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Maniston Has The Worst Taste In Men

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She sure can pick 'em!

Jennifer Aniston's reported new man is Harry Morton, a bona fide man whore it seems.

The Hard Rock Hotel heir and founder of Pink Taco restaurants has been linked to several Hollywood clASS acts such as Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, and Hayden Panettiere.

Is this douchenozzle a John Mayer Part Deux?

We really hope not!

Though Morton' confesses that he hates the limelight, saying, "It is the worst thing of all time. That is not me…There are people out there who just love it. Not me."

Ha Ha, oh suuuuure! That's why you've chosen to date some of the biggest names in Hollywood who've also been passed around like a hot potato!!

Oh, Manison - please have some self respect and find a decent guy!

[Image via WENN.]

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31 comments to “Maniston Has The Worst Taste In Men”

  1. 1

    Maybe she'll be able to squeeze a baby out of him

  2. saje says – reply to this


    She is not dating him they are neighbours nothing more and by the way she was seen last night on a dinner with chris gartin at madeo.

    Just because she is seen with a guy doesn't mean she is dating them

    They are all just friends, don't you have any…..

  3. 3

    You're 40. Time to grow up. Quit with the party boys and find a mature man. The 'cougar' thing is looking a bit desperate.

  4. 4

    I didn't know it's a crime to go out for dinner or lunch with a friend, it doesn't always mean one is dating. Each time Jen is out with a friend it's always a new man in her life. When will you people stop making up stories a bout this woman? I know you want to sell your magazines whatever, can you get a new story or a young celebrity to write a bout? There are too many stories out there publish some for God's seek, leave Jen a lone to enjoy her life to the fullest.

  5. 5

    he's hot~

  6. 6

    Perez, i love you but seriously stop hating on Jen

  7. 7

    damn can't a girl go out with anyone without people saying they are dating…

  8. 8

    Re: rosebud99

  9. 9

    oh i feel so bad fro jen! i love her because i love friends so i really like her work but everyone seems so obsessed with her personal life its gross!!!
    - just cause she is seen standing next to a guy it does not mean they r dating
    -she does not hook up with every co-star, tht is sum1 else we kno
    -if she wanted to have a baby, i think she would have one by now
    -if she wanted to get married, she would have by now, mayb her other marriage dramatized her and its not her thing, her ex husband hasnt gotten married either remember
    -she has great friends, she is rich, she is frnkin hot!, and she is enjoying life, i guess tht is why so many ppl r so jealous of her.

  10. 10

    She's not shopping for a husband. She's huntin for lovin. lol

  11. 11

    She better make him wear two condoms.

  12. 12

    She's turning into another Cameron Diaz and Kate Hudson, going from man to man for the sex. It's really too bad as I thought she would finally be able to choose a better quality of man than these fame seeking losers.

  13. 13

    Okay, if he's just a friend, then that's a different story.

  14. 14

    All the men she dates usually go after younger girls, so it certainly says something about her. She's hot, maybe she doesn't want to be tied down. What, do all women have some sort of expiry date? If a woman is over the age of 30, does that automatically mean she wants to settle down and raise a family?

  15. 15

    He founded a restaurant called "Pink Taco". What does that tell you?

  16. germs says – reply to this


    God, I hope this isn't true. Say it ain't so! I used to work for the Whore-ton Clan and they are all despicable. Harry is a joke. No respectable woman would date him. Run, ladies, run!

  17. 17

    can you say "spinster" ?

  18. 18

    This ugly bitch cheated on Brad Pitt and he found out. That is the real reason their marraige ended. Maniston, being the fame whore that she is, blamed Brad and AJ for the break-up to make her look like the victim. She is a complete stoner asshole and is ugly to boot.

  19. 19

    Where do you get off calling people MAN-WHORES or
    FAME-WHORES, Mr. Perez Hilton. Your actions are
    indeed scurrilous; in fact I am amazed that people aren't
    taking you to court on a regular basis for the way
    you defame them. Would it hurt to be kind for a change?
    If you don't like someone that is your right but name
    calling seems rather childish.

  20. 20

    seriously whats with the nickname 'maniston'? at least she has a career unlike you who gets paid for trashing celebs….maybe thats why you got the shit kicked out of you im guessing…?

  21. 21

    hope they are just friends cause he was lolhan's fiancee a number of years ago. we all seen that photo of her cooch so i'm sure he's got it all, too! may be a moot point since she probably got herpes from brad after he plowed skankalina HOlie's crop circle.

  22. 22

    Re: josiecat – thanks for the tips, mcgruff.

  23. 23


  24. 24

    oh gosh……ANOTHER LUCKY SPERMER…this guy is truly a douche bag, wow, my dad who had billions from HIS DAD and the hard rock cafe, upped my allowance, so I could also be an entrepreneur!!!… gosh i hope i can at least break even, but thats ok, if the bus fails, daddy will just give me more money, what a friggen loser, he looks like ARCHIE from the comic books. go do something without daddies money and u might get some respect

  25. 25


  26. 26

    For a second, I thought that dude's shirt said "R A P E".

  27. 27

    If she had the worst taste in men she would choose a dickhead like you Jen has more class in her little finger than you have in the whole of your miserable body and why we are on the subject you want to look at yourself in a mirror if my husband had a face like yours he would be out yhe door in a minute that is even if he got into it in the first place

  28. 28

    douchnoozle HAHAHAHAAAAAA he hates the lime light he just like starfkng aniston is dum

  29. 29

    i know the pain of betrayal its been 3 years since my ex betrayed me and i still feel it sometimes so i do know what shes going thru i do call her dum thou for not being more careful in her choices … but then i find she just lacks sex appeal shes gorgeous and beautiful but there is something unsexy about her …

  30. 30

    he cant be more douchnoozel than brad

  31. 31

    What year is it? 1955? The amount of misogyny on this site is appalling! Jennifer Aniston has the perfect life. She is rich, famous, SINGKE, and beautiful. She is free to pursue a satisfying sex life. Why would she want to get married and tie herself down to some old fart. Men fuck around with as many women as possible withour censure. ENOUGH WITH THE DOUBLE STANDARD ALREADY!