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Mike Comrie To Play For Pittsburgh Penguins’

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Hilary Duff’s hubbie Mike Comrie has signed a one-year contract to play for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Looks like Hilary will be spending some extra time on the east coast!

The contract is for $500,000, which is a lot less than is $1.25 million contract with his old team, the Edmonton Oilers.

His agent said he signed the contract because he felt he could help the Penguins become a better team.

We think you picked a good one, Duffy!

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44 comments to “Mike Comrie To Play For Pittsburgh Penguins’”

  1. 1

    Nope she picked a looser, he left the Oilers before for sleeping with one of his team mates wife… And hes not that good of a Hockey Player that's why the pay cut.

  2. 2

    That is Penguins NOT Penguins' it is already plural….

  3. 3

    Nope She picked a looser, he left the Oilers before after having sex with one of his team mates wives, and hes not a good hockey player which is why the pay cut.

  4. 4

    uhm ew… "make the penguins a better team" i think they're fine w/o your help

  5. 5

    Considering Pittsburgh Penguins have a stellar team that won the cup two years ago and Edmonton just finished as the worst team in the league, this was well worth a pay cut. His career will get more notice from this.

  6. 6

    Mike, sweetheart, you are a 3/4 liner from the Oilers, you will be helping the Penguins in no way.

  7. 7

    Ew, Penguins suck. Too bad he's not good enough to get on the Capitals

  8. 8

    She's in the best stage of her life, never before I've seen her so beautiful and glowing.

  9. 9

    lol she really knows how to pick em
    why dont you just post that this whole marriage is some sort of pyschotic reaction to joel and nicole getting engaged
    in no time that fug dude will cheat on her
    and she'll get even fatter

  10. 10

    Mike Comrie is a nobody in the NHL, the average salary in the NHL is $1.5 mil

    Comrie is at best a 3rd rate player

  11. 11

    Pittsburgh doesnt need his help, we're okay on our own…jerk.

  12. 12

    one year contract for less than half of what his previous contract was - nope, Mikey's on his way down! The Pens certainly don't need his help - they have done just fine without him!

  13. 13


  14. 14

    The money is nothing to him, and now Hillary has him that much closer to LA. Guarantee you, next year, after this contract, he will be in LA, or NY, where he can "work" on her "career"

  15. 15

    mike comrie took the only deal offered to him. period. he is a mediocre hockey player that is trying to put a spin on taking a 75% paycut from last season. i'm sure he's a great guy but let's get serious… he is not an nhl star. by no means will he be "helping" one of the top teams in the league as a 4th liner. this is a way to save face for signing such a crappy contract. if he had a stellar season in 09/10 he would be compensated for it. this was all he was offered and he's embarrassed about it. crosby and malkin certainly do not need comrie.

  16. 16

    As a Pittsburgh Penguins fan since the Mario Lemieux & Jaromír Jágr days, I have to say that I don’t want this player to be with this team, just for the reason that he does not bring ANYTHING to the table. & I don’t understand why people like him as a player, it’s not like he sells out arenas or a fan favourite, people only know him because he married Hilary Duff. He is just a waste of money, space & the team will do better without him. Who knows, let’s see what’s going to happen this season in the NHL…

    habs&pens = FOREVER & ALWAYS

  17. 17

    Uhhhh dude's living in a dream world if he thinks that he's going to help an already established stellar team.

  18. 18

    i was going to say that the pens prob. don't need the help of an under-achieving 3rd liner but it looks like that's been said a couple times now….he played alright in Ottawa, but wasn't amazing

  19. 19

    while pittsburgh is towards the east coast edmonton really isn't……so how is it EXTRA time??

  20. 20

    What an ego! When will Duff realize what she married? Huge pay drop.

  21. 21

    Wow, there are so many things wrong with this.

    1)Mike Comrie sucks at playing hockey, he isnt even good enough to play on the 4th line of a below average AHL (not NHL) team.
    2) The Penguins only signed him because they felt bad he married a has-been. they also felt bad because he was going to be jobless.
    3) Sorry to break it to you Comrie but you won't be "making Pittsburgh a better team", possibly the funniest things I've heard all day. You would make it a mediocre team.
    4) his contract was for $500,000 a newborn baby can make more than that in the NHL, give me a break.

    But nice try……

    PS. Duff picked a loser.

  22. 22

    LOL i wouldnt be too happy if my brand new husband immediately took that big of a paycut. suckkkkks.

  23. 23

    like we need him to be a better team? we have crosby staal malkin and fleury… and this year we r taking the cup, with or without him

  24. 24

    I don't think it's an awful signing for 500k you literally can't get cheaper. However he's kidding himself if he thinks he's going to help us become a better team.

  25. 25

    A loser? Highly doubt it..He's an heir to a company thats worth 500+ million. Even if he isn't making all that much in the NHL and he may suck at it..But hes still getting paid way more than what anyone else makes..500,000 a year? To play a game…PSh.

  26. 26

    I just noticed this…is it just me or does Comrie have Frankenstein's head?

  27. 27

    lol perez clearly knows nothing about hockey and why this entire post is ridiculous.

  28. 28

    Speaking as a Penguins fan I dont see him helping the pens become a better team.
    We are doing just fine thank you very much !

  29. 29

    Haha can I just say seeing that whole "make them a better team" comment…please Mike who are you kidding?! I believe they won a STANLEY CUP without him two years ago. I'm so disappointed that now all this Hollywood crap is going to surround my favorite team because of his wife. When this jerk starts putting up stats like Ovechkin and Crosby then he can start saying he'll make a team better…which is never because he will never be the player that Crosby and Malkin are. I really wish they would have picked someone else to sign.

  30. 30

    Hilary looks like she supports the narcotic industry, because her husband looks like he just snorted coke.

  31. 31

    mike comrie's family owns some huge retail furniture empire in canada. supposedly the family's net worth is over $500 million.

  32. 32

    Wow you know nothing about hockey. Comrie JUST got signed for nothing b/c he's NOT very good. Not awful, but not amazing. If you're still around now then something's usually up… and you will be taking a pay cut for sure.

  33. 33

    HA the only reason he agreed to the pay cut was because daddy already made all the money he will ever need. How do you think he got in to the NHL in the first place? The dude cant play. But when you have money, you can afford to get every edge over the little poor kid whos wearing his brothers hand-me-down gear, who has more skill than you. But when you cant afford to go on the trips, they arent going to pick you for the team, so who gets on instead? The kid who has less skill and more money. PLAY FOR THE GAME, NOT THE MONEY. Thats what hockey is about

  34. 34

    HAHAHA when it comes to hockey…she didnt get a good one. i mean come on…how many of you knew about him before he got with Duff?
    if hes lucky he'll be 3rd liner (probably 4th) with the pens.
    good thing hes got the family biz to fall back on.

  35. 35

    ughh.please leave the hollywood b/s out of the burgh. our team is fine without it.

  36. 36

    I think she's knocked up. Mark my words Perez lol.

  37. 37

    Is it hockey season yet? LET'S GO PENS!!!

  38. 38

    I've hated the Penguins since 93 (long story, it's my friends fault), but there is no chance in hell he took the pay cut to make them a ~better team. The Penguins are quite possibly the best team in the league, Comrie just wants to win the Stanley Cup.

  39. 39

    mike wants to go to a team that will win (they dont need his help) and he wants to play with crosby. same reason everyone came to pittsburgh this year.

  40. 40

    Hollywood, get the fuck out of hockey. please.

    Is it October yet??

  41. 41

    i know many people have already said what i want to say on here, but i am on here all the time and this post has driven me to comment on it. the penguins do not need his help. they won the cup in 2009 and have some of the best players in the league. so this ridiculous pay cut to play for the penguins was not somethig he did to be nice.

  42. 42

    Yep-Penguins do NOT pay well at all.

  43. @v@ says – reply to this


    NHL teams don't sign guys because they 'feel sorry' for them! They sign them because they have a hole in their lineup they can see the guy filling well. Comrie, or any other guy playing in the NHL is SO good at hockey that they play in the top what, .05 percent of the sport? I've seen indistinguished players move to another team and turn around just like that depending on whose line they're on, and whether they're reaching their stride/peak. These NHL players are the Magic Johnsons and Tiger Woods of all hockey players. Just lacing up his skates with them makes him plenty elite enough (ROFL at 'loser' comments) whether he gets the big bucks or *only* a half a million.

  44. 44

    Took it because he feels he can make the team better? Its the fucking Pittsburgh Penguins Mike Comrie; tell us where is your Stanley cup victory? righttt you dont have one. Lose some weight buddy your fat anyways.