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Wino Invites Doperty To Live With Her!

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Well, this certainly has 'trainwreck methfaced disaster' written all over it!

Amy Winehouse has reportedly peeled herself off of the sidewalk and somehow has managed to gather enough lucid focus to invite the equally sober Pete Doherty to come and live with her in Camden!

Yes. Seriously. This actually happened!

According to a source:

"Amy has offered Pete a place to stay while he's in London working on The Libertines comeback. She thinks a lot of him and they've been through a lot together so she wants to help him out. But pals are worried because they are bad influences on each other."

If we weren't so terrified for their lives right now, we'd think that this is HIGHlarious!

Worthy of a sitcom, even!

But most sitcoms don't come to a screeching halt when somebody burns the house down trying to freebase with cleaning solvent, so let's just all keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best!


Good luck, you crazy drug-addicts kids!

[Image via WENN.]

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24 comments to “Wino Invites Doperty To Live With Her!”

  1. 1

    10 years from now there is going to be an indy film about their fucked up lives and eventual deaths

  2. 2

    Imagine the smell in that house.

  3. 3

    Now THAT'S a reality show!!!!

  4. 4

    Wonder when was the last time either of them has had a bath

  5. 5


  6. 6

    oh my god. look at them!!! terrible. just deporable.

  7. PaulR says – reply to this


    PLEASE go to the "A Worthwhile Cause" post about Gan on the next page here on PH. we need your votes to win the 250K Pepsi Grant for Hannah's Fund to start clinical trials to save her life.

  8. 8

    This is sad but it would make for a hell of an amazing reality show…

  9. 9

    Take a shower and grab a sunbath. Wow, it used to be funny, now kinda tragic.

  10. 10

    I would love to be their maid.

  11. 11

    Sid and Nancy strike again.

  12. 12

    Ya, that's not going to end in an ambulance being called. :)

  13. 13

    Imagine these two bumping uglies.

  14. 14

    England's Royalty at it's best!!!!!!!

  15. 15

    hahah that picture is so funny

  16. 16

    Please oh please let this be turned into a reality show!!!!

  17. 17

    well there goes my hope for her to do new music.. grrr… so sad

  18. 18

    blind leading the blind!

  19. 19

    what a cute couple.

  20. 20

    ohmy delicious delicious pete!!!!!! hes the yummiest thing in london i swear to god.

    pete doherty is a beautiful musician, his songs are works of art, youtube them.
    and yeah amys a hot fucking mess, but so is he! its adorable, and hot.
    but honestly to me hot fuking messes are yummy an PETE IS YUMMMMYYYY. and amys hot, yeah she really should do her eye makeup diffrent tho that shits wack.

  21. 21

    why do you insist on posting photos of Pete at his worst?!?!?! you're such a effen turd!!!
    you have never said anything descent about him. yes, he has a problem, a disease… because that's what drug addiction is… a disease. And, hopefully he's overcoming it. He's a bright person, writes beautiful poetry and music. He just had an awesome weekend playing at the Leeds and Readings festival with his former band, The Libertines. There was no mention of that… how awesome it was and how thousands of people were totally stoked to see them. You only zoom in on the negative… and CHOMP. Amy and Pete have talent that you'll never poses, Perez. You need to start being nicer… kinder because there's this thing called… KARMA! o_O

  22. 22

    They need to take a BATH. It looks like they've died and have come back as zombies. My lord these are two dirty people!

  23. 23

    O D time is ON !!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. 24

    Oh wake up to yourselves. Having a drug problem does not equate to being a bad person. Also Peter is so beautiful, inside and out. I'm sick of people swallowing the tabloids and accepting all the trash talk as truth.