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Samantha Ronson's Dog Continues To Be Investigated By Animal Control After Deadly Attack!

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This is such an unfortunate situation for everyone involved, but the owner of the animal does have to take accountability in the end!

Samantha Ronson could be facing some serious charges after her dog, Cadillac, mauled and killed a small Maltese yesterday afternoon, depending on what Animal Control Officials conclude after they complete their investigation!

Michelle Roache, the Deputy Director of the El Lay Department of Animal Care and Control, says:

"It's a pending criminal prosecution. The attack is substantial. It's all up to the courts whether or not a person is going to lose the right to own the dog, or that the dog be euthanized, or that there's restrictions against the dog. They vary from [sentences where] the person can't own any dogs in the county of Los Angeles, to the court demanding the dog for euthanasia, or a lot of times they have to pay a fine. I haven't seen people jailed for an incident like this. We have to backtrack into past incidents and find people who are involved or have any knowledge of the dog's behavior. We don't believe there was a bite to any person. If the dog has bitten a person it has to be quarantined for 10 days and we don't allow the dog to leave the state. If there's no proper way to resolve the incident and confine the dog safely so that it does not occur to anyone else during the filing of the criminal case, and we feel that the dog is a threat, then we would impound the dog. If they have another address where it has more responsible people or better confinement, that's something that is preferable over putting an animal in a shelter."

Ronson, meanwhile, has allegedly sent Cadillac to New York to stay with her family, which we think is certainly for the best!

We would hate to see any animal locked up or put down, but obviously that kind of behavior is extremely unpredictable and dangerous, and we hope that the proper precautions are being taken care of to ensure something like this NEVER happens again!


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35 comments to “Samantha Ronson's Dog Continues To Be Investigated By Animal Control After Deadly Attack!”

  1. 1

    this dog is more famous then paris hilton.

  2. 2

    if it's not the first time he's bit or attacked another animal, I'd bet they'll order the dog be put down. how sad if the dog is put down, simply because it's owner was too worried about sniffing hohan's cooter instead of properly training and raising their dog……..

  3. 3

    Sorry Perez, but I must respectfully disagree. Shipping the dog to New York only makes it New York's problem. If it poses a threat to other peoples' pets, then it should be put down if its owner isn't responsible enough to get it training/rehabilitation (she has the means for the best in the field) and can't be bothered to control it.

  4. 4

    Far too many people get dogs without a clue how to care for them - they need so much more than food and love. Anyone thinking of getting a dog - please do your homework. The SPCA websites are a great place to start - find out what breeds are best suited to your lifestyle, and what care and training are needed. Do not choose a breed because it is cute, or you think it would be cool. Most importantly, take the responsibility of owning a dog seriously - it is a huge commitment, and if you aren't prepared to do the work, please do not get a dog.

  5. 5

    Wow, I can relate to this! Two months ago my maltese and Bichon were attacked by a 100 lb husky/lab mix, both suffered puncture wounds and required staples. This was a completely unprovoked attack (i was just walking the dog, and the owner couldn't control it - charged at me and my dogs!). I was very lucky that I myself was not bitten as I had to grip the dogs jaw and punch it in the face to get it to stop biting my dogs. SCARY SHIT if you have never been involved in a dog attack! Dogs like hers are aggressive, and no matter "how cute" or "well behaved" they may be most of the time, the fact is - agressive breeds can attack without warning and should be dealt with properly if EVER involved in one attack. What if it was a child??

  6. 6

    Re: April 20th – Well put. : )

  7. 7

    Glad its not my dog

  8. 8

    Re: Haylowe – the dog feels the same way about you, I'm sure.

  9. 9

    Kill her and her little dog too!

  10. 10

    Why hasn't Sam socialized this dog from an early age and all of this could have been prevented? Any good dog owner knows, dogs need socialization. It helps prevent many behavioral problems such as chewing, barking, biting, etc. I guess, we all have to learn from somewhere. I didn't know with my first dog so, I can't be too hard on her, if this is her first dog.

  11. 11

    They should put that dog to sleep.

  12. 12

    I love dogs, but this dog needs to be put to sleep. She will feel even worse if its a child next time.

  13. 13

    I heard Samantha was the one on the lease and in a complete homicidal rampaging frenzy.

  14. 14

    Mario my thoughts are that you should shut the fuck up!

  15. 15

    She should get in trouble for sending her dog to New York!!!!!!!! I am sorry but that dog should be put down!!!!!!! I know that I might be getting flack for what I have just posted but; if you can't control your dog, then you shouldn't be allowed to have one!! That dog will kill again, it is in his or her nature!! We wouldn't allow a murderer to go free would we?

  16. 16

    Thoughts? Well, First, I would Like to hear BOTH sides of the story before we call this dog a Vicious killer! How innocent was the maltese in this? Maybe totally innocent? What if this little dog snapped at The Bulldog. It is a dogs instinct to defend itself. Cadillac may not have intended to "kill" the dog, but taking into consideration their size difference, it would just take one good shake. I do NOT think Cadillac should be euthanized! Enough heartache has happened:(
    My heart goes out to the Lil dog's owners….I know that NO amount of money OR even 100 new dogs will EVER take his place:(
    I am sure Sam will do everything possible to help the owners. She has already decided to give up her pet. That IS a responsible owner!

  17. 17

    In regards to my earlier post…I too feel it's too late for this dog to learn to be a social dog as it appears to be a repeat offender and if true, just got back from a 3 week training/socialization doggy boot camp? Which obviously didn't work and so yes, this dog should be put down as there doesn't seem to be much hope and how can she just ship it out that fast? I can't believe the authorities would allow her to do that.

  18. 18

    Smart move gettng him out of state. Usually animal contraol seizes and destroys the dog, she should change his doggy identity and keep him from other dogs in the future.

  19. 19

    Re: Rottweilers_Rule – You're right - we don't know what the other dog did. My neighbors have a maltese that will attack my Springer any chance he gets even though my dog is four times his size (my dog tolerates him and tries to get away). Little dogs are often allowed to get away with bad behaviour simply because they are little and can't do any serious damage.

  20. @v@ says – reply to this


    She needs to think seriously about this dog. A friend of mine relocated her dog elsewhere protecting the dog, and this same dog ripped her sister's kid's face up.
    Needless to say, in hindsight, she should have put the dog down.

  21. 21

    Put the ugly-ass pit bull down. And put Samantha down with it.

  22. 22

    This actually happened to me on June 12th. My older sister was in our fenced in backyard with our dogs and our Yorkie got a little to close to a gap in the fence and my next door neighbors five BIG dogs pull him under. My sister hopped the 10 ft tall stockade fence to try to save him, but instead wound up fighting off the dogs and watching ours get torn apart and killed. We have tried every outlet possible to get the dogs removed from the neighborhood or put down but since the dog pulled Beau (our dog) onto their property technically he was in their yard and we could get in trouble for failure to control him. The dog warden and city have done everything possible to make their lives hell, they've been served with at least 500 dollars in fines for the dogs not being licensed and for lying on the police report, but we're really at a dead end with anything else we could legally do to them. They have however called the cops on my sister for 'trespassing' and for hitting the dogs when she was over there defending Beau but the city only gave us a small warning because they know the situation. Its a shitty situation and I do not feel bad for Samantha Ronsen because you just simply should not own a dog that would kill another animal, its just not right and its not safe.

  23. 23

    Bad dogs are bad because they are neglected or are not socialized. If not given love and companionship they tend to be very mean. She must leave this dog alone a lot for it to be so aggressive. For whatever reason, the dog got out while she was "sleeping" and killed anothe animal and attacked a person. SHE should be investigated and punished. Someone's lovable companion died because she was negligent. Bitch.

  24. 24

    jeasus, have people not figured out yet that dogs aren't fucking stuffed animals??? these things happen. it's really sad, but it can be avoided. in my humble opinion people need to get a little smarter about dog ownership. even if the dogs are fixed and trained - they are still wild animalss and have teeth that (somehow people forget) CUT THROUGH AND GRIND DOWN BONES. Um, yeah.

  25. 25

    oh and one more thing. now TWO DOGS have to die because of her. i think she should be banned from owning dogs ever again.

  26. 26

    I have an english bulldog, they are VERY sweet loyal animals. Mine gives attitude all the time to other dogs. Something could of triggered the dog to attack? Most of the time, they are protecting their owners. They have a stubborn way about being protective. But they love to be loved! Everyone that comes over friends, workers, families ext. thinks she's the cutest and sweetest. Samantha got put in a bad situation. I would not let my dog be taking away tho!! I would have it be with family. I love my dog too much.

  27. 27

    First of all, let me correct the person who said English Bulldogs are an aggressive breed. I own 3 and show 2 in conformation show rings. I know dozens of responsible breeders who can attest to the sweet nature of these dogs. The responsibliity for this incident lays on the owners. From what I have read both dogs were unsupervised in a common area of the complex. If Sam's friends let this dog out of the apartment while she was sleeping then she needs new friends. A 55 lb dog interacting with an unknown 4 lb dog is a recipe for disaster. That bulldog may have thought he was playing with the smaller dog and accidentally killed it. We don't know because apparently no one was supervising! These are animals….why do we expect them to live by human rules and be able to reason like a human?? If in fact this dog had real issues Sam did attempt to correct them by sending him to a training camp. But ultimately, like any dog, you must socialize the animal from the beginning…regardless of the breed. Our dogs are raised with several cats, other dogs, taken on trips to Petco/Petsmart, parks, and of course dog shows. They are exposed to different environments from the time they are puppies and taught how to act. But they are still animals!!

  28. 28

    Any animal that kills another animal should be put down. It could be a small child next. He killed a sweet little Maltese, that's disgusting. Disgusting that Sam couldn't take the time to know or socialize her dog.

  29. 29

    Maybe Samantha Ronson drugs her dog too! Look at her she can´t even take herself and her lovey dovey Lindsay Lohan. Look where Lindsay Lohan ends up just by hanging out with her. I pity the dog having a careless and drugaddict master.

  30. 30

    no such thing as bad dogs just bad owners

  31. 31

    shes a dumbass. its not the animals fault is the mans fault. dumb ass cancer smoking, god hatin, looking like laurel and harty (da skinny one hell at least he ATE meat) FUCK TARD!

  32. 32

    I also own an English Bulldog and he is just a big baby. Of course, we worked to make sure he was properly socialized with children, dogs, and other pets from the time he was a puppy. He's actually terrified of my MIL's min-pins and does his best to avoid them when she visits. Her dogs were NOT socialized properly.

  33. 33

    The dog poses a threat to other people's pets so it should be put down, and Sam should be fined heavily for her failure to train/control her animal. She should never be allowed to have another dog again.

  34. Unz13 says – reply to this


    I feel so sorry for the owner of the poor little Maltese. I am a real dog lover but it's my opinion that an animal that exhibits behaviour like this should be put to sleep. It may have been another pup this time, but who's to say it won't be a small child next time.

  35. 35

    Re: Brainbug – It's not a pit bull assfuck, It is a Bulldog. They Always blame the pit bulls. It is Sam's fault, not the dogs. If you agree to put a bad dog to sleep, then why not bad kids or adults? why do you all feel that you are a better specie than an animal. People Suck!!