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Jamie Foxx Returns To Sketch Comedy Roots

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Jamie Foxx must REALLY want to do some sketch comedy.

Foxx had a sketch comedy pilot in development with Fox, but they didn’t end up picking the show. Looks like they’ve changed their mind again, mid-season, and Jamie Foxx is still interested.

The tentatively titled sketch comedy show, The Jamie Foxx Project, is reportedly a different show from the pilot that was almost picked up by Fox initially. The network has ordered 12 episodes.

The show will be in the vein of In Living Color, and it will spoof pop culture in its many different forms.

Sketch comedy is always fun, but as we’ve mentioned before, we’d love to see a truly fresh, original, and unique TV show to be released. This does not appear to be that show.

Will U watch Jamie Foxx’s new sketch comedy show?

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15 comments to “Jamie Foxx Returns To Sketch Comedy Roots”

  1. 1

    I would watch it, if it has other comedians on it. Jamie Foxx is funny, but he never made my stomach hurt, from laughing. So if, there's other talents on his show who's funnier than Jamie, then I'll tune in every week.

  2. 2

    shizzz… he already has a "sketch comedy" on his big black foehead.

  3. 3

    way to draw attention to the fact that you are balding!

    and no…I won't watch his comedy show…I never found him funny…he always tries too hard and fails miserably.

  4. 4

    and….why do I always have to log in just to VIEW the comments?? WTF???

  5. 5

    he's gay, you know.
    thats why you care about him.
    youre only nice to spics and gays.

  6. 6

    He was really funny as hell on In Living Color in the 90s. Would love to see him back to his comedy roots.

  7. 7

    WANDA lives!!!

  8. 8

    I'd sooner watch Jaime Foxx than all of these garbage reality shows

  9. 9

    wtf is on his head? he creeps me out

  10. 10

    He's hot i bet……

  11. 11

    Re: hawtmomma – i agree ..

  12. 12

    did this moron really put a tattoo on his scalp?

  13. 13

    I'll watch almost everything he's in.

  14. 14

    Yeah, I'd probably watch, but I'm a little creeped out by his idea of hair replacement.

  15. 15

    i want 2 see it lolz