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Welcome To The Biz, Homewrecking Hailey!

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Homewrecker got herself a job! It's the same as her old one, (you know, selling information about Jon Gosselin for a profit), but now she gets an official title and hopefully dental!

Hailey Glassman has now become a blogger! Ha!

In her first entry, she writes an effing novel to explain herself and tear into Jon. As we don't have all day, we highlighted (bolded) some of the better points for you, including more info on Jon's supposed extortion tactics, the announcement of Hailey's upcoming BOOK and of course, her reasons why we shouldn't hate on her. So, Hailey writes:

I first want to address the Jon giving Kate ultimatums/extortion situation. He can deny it and lie, like he does with everything else but the only problem is this time is there is actual proof –his own hand-written notes!

I know, he’s a moron for being such a manipulating con artist. Let’s not forget, this is the man that went on CBS Entertainment Tonight and The Insider claiming “Kate is lying and I didn’t take any money from the account” when in fact we all found out in the end that it was a LIE, with evidence of a bank trail!

There is not one cent of credibility with him. I know what you’re all thinking, “Well Hailey isn’t any better, I hate her,” which is weird due to the fact that I have not lied about anything once. In fact my problem is that I’m too honest sometimes. Try and think of one time I lied about something in the media. ….still trying to think of something?

Jon pulled a publicity stunt with “our” apartment, (we split rent) claiming, “Hailey ransacked my apartment”. The NYPD ruled it was a publicity stunt by Jon. (Editor’s note: The NYPD did not issue a “ruling” but did not press charges against anyone.) That’s how he works. He was mad when I told him I couldn’t take it anymore and I was leaving.

He then asked me to sign a “Non-disclosure” agreement in December and said, “I’ll ruin you if you don’t.” Another threat… numerous threats made to me by him. He has made them not only to me but to his ex-wife as well. There’s proof of it all. You just say I learned a lot through all of this.

Well long story short I obviously didn’t sign it! Next thing I know I have the NYPD calling me. Anyway thank you NYPD for doing a long investigation and realizing once again it was another one of Jon Gosselin’s plans, due to him not getting his way. (Editor’s note: NYPD did not publicly blame Jon.) Hope he found that thousand-year-old family heirloom he claimed was smashed to the insurance company. Um guys, there was nothing like that in that apartment. Another LIE.

Boy oh boy I think that definitely added to the stress lines on my forehead. Lol.

I know there is a lot of hate towards me, which is understandable due to how the media and tabloids made me look. They really did do a doozey on me, that’s for sure!

For the record once again I had nothing to do with Jon and Kate’s breakup. Everyone seems to forget the girl before me, and seems to forget that my family allowed Jon to stay in their home when he claimed he had nowhere to live due to being separated.

Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinions, but don’t you think if I said anything, especially something like this, I would be sued if it weren’t true? Think about that. I know this is asking a lot of you (the public) but use your common sense already! STOP THE SHANNINAG THINKING! (sic)

I also want to add that there is a lot of hate towards Kate about her as a mother. I want to set the record straight by saying Kate is a great mother. She is a semi-single parent, which is truly hard with eight kids! Like I have said numerous times before, she gives those children structure and surrounds them in a stable, grounded environment, which is a necessity when growing up. She works extremely hard to support those kids and the lives they are accustomed to living.

The situation with Mady and her arm is she hurt it playing outside or something and Jon looked at that as the perfect opportunity to try and frame/extort Kate to get money. EVIL soulless human being! I feared him, to be honest.

All I have to say is you have no idea what went on behind the scenes!

I kept it all private.

You would all be SHOCKED. I figured I’d save this torture I went through and life lessons and all the real juicy crazy stuff the media did not get a hold of for a BOOK. It will make everything make more sense — time lines, evidence of time lines. Just the whole nightmare of this annoying, traumatic, hurtful Soap Opera, which encumbers so many lives around us with the media and public hating and talking so much smack that it made “nobodies” into” notorious”.

SUE ME if there’s not one true thing in the book it will be all 110% TRUE. I have kept all evidence and people, you would be SHOCKED!

What The Media Made Me, Hailey Glassman, A Regular Person:

A regular and “normal” 22 year old college girl enjoying her college years with good friends and always a good person, into this villain, a worldwide/household name overnight!

Dragged my name through the MUD (with false statements). The tabloids coming to my college at the time, Indiana University, and going around offering up cash money to anyone who can give them a “juicy” story on “Hailey Glassman”.

No fact checking at all. They couldn’t even fact check the easiest thing and get my age right. (Dumb asses)

Printed anything and everything, not caring if it was true or false.

Not knowing how any of the media worked back then I just hid and secluded myself from everyone and everything because I didn’t know who to trust of where to turn to but my family and, I thought, Jon. Didn’t know the side stuff he was doing to me (and the “real him” at the time) because I literally secluded myself. Lol It’s not funny but I try to always be positive and just makes me feel better I guess to laugh at things that hurt me. If that makes sense?

I’m just being brutally honest with all of you. I’m sharing my bare feelings with you all. This could of happened to anyone of you, your daughter, your cousin, your mom, your aunt, and your niece and I bet you’re sitting there thinking, ‘No, No, not me,’ but remember I stepped into this sh*t from him being a family friend and he then gets separated and calls my parents to tell them he has “nowhere to live”, plays victim, ”can I come." They were kind enough to let him. We didn’t expect him to be how he truly is. We were ALL bamboozled guys (public). Let’s just leave it at that.

Look if you don’t like me fine, but you don’t know me. So what you saw ,college photos and took that reputation, ran with it and made me look like I ruined someone’s marriage. FALSE.

I think we all as a whole, the world, we are losing the fact of what “real news is.” I know you’re probably shocked I’m saying this. You all truly, none of you know me. U know of the cubby I have been cornered into and the image I was branded with. I know people make so much money on this tabloid crap magazines/websites etc, and everyone loves someone else’s misfortune, which is called Schadenfreude. If you don’t know what that means, it is a German word for the happiness of the misfortune of others. You can’t understand how one feels unless they have been through the ugly side of the media. I know it sounds like “whatever” but its true. The media the stress is a lot to deal with…

P.S. Not as dumb as you thought people…

Oh and yes p.s.s def check into Jon and whatever sh*t he is pulling on her now. Kate truly does stay quiet as much as I bet she wants to rip his head off and shove dog sh*t in his little grin of a smile….lol

This is the first time I ever wrote from my heart to the public just being real and getting the chance to speak to you all from my words, not a manger not some Telephone type of game.

Wow! Takes a second to really let all that sink in.

Okay, feel better? Great. Now, we have only one questions for Miz Hailey: WTF is "SHANNINAG"???

No, really! We have to know! It's driving us nuts! We just can't fathom what it could mean! Is that Homewrecker speak for shady???

Then, could you just shut the hole in your face? None of what you said made any difference to anyone, anywhere in the world, other than yourself.

[Image via WENN.]

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34 comments to “Welcome To The Biz, Homewrecking Hailey!”

  1. 1

    Why is she still talking? No one cares anymore.

  2. 2

    "None of what you said made any difference to anyone, anywhere in the world, other than yourself."
    Hmmmmmm, THIS is absolute proof of the saying that when you are pointing a finger at others, there are three pointing back at you, Parez, as the same thing can be said about your little musings on here.

  3. 3

    I wish you'd "just shut the hole in your face?"

  4. 4

    i can't believe you wasted so much page space on a non-entity.

  5. 5

    it's obvious she 'wrote from her heart' because it looks emotionally charged. As a literate person, it is very hard to follow this 'blog'. It also makes her seem like she cares so much that it is ALL she thinks about. She seems very immature, I'm a year younger than her but i don't even hang out with people who can't write coherent sentences. I understand blogging with emotions running wild, but it's lookin like courtney love's blogs… & she'd look so much more graceful if she just did 0 blogs. Do other things, not shit talk more like a highschooler babe. couldve stopped at the first paragraph.

  6. 6

    Oh I hope she doesn't really think she is a household name. Somebody needs to let her know that nobody gives a shit about her relationship with Jon.

  7. 7

    Wait?!? Perez, who are these people? Why do they have such a long post on your page? Is this a house wive of unbeknownst county? What a waste of space.

  8. 8

    Wow. How the hell did she get a job as a "blogger" if she doesn't even have descent grammar or spelling?
    I'm glad that she wrote this, actually. She got a chance to speak her mind- and now we can all see that she is positively empty-headed. If she thinks this little snippet proves that she is "not as dumb" as everyone thought, it does. It proves that she is even more idiotic, self-centered, and narcissistic than we had previously believed. She thinks that she's amazing because she's more honest than Jon Gosselin… Hello, Hailey, it is not hard to be a more trustworthy person than that scumbag, who thought he could outsmart fucking TLC and the nation as a whole.
    At least she didn't trash Kate. That's the only nice thing I can say.

    She's as much of a terrible person as I thought.

    Go fuck with your own family, Hailey. If you gave two shits about those 8 children you would crawl in a hole and stop talking about their parents. It's none of your business. You were the "other woman" to a family-based reality show father. GET OVER YOURSELF, BITCH.

  9. 9

    That last paragraph should describe you fatboy.

  10. 10

    I thought you said you went to University? Arent' you supposed to site your sources when you do a cut and past job? You just cut qand paste this whole thing from Radar.

  11. 11

    Ew, that was annoying. But I don't really care about her, so if you could not report on anymore of her 'blog' postings, that would be great! ps xo

  12. 12

    You pick one word from her rant because it's mispelled. Yet you have so many typo's on your "professional" website.

  13. 13

    1. she's obviously bi-polar and narcassistic.
    2. I hate her - she reminds me so much of my sister
    3. Why all the hate, Hayley? Why - because she doesn't love herself.

  14. 14

    you call her the home wrecker but doesn't anybody remember Kate Major?? She was the orginal girl.

  15. 15

    QUIT with calling Hailey the homewrecker! Jon left the marriage and was dating Deanna Hummel. Really tired of you laying the blame on Hailey when she wasn't even around at that time.

  16. 16

    Why do you never call Angelina a homewrecker?

  17. 17

    and now hes dating ellen ross and she better watch cause hes gonna do the same crap to her that he did to hailey try and blame crap on her.

  18. 18

    Story need to be longer.

  19. 19

    so sad that this girl thinks anybody cares any more? Guess her dreams of being a famous hollywood star didn't work out?

  20. 20

    You know when one of your friends breaks up with their boyfriend and everytime you see your friend they wont shut up about what a jerk the guy was.. and all you want to say is SHUT UP ABOUT HIM ALREADY… well that's how we all feel Hailey… SHUT UP ABOUT YOUR EX BOYFRIEND! WE DON'T CARE!
    sheesh.. we all have ex's in our lives.. we don't need to hear about yours.

  21. 21

    Get the fuck over it! Move ON with your friggin life!!!

  22. 22

    Totally believe her and wouldn't it be funny if she and Kate became friends one day? Kate now pays Jon to keep his pie hole shut so she can raise her family. Team Kate since day one.

  23. 23

    yo, mgardner, either ur retarted urself or u were just messing around which for your sake i hope u were, you say, "why all the hate hayley", but ur comment before that ur talkin about how u hate ur sister, come on people, i mean seriously, if ur gonna talk shit on other people make sure u have ur shit together!! Damn there's some idiots out here!!!! and ur #1

  24. 24

    whats the address for the blog?

  25. 25

    Yawn. Automatic book fail, should have come out two years ago.

  26. 26

    I think JON AND KATE GOSSELIN needs to get regular jobs as well. ENOUGH ALREADY.

    Whatever you think of Hailey, it shows what creep Jon is, though I don't agree with what she says about Kate. Jon & Kate Gosselin are the PARENTS FROM HELL.

  27. 27

    Yes, shut the hell up already. WE DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU OR YOUR STUPID BOOK. You slept with a married man who had eight children. Get your head our of Kate's ass, while not one of my favorite people, she is smart enough to smell the crap you are selling a mile away. There is no possible way that you will ever, ever salvage your image with the media. Do yourself a favor and follow Monica Lewinsky's example and get the hell out of the country. No one will ever feel sorry for you, well, except for you. Now run along little girl, run along.

  28. 28

    Hailey's 5 minutes of fame are up and besides, society doesn't give two shits about Jon and his annoying ass kids.

  29. 29

    did anyone read that?

  30. 30

    She talks but I don't hear anything. Make her go away.

  31. @v@ says – reply to this


    If he hadn't tried to force the alleged non-disclosure agreement with the alleged threat to ruin her, Glassman might have moved on and said nothing. Mistake.

  32. 32

    your gossip sucks arse

  33. 33

    I THINK I remember this Hailey Glassman character. She needs to stop trying to write because it is a terrible chore to read what comes out of her. She is trying to prove the point that she is 'not as dumb' as we think. This statement comes two sentences after she writes "I know it sounds like “whatever” but its true.". Perhaps she needs a larger vocabulary before she attempts another piece of writing.

  34. 34