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Ugh! Joran Van der Sloot Admits To Extorting Money From Natalee Holloway's Parents!

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Deplorable! The nerve of this guy!

Joran Van der Sloot still remains behind bars in Peru after ruthlessly murdering a 21-year-old Peruvian woman, but that hasn't stopped him from taking interviews.

Joran is more famously known for another murder, that of Natalee Holloway. For years, Natalee's parents have tried their damnedest to learn what happen to their daughter and how she was murdered. It is widely believed that Joran killed poor Natalee and though he has denied it countless times, he didn't see the harm in profiting from it. During his most recent interview from prison, Joran admitted to extorting money from Natalee Holloway's parents - for revenge!

He revealed that he vengefully accepted money from the couple, in exchange for revealing the location of Natalee's body. He explains to a Dutch newspaper:

"I wanted to get back at Natalee's family. Her parents have been making my life tough for five years. When they offered to pay for the girl's location, I thought: 'Why not?'"

Why not? WHY NOT?! How about because no matter what you've gone through the last five years, they've been going through 10 times worse! Their daughter is dead - murdered! Probably by your hands!

What audacity! We hope he gets everything he's got coming to him!

[Image via AP Images.]

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57 comments to “Ugh! Joran Van der Sloot Admits To Extorting Money From Natalee Holloway's Parents!”

  1. 1

    why can't they just put him away for life already, get rid of him!!!

  2. 2

    Why aren't you giving the Daily Mail credit…..you've taken 5 stories from them so far today

  3. 3


  4. 4

    I have seen plenty of violent people who were obviously mentally ill - look into this man's eyes and all you see is PURE EVIL. If they don't stop taking Daddy's money and lock him away, he has all the potention to become the next Ted Bundy.

  5. 5


  6. 6

    I agree with you perez!!!! And why the hell aren't they just giving him life in prison!!! This evil guy deserved it! If I ever see him in person I would beat the shit out of him!

  7. 7

    Hope he sues your ass — "famously known for another murder"
    You know there are laws in journalism

  8. 8

    Typical sociopath mentality. I murdered your daughter, but how dare you annoy me with the details of it all? Get over it.

    The monster has no conscience. He's a fucking monster and needs to pay.

  9. 9

    Mario, he didn't "probably" kill Natalee, he definitely killed her. He also definitely killed the Peruvian girl. The only probable in this whole Joran Van Der Slut investigation is that he probably killed a shitload of poor, young women when he was living in Thailand.

  10. 10

    This guy truly is the face of evil. I'm not a fan of the death penalty, but I'd really love to see this guy fry.

  11. 11


  12. 12


  13. 13

    … and your point for blogging about this is ??

  14. 14

    Ten times???? Try, TEN MILLION TIMES!!!

  15. 15

    Joran didn't kill her, but he sold her for the promise of at least $10,000 for trading her over to sex slavery by some South American dudes. But I sure he might have drugged her a bit……

    He admitted all this in an inverview….

  16. 16

    Joran has been in the dutch news for years. I'm dutch so you can imagine how many times he's made the news already! He's just the incarnation of the devil, feeling no sorrow about the deaths he's caused! He never shows any emotions, only when they talk about him losing his father in the beginning this year!

    in holland we don't have death penalty, and i truly believe that someone like him doesn't even deserve it. it's an easy way out, let him suffer as much as the people who's life he's destroyed by killing their daughters (natalee and Stephanie and probably 100 more thai girls)

    today they said that there might be a chance that he won't stay jailed in peru! if he admits to killing natalee he might get send to aruba and get jailsentenced there! that would be vacation for him!

    let him suffer! he deserves it!

    i'm discusted by what he's done… i feel ashamed to call him a fellow dutch citizen!

  17. Dusss says – reply to this


    FIRST: all the things he did were wrong and he should be punished for it.

    BUT: I do belief he is mentally ill, people should be protected from him. But HE should be protected from himself as well.

    I've been following this VERY closely and I do not belief he killed Nathalee on purpose, maybe by accident and panicked? He made himself look really bad b/c of all his lying (which is a disease) when he became a suspect. So objectivity is gone…

    He made so many bad STUPID decisions. And he is so vulnerable for bad influences. Plus, all his pathological lying…. I worked in a psychiatric hospital and he has all the signs of a personality disorder and I feel really sad that all of this came this far..

    I DO think he was/is capable of killing the other girl when she found out who he was. And I do belief he tried to extort money from Natalee's parents.


  18. 18

    lol youre one to talk about audacity, ass.

  19. 19

    If possible without any legal ramifications, I'd kill that guy myself with my bare freakin' hands. I'd beat the fuck out of him until he was nothing more than a lifeless pulp.

  20. 20

    Whatta absolute tool this waste of human flesh is…

  21. 21

    The guy is scuz. But you can't extort someone not willing to pay you. While maybe "desperate", no one should pay an extortionist.

    And why were the chaperones (teachers? parents?) on that fateful Aruba class trip NEVER brought before the Press? I don't think I ever saw one of them - ever. Particularly strange has been the complete lack of curiosity about (or any responsibility put on) any of the chaperones. Isn't that what they're there for (to prevent abductions and deaths as much as is possible)? I mean, how did they miss a girl all night long (and especially in the last few hours before leaving the island)? Obviously, chaperoning meant nothing to them but a party trip for themselves. Not to say they killed Natalie. But had any one of the chaperones been doing his or her job, he or she could have made the window of her disappearance a sliver of time rather than an entire night and following day.

  22. 22

    There was just a interview with him here on the dutch television. I only saw a few minutes, he was telling about his prison cell. He was saying it's very dirty, the toilet is a whole in the ground.. and at night rats come out. The rats damaged some of his clothing.

  23. 23

    kill him now.

  24. 24

    rot in hell.

  25. yriz says – reply to this


    I'm dutch too, and i'm ashamed that he's born in my country.
    He doesn't even deserve the death penalty. Just let him rot in a cell for the rest of his life. I so hope that he has to stay in peru, cause today there was an interview with him on the tv, saying that they might release him there and bring to another prison in cuba or the usa. i bet the prisons in peru are much worse than they are in peru…

  26. 26

    Re: mariascredit – his daddy's dead, stupid. and his mother isn't giving him any money, because she shut him out duh. If you wanna say stuff, please check your facts

  27. 27

    Let's hope he gets gang raped then beat to death in jail. He deserves nothing less than that. What a horrible human being.

  28. 28

    uhhhhh "probably" ???

    Are you a fucking moron?

    Let me answer that……YES!

  29. 29

    Re: mr.ghjunkie – You bring up an excellent point, I have always wondered about that myself. People forget that these were high school kids, not college kids. The fact that they took this trip at all is weird. But how do you sign yourself up as a chaperon and then not actually watch the kids? I couldn't live with myself if one of those kids died on my watch.

  30. 30

    I pray Peru puts his sorry ass UNDER the jail forever !

  31. 31

    Re: dutchsascha – Well, why would she know that his father is dead? But we do know that his father is burning in hell for paying aruban authorities to free his son of charges from the Holloway case. If Joran had been put in jail before then the peruvian girl and his thai victims would be alive.

  32. 32

    There truly is a special place in Hell for people like him.

  33. 33

    This piece of scum needs to be executed in public for what he has put Natalee's parents through.

  34. 34

    Oh BOO-HOO! "Her parents have been making my life tough for five years."

    This guy really needs a DUNGEON. Not a JAIL.

  35. 35

    They made life tough for him???????
    Its always been about him, now hasn't it????
    He's lucky he's in prison…… He deserves to be dead….

  36. 36


  37. 37

    Re: mr.ghjunkie – Great point. I've always wondered how they can live with themselves. With much younger "kids" you constantly count heads, make sure people go to the bathroom in pairs etc. How she was able to leave ALONE and enter a car with guys she hardly knew is beyond me.

  38. 38

    Perez, Natale Holloway is ASSUMED dead….her body hasn't been found. But, this guy is still scum. Gave multiple interviews saying he killed Natalee…then takes it back. Wish they would find her body and have enough evidence to get this guy.

  39. 39


  40. 40

    He doesn't have the ears to have hair that short. Otherwise he's pretty hot

  41. 41

    Re: Novel1 This is not a false statement, there is no reason to sue. He is known for another murder, he was a suspect, he said nothing about him being legally guilty. I love how you all talk about Perez could be sued for this or that and it's so not true. Leave it to people educated in law please, because you are so far off base. I hate Perez too, but not enough to sound uneducated.

    Re: MarioMonjack – You must be just slow, because he definitely killed her or sold her. Scary, yes it happens, young girls hopefully learned from this, and yes the chaperons should have done their job, we were always with a chaperon on my Senior trip and there was a check every hour or half hour. The Holloways had every right to go on television and bash him. Look what happened! He is a monster

  42. @v@ says – reply to this



  43. 43

    fucking asshole

  44. 44

    The Dutch network RTL4 showed a 1 1/2 hour interview by crime reporter John van den Heuvel with Joran tonight which shows him confessing explicitly to extorting the Holloway family in clear terms. So it's not only a written confession but also a taped one.

    No doubt this will be shown on US stations soon.

  45. 45

    First of all people, let go of the idea that he is mentally ill. that means that he will get off easy and wont get what he deserves when he goes to trial.
    Next up, why are you bitching about them making your life difficult? You brought this on yourself, and do you wanna know how? You killed their daughter. Or at the very least right now she is suffering a fate worse than death if you had sold her into sexual slavery. You did something awful to their daughter and they wanted her back, you wouldn't tell them where she is and demanded money over it, its as simple as that, you deserve what you get and worse. So you have no right to bitch and whine about trying to extort money from people who wanted their child back, you'll get no sympathy from anyone and this just makes you look more and more like a monster.

  46. 46

    Unfortunately this may be a clue though, he wont admit to murdering her because this poor girl may possibly still be alive. But i wont start that rant on how disgusting it is to think you have a right to sell and destroy people, if she is alive right now, she is in trouble and would probably wish she was dead.

  47. 47

    So he takes money from the parents in trade for the location of her body?? what a dumb ass. Even if he gets money, he'll be put away for murder. When will he have time to spend this money, his pathetic ass will be behind bars.
    I just wish closure on this family very soon, so they can finally begin to heal.

  48. 48

    Did the parents ever apologize for putting Aruba's tourist industry in the shitter and accusing the darkest people they could find first while all along it was the crazy whiteboy

  49. 49

    from all the "evidence" i saw they have nothing on him.

    he was trying to make money from hype.

    and it has backfired on him.

    i dont think he killed anyone he just read and said what people told him to for money.

    its easy to see he is not smart enough to kill someone and get away with it. let alone 2 people when they are watching him.

  50. 50

    He's sooo hot!!! FREE Joran!

  51. 51

    I think Joran Van der Sloot is a pretty cool guy .. eh kills a redneck slut and doesnt affraid of anything

  52. 52

    Oh I hate this guy.
    Unfortunately it goes down not as extortion but as a swindle.
    Due to the fact that he was contacted for information, not made the first attempt for money…….yuck, at least he is locked away for now.

  53. 53

    As long as this monster is locked up in a Peruvian prison, I'd glad. I've always been against the death penalty, but is his case, I really don't care. Psycho paths will just strike again, as he did. As OJ Simpson did, as Ben Rothlesberger did. First time out, there was doubt in all those cases, then, when they do it again, you know.

  54. 54

    I've been closely following this guy for a few years. Originally for a psyc course then got addicted. He thinks only the past 5 years of his life was hard? He was on the criminal path long before he ever met Natalee. He is a total mess. By 16, this guy was already a serial date rapist and severly addicted to gambling, alcohol and weed. Wake up call for all parents out there!!! I realize he's a smug, cold sociopath but I still can't help feeling just a tad sorry for him ONLY because of the kind of jail he's at. I wouldn't care if he was in some US or european jail. I saw a documentary on Peruvian prisons in 2008 and they are utterly terrifying. IMO, these places should be reserved for Osama bin laden, other terrorists and serial child rapists and murderers.

    I agree he's had it rough for 5 years…stalked/tormented so had to drop out of college in 2 countries and who the hell would hire him? I think he'll keep making up stories about Natalee behind bars as long as ppl pay him. Castro Castro is so scandalous that he may be able to buy his safety and stay out of gen. pop. If it turns out that Joran killed more girls in Thailand then he can rot in that hell pit!

  55. 55

    get me a chair, some rope, and an aluminum baseball bat. i'll take care of this.

  56. 56

    I feel so bad that he is Dutch, since I am too. I hope they keep him in Peru, where he can rot in jail. I agree with most of you: he doesn't deserve the death penalty, it's too kind to him.

  57. 57

    Karma will get him one way or the other; I can promise you that damn much….if it hasn't gotten him all ready that is!