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Emmys Drama: HBO Vs. Everyone Else

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Way to make everybody feel bad about themselves, over-achiever HBO!

Due to HBO’s obliteration of the competition in long-form categories at the Emmys, there’s now talk of splitting up the awards between TV series and longform cable projects/TV movies.

Opponents to the proposition of splitting the awards show in half argue a few points, which make plenty of sense. Here are some of the highlights of the argument:

-HBO brings high-profile A-list talent to the Emmys

-HBO deserves the awards, since they devote the time, energy, and money to their projects

-If other networks start creating miniseries and longform projects in the future, it would make it difficult to have two separate awards shows

Here are some of the anti-HBO arguments:

-Other networks can’t afford the major budgets that HBO devotes to projects, and therefore they are at a loss

-Shows that the majority of people watch aren’t represented and given recognition at the Emmys

-Categories such as the one for reality show hosts were not represented at the Emmys, which doesn’t make sense because those shows get much larger draws than HBO programs

Should be inneresting to see if opponents to HBO’s dominance of the Emmys are able to make any type of impact.

…Either that, or MAYBE they can make some sort of other arrangement where HBO is allowed to stay in the Emmys, but they need to start making less quality programs. They could always limit the epic war dramas and start producing more documentaries about legal Nevada-based brothels!

Are U on Team HBO or Team Everyone Else?

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19 comments to “Emmys Drama: HBO Vs. Everyone Else”

  1. 1

    I love this show cant wait for tonight!! Anyway I was just on these really funny sites called, peopleofthemta.com and thatwas abust.com … has anyone ever been to them ? HysTerical!

  2. 2

    Team HBO all the way! Because they are awesome!

  3. Jaded says – reply to this


    It's crap that HBO has more money. The networks have the money they are just more interested in keeping it for their CEO's than spending it to make quality programing. Maybe cut the bonuses of the people with no taste and the networks would have the cash to make good shows, and mini series.

  4. 4

    well this is an indication that networks should step up their game cause obv cable shows are taking all the awards and stop complaining and actually do something about it its like being an ugly girl at a pageant and crying cuz the gorgeous girl won.

  5. 5

    Only a bunch of liberal, Hollywood, panty waists would come up with such an idea. "Wa wa. It's not fair that HBO wins so many awards." It's called competition folks. That's what improves quality.

  6. 6

    I kept thinking Claire Danes was Heidi Klum

  7. 7

    She looks gorgeous! Love her :)

  8. 8

    Put me down as being on team HBO. I hardly ever watch network TV because it's so rare that they produce anything I remotely want to see. "24", "Medium", "Lie To Me" and "Modern Family". I think that's about it.

    As for the argument that the majority of people watch network TV…….so what?
    A) that's because there are a lot of people who just can't afford premium cable channels and,
    B) more eyes on the product doesn't mean that the product should be considered on the same level with the stuff that actually wins the awards. A hell of alot more people went to see the "Jackass" and Sacha Baron Cohen movies than will ever have seen "The Hurt Locker". Doesn't mean they whould have been nominated.

    And stop complaining about the money issue. Each and every one of the networks is guilty of producing garbage shows with budgets just as bloated as anything that cable puts out. You say you have to answer to adverisers? Well I'd reply that the HBO's and AMC's and Showtime's actually have it harder. If they start putting junk on their channels…then people stop subscribing. No subscribers…no revenue.

    If you want to win the awards, then stop filling your networks with garbage designed for the lowest common denominator. Your network's CEO and directors of programming can buy a "Modern Family" just as easily as ABC did. So buck up CW, Fox, ABC, NBC and CBS. The choices are yours.

  9. 9

    Team HBO all the way. The academy focuses on quality not quantity. Networks primarily use TV shows as a method to sell ad time. If we base awards based solely on viewer numbers - then we have shows like jersey shore and Real Housewives potentially on the ballot for awards, if that ever happens then the academy looses any sort of credibility with its members.

  10. 10

    sour grapes from a bunch of losers…
    start making good shows then
    right now the only thing worth watching on network TV is House

  11. 11

    Here's the problem- while HBO may be pumping out the quality versus the quantity, they're contract with the unions is ridiculous. When HBO first started producing tv shows, they begged and pleaded with the unions to cut them a major deal with our rates because they were new and had no money in those days. Our unions negotiated the crap deal, and HBO hasn't upped the deal to the going major network rates ever since. HBO and Showtime are SEVERELY UNDERPAYING their crews. Which is why they can afford to produce these amazingly quality shows. HBO can suck it.

  12. 12

    Re: tvcostumes – at least they are still employing people.. hello in this economy that says a lot.. if they're shows started to have less funding they would suck.. no one would watch.. they would cancel HBO.. and those people wouldn't have jobs at all..
    this is what's wrong with our entire country.. no one looks at the big picture.. cause+effect

  13. Eilee says – reply to this


    UHM Maybe the networks pay their newscaster WAY WAYYYYYYY tooo much Money!
    They just read a teleprompter!
    pay the actors or stop complaining! It's called get your priorities straight!

  14. 14

    BBC has much less money then the networks, and still makes great mini-series and made for tv movies.
    The problem with the quality of network shows is too much interference by the asshole executives.

  15. 15

    I don't have hbo anymore :( it's too much money to pay! I miss true blood! Hbo shuld be cheaper and they well get a lot more viewers!!!!

  16. 16

    I love hbo (TrueBlood) :D
    btw.Clair danes looks hot,her body looks amazing and she is so pretty :)

  17. 17

    Re: VinnyD

    You are a fucking idiot. It's these same "liberal, Hollywood, panty waists" as you call them who are creating the excellent programs/movies on HBO.

  18. 18

    I smell some serious jealousy. maybe if the networks stopped putting so many shitty shows on the air they'd have a chance. Look at Modern Family, finally a good show comes along and it wins awards too. The networks and other cable stations need to stop filling their schedules with so much garbage reality TV and get CREATIVE programming.

  19. 19

    Come on, Network television. How much DOES it cost to hire writers worth a fuck? The reason you're whining is because you likely passes on a lot of these shows that went to HBO and got some real nurturing.

    Or . . .

    You could keep airing shit-coms with fat, balding men married to stupid hot women. I mean, keep playing that same ole formula. That, or another CSI would always do the trick, right?