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Kat Von D Can't Stop Talking About Jesse James!

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Oh, shut it already!

Kat Von D was asked if she thought new boyfriend Jesse James is "The One" and she replied, "I believe he is, so yeah."

She adds:

“It’s pretty obvious that we’re dating. It’s actually very new. Although, I’ve known Jesse for a long time, since I was 22-years-old. We’ve been friends forever and this is definitely something that I think we weren’t expecting, and it’s been great.”

She believes he's "The One" after being in a new relationship? Is she in junior high?!

Kat also thinks people should mind their own business saying:

“I think that it’s just a shame that people are interested in something that’s not so important to them. I think there’s a lot more positive things we could focus on and I urge everybody not to buy tabloids and watch TV, but that’s just me.”

This is Hollywood, honey!

Your business is EVERYONE'S business!

[Image via WENN.]

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102 comments to “Kat Von D Can't Stop Talking About Jesse James!”

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  1. 1

    "I think that it’s just a shame that people are interested in something that’s not so important to them."

    Good! Hey Everybody….stop watching both their lame shows in that case…neither show offers one thing that counts as important or offers any redeeming value!

    Hypocrites…I want the money, fame & success but not the other things that come with it…Like voyeurs into my personal life…even if my show is basically just that.

    Just more tools in the tool box…lay 'em next to the situation and snooki…second or thrid drawer thank you very much!

  2. 2

    Ha, your one to talk about Jr. High you fat homo. With your "hawt, gawd, inneresting, faboosh, etc…" Your an idiot who sounds like an 8th grade girl when you speak/write.

  3. 3

    Complete lack of class and discretion to be seen out with him at this point- but to publicly profess her love?! Come on, have some respect . I had no opinion of her before - and now she makes me cringe.

  4. 4

    HAHAHA WHAT A DOWNGRADE!!! He goes from Sandra Bullock to this drag queen….these two douches deserve each other and she is obviously a huge attention whore because anyone in their right mind would not want to be seen with him and she is flaunting it all over the place.

  5. 5

    Perez….you can't bag on her for answering a question she's asked…..now if she were volunteering info randomly….then I get it.

  6. 6

    She thinks we shouldn't watch tv? Then no one would watch her show. (I quit watching it last season due to her HUGE ego.) And thanks for dumping Nikki. Hey, Nikki…c'mere, Sweets!!!


  7. 7

    another chic with jesse ewwwwwwwwwwwwww, i guess they didn't learn.

  8. 8

    they are so perfect for eachother !!!!!!!!!! maybe that what they need……. PS . dont fuck down guys. fuck up always !

  9. 9

    The One? Really, just like Nikki Sixx was the one?!

  10. 10

    lmao she urges people not to watch tv??? dumb ass u have a tv show im sure TLC will be glad to hear u said that and shes a looser for being so hype about a man that quickly ur lame kat id rather a drunk homeless man who had pissed on myself do my tattoo than risk getting any of ur stupidity on me have a good day

  11. 11

    What a moron!!! "Don't Watch TV" Doesn't she have a TV show "LA INK"…. pendeja.

  12. 12

    He looks miserable in every shot he takes with this chick.

  13. 13

    Of course it's junior high Kat…..you're involved. She acts like a 12 year old on her own scripted show can't imagine she's any different in real life.

  14. 14

    Ah, "I urge everybody not to buy tabloids and watch tv". WTF? You wouldn't be famous if they didn't.

  15. 15

    That's sad..because shes almost a rebound. Every adult knows not to get with a man just out of a relationship esp if hes the one that cheated..I feel kind of bad for her because shes so stupid. Her show was fun to watch but her EGO is way to big..she needs to get over herself.

  16. 16

    Double up on the condoms please!!!

  17. 17

    Jesse James must have a gigantic cock- Kat Von D is so hot

  18. 18

    Yikes. I'm SURE he will be faithful to her, too.

  19. 19

    If you anti TV why the fuck do you have a TV show! So you'll profit off of it, but condemn it at the same time?

    And what the FUCK happend to her face?

  20. 20

    This is disgusting…..I'd be so embarrassed to date this fool.

  21. 21

    Wow, what a nasty, trashy, classless whore. They're perfect for each other!

  22. 22

    Well I don’t think many people are watching Kat Fake D’s show these days.. Its obvious she is desperate for publicity and trying to get her nasty face out there.. and this is the only way she can. She also thinks people should not watch TV? I hope she loses the last three people that still watch her lame show. I stopped watching. She is so rude and what an ego.. it was gross to watch.. and what the hell – she forgot how to shut her mouth.. after every word she would make this stupid pouty thing with her mouth.. it didn’t look cute it make her look stupid.. puke – they both need to go away.

  23. 23

    Well perhaps she should shut her flippin' mouth for a minute and stop being such a media whore. Ugh, they are both so gross.

  24. 24

    not watch tv…does that include not watching her shitty ass show about her half whit ass….already taken care of!

  25. 25

    what happened to all the comments? anyway why does he look miserable in all of he photos he takes with this chick?

  26. Jai says – reply to this


    They're both so nasty.

  27. 27

    she looks UGLY with and without makeup. looks so dirty with all the tattoos and thick foundation ewwwwwwwww

  28. 28

    Yeah if you're into a guy that has a nutty butty for a dick.

  29. 29

    he has slept with so many women a lot of them sluts (except sandra) shes gonna get aids

  30. 30

    Re: NKitty – Before that she said Orbi was the one.

  31. 31

    One of those things that makes me think " WHO GIVES A FAT RATS ASS?"

  32. 32

    STD´s STD´s STD´s

  33. 33

    Kat Von Disease is such a famewhore its sick. Don't watch TV? If it weren't for her being on a TV SHOW no one would know who the fuck she is! I cannot believe she's only 29. She easily looks 39 with the 40lbs of makeup she wears everyday.

  34. 34

    Know what, Ms. Tatt Kat??? Once a cheater, always a cheater. This douchebag will cheat on you with another woman. Don't kid yourself. He's a media whore (obviously you are too) and will keep dumping women to get his name in the headlines. He doesn't care about the negative press, as long as he gets press.

    Jesse James, your 15 minutes are up. You were lucky Sandra married you–I can't for the life of me see how a sweet woman like her was attractive to YOU.

  35. 35

    “I think that it’s just a shame that people are interested in something that’s not so important to them.

    You're gonna think it's a damn shame when nobody watches your show because it's not so important to us. Dimwit!

  36. 36

    Kat Von D seems very immature all around…I mean who complains about tabloid journalism while giving an interview to a tabloid journalist…If she really cared bout the integrity and sincerity of her relationship she'd shut up about it and keepthat shit to herself. Besides she thinks every relationship she's in is TRUE LOVE. Finding soulmates I guess is as easy as shooting fish in a barrel.

  37. 37

    Oh sure, he's THE ONE alright, until he's NOT.

  38. 38

    Hmmm………..known each other for awhile, probably not the first time you have been intimate I bet. Just remember the frog and the scorpion. I for one am happy that this low life douche bag is out of Sandra's life. Looks like with you he found his own level.

  39. 39

    How the heck can she say not to watch tv when she has a damn reality show?

  40. 40

    Re: NKitty
    here here! and orly was the one before that and oliver before that. you're a tramp kat! and you are about as fake and dumb as they come. seriously, who writes the shit you say on your show? nobody talks like that in real life. it's a good thing nikki finally figured you out.

  41. 41

    she encourages people not to watch t.v. yet has her own t.v. show? what a douche.

  42. 42

    every days haloween ! who is this pasty thing anyway ??

  43. 43


  44. 44

    the way jesse is talkin to the press u get the feeling there was more behind his and sandras relationship than we know…..maybe there were issues. no one will know for sure unless he speaks. she seems to be fine with all of this which raises an eyebrow or two. hmmmmm

  45. 45

    kat von d just take a timeout and think about what you're doing.

  46. 46

    i totally agree with her lol…i will continue not watching either one of them do anything but force themselves on us.

  47. 47

    She urges people to stop buying tabloids and watching TV? Honey, if it weren't for tabloids and TV, nobody would know who you were.

  48. 48

    So, she's urging us to tune her out and make her totally meaningless. Yay!

    Those two just ruined a perfectly good friendship. Rebound city. He was just crying over his ex wife. She's playing the "fixer". not happening Kat!

  49. 49

    I don't buy this relationship for a second. I think it is a sham. I think that he and Sandra are trying to work things out but don't want anybody to know about it so they asked his good friend Kat to be a decoy. Time will tell.

  50. 50

    has she forgetten what he did 2 sandra. She don't care she probably think's she's special and that won't happend 2 her.

  51. 51

    Yea, I see people have posted this but….WHY DO YOU HAVE A SHOW THEN? You loser if you really believe in "focus on more positive things" then you would NOT have a show. She needs to stop "acting" like she gives a fuc*!

  52. 52

    These two are just fame w*ores. They are just looking for attention. I think JJ is a d-bag and such a loser. I feel so much pity for him. Because of his lust he lost such a great family and life, lost the respect from the industry and from his peers and friends. So Sad. But then he was such scumbag, s other women without using protection, not caring if he could give Sandra a disease, and doing it all while adopting a baby. Cant get any lower than that. And this woman is just like him a cheater and no selfrespect for herself. All she wants is the attention and publicity that comes from being the d-bag's gf. C'mon the guy is with her cuz Sandra wouldnt take him back. What self confident woman accepts a man like that.

  53. 53

    Re: Swords Woman
    i completely agree hahaha

  54. 54

    Such a scank. She's known him so long, since she was 22- she's only like 28! WTH?! Dumbass- both….

  55. 55

    These two sperm sucking gutter slut's should join celebrity rehab, it will make them infamous, BAHAHAHAAH fucking losers.

  56. 56

    Re: Shewolf – I was actually going to agree with her, but you make a very valid point! She lives off the vapid nature of showbizzzishhnit so therefore deserves it.

  57. 57

    he might not be such a racist cause she's mexican, right

  58. 58

    I just heard her talk on E's daily 10 and she sounds like a MAN !!! She is just not attractive. SHe looks like she is a tranny. No offense but trannies can do a better job looking better than her !!! UGH…..go away Kat Von Dude !!

  59. nobsn says – reply to this


    OMG! What happened to him??? he looks so old and like he's drugged up. He looked good and taken care of back then during the award shows. Now he looks like one of the Mex from el barrio. He looks bad and worn out. He must really miss the lifestyle he had with Sandra. and is he loosing his hair?…
    And she? she looks used up, she must be scary without any make-up. I feel bad for those kids with this woman as their new stepmom. They're the ones that lost out on all of this situation. Its good that Jesse wont be involved in Louis' life. I'm sure by now, Sandra has changed her mind about letting Jesse be in his life.
    Thank G-zus that Sandra got out of this situation and out of JJ messed up life.

  60. 60

    Kat you want me to stop reading the tabloids. How about you feel better about yourself. You are dating a guy who has been married 3 times and screwed around behind each one of them. What? are you the kind of girl that dates a guy because you think he needs to be saved. Guess what, you need to be saved. He will screw around behind you and your tatoos. If you get hurt and start whinning about it I am one who won't feel sorry for you. Get smart. There are so many men who don't screw around and are honest. Hold on because you know in your gut you are dating a loser. P.S. I live in Austin so if I see you I won't say a word and if I see you after he hurts you I still won't say a word.

  61. 61

    Jesse looks like an idiot in that hat. I still cannot believe Sandra Bullock fell for this ugly douche.

  62. 62

    No matter what a man does, he can always get some dumb ass female to love him.

  63. nobsn says – reply to this


    Oops.. forgot one thing. I'll bet this woman was mistress #4 the one that never came out, a smart business woman/PT model. This being in love with him and JJ being "the one" happened too fast. She probably waited till the dust settled and then approached JJ again. She was involved with him during his marriage but didnt come out cuz it would mess up her career.
    Lets hope she convinces him to move back to LA with the whole circus and leave Austin and Sandra alone.

  64. 64

    Pff. Thats what she says about every guy that she hooks up with. Then she ends up cheating on them. All of them.

  65. 65

    The reason we even know her name is because She was on TV…..

  66. 66

    THEN WHY DO YOU HAVE A REALITY TV SHOW. btw american electric > high voltage

  67. 67

    yikes! i wish my ex was dating this girl… she has a fat girl face. and check that nice posture - FUG. seriously though, really? she's not even average. sandy must feel really gooooood. i would. hahahahahahhahahahhahhahhahahah

  68. 68

    Re: jewel64 – Did you ever stop to think that maybe Sandra is not "such a sweet woman". I mean come on. She married tatted out grease monkey who was once married to to porn star. Sandra's publicity people have marketed her as "America's Sweetheart". This is a marketing ploy. We don't know these celebrities and we have no idea what they are like in real life All we know of them is what we see in the movies, what we read in magazines and what we see on the internet. Birds of a feather flock together. Jesse and Sandra were married for several years so they had something in common that kept them together. I don't personally know Sandra Bullock. She could be a wonderful person or she could be a d-bag…who really knows what goes on in someone else life?

  69. 69

    You have a TV show! Why would you encourage people NOT to watch TV! Have fun dating a guy who cheats on his wife! Good luck with that KAT!!

  70. 70

    I hope she sees this photo and realizes her makeup is way wrong. Her face is several shades too light. It's a little creepy.

  71. @v@ says – reply to this


    That didn't take him long. He must have been heartbroken. Sandra may have had good instincts after all. Kat seems nice, too, so all I can say is that I hope Kat keeps up on what he's up to later when they've gotten comfortable and she's not there. There are ways; and there are STD's.

  72. 72

    I think its important that when you buy foundation that is match your fucking skin. This women has her own make-brand and she can't get it right…?

  73. 73

    Re: walmartgreeter – Very true

  74. 74


  75. 75


  76. 76


  77. 77

    the only "one" perez will ever get is a mouth full of man snot

  78. 78

    Orbi was "the one", Nikki was "the one" now Jesse is "the one". If he was "the one" she wouldn't feel the need to announcing this weeks after dating. It's pathetic. When Sandra finds another "one" I bet she won't feel the need to broadcast it!

  79. 79

    what a prostitution whore!

  80. 80

    No, if this were junior high "Kat" would be losing her virginity on a couch in a garage with other people watching.

  81. 81

    He doesn't smile anymore. Guess he doesn't have anything to smile about.

  82. 82

    so I just watched a clip of kat and jesse walking into high voltage tattoo and she's totally cashing in on this "relationship". Let's just say the next season of LA ink is sure to revolve around this. And haters stop leaving comments u spend too much time careing about perez when u try to act like you hate him.

  83. 83

    She urges people not to watch tv? what a sanctimonious bitch. tv is what made her famous and gave her the lifestyle shes into. and doesnt she have a show thats still on tv? what an idiot tranny looking chick.

  84. 84

    nasty, meet paisty

  85. 85

    Well, he's back to his type. Sandra was his aberration, and he was hers!

  86. 86

    Isn't this the same stupid chick that said Nikki Sixx was "the one" as well as her ex-husband. I think that she is very immature and needs to grow up and become more stable emotionally before she starts claiming to be in love. She only ends up coming across like a dumb little girl. Any woman that would jump into a relationship with this douchebag has obviously got self esteem issues. Hope she doesn't mind being ridiculed for her latest choice of "the one".

  87. 87

    garbage and garbage go well together.

  88. 88

    Hot Topic "Hollywood"

  89. 89

    Re: syreetablue – Learn to type English, ffs

  90. 90

    Re: Gaga Rules The Universe – Gaga rules mainstream kids (not the universe) and Hot Topic is not hot

  91. 91

    Re: wwelektra74 – Grow the fuck up

  92. 92

    Do ya think Cinnabun is confused!!!!

  93. 93

    She looks like a scary witch, her face looks frozen and it looks like she is wearing a wig? Must be creepy to wake up in the morning, next to Kat without no make up. I never watch her show, i do watch Miami Ink tho.

  94. @v@ says – reply to this


    Nikki Sixx is free?

  95. 95

    Yeah these two will be sitting in their rocking chairs bouncing grand children on their laps 40 years from now. Two tatted up whores don't make for stable and long lasting relationships. He's the one alright, the one hundred and ninty ninth. NEXT!!!!!!!

  96. 96

    Re: redmond – really that's only 29. I gave her 40 easy. What the hell has she done to herself? That aint right!!!!

  97. 97

    he'a a whore and she's a whore

  98. 98

    She is so nasty. Even since Sandy, Jesse seems to jump from one trashy man looking chick to another. She is more foul than that sluts mcgee whore. Her horrible wigs and deep, manly voice. EW. They deserve each other, both trash. I wonder who he will cheat on her with lol

  99. 99

    Are you serious??? Kat were you livin under a rock?? Did you not see what he did to SB? I mean what makes you any different that he wont do the same to you? And as for Jesse, you are a douch!!! WTF??? You are so fuk'd in tha head but then again all your thinking is with the head in your pants!!! Good luck to the both of you and thank GOD Sandy is out of your life!!!

  100. 100

    She's so lame! Really, "I urge everybody not to buy tabloids and watch TV"?
    If it wasn't for tabloids and TV that skank wouldn't be "famous". I'll take her advice and not watch TV, starting with her show.

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