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Is The Transformers Franchise Cursed?

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After the most recent Transformers-related mishap, we’re beginning to wonder if this film series may be cursed, kind of like the Poltergeist films, or The Scottish Play Macbeth.

An extra on Transformers 3 was seriously injured during a stunt gone awry. The extra was driving a car when an object went through the windshield. Yikes.

Here is other evidence pointing to a Transformers curse:

-Michael Bay is currently being sued because his bodyguard enjoys the act of pistol-whipping

-Rachel Taylor, an actress from the first Transformers, has been forced to get a restraining order against her physically abusive boyfriend Matthew Newton

-Megan Fox left the franchise and tried to do Jonah Hex, which was a disaster on absolutely every level

-Transformers: Rise of The Fallen. The fact that this movie exists should fully prove the existence of a curse

Maybe it’s cursed, maybe it’s coincidence. Guess we’ll see what happens next…

Do U think the Transformers Franchise is cursed?

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7 comments to “Is The Transformers Franchise Cursed?”

  1. 1

    Of course it is. Turning a stupid kid's cartoon about robots that transform into cars and stuff is so lame… putting it into film makes it even worse.

  2. 2

    or maybe it just sucks!

  3. 3

    It was a great cartoon and the first movie lived up to its greatness BUT whoever wrote the second one put a curse on the franchise and Michael Bey doesn't know how to choose talent. He might be the curse!!

  4. 4

    perez forgot to mention SHia getting his fingers chopped off in a car accident.

  5. 5

    its a sign from the gods
    stop making these crappy films

  6. 6

    I hope to God it is cursed, but I hope that no one gets more seriously hurt than what has already happened with the making of the third film. After trying to sit through half of the DVD of the second film, I couldn't take much more and mailed it swiftly back to Netflix. It was horrible and offensive, at best (or should I say, worst). I definitely wished Karma on Bay…Hopefully, the third film will tank. With Spielberg attached to these projects, I expected more from these films. Evidently, Steven was either high when he thought the second film was fine enough to be released as it was or he was falling asleep on the job. But anytime you have Michael (I love blowing shit up because I'm 6 years old) Bay attached to a film, you can expect crap as a result. The only reason they allow him to continue to make these crappy movies is because they make money. Hopefully the third film doesn't.

  7. 7

    You are an idiot Perez, ’nuff said. Nothing, except this crash, in what you just listed has anything at all to do with the movies. The only 'curse' these films have is the curse of making shitloads of money. I'll take that curse anyday.