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Jersey Shore's Angelina Loses Her Shiz On Snooki's Famewhoring Maybe-Boyfriend

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We sort of can't believe we're saying this…but GO ANGELINA!

The usually infuriating Jersey Shore star apparently had a run-in with Jeff Miranda, the famewhoring douchebag who proposed to our most beloved Snooki Snickers on a magazine cover, at a New York City strip club, which ended in her clobbering him with a microphone and pouring drinks on his head!


Here's what went down.

The two have been calling each other out in the press for a while now - Angelina says Jeff is a famewhore and tried to get with her before he declared his 'love' for Snooks. Jeff responded by saying that Angelina is a 'hater' and 'jealous.'

Last night, Jeff showed up Sapphire Gentleman's club, which he apparently frequents, while Angelina was there filming a web broadcast, and according to host Chaunce Hayden, he started in on her immediately!

Hayden claims:

“Jeff showed me text messages that he said were from Angelina that said something like 'I still have feelings for you.' Jeff was yelling that Angelina was jealous of his relationship with Snooki and that she is trying to break them up so she can date him. Angelina grabbed the microphone and started smashing him in the face with it over and over. She hit him at least three times in his face. She was screaming and swearing, ‘I’m going to kill you, you’re a fucking liar.' He looked stunned. He stood up like he was going to hit her and a group of people stopped him. She took all the booze on the table and started pouring it in his face and blinded him. I never saw somebody get beat that bad. He kept saying ‘I’m going to sue her, I’m going to sue her,' but he was barely able to talk his face was so swollen and his teeth looked crooked. She said that felt great and he had it coming for a long time.


We don't condone violence, but there's no way she could have beaten him as badly as this guy claims he did! And this is just HIGHlarious! This douche has been running his mouth about everything and everyone since day one - it's no surprise she had had enough.

And now we all know - Jeff was clearly messing with the WRONG Staten Island gutter troll!

Team Angelina (for now, anyway)!


[Images via Pacific Coast News Online.]

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30 comments to “Jersey Shore's Angelina Loses Her Shiz On Snooki's Famewhoring Maybe-Boyfriend”

  1. 1

    Wow! I'm from NJ, never seen this Jersey Shore show though…but sounds like a lot of high school drama.

  2. 2

    I fucking hate Angelina, but she gets a WIN for this one.

  3. 3

    It is hilarious when a douche bag that runs his mouth non stop gets his ass beat, he had it coming to him…

    SAY alot like when you got bitch slapped, and were blabbering like "violence isn't the answer blah blah blah".. that was funny as FUCK!!!! you had it coming too!!

  4. 4

    mario, just change your name to hypocrite…….

  5. 5

    You hypocritical fat homo fuck. Its disgusting when old ass Jerry Lewis says he want's to smack Paris hilton, but this beat ass kunt hits a man in the face with a mic and pours booze in his face???? Yeah, and you wonder why bitches get there ass kicked by guys. I've never hit a woman in my life, but would love to punch all those jersey shore whores in the face, especially fat troll snookie. They need to learn the lesson your gay ass learned from Will I. Am's manager…You can run your mouth, but sometimes there are consequences. He should have knocked her fuckin teeth out.

  6. 6

    So when Mel Gibson goes crazy and says he is going to kill his girlfriend, you launch a hate campaign to sabotage his life and call him the worst piece of trash that ever lived. But when a girl from Jersey Shore does the same thing, its funny and the guy had it coming? You are the BIGGEST hypocrite that ever lived.

  7. 7

    ALL OF THESE LOSERS FUCKING DISGUST ME! So this Angelina chick is something special because she beat the crap out of some equally pathetic douche bag? Pleeeeease, there are far bigger things to worry about than bullshit like this. It frustrates me to no end to hear that these people are making millions just because they are socially retarded. FUCK I can't wait for these people to fall off the covers of the weekly magazines just like every other famewhoring loser has.

  8. 8


  9. Jared says – reply to this


    Isn't that EXACTLY what happened to you? You ran your mouth off and got your ass beat by that Peas manager in Canada. HA!

  10. 10


  11. 11

    Sigh, not much to say other then that the cast J.Shore all suck at life.

  12. 12

    I don't care for Angelina but good for her! This creep needs to leave Snickers alone. Snooks could do so much better! I hear Mel Gibson is now single.

  13. 13

    Chaunce Hayden, the "host" of this webcast, is the publisher of Steppin Out magazine, the one this douchebag was on the cover of when he made his proposal to Snooki. Seems there was a bit of a set up here if you ask me.

  14. Hun says – reply to this


    Ruthless ….. she scares me. Actually, they all do.

  15. 15

    He should have shoved that microphone up her smelly tuna taco.

  16. 16

    almost as funny as you getting hit after the Much Music awards eh Perez? WTF is wrong with you?

  17. 17

    Now, that was exactly how Will.I.Am felt when he punched you. Funny how your ghost writer justifies punching a jack-ass, which literally translates to it's okay punching Perez.

  18. 18

    I love how Perez completely supports Angelina beating the hell out of this annoying yet otherwise harmless douchbag, but earlier today he (or whoever is writing for this site now b/c I don't think it's Perez) got all bitchy and holier than thou b/c Jerry Lewis said he's slap Lindsay Lohan for being an alcoholic dug addict who threw away her career. Because an old man saying he'd give a smack or spanking to a ill behaved child is worse then actually beating someone up. Way to be a hypocrite (yet again).

  19. 19

    Didn't you get attacked at a club once Perez?? Maybe you deserved it too. Condoning violence on any level is disgusting Perez. . .You are the true gutter troll lady, and the the worst kind of hypocrite. . .ick

  20. 20

    its true that this guy may be a crazy famewhore and that him showing up just to shit talk her is really high school and immature. but didnt her parents tell her that violence is not the answer? by attacking him brutally, shes no better than he is. perez, i thought you would be more understanding seeing as you were once a victim of a vicious attack.

  21. 21


  22. 22

    Funny how you find this entertaining to report. Seems you ran your mouth off awhile back and when reality caught up with you in Toronto - you got smacked. Strange how you cried over that like a sissy, yet you find this entertaining. Pffft.

  23. 23

    Chauncy Hayden has been spreading fictitious stories for years. He used to call into the Howard Stern Show with all kinds of BS. I wouldn't take this one too seriously.

  24. 24

    Rediculous! This idea that men shouldnt smack women back to defend themselves is stupid. EQUALITY means you take your lumps like any1 else and not expect to be treated differently for being a chick.
    His not fighting back is going to make for an interesting lawsuit tho. More drama and ratings for the show. How much did MTV pay him to show up and start drama anyway?

  25. 25

    You say you don't condone violence and yet you found the incident "HIGHlarious"? My God, you are a hypocrite. The next time someone gets violent with you Perez, don't come crying on your website about how "violence is not the answer", because clearly in some circumstances you believe it is!

  26. 26

    Didn't you cry like a little girl "violence is never the answer" in your post beat-down video?

  27. 27

    "…And this is just HIGHlarious! This douche has been running his mouth about everything and everyone since day one - it's no surprise she had had enough…" Remember you said that the next time you get bitch-slapped. I'm from Toronto and I can't wait!

  28. 28


  29. 29

    to all the mean people who left mean comments…SHUT UP! and as for angelina…he prob deserved it. im not the type of girl to hit anyone…(unless its REALLY called for ) however, we werent there and dont know what a jerk he was..alegedly.

  30. 30

    And meanwhile, he was cheering about the fact that this whole scam made it to your website! According to what he says, MTV has offered him his own TV show. Oh, great! When are people going to make quality shows again? MTV is so desperate.

    Wait until the whole fiasco at the Ellen show unfolds. It's all been rehearsed: She'll be on Ellen, he will propose, and everyone will act surprised!