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Celine Shows Off Her Bump!

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Check out Celine Dion with her family in French-Canadian magazine 7 Jours.

She looks very happy!

Congrats, Celine!

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49 comments to “Celine Shows Off Her Bump!”

  1. 1

    God Damn that is one ugly woman.

  2. 2


  3. 3

    Princess Diana? Why are they still talking about Princess Diana?

  4. 4

    This relationship always creeps me out. How he was a friend of her parents, who was her manager as a little girl till adult age. Anyway, she looks beautiful, as always. Congrats to the whole family.

  5. 5

    Is this current? Sharing a cover with Princess Diana? I had heard from some of my Canadian friends news travels slowly in Quebec…

  6. 6

    Blessings to her and her babies.

  7. 7

    Love her! So excited for her pregnancy!

  8. 8

    Thanks to modern medicine old grandmas can now be mothers.

  9. 9

    - The magazine IS current, it's in store everywhere here!!
    - The bald men behind is her husband and he's a very sweet person.
    - I think Celine shows confidence but appearing without make up like this, she's a very strong women.

    I don't agree with them having chlidren at that age (for him at least) but good for them if that makes them happy….

  10. 10

    YAAAAY! Her son finally got a haircut!! He looks so cute now!
    And they look like such a lovely family!

  11. 11

    GOD DAMN she looks terrible!!!
    I know she's like 100, but still! They couldn't put some make up on her? Do something with her hair?
    Jesus, I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.

  12. 12

    They don't look very happy…

  13. 13

    Re: Size2Kay – Are you fucking blind. Please look at her again, if you think that is beautiful, you may want to put down the crack pipe because it is seriously impairing your sense of perception.

  14. 14

    They have Princess Diana on the cover because it was the anniversary of her death (the title heading talks about her murder). I believe the annicersary was Aug 31st.

  15. 15

    What about Princess Diana?! They just ran out of juicy "news" that's all… And the title states : Princess Diana might have been murdered. So it's most likely to be an article about (yet again) a conspiracy theory.

    Don't have to be in Quebec to see that king of stupid article, there's plenty of those in the US and all around the world.

  16. 16

    Re: Sexsai

    Oops. Hit the wrong button. Just wanted to reply to your question. Sorry!

    anyway, the cover says that Princess Diana was (maybe) murdered.

  17. 17

    It must be interesting to have children younger than your grandkids

  18. 18

    Aw, her and her grandfather look very happy! Wait, what?

  19. 19

    It looks like her husband is on oxygen in that photo… Their marriage is so creepy… But congrats to Celine hopefully she will have a healthy birth

  20. 20

    What a homely looking family; thank Gawd the have all that cash other wise they REALLY WOULD have to sing for their supper!

  21. 21

    Re: Sexsai – it is the 13th anniversay of Diana's death (august 29th?) Also, some trashy company in China decided because it was the anniversary, decided to sell lingerie by putting it on Princess Diana while playing the Cello. Lovely pic that got back to the royal family on the Ann. of her death. bikini type stuff, playing the cello and they(royal family) can't do anything about the trashy pics ’cause it is a foreign country.

  22. 22

    It's the anniversary date of Princess Diana's death, 31 Aug 1997….moron. So, like any tabloid rag, they make a story on it.

  23. 23

    Loves it

  24. 24

    Re: Size2Kay – seriously wtf?

  25. 25

    she is HUGE!

  26. 26

    Sorry if I offended any of you wonderful Canadians…I didn't see a date on the cover and along with Celine and Renee I saw George Clooney and Princess Di/Assassinee and wondered how old the cover was. My bad…

  27. 27

    Hane-Ass cover

  28. 28

    She's not wearing make-up, that's all.

  29. 29

    Re: Voice_de_Reason

    That is a (I should say "another") stupid comment about Québec. We get the news as fast as anybody else. By the way, most of us speak english too, we're going to school, we have cars and we even have internet!!! Just sayin' ;)

  30. 30

    hey that's our dress that's she's wearing!!! yay!

  31. 31

    Awe, Congrats to Celine and her Husband. She had such a difficult trying to conceive children for the past several years. But on the serious note, she's rather to old to have children, down syndrome anyone?

  32. 32

    hey voice de reason!
    When you know where to correctly locate quebec on the map, maybe we'll start talking but until then, you just shut up!

  33. 33

    Congratulations to such wonderful people - That yellow (white) lab is just adorable as well

  34. 34

    Look at Céline, having her photograph taken without any make-up at all. I'm sorry but she doesn't have the kind of look that can get away with that. BTW in Québec we have electricity and running water. Also tabloids who write almost anything stupid that stupid people believe, just like in the USA and England.

  35. 35

    Celine first met her future husband René Angelil when she was 12 and he was 38.

  36. 36

    Actually the person that said news travels slow in Quebec was from Nova Scotia-which is very near the Provence of Quebec. Never knew it is was a reference to the size from Longueuil to Ungava Bay to about some of the people like cindyxxx that don't even capitalize where they live- which is a case to be made about lack of education.

  37. 37

    Did anyone ever think that MAYBE….JUST MAYBE..She didn't want to wear makeup for the picture? I'm sure everyone's face looks FLAWLESS without any kind of makeup…
    And who cares about how old her husband is and all the negative crap..it's whatever makes them happy, and they look perfectly happy WITHOUT her having any makeup on.
    It's a beautiful relationship because the amount of love they have for each other…Congrats to them!

  38. 38

    She looks fine, she's not wearing any make-up ….big deal! I wish I had that confidence.
    She's 42……..I won't be having kids at 42, but there are plenty of other celebrities out there having kids at that age. I personally don't believe it's worth the risk, but to each their own.

  39. 39

    Lets see; no make up, saggy tits, horrible dress and legs spread open. Good going stupid. The dog is the best looking thing in the picture. Nasty French Canadians.

  40. 40

    I'm happy for her….too bad it's BOYS again.

  41. 41

    Im finding it slightly wrong now at days that so many women over their 45s having children : /
    Her husband dont think he gona live forever, but I like how much they love each other and how LONG their relationship is lasting. It makes you believe in true love.

  42. 42

    So happy for her! They tried for a long time to have their son and this baby. Love it when things work out.

  43. 43

    Gross. isn't she too old to be having bebies. :P

  44. 44

    Re: Jazz-Hands Chaz – Nasty French-Canadians ? Hope you are proud of yourself redneck racist.

  45. 45

    Im so happy for her :D

  46. 46

    I praise Celine for appearing without makeup. She might not be as beautiful as a model, but remember…she is a singer. She could have chosen to have plastic surgery and look like a plastic barbie. But no, she loves who she is enough to stay like she is. She is a wonderful, giving person. Yes, her husband is much older than she is..but they are a loving couple and they have been married for a very long time. They really love each other and it shows. Celine has 13 brothers and sisters and she came from NOTHING. They were very poor and it's ONLY her talent and her wonderful character that got her where she is today. People should not judge her on her looks; they should praise her for rising to the top. And by the way; people who pass awful comments about French Canadians ; we have put some of the best shows on the planet; Celine and Cirque du Soleil are some of them. Most of Quebec residents are bilingual. Quebec has the highest proportion of children going to private schools in North America; Quebec has the highest percentage of citizens with higher education degrees amongst all of the Canadian provinces; our healthcare is free and we live in a safe environment. Bashing French Canadians probably hides a little envy. Just saying !

  47. 47

    Re: xcalibur – youre being rude and thats her husband

  48. 48

    Re: bulwergirl
    Well put, thank you. /Bien dit, merci :)

  49. 49

    They actually should becoming GRANDparents and NOT parents. This is just not right.