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Post-Real Housewives Reunion! Did Teresa's Husband Have A Love Child?!

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Oh, that Prostitution Whore really did it this time! Shiz is getting REAL!

For those of you who live under a rock, the first portion of The Real Housewives of New Jersey's much anticipated reunion episode aired last night, and from the first 30 seconds on it was pretty much a shit storm of Danielle Staub denying that she said things six seconds after she said them, crazy coke fucking whore delusions, and our personal hero Caroline Manzo keeping it real (and FIERCE) without losing an ounce of class!

However, what's gotten everyone talking is something that happened relatively early on involving our favorite loose cannon, Teresa Giudice!

What started off as a mildly bitchy cat fight between Danielle and Jacqueline Laurita over Jafar not congratulating her former friend over the birth of her son turned borderline INSANE when the Prostitution Whore set her sights on Teresa, and this little gem of malice and instability slithered out of her lips:

"Did you acknowledge your nephew? Did you?"

That shiz sent gurlfriend OFF THE WALL and into a serious rage blackout, but before it could get physical, host Andy Cohen pulled the plug!

Everything had to be halted.

Teresa cooled her cooter, Andy Cohen changed out of his soiled pants, Caroline rolled her eyes, poor, sweet Jacqueline wondered what her life would have been like if she never left Las Vegas, Danielle pretended to be a lesbian and did some ridiculous mantra backstage for attention, and the show moved along without acknowledging the situation further.


Everyone is now wondering what the eff kind of crazy Miz Jafar was talking about, so we put our sleuthing hats on and get investigating!

There have been MANY rumblings in the Housewives' town that Teresa's bankrupt husband, Joe Giudice, has been seeing a lady on the side, and may have even fathered a child with her!

The woman, who is only known thus far as Tara G., apparently lives in a condo, is supported by Joe and openly displays photos of the two together.

All of this was uncovered by the evil Prostitution Whore, who allegedly used the Private Investigator she pretended to employ on the show to locate her birth mother - whom we're still PRAYING, in a brilliant twist by BRAVO, is actually her nightmarish frenemy Kim G. - to ACTUALLY dig up dirt on the Manzos, the Giudices, and Laurita!

Out. Of. Control.

Of course, this could be another crazy, out of control fantasy that trickled out of whatever is left of Danielle's unstable, drug and STD addled brain, but either way, we could certainly understand why Teresa lost it the way she did - especially if it's being falsely spread all over their town!


We knew that Coke Fucking Whore would go out with a bang! We LOVE it!

Certainly makes for interesting television!

But at the end of the day, we're thrilled this psychopath will be off the show! She clearly has no conscience or empathy for anyone or anything beyond what services her immediate needs!

Bitch needs to be locked up! ASAP!

Thoughts?? What do U think actually went down??

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85 comments to “Post-Real Housewives Reunion! Did Teresa's Husband Have A Love Child?!”

  1. 1

    I think you must have a lawyer on retainer because I'm not sure how you get away with calling people names like prostitution whore.

  2. 2

    OMG How long before they lock up that crazy Teresa? She is obviously mentally ill. I question whether it is safe to leave kids with her. I think Family Services should do an investigation on her before that insane temper of her causes her to harm them.
    As far as her hubbie having an affair - why do you think she got the boob job?

  3. Peeka says – reply to this


    What would the show be without the Drama of Danielle? Who wants to watch a show on 1 ENTIRE FAMILY? I thought the Housewives were made of several NON-RELATED households? How boring and I REFUSE to watch it!

  4. 4

    What's a trainwreck without the loco - motive? The Jersey Wives will be too tame without the Prostitution Whore…and I'm sure she will need all of her money from the show to pay for her kids' future therapy!

  5. 5

    that shiz was hilarious! how teresa threw andy back in his seat.. my only wish was that teresa got in one good bitch slap before danielle walked off (as she always does) and how crazy was that, that she'd deny saying something 5 seconds after she said it! at the beginning of the show, andy asked her why she told her daughters (poor girls) personal things that teenagers shouldn't know and she replied with i tell my daughter's everything and they are a part of my entire world… and then not 5 min later when asked about how her daughters feel about the sex tape, she says that she doesn't involve her children in her life and that they never watch the show and probably don't get teased at school… ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! those poor girls probably get teased about there whore of a mother every single day of their lives.

  6. 6

    Wow, so that's what this was about. And why did Theresa react so strongly and catch on unless she's aware of the gossip about her husband. There's no way Joe is faithful to Theresa. You can just tell by his macho acting and the wayhe is aloof to her that he thinks she's the wife and he does what he wants. That's wild. Danielle is freaky but Theresa is a nutjub herself the way she spends money she doesn't have.

  7. 7

    i love danielle. i love her drama, i love her insanity, i love it all.

  8. 8

    That shit was crazy…I loved when Caroline said to Teresa that only prostitution whore (pw) brings out this side of her and she wouldn't hang around her if she was always like that. I'm glad PW won't be on anymore…i don't think her poor kids could take any more of the embarrassment and humiliation caused by pw's actions. I feel so sorry for those poor girls and I hope the damage is reversable. I bet they are counting down until they can move far far away from psychotic mommy dearest.

  9. 9

    danielle needs to go nene on these bitches and show em who the hell is BOSS!!! come on girl, u have a criminal past, u can take them on. u dont know ur own strength. BEAT THERE ASSES!! jaquiline is the biggest BITCH ever. saying how danielles kids cry everyday and she feels bad for them, she looks like a fat glitterball in that dress.

  10. 10

    Re: Peeka – i agree, it would be so boring then, no fighting. just a fat red haired manly bitch with her 2 little followers (teresa and jacquieline)

  11. J says – reply to this


    i really dont want to believe this b/c joe and teresa, while insane, seem like a very much in love couple.

  12. 12

    I was wondering what she meant when said "Do not break up my family!" I only started to watch it at the very end and I have to say the show will be pretty boring without Danielle.

  13. 13

    theresa is the one busy getting all violent and picking fights~ why should danielle be the one to be "locked up" etc? cuz she was a coke whole 25 years ago? what's these other bitchees right now? besides, they are ALL whores, and hahahaha i bet that theresas husband is running for his life~ NJ wives the most boring except for danielle, without her the rest are so boring~ what are they having for dinner? oh, italian coldcuts wine and then "so what about danielle" eye roll, sighs, are these people that vapid? hahahaha LOVE YOU BRAVO!

  14. 14

    You need to keep up Perez. This has already been more or less explained. Evidently Danielle was snooping around in Teresa's extended family and tried to stir up more of her usual s***. The child is indeed Teresa's nephew and is reported to be of mixed race. Evidently Danielle was trying to insinuate that Teresa didn't acknowledge her nephew because of that. If you watch the show you will see Teresa looking puzzled but respond that she did acknowledge her nephew. It was a second later that Teresa seemed to have a light bulb go off in her head and realize what Danielle was insinuating and then lost it.

    @Reallynowcmon, Danielle is evidently well know for being sue happy. Also, the local cops know her as she has called them many times with her drama, at least that is what they told one of the other housewives when the hair pulling incident happened and Danielle wanted the hair puller arrested on the spot. Danielle has said her lawyers slapped a gag order on Dina Manzo after Dina gave an interview detailing how Danielle tried to start problems that could have resulted in Dina losing custody of her daughter. Of course, Danielle says that is not true, none of what they say about her is true, blah blah blah.

    Yet, you don't see her suing about the prostitution whore label Teresa slapped on her. I think even Danielle's lawyers would laugh at her about that.

  15. 15

    The rumbling for the true story is that Joe's brother had a baby out of wedlock and that is who she is talking about. There are also rumors the baby might be of a mixed race.

  16. 16

    danielle is out of her mind, my favorite part was when she talked about her children living in a so called bubble and never seeing the show and then two seconds later she was talking about how the show hurt them. She is clinically insane. LOVE AND LIGHT

  17. 17

    This show is out of control! It's ridiculous! I am so tired of it. I watched maybe two shows this year! It's an adult version of Mean Girls! Where do people get off spewing names at people directly in their face? Caroline is no hero! She is just as bad! Calling people trash, and a slew of other obscenties! Teresa and Jacqueline have young children they should be focusing on! Caroline needs to focus on her own family! Whatever Danielle is or has done is irrelevant. You don't like her? Ignore her! This is the ugliest example of "The Housewives" franchise. None of them where born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Yet they behave as if they were elitists! Stop watching this madness! All of them should be fired!

  18. 18

    These woman are pathetic. Caroline seems to have some decorum though. Teresa is a walking joke. Always claiming she has class and is a lady. She doesn't have a clue about either. And where is her forehead?? She has the weirdest hairline!

  19. 19

    The woman needs some anti depressant pills, better yet, behind a straight jacket.

  20. 20

    Teresa said on her Bravo blog that what Danielle said was in reference to the fact that Teresa was too busy doing publicity things to acknowledge the birth of her nephew which is untrue. Why would Danielle have said nephew if it was Joe's love child? Wouldn't she have said your daughter's half brother? That being said Joe does seem like a cheater.

  21. 21

    Who knows really if "Juicy Joe" did father a child? BUT when a rumor or whatever you wanna say it is has to do with the biggest Psycho Ive ever seen Danielle, you cant believe anything that has to do with her or anything close to her!!! Shes so fucking nuts, a pathological LIAR, a skanky skanky druggie whore who hangs with Pathetic wanna be Mafia thugs!! Does anyone know that she met Danny a long long time ago when she was arrested wth the whole kidnapping thing?? I heard he was involved or something like that & thats why she didnt go to jail cause he took some charges for her cause he was paid off??? Anyone else hear that?? Well if the child thing is true it will come out sooner than later!!!

  22. 22

    Good riddance to that ugly tranny, Danielle.

  23. 23

    Yes I think Danielle is over dramatic and crazy, but I think they all pick on her, and she fights back in very mean ways. Do I blame Danielle, NO. I felt bad for Danielle last year, when all the women attacked her at the dinner, and Caroline’s son told her “you gotta go”, they all ganged up on her and treated her like she was trash in front of her kids. The women dug up her past and now she wants to mess with them in return and the other mess with her also, is an ongoing game of who can piss further. Danielle is looney tunes we all can see that, but the rest are bored housewives with nothing to do.

    Also once she is off the show its will get canceled. Who wants to watch Teresa shop with 3 brain calls and 4 tacking kids dressed in pink leopard, Caroline eat and rant out her classic sayings of knowledge, and Jacqueline who is just plain old boring. YAWN…I will be watching something else.

  24. 24

    After watching the reunion I absolutely despise Jacqueline and Teresa. Jacqueline constantly tells her daughter to shut up and act classy but she can't do the same damn thing! That's where Ashley gets her damn attitude, from her piss-poor thing of a mother. Teresa is certified crazy and only seems to know how to yell. Bitch should stop yelling, and pay her damn fucking bills! I actually felt bad for Danielle, sure, she's still crazy as fuck, but how can she defend herself if those two crazies won't let her?! As for Joe, of course he probably has a mistress, just look at him! They don't call him Juicy Delicious for nothing! PAY YOUR FUCKING BILLS!

  25. 25

    you need to chill with the name calling, just because the other housewives do it doesn't make it right. She's still a person, a mom and she hasn't actually done anything that bad its just that she may have tried… What's the difference between her investigating them and them and investigating her and you having a life dedicated to investigating and spreading rumors about everyone?

  26. Sizza says – reply to this


    Teresa is crazier than Danielle any day of the week.

  27. 27

    What set Teresa off is the fact that Danielle is digging into her personal life and not things related to the show. That is an extreme invasion of privacy and I personally would hate to have that bitch investigating me in any way, shape or form. Danielle is a passive aggressive bitch! Thank God she's gone.

  28. 28

    Without Danielle, the show will be sooooo boring. As someone said earlier, who wants to watch a show about one entire family, especially when they are dull and nothing exciting ever happens with them? Danielle is effing crazy, but I think some of the other women (especially Teresa) instigate a lot of the fighting. The biggest fight of the season where Danielle gets her hair pulled wouldn't have happened if Teresa would have just stayed in the dinner and not insisted on talking to Danielle. She was not just waiting in that chair to say hi. She wanted the drama, and she started that fight. They push the crazy lady to get even crazier. Also, for Teresa to have the balls to spend so much money all season while filing for bankruptcy, it makes me hate her that much more. She feels like she's indestructible, and it's all catching up with her now. Whether or not the story about Joe having a lovechild is true, I think the karma is really coming back at Teresa. The way she flipped on the reunion show and how much she didn't care about possibly hurting Andy shows she's just as unstable as Danielle. Her and her one head need to go if Danielle has to go. Oh wait, Bravo's probably trying to be nice and give her a paycheck. One that she can spend on children's parties and clothing instead of paying off her debt.

  29. 29

    This show should just prove to be a reminder that you don't cross a High Roman Catholic Italian (she'll cut ya!).

    Life is BIG (bigger than life, actually) to Neapolitans. Joe and Teresa bring a genuine slice of Naples to Jersey.

    (Actually, the entire show makes complete sense when its on RAI). :O)

    IF indeed Joe keeps a lady friend on the side, I just hope that he mentioned any money tossed her way (like, on a condo) to the bankruptcy courts.

    Danielle Staub though? She's the reason that gangsters of olde told their molls, "Shu'yo'mouth al'ready! And go make me a sam'wich."

  30. 30

    all these crazy women talk about danielle all the time (and they dont want to admit it) they seem to know a lot about her. they pick on her, start every fight, teresa and jacqueline are bitc*** too no better than danielle.

  31. 31

    Too bad the table didn't fall back onto this nasty piece of shit and squash her like a bug.

  32. 32

    Re: MadameX – Umm Teresea is not crazy, I would have the same reaction if some psycho who hired a private investigator was trying to break up my marriage, that is beyond fucked up. And even if it was just about an actual nephew, it's still fucked up. I cannot see how anyone defends danielle in here, you would be pissed if someone was actively trying to destroy your life and reputation… I would have flipped out on her too.

    Re: Peeka – Teresea is not related to them you dumbass

  33. 33

    well, truth is theyre all nuts. caroline is just as immature by calling her garbage. its reality tv, odds are half of isnt even true. danielle makes great tv and im sure the other women are just as psycho as she is. even jacqueline freaked out and theresa is worse than a 13 year old

  34. 34

    Did Teresa bark last night?

  35. 35

    Perez did we all see the same show? Did you not notice how crazy and out of control the other three women were acting.. from what I can tell they looked like bullies. Not to say Danielle is an angel but are you kidding me? Teresa ran around telling everyone she loves sex all the time.. just because Danielle is single I guess she should not be having sex.. Glass houses ladies.. Teresa is a classless idiot that looks like a hammerhead.. Jacquelyn is so weak she makes all women look bad.. Carolyn with her “classy boys” one opening a strip car wash.. the other blaming the school for not letting him continue because of a “disability” Carolyn Soprano, Jackal face and hammerhead have kids that are the most misbehaved I have ever seen! They also pointed there ugly fingers at Danielle for telling her kids everything but I saw all of them doing that.. If they are concerned about Danielle’s kids crying in school then they should just stop talking about her and spreading crap all over town.. they should “Get a Hobby” lol.. And to be honest.. if they had her investigated in the beginning then they should not cry when it happens to them.. what comes around goes around..

  36. 36

    great show last night, i really thought someone was gonna get a chair upside the head.
    Danielle is a disgrace. She is an unfit mother and a disgusting human being. She's a pig. Her poor daughters. I usually change the channel when she is pulling her shit in front of or involving her kids, because it's so uncomfortable and i feel so bad for them. She should go get a job where she can hopefully keep her clothes on. I'm glad she's gone. She's an asshole.

  37. 37

    These people are such trash. Its obvious Danielle has major phsychological issues and all the other women do are just bully her.

  38. 38

    Actually what Teresa was saying was "DON'T BRING UP MY FAMILY", well, what she was actually yelling. She was not saying anything like "DON'T BREAK UP MY FAMILY"

  39. 39

    Re: Reallynowcmon – Actually I think he does have one on retainer he gets sued a lot…just look at his Wiki page it names a lot of the lawsuits there.

    Anywho I wish she didn't leave it's her crazy that is pulling in ratings. LOVES IT.

  40. 40

    Re: ba ba booey Umm you do realize she did this to try to get teresa to attack her right? She is sue happy and is prob upset that ashley only got fined and not jail time. How anyone defends her is beyond me, the producers fired her! not even the makers of the show like her, wake up people! They rest of the cast may annoy you, but at least they aren't insane and don't force their daughters to sing in front of people or tell them every detail about their lives.

  41. 41

    Perez why do you hate Danielle so much? Seriously. You sound nuts.

  42. 42

    Teresa is a dumb fuck….she is obviously illiterate,she needs to learn more words so she can argue instead of getting angry..watch her closely,she cannot debate or argue a point. Danielle needs serious therapy and Jacquline is the stupidest puppet I have ever seen…plus caroline? ha! she needs a life and FAST!!!

  43. 43

    Danielle brings in the ratings! these women are so dull its sad….

  44. 44

    teresa and joe are very much in love and he wouldnt even look at another girl, being from the town where these ladies are from they are the realest women and totally jersey but thats okay, but danielle she has GOT TO GO

  45. 45

    Danielle is the most sane of the bunch. Caroline s remarks about Danielles children in regards to the lack of light in their eyes….was most disturbing!!! She has done more damage to the girls with that comment…she is far worst than Danielle as far as I'm concerned…and they should put a PI on Carolines husband…I bet he has had the most affairs of them all…in ten years from now I bet Danielles children will be more successful and balanced than Carolines…Can't blame her husband for not wanting to spend time at home….and Teresa s voice….UGGG….and she is stupid to boot!! As far as the housewives offspring go…Danielle wins hands down……And that may be why those women dislike her so….their kids are tomorrows LOSERS!!!!

  46. 46

    Hmmm.. Not a fan of Danielles, but, what you watched and what I watched were two different shows. The other three girls went on the attack immediately, with Teresa starting and calling Danielle a whore, slut, prostitute and everything under the bus. I will give Danielle credit for staying calm while being attacked on all sides and with Andy constantly stirring the pot.. It was Teresa that looked like the crazy, demented person on the show.. She has a temper that is ugly and very unclassy by someone who keeps saying she is nice and classy… Sorry, i thought they went a little overboard with Danielle, even though she does earn it from the things she says when not around the others..

  47. 47

    I love this show. The good,the bad and the ugly and there is plenty of all of it. Danielle is one sneaky nasty piece of work. BUt then all of them are no angels. BUt no matter what I will still watch this trashy show. Can't wait for Part 2 next week. Danielle can't ever get away from her past. Danny is an ex-con. How come he is her friend? Where did he come from? She talks from both sides of her mouth. It just doesn't add up. If it walks like Duck and talks like a Duck its a duck and Baby Danielle is that Duck…. She is a whack-a-doo.

  48. 48

    Perez, hey, this describes you pretty well, huh?

    "But at the end of the day, we're thrilled this psychopath will be off the show! She clearly has no conscience or empathy for anyone or anything beyond what services her immediate needs!"

    As for the NJ girls. Loved it. I was on the edge of my seat.

  49. 49

    All you Danielle sympathizers have been duped. Yeah, she plays the victim at the reunions and denies all the crap she does behind the scenes. I'm not condoning Teresa's behavior. But that is the game she plays. Gets under people's skin and pushes their buttons so they look like the attackers.

    Caroline rocks my world. Love her.

  50. 50

    Danielle is the biggest gutter PIG ever. She needs to get her ass handed to her. I wish Theresa would have bashed her head in. She deserves a good ass kicking. And to Reallynowcmon: The term " prostitution whore" was used last season. Theresa called Danielle that so its not that Perez is calling Danielle that.

  51. rev3 says – reply to this


    huh? danielle is the only sane one on the show.

    behavior speaks volumes.

    those prone to violence and fury are usually this way due to feelings of inadequacy, jealousy, and lonliness.

    danielle oozes truth. the rest seem to be crumbling under their moral superiority.

  52. 52

    wow that's some crazy allegations danielle about Joe's secret lover

  53. 53

    I've read in magazines that Joe's been seen out on romantic dinners with a "younger, Teresa look-alike" on several occasions. Come on, he seems completely disengaged on the show. I actually feel kinda bad for her. Old-school italian with 4 young kids - she ain't going anywhere.

  54. 54

    i really don't understand the danielle 'supporters' on this site. yes teresa is dumb, i will definitely give you that and yes she has anger issues but she is just not smart enough to be manipulative like danielle. caroline was spot on when she told her she was giving danielle what she wanted. she couldn't control herself and c'mon, how many of you could just sit there and act like nothing after someone is completely trying to ruin your entire life, family, etc. all while pretending to be the actual victim on camera. i can't stand danielle but i will give her one thing. she is highly intelligent . . . and manipulative and conniving. and definitely CRAZY which makes for an extremely dangerous and volatile person. she is like a snake in sheep's clothing! what you don't see is all the nasty and crazy things that danielle has done to them behind the cameras, knowing that it will drive them crazy and make THEM look like the crazy ones. she is very aware of public 'image' and i'm sure she doesn't want the public to know all the crazy things she has been doing to them. c'mon people! she admitted that her lawyers put a gag order on dina to stop her from speaking out. it's all part of her hateful and revengeful campaign against them for 'exposing the book.'

  55. 55

    again, C'MON PEOPLE! that book was written and published by her ex, available for all to read. her criminal record is PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE. she claims this all started b/c of the 'book' but it really is about rejection and danielle's inability to handle it.
    i am glad bravo gave her the boot. she is dangerous and a liability.
    bravo fires her when she brings in the ratings?? apparently that wasn't even enough to keep her on. that says ALOT! dont you think?

  56. 56

    Is it just me or does Jacqueline come off as a catty, teenage mean-girl now? Not a good look for her. SO immature - I think her growth was stunted at the age she had Ashley.

  57. 57

    My mother watches this crappy show and the only reason is for Danielle.
    Without her she and no one else will watch it.

  58. 58

    Why would we watch that show without the drama Danille brings, who cares about that famil without Danille, really???

  59. 59

    Oh, and can I just pull a massive BS flag on Joe's excuse for a DUI/car crash being that he took shots after the accident and before the cops arrived on the scene?! Who in their right mind would ever believe that? He's as dumb as he looks.

  60. 60

    Re: TheRockChick – Gutter Pig! HA! Love love love it!!!!

  61. 61

    despite everything danielle was more well spoken and composed than the other three. I think caroline is the truly scary one…..

  62. 62

    All the names Danielle is being called in this one post about her is absolutely ridiculous! This whole show, season, reunion special, she has been defending herself, not against just 1, but a whole families worth of people. Of course, she has to do what she has to do and it's been done. She never causes such scenes as the rest of them. If anything, she maintains her cool pretty well, I feel. I don't get why people are so against her and really, she needs to be locked up? What a DUMB THING to say! Ridiculous!

  63. 63

    Ooooooh, this makes so much sense! When she had her freak out & kept yelling you don't mess with my family! (or whatever she was yelling in her rage) this is probably what it was all about. Makes perfect sense.

  64. 64

    Love Teresa. Danielle is enough to make anyone want to murder her. She's a prostitution whore pig and lies constantly and her kids do have vacant looks in their eyes.

  65. YUCK says – reply to this


    Re: Adele11 – agreed and he was friend with that sheisty bernie kerik, a total con artist, thief, repulsive human being, man whore, cheated on his wife. and the idiot wife stayed with him.

  66. 66

    I agree Perez! I will continue watching without that psychopathic, pathetic, train wreck! You always know just what to say! :-) Can't wait for her to be gone, gone, gone and completely nonexistent to us all! I love the other ladies though! Caroline keeping it classy!

  67. 67

    That furry-pelted Teresa is one Psycho Hag. Why does the asshole bother shaving her back when she just covers it up with Chinchilla ANIMAL FUR? (Stupid twat, it takes 100-200 sweet little Chinchillas to make a fur coat & they are killed by Genital Electrocution or breaking their neck or "popping.") At least she has the courtesy of waxing the inch of space between her hairline & eyebrows before appearing in public. Jacqueline is a fur-wearing pig also (not as in animal but as in dumb bitch). Danielle may be a supreme dick-head but I haven't seen her wear fur yet. P.S. People that embrace & glorify their own illiteracy & ignorance should be punched out.

  68. 68

    how can you call caroline classy? that woman is an uneducated bag.

  69. 69

    Re: SaraJeanQueen
    shut the fuck up! everyone hates that bitch! what part of prostitution whore dont you get??! Who would want to destroy a family like that? that bitch is insane!

  70. 70

    i TOTALLY said that if RHONJ was a soap opera, or if there was some awesome twist of fate, Kim G would be D's mom.

  71. 71

    I loved the reunion show! i just can not believe danielle!! i will still watch the show even with out Danielle. I love this show! I can not wait til part 2!!! Definitly can not wait til RHO Atlanta comes back on!!! Good "reality" tv! bravo, Bravo Channel!!!!!

  72. 72

    I don't blame Joe for having an affair. She emasculates him with her shrilll voice, herd of spoiled Mini-me's, & her total disregard for his money. She deserves this.

  73. BZH says – reply to this


    Does anyone realize that if Joe has a "love child" it would not be Teresa's NEPHEW, being that a nephew is a sibling's child not a husband's. She also said "you will not BRING up my family" not "you will not BREAK up my family. While this would obviously be a great story, I feel like its something being made out of nothing.

  74. 74

    Lawyers are the easiest creators to be bought LMAO
    FREEDOM OF SPEECH BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If it looks like a whore and acts like a whore … IT IS DEF A WHORE.
    I have NO IDEA how social services has not banged down DANIELLE'S door bc they should! Their father should file for FULL custody from the nutjob! How can a pig teach girls how to be ladies?!?!? Caroline is right. While Christine is a beautiful girl there are BLANK stares in their eyes. I dont see any joy in them. They look so blank and vacant. Gee I wonder why! What a pathetic poor excuse for a mother! It amazes me how some people who SHOULD be parents (Like Jaclyn) have trouble having babies but UNFIT mothers like Danielle get to reproduce! TAKE THOSE KIDS AWAY FROM HER BEFORE THEN END UP DAMAGED FOR GOOD!

  75. 75

    Caroline reminds me of Marlon Brando in the Godfather. Looks, voice etc….I can just hear the Godfather music now……..da da da da da dada da….

  76. 76

    I can't stand Danielle, but the show would be sooo boring without all her crazy.

  77. 77

    DID YOU WATCH THE SHOW???? ROUND 1 CLEARLY goes to Danielle. Rabid monkey (Theresa), conniving Caroline and jittery Jacqueline exposed themselves (again!) as PETTY, EVIL, CONNIVING BULLIES and Danielle just shrugged it off with class and dignity! YES, Danielle is a media whore / moron who hangs out with thug-wannabes, but Theresa and Caroline (and, sadly, now Jacqueline) keep attacking like nasty, ignorant freaks. And Theresa! WTF!!! She is BANKRUPT and her wild animal behavior; creepy, cheating, midget husband; and three OBNOXIOUS, OOMPA LOOMPA "girls" make her the MOST PATHETIC WOMAN ON TV!

  78. 78

    Danielle is a crazy bitch

  79. 79

    Firstly Danielle Staub is a troublemaker and all but will season 3 without her really be interesting. Caroline is a mother and old school nothing exciting happening with her, Teresa is trying to save her home and Jacqueline is boring as hell! Say what you want about Danielle, she is the only reason people watch. People watch to see what type of craziness will be going on next with her and what pitiful story she is trying to sell to the public about how she is the victim. I think season 3 is or will be very lame and stale. BTW have anyone noticed how Jacqueline is trying to be all out spoken and pretending to be this tough person… lol its funny to watch!

  80. 80

    Re: Reallynowcmon – Do you not watch the show? She is is a Prostitution Whore.

    Pay Attention, PUH-LEESE!

  81. 81

    I'm so CONFUSED! If the whole "love child" story were true, wouldn't Danielle refer to him as Theresa'a step son and not her nephew?? And when Danielle asked Theresa the question, Jacqueline replies "yes", as if Danielle were referring to someone they were all familiar with. Confused!!!

  82. 82

    Re: Bored As Hell – She actually said, "Don't BRING up my family!"

  83. 83

    Talk about a raging lunatic, Teresa is that. Danielle has her issues, but they are very well known at this point. Danielle has admitted to alot of things that she's done, she should'bt be villafied each time out. Teresa has started alot of bullshyt too, hence the situation with Jacquelines daughter. Teresa is the one hollering and screaming like shes insane. The minute Danielle strikes back she wants to go ballistic. Give me a fuckin break.

    She's just pissed because Danielle knows whats going on with her, Danielle was correct when she said you know everything about my life. Teresa has a short ill mannered temper. I could'nt wait for Danielle to go of on that psycho. Danielle is far from perfect, but she has owned up to alot. Isn't it funny how they all try to brush there issues to the side, Joe drinking after his accident, ot Teresa's money woo's, Carolines mafia associations, not that it's all true but still, even Jacquelines daughter, yet htey wanna talk about Danielles kiddos, but Jacquelines daughter has no kinda discipline.

    Jacqueline is like the puppet, she does whats best for others. It's like they gang up and Danielle, Caroline acts like she is so superior to others lol, she isn't that much better. I'm glad Danielle sticks up for herself. Teresas intentions aren't ever good, theres always something else behind it.

    Danielle will stay on this show, hell she is the show period.

  84. 84

    Excuses the errors.

  85. 85

    Re: Peeka
    Well, that explains why you have no idea how much drama there actually is! You should try watching it before making judgements on how boring it is.