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Celine & Baby Are Fine!

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Reports had sprung up late last night claiming that Celine Dion was rushed to a hospital and forced to undergo a risky, emergency. The rumor was that she had a "pregnancy-jeopardizing health scare" and doctors were working to save the lives of Celine's unborn twins.

Well, that just ain't so! Thankfully, Celine's rep announced to legitimate sources that the story was "fabricated" and "100 percent not true." He added that Celine is perfectly "happy" and "healthy" along with the twins.

Phew! Thank goodness! Don't scare us like that, BB! We're so looking forward to you becoming a mommy!

[Image via WENN.]

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12 comments to “Celine & Baby Are Fine!”

  1. 1

    I think you meant "Celine and BABIES are fine" Also that you are looking forward to becoming a mother AGAIN. She is already a mother.

  2. 2

    She's already a mommy. She has a young son.

  3. 3

    Becoming a mommy? Perez, she already has a child.

  4. 4

    those babies are going to be sooooo freaking talented damnnn!!

  5. 5

    uhh…she's already a mommy you idiot

  6. 6

    You are the Queen of INCOMPLETE SENTENCES.
    "…undergo a risky, emergency." WHAT?? Emergency surgery? Procedure? Brazilian waxing?

  7. 7

    As pointed out in a few posts what the fuck are you thinking when you write this? Or better yet who is writing this? Meth is wack girl…

  8. 8

    wearing fur?and no teeth,gonna a be a fucked baby.

  9. 9

    Becoming a mommy? Wow, you really don't know the celebs you write about do you? It's become a ghost town on this site. No wonder why.

  10. 10

    She is already a mommy, your moron! You have to say "mommy again".

  11. 11

    force to undergo an emergency

  12. 12

    Woman of a certain age should not be having babies. I don't wish her ill, but she is very selfish for getting pregnant at her age.