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Is Bieber Too Famous?

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The Biebster is starting to understand that there are drawbacks to being a teenage heart-throb, namely, that he can’t go anywhere without being mobbed!

In an interivew, Bieber suggested that girls make an effort to actually talk to him instead of yelling when they see him.

"Just talk to me. Ask me how I'm doing. Introduce yourself instead of yelling, 'Justin! Justin! Justin! Can I have a picture?'"

Bieber also said that he wishes fans wouldn’t bother him while he’s eating.

"And don't come up to me while I'm eating. How would you like it if I came into your house and started taking pictures of you while you were eating? I hate that."

Despite these problems, Bieber can't complain too much about his fame.

"It's still amazing to see people wearing my shirts, but I feel like I can't get away from myself. Like, I go to Walmart and I just want to go get some boxers and socks, but there are posters of me everywhere. Or my song comes on the radio, and it's like, 'Aah!'."

See ya at the VMAs, Bieber!

[Image via Dominic Chan/WENN.]

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66 comments to “Is Bieber Too Famous?”

  1. 1

    Then quit, you little bitch, and take your pseudo-dyke helmet hair with you. Fuckin' pissant.

  2. 2


  3. 3

    eww. i hate this kid so much.

  4. 4

    Enjoy it while you can, whiny-ass. It'll all be over soon enough (not soon enough for some of us, but……..)

  5. 5

    Aww poor baby! I can't stand whiney assed celebs! Really, this little untalented, 16 year old who looks and sounds 9 and can't sing or dance, should be happy anyone cares about his annoying self! When he is still 3 feet tall at 20 and has no real career, he will wish someone would look at him when he is eating!

  6. 6

    I fear for this kid, I really do. I hope he is surrounding himself with good people and that his parents are keeping him grounded. Fame is so fleeting and he’s so young to have so much fame and wealth at such a young age. It can really mess a young person up if they are not prepared for how to handle what comes along with that. I hope he ends up ok when all of this said and done because the shelf life of a teenage heartthrob is not that long.

  7. 7

    aww poor justin he has such a hard life, that must be awful. (by the way this is sarcasm)

  8. 8

    As much as I may dislike Bieber, he still seems like a normal kid who wants a normal life. I feel kinda bad for him.

  9. 9

    Get over yourself you little androgenous he/she. It's called fame, if you don't want people to freak out, don't over saturate the market with yourself and order in…or stop fuckin wining ya twat.

  10. 10

    It is called "THE FAME" kid! you're young and u sing love songs for little girls what did u expect? If u don't like it then (please) stop singing!!!!

  11. 11

    I have a solution! This no talent helmet headed twirp who looks like he is in kindergarten, should go and work at McDonalds like other kids his age! Poor little boy has it so so bad! UGH!

  12. 12


  13. 13

    My God!! Stop worshipping this child!! He may be 16 or so but he looks like 12!! Grown ups want 2 be with him and it's disgusting!!

  14. 14

    well damn someones growin an ego.

  15. 15

    get over it

  16. 16

    Boo fucking hoo

  17. 17


  18. 18

    Justin - if you're sick of yourself just imagine how sick of you the rest of us are.

  19. 19

    OOhhhh my god if you aren't obsessed with Justin Bieber, you are madly jealous. Its ridiculous for people to continue to hate on this kid so fucking hard. People are mad cause they aren't half as talented, good looking, or sucessful as he is. I really think you wouldn't want annoying stupid girls snappin pics of you wherever you go, especially when youre trying to fuckin eat like a regular human does. Fuck off haters :) Love me some Bieber!

  20. 20

    Tough life. It must suck when the worst part of your life is people taking pictures of you.

    No shutup beiber. Go play with your hair

  21. 21

    Funny Mario, you pick on Kristen Stewart for being a whiner, but because you have a crush on this little boy, you think it's ok? He is nothing but an overrated teenager who looks like an undeveloped fetus.

  22. 22

    bet he's not bitching about that dough he's rolling in……..

  23. 23

    Bieber will go down the same slide as Britney Spears. ALl his handlers (and parents) make money off of him. he's a kid and doesn't know any different. I say he'll be doing drugs at 19, impregnate a few roadies and eventually, at the age of 22, find himself enrolled at CELEBRITY RE-HAB.
    Yo B.B. - get out while you can!!

  24. 24

    Just hang in there, you little dyke! It will be OVER soon enuf! LMAO! As a child star, you're totally 'screwed' if you don't have any adult fans. Britney lasted because, even at 16/17, adults were listening to her music and buying her cd's. Miley and the Jo Bros have NO adult audience and they are on their way out. Justin will be the next one to burn-out. It can't happen soon enuf for me.

  25. 25

    I was wondering when something like this would come out. I met this kid a couple weeks ago when I took my daughter to see him in concert. I'll admit I was curious what all the hype was about. I will say he's a cute kid. I did constantly stress to my daughter at least 24 hours before we met him, you HAVE to treat him like you would any other boy that you talk to, he's just a kid like you. I will admit my old groupie skills came in handy to pass down to my youngin, for this particular situation. I guess this what happens when groupies have kids? LOL. I know my daughter wanted to have more time than a photo op to chat with him a bit, maybe if there is a next time she can chat with him a bit about whatever kids their age talk about. My opinion he seems like a good kid, puts on a great show, worth every penny spent. He's a talented young man, hope he stays on track and I hope the douche bag bug doesn't bite him. :)

  26. 26

    i highly doubt this conceited little shit shops at Wal Mart. But i do agree, there is NO getting away from him. *barf*

  27. 27

    figures he would shop at Walmart.

  28. 28

    I hate that celebrities cry about the fans yelling their names and bothering them, then don't be a celebrity cry babies. shut the fuck up. then they say oh I love my fans mean while they roll their eyes at us and ignore us too. go fuck yourselves.

  29. 29

    Wow he still shops at Walmart even with all his money. Thats awesome that hes not sqaundering his money on high priced things!

  30. 30

    What at little ungrateful shit, he wanted to be famous, Usher made him famous and now he's complaining? If you don't want people to watch you eat stay the fuck home!!! brat

  31. 31

    This kid is the male Britney Spears, no talent, no voice and an attitude. Hopefully his 15 minutes will be up soon.

  32. 32

    Soooooooooo . . . . RUDE! I HATE HIM! He's not cute, a TERRIBLE singer and self centered! I'm a girl and all of my friends HATE him 2! GET A LIFE BUTT-BER!

  33. 33

    just shut up now your complaining like that kristen chic………….seriously who cares.

  34. 34

    Awww…poor baby. Boo fuckin' hoo! Such an ungrateful little boy.

  35. 35

    he is too stupid, thats for sure.

  36. @v@ says – reply to this


    The eating thing = cold food. I guess that's why celebs book private rooms at establishments. He's right. All of the little girls needs to grab a brain and some common sense, ignore the idiotic screaming pack mentality, and present themselves in a way that might enable him to actually talk to him. Like that will happen in celeb obsessed America. If faced with a screamer, would you stop to chat, or run away wide eyed?

  37. tasha says – reply to this


    What a whiney cocky sob. Enjoy it while it lasts. Once you reach adulthood you'll be over.

  38. 38

    Dont worry Justin your fanbase has a notoriously short attention span and as history has shown, once they move on to something else they NEVER come back.

  39. 39

    See ya on a vh1 flashback show in a few years bra.

  40. 40

    Obviously, there are parts of his career that he doesn't like just like everybody else. I don't see why you guys are hating on him for for mentioning his likes and dislikes. Everyone has something to complain about their job. Nurses and doctors don't like the long hours away from family; even though they like helping people and the money. Soldier don't like to be away from their families either even though they are honoring this country. Teachers don't like the bad pay even though they love helping kids. Everybody's got something to complain about.

  41. 41

    TO ALL YOU HATERS - STFU! Seriously, he is soooo not full of himself! He has gone from an obscure kid in a small Ontario town to a HUGE megastar overnight. No-one could have predicted that this would have happened to him….he very easily could have been a one hit wonder. Maybe in a few years he will be a D lister and no longer the IT boy but he will have earned millions for himself and his family. Who says that's bad? Like y'all wouldn't want that for yourself?

  42. 42

    TICK TICK TICK….don't worry Biebs, that is the sound of the Fame Clock, and your 15 minutes are almost up!

  43. 43

    disappointingly, the retards who are his fans would be delighted if he walked into their houses and took pictures of them eating.

  44. 44

    I sense a scandal coming soon! My money's on drug bust, dating way-too-older woman, or a knock-up. Runner up: hooker.

  45. 45

    Yea.. I guess because he's a celebrity.. NOTHING is supposed to bother him.. you people are assholes.

  46. 46

    Just wait until your 35 and you realize how you have it made and can make so much out of this opportunity, its hard to know that at his age

  47. 47

    Mm. Even though his statements may have had egocentric BITE to them, he makes a POINT there. I get he wants to be treated normal, but you know, that's how the cookie crumbles. With that said, I do hope he appreciates the fans.

  48. 48

    I can completely understand how someone could get frustrated sometimes. I'm sure its stressful to always have people screaming and pulling at you. If I were eating I wouldn't want to be bothered by people wanting pictures and autographs, out of respect they could wait. Hes just trying to be as normal as possible even with his stardom. It's pretty pathetic how grown people could talk about someone like some of these comments I've read.

  49. 49

    bro if you dont like this shit why'd you even join the buisness ?

  50. 50

    such an ungrateful little dick. he is nasty looking as well.

  51. 51

    time to retire

  52. 52

    Re: verama – lmao!!

  53. whoev says – reply to this


    Well, I guess when you make it your life's goal to become a celebrity, you might want to consider exactly what that lifestyle entails. Are you surprised that, since you're intentionally famous, people recognize and try to speak with you? I tell you what: quit right now, go to school, become an accountant and cut your hair. I guarantee you, in a year nobody will recognize you, and you'll be able to eat in peace forever after.

  54. whoev says – reply to this


    I feel for ya', Justin. Too bad you're not a little kid in Darfur or Haiti - you'd NEVER have to worry about people taking pictures while you eat. That's one of the upsides of never having food to eat. I don't know if I'll be able to sleep tonight, worrying about this horrible hardship in your life.

  55. 55

    better start saving up the money for the drugs, lawyers, therapists, PR spin people and all the other bullshit you'll need in about 5-10 years when people don't even remember your name. Good luck with that!

  56. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: moxiecrimefighter – His Rx and therapists would be covered. He's Canadian. Lawyers and P.R., maybe. He can go back to Canada at 30 and squeeze another 30 years of retro fame on talk, entertainment and award shows as a presenter.

  57. 57

    I suffered through a Labor Day picnic with a 12 yr old niece and her two friends, wearing their Bieber shirts, talking about him, his concert, his talent, blah, blah, blah. I like him but understand what he's up against. These kids have no social skills, outside of junior high, and are generally obnoxious. Best of luck and I wish you all kinds of patience with your fans. Some day, they will grow up. (Hopefully)

  58. 58

    PAAHAHAHAHA - all you guys are pathetic . Liike , seriously ; you're hating on a kid who is 1) more attractive than you 2) more succseful than you 3) more talented than you guys. HOP OFF ! You guys are all fuckin some lame ass duudes - you're sitting here && spending all your tiime tryin to bring this kiid down , liike whaaaaat !? If you hate him so much , maybe you shouldn't search hiim on this or watch hiis videos or keep his song on . You guys clearly care since you took the time out of your pathetic liives to come && sit at your computer && talk shiit about someone you don't even know ? You guys are a bunch of priiicks ; liike for real. The kiid is cute && has talent. I bet half of you guys went to hiis concert && are bitter because his sexy ass TOTALLY ignored your ugly ass's . Why don't YOU guys quit your bitchin ? Because at the end of the day , he has fans && people liike him && chances are no one liikes you guys (:
    Just cause YOU want the attention doens't mean he does .
    So hop off , && quiit shoving yourselves up hiis ass (:
    Kaaaaaay , cool (:

  59. 59

    I think biebs and Kristen Stewart should go to some remote Island and stop bitching about their fame and annoying people beyond the age of 15.
    And to those 12 year old retarded girls running around and screaming at the smell of him, well that's just down right embarrassing - hopefully you will grow up.

  60. 60

    Re: Chasenip – STFU Bitch!!! Justin has plenty of adult fans (me being one) and I know plenty of women who like him both in my real life and online. We're called #LegalBeliebers. We're always gonna love and support him till the end.

  61. 61

    Awww i feel so bad for Justin. Even though he's a huge star, he deserves to have some privacy in his life. I agree that some of my fellow Beliebers can b a bit too much at times and go overboard. But thats cause they're still young and get excited so easily. Eventually they will grow up and then he'll have more mature fans. But for now he has to deal with them. Sorry Biebs :(

  62. 62

    ohh noo!!

    i hope he doesnt quit!

    hang in there justin

    i "belieb" in you!

  63. 63

    um number 23, bb is perez's thing, nott urs. and beibs is awesome, and im not obsessed but he has good music and he just wants to be free from fans

  64. 64

    i know this fuckface isnt complaining about being famous. you cannot have your cake and eat it to. if you hate the fame, NO ONE will be mad if you just float away back to canada!

  65. 65

    Well, now I wish he would just imagine what it is like for us regular people who dont really like him or who arent obsessed with him. If he is getting tired of himself, just imagine what we feel like…

  66. 66

    yeah, thats real cool!!!! hey, justin i love you but you are the crazy one