via cellphones. Isn't she 22? Other celebs constantly make comments, catty or not, about other celebs. No need to dial s for stfu.

  12. 12

    As annoying and immature as little J is, she does have a point in saying that Rihanna is not a rock star and everytime i hear that song it only confirms it.

  13. 13

    I'm sorry. But who's the child here? And as far as Rihanna is concerned. Nothing good SHOULD be said about her, seeing as all she does is strut, brutally violent sex on stage, sick sex, on stage. What good is she. What exactly is she contributing to society. People like her get talked about, because they beckon for it. As far as Taylor is concerned. Leave the KID alone, because lets face it, she is a kid. What's your excuse???

  14. 14

    Lessee…. U fuckin beaner who NEEDS to go back to Cuba or whatever beaner country that ur whore mother gave birth to u and ur skank assed disease ridden herpe infested, was sitting RIGHT THERE when this supposed phone call took place. I hope there are TONS of paps and " inside, close sources" around when u shoot ur mouth off one time to many and get what is OWED to u.. an ass whuppin that is recorded for all the internet to laugh at !!!!!!!!

  15. 15

    Oooooo…Rhianna is SO gangsta!
    Fuck her.
    "Rihanna is not the kind of person you want to mess with."
    Why? She didn't do shit when that POS she was dating smacked her up.
    All of a sudden she grew a pair?
    Idiot. I hope some other asshole hits her again. Hard.

  16. 16

    Taylor is right though. Rihanna isn't a Rock star. And why is Rihanna flipping out over what a 17 year old girl has to say about her. grow the hell up..

  17. 17

    HAH, Rihanna, how old are YOU?

  18. 18

    Re: Bö!!!SEMICOLON!!!rte Petrarchia – have you ever even listened to taylor's music? it isnt hardcore, but it is definitely less pop-like than ALL of Rihannas music.

  19. 19

    good for Rihanna, Rihanna has done nothing for her to talk crap bout her, Taylor needs to get her loose puff off the camaras

  20. 20

    Re: pink0513 – Maybe after what happened with Chris Brown she toughened up. If someone did that to me, I wouldn't take shit from anybody anymore. Sure calling a 17-year-old brat who would basically talk shit about any artist she didn't like, wasn't very practical. But Rihanna definitely did not deserve to be abused like she was years ago. No one does. And you want her to get hit again just for standing up for herself? Asshole.

  21. 21

    Lol omg go RiRi! Im GLAD she defended herself bc not alot of celebrities will do tht now a days.That liittle gossip THING shouldve already known RiRi is feirce especiay with that AMAZING hair shes rocking ! ;)

  22. 22

    I'm surprised you haven't gotten your wake up call yet.

  23. 23

    I love how Perez loves to make Rihanna look like a bad ass all the time. If she was such a bad ass she wouldnt have let a girl like Chris Brown beat her ass, having gun tat's doesnt make you hardcore, neither does pretending to play the guitar.

  24. 24

    really? Like everything that Taylor said wasn't true. If Rihanna thinks she has to defend herself when someone speaks the true (because Rihanna is surely NOT a rock star!) then that bitch can go hang herself. :) But, I doubt this is true. Rihanna can't be that DUMB!

  25. 25

    u really need to stop being a bully to children…you r a big person, she is a little person…

    for someone on the outside reading, it is really quite bizarre how you treat kids (ie. Taylor M, Miley C etc)…..i am thinking that u may have had some struggles when u were their age, so somehow, u have a lot of anger towards their particular age group… anyway's, hopefully (some day soon), u will be able to realize how odd u're messages r about these young ones and be able to move on…

  26. 26

    wtf…rihanna went looking for her number? and even worse a number for a 17 yr old. and rihanna is what 22? yeah…maybe she should take her own advice and act HER age.
    its not like what Taylor said was wrong..the girl was spot on. besides Rihanna is a GROWN WOMAN…she should have just ignored Taylor.

  27. 27

    Little J reminds me of Avril Lavigne and they are both unequally talented……… As for Rihanna, what the fuck gave birth to her? The bitch looks like a meth addict. Wtf is she wearing on her head? a mop? Both these bitches can't sing and they both make my ears bleed.

  28. 28

    you guys are getting sucked into this story. i highly doubt that this is true. i highly doubt that rihanna even knows taylor, so calm down.

  29. 29

    Re: vampire_diaries28 – sorry pink0513 this reply was meant for ChaChaO

  30. 30

    OH please Rhianna is the weakest black girl in the world. She's a poser aswelll, when chris brown beat her ass she took it all and didnt fight back hard enough. Now someone to dont fuck with is Serena Williams and Beyonce, thembitches look like they'll pound your face in. Rhianna =Fake bitch with a gemick for an image smh. Taylor should tell her to eat herb17 year old pusssy and go back to humping Jay-z for her record deal rofl

  31. 31

    I'm sorry, but come on! That is just pathetic! It's so sad that she went to look for her phone number to yell at her, I mean grow up! What Taylor said wasn't that bad, it was only fact

  32. 32

    ummm, maybe it would be more MATURE of rihanna if she didnt call up a TEEN and yell at her on the phone

  33. 33

    Oh, so little J finally washed her face. First time i've seen it in a long time.

  34. 34

    I agree that the trashy white blonde girl is growing up way to fast, but Rihanna is what, 4 years older than her ? Give me a break

  35. 35

    I wonder if your beloved "Riri" reads your blog? or your comments? i think it would be priceless if she did. i invite her to call me. i'd be more than happy to tell her to fall off the face of the earth because she's a tool. ugh. you're an adult. the comments of a 17 year old should not bother you. you should be mature enough to let it go. clearly you're not mature enough, so you're as big of a douche as she was for making the comment. even though Taylor *was* right…that too many "pop" stars are trying to be rock when they're NOT. its obnoxious…give it a rest.

  36. 36

    Those two morons and you, Perez, are ALL whiny untalented idiots.

  37. 37

    Oh shut the fuck up Perez, Rhianna can't do shit. And I really don't see how she backtracked in the first fucking place. Rhianna isn't a fucking rockstar. I'm not Taylor Momsen, let her stupid koolaid ronald Mcdonald failed hair color looking ass call me up and tell me to stop bullshittin. I'll tell her to shove it up her stupid ass.

  38. 38

    rihanna should stop trying to act so harcore and rock and roll. its annoying how alot of people try to act so rocker like or dress like fucking wannabes, please taylor was right to say that

  39. 39

    Re: vampire_diaries28
    Your pimp needs to hit you too.
    Stupid bitch.

  40. 40

    I can't believe Rihanna would waste her time to call that piece of shit. Also, what is with Madonna making her the face of her daughter's clothing line?? Her make-up is discusting and she says more retarded things than Megan Fox.

  41. 41

    I can't stand Rihanna. Act your age. If you are going to get all bent out of shape over someone elses opinion, don't go into the entertainment business. And Rihanna is not the type of person to mess with? What is she gunna do, hit her? Cause last I checked Rihanna was some "victim".

  42. 42

    Who is your source on this one?? The Enquirer again? I don't believe it.

  43. 43

    i think you got it wrong perez, ri"j"anna is looking very much the "poser" lately. there's nothing rock about her. o_O and if i remember correctly rijanna started dressing like ho at an early age too. taylor is entitled to an opinion… just like you. and taylor has the voice and music writing skills to back up her talent. let taylor's parents worry about taylor.

  44. 44

    OMG! She actually has a nice face under the 38 layers of shadow! Who knew?!

  45. 45

    No Worries, Perez will retract this tomorrow saying it is false. PEREZ STOP SPREADING LIES!!!

  46. 46

    Taylor was right - Rihanna has nothing to do with real Rock music. It's not the age that matters - criticism starts with experience and as far as I know Taylor knows pretty much about good, classic rock music. Rihanna could just let it go - she knows it's true :)

  47. 47

    Taylor Momsen never said anything bad about Rihanna. Her interview was misquoted. Isn't Rihanna being more childish by hitting back at Taylor??

  48. 48

    LAME RI sucks over sized albino titt-ays!!!

  49. 49

    Yeah, right, cause this bitch acts her own age…
    Plus Little J was right. Maybe that's why she's pissed.

  50. 50

    like both of them but…a 20-something year old ringing a 17 year old to threaten her hardly shows rihanna acting her age lol

  51. 51

    She might wear leather, and even sing about being a 'rock star' but she is not one.

    Darling Riri needs to get over this dark and edgy imagine, it's about as convincing as Mel Gibson's apologies.

  52. 52

    Team Taylor.Fuck off and die Rihanna.

  53. 53

    Rihanna was probably mad someone finally told the truth about her. Seems like people are getting tired of her already. And for the comment from Perez saying that Rihanna is not to be messed with, you are right she is a evil mean bytch. Taylor better watch herself because Rihanna will say she did something to her. After all we know she is a big liar

  54. 54

    She changed her attitude to a more agressive one, but that does not explain why she's become an i'mthebestinthewholeworldandidon'tneededucationbecausei'mworthit person. she's become so stupid and haughty. I prefered the old one

  55. 55

    What a load of shit. More made up crap from Mario.

  56. 56

    Who is Taylor to make comments towards anyone?? She's a shit disturber.

  57. 57

    "Rihanna is not the kind of person you want to mess with." Yeah right…unless you're some dipshit shit she's screwing.

  58. 58

    Wow- now I don't know who to tell my daughter to have has as a role model…they both are such great examples!

  59. 59

    proving her point exactly; 'dont mess with me kid I'm well hard' FAIL.

  60. 60

    Rihanna is a stupid twat and deserved it, she's retarded just look at her hair and her music is WAY overrated and she's NOT a rockstar! Try and find my phone number bitch! you suck!

  61. 61

    If TM wants to talk some trash she better hit the gym and put on a little weight. RiRi's already proven what she's got by taking Chris B's backhand multiple times.
    What did she do? She went out and got a gun tat saying, "Just mess with me!"
    Down in the Islands they don't play….

  62. 62

    Thank you, fellow commentators of PerezHilton. Whenever I start to feel like there might be some good-hearted, intelligent people on the internet, you set me straight! Bless you all!

  63. 63

    Re: kleeow – I couldn't agree more!!!!!!

  64. 64

    ohhh snap lol

  65. 65

    Who cares? They're both egotistical and annoying.

  66. 66

    Re: SS18 – mmhmm, very smooth :l

  67. 67

    who the fuck made taylor momsen the punk rock police?

  68. 68

    I don't really see how that makes Rhianna seem more mature than Taylor. Even if her comments were stupid, there is such a thing as being graceful about it and basically just not giving a shit. If she thinks she is so above the comments of a 17 year old, she should act like it and suck it up and let her have her opinion. Its not like she said something horrible about her or made up some lies anyways.

  69. @v@ says – reply to this


    People forget that Momsen is just sixteen. We're talking post junior high sniping in the washroom at break age, kiddies, so Rihanna even phoning her kind of surprises me. No matter, I believe Taylor to be a very quick study, and she'll learn how to handle what she says to any press in a hurry. Easy; stick to promoting the music and the band, and always swing it to promote your next date, appearance, tune or album release. No comments on anyone else's tunes unless it's something cool that you've noticed. Rihanna needs to give her a break, since she's been there herself.

  70. 70

    This little big mouth brat needs to go back to whatever suburb she was coddled in that makes her think that we care. I've never seen her acting or heard her music but I already dislike her. Are we sure she's 17 and not 7? "Omg, like Rihanna wore a leather jacket and she's totally not a rockstar!" Whatever. Idiot. Smack down warranted and deserved. Hope she shuts her trap for good.

  71. Nenns says – reply to this


    WOW at these comments!!! Rants of children obviously under 16!!! And more specifically, ill-mannered and probably Caucasian!!! Coming here to spew hate unnecessarily is just plain ridiculous! Go and do your homework! Rihanna is 100% hotter, more talented than you hateful people! And only dumb asses will believe that Rihanna called Taylor!!! Perez is once again at his best in rehashing false reports!!! Very unfortunate!!!

  72. 72

    Wow, I find it funny how everyone actually believes this story. How do we know if this is true? I don't think Rihanna knows Taylor. Besides, do you really think that she has the time to call a 17 year old when she's on tour? I don't think so. So people, don't get sucked into this story.

  73. 73

    wow I nvr really like rhianna but now I like her! And I know y she got piss cuz Taylor was calling her a poser and tht she got annoyed tht rhianna was acting all punk by wearing leather jackets!! But u know the saying "It takes one to know one" I'm referring to the thing tht Taylor called my lovely rihianna a poser!!

  74. 74

    I suppose this piece would be more significant if either of them was significant…

  75. 75

    Re: ChachaO

    She thought Chris was going to let her ass beat him up. Bitch was mistaken.

  76. 76

    Re: vampire_diaries28

    Rihanna has always thought she was bad. Read her old interviews. Island chicks are like that. Chris shut her ass down real quick. lmfao