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Biggest Bieber Fan!

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This guy is the biggest Justin Bieber fan EVER! Ha

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32 comments to “Biggest Bieber Fan!”

  1. 1

    You can'y say either and then not give another possibility.

  2. 2

    He's probably the parent of one of those teenage girls standing next to him. Sorry Perez, your still only the 30-something year old male who loves Justin Beaver.

  3. 3

    "Either" and you only give one option? Learn some grammer phagboy. Personally I think he either likes hanging around teenage (and preteen) girls or he is a pederast like you are Perez.

  4. 4

    Perez you can be such a jerk at times -_-

  5. 5

    He likes it up the butthole. Just like Justine Beaver.

  6. 6

    Probably a responsible parent who participates in his daughter's life and will not yet let her go to a concert on her own. Good for him.

  7. 7

    Look!!! It's a pedophile, Justin Bieb better watch the balls between his legs, the man looks crazed for them.

  8. 8

    correction! he's the biggest PEDOPHILE ever

  9. Hun says – reply to this



  10. 10

    I bet he is just a parent who got carried away.. or even her daughter couldve made him do that!! xD

  11. 11

    Wow, look at all the Sheeple. Mindless puppets.

  12. 12

    gosh….those ppls seem to be brainwashed or cast a spell on…this is not good…seriously

  13. 13

    What about the weirdo with black hair behind him!!!!!!!!!

  14. 14

    Somebody needs to ship justin beaver's no singing ass back to his shitty homeland he calls for a country named canada.

  15. 15

    You are an idiot!! that's probably a father taking his daughter to a concert.

  16. 16

    the look on his face clearly says "somebody kill me". the girls on either side of him look like his daughters. stop being an douche to everyone, mario.

  17. 17

    did anyone notice the girl above the man without the hands in the air looks kinda like someone from a horror movie

  18. 18

    hes much more tame than you at a biebs concert P

  19. 19

    wow everyones retarded they mad everyone make a heart aand even the parents had to do it its for the movie

  20. 20

    Uh the more interesting part of this picture is the scary ass girl right above him (behind him technically). Looks like the girl who crawls out of the well in The Ring. Creepyyy

  21. 21

    Perez once again ur an idiot. This was for the movie they're shooting. They made everyone in the audience make a heart sign. So yes he's probably the girls father.

  22. 22

    i thought that you were his biggest fan?

  23. 23

    is that a ghost behind that guy?

  24. 24

    Re: bleahf – That's what I was thinking!!! That guy/girl looks even worse…lol

  25. 25

    Re: bleahf
    hahah i just read your comment then went back to look at the pic to see it and i just bust out laughing hhahaha she looks demented

  26. 26

    he's the father of the girl on the right. i'm on the left :)

  27. 27

    I was there! Even though this picture is hilarious, Scooter (Justin's manager) told all the dads in the audience that they had to do the heart too because they were shooting it for the movie trailer.

  28. 28

    Oh look, they're stockpiling all the unoriginal people in the world in one place. How nifty.

  29. 29

    Re: CandyEyes – If that was true he wouldn't be doing that stupid crap every other unoriginal teen in the audience is doing.

  30. 30

    Re: SaintThomas92 – If his daughter can MAKE him do anything he needs to send that brat off to learn some manners and respect.

  31. 31

    Re: polishhottie1 – Made? They paid to get into that concert. That's awfully pretentious of Biebs.

  32. 32

    haha I love this. I think it's cute