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Kat Von D Takes Her DOG For A Walk

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You know, flaunting it around makes you that more repulsive.

Kat Von D was spotted with Jesse James yesterday in West Hollywood. The pair tried to slither past the photogs after stopping in Urth Cafe, which would have been easier had they eased up on the PDA for 10 seconds.

The hand holding is gross. Yes, GROSS! You two need to cut it out. You wanna pretend you are in love, fine. Just do us all a favor and do it someplace where none of us can see you. The world is suffering enough as it is. No need to add to the pain with your nauseating bull shiz.

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41 comments to “Kat Von D Takes Her DOG For A Walk”

  1. 1

    ew she is so ugly and talks like a man

    get some estrogen injections you tatoo freak

  2. 2

    Let them do what ever they want I already don't give a shit!

  3. 3

    I don't even like to hear or see pictures of these two people together. It's so freaking disgusting. He's a terrible Nazi sympathizer. She "might" be a racist anti-semite. She is a terrible manager and an asshole. He's an opportunist and a dumbass cheater. They look like they both have crabs and that one can catch crabs simply by looking at pictures of them through the computer screen.

  4. 4

    Jesse James is a douche but you're an even bigger douche for being bitter and pressed because you've been single for so long.

  5. 5

    I don't care for either of these people - but they are not flaunting it.
    They are being following by cameras.
    Big difference.
    Jesse you are such a douche bag!

  6. 6

    She'll be with him for 5 minutes, whore him on her show for ratings, claim he understands her like no-one else and then start shagging some other guy. Kat Von D goes through dudes like I go through underwear.

    Good luck to them both. As deplorable as each other.

  7. 7

    Wonder how they got to film inside? Makes it seem like Jesse and Kat are trying to be noticed.

  8. 8

    Although I do think that after all the drama and tears Jesse supposedly shed after he lost the "love of his life", he should've waited a little longer to move on, you must keep in mind that he IS a divorced man now and he has the right to continue dating.

  9. 9

    Funny……They both need the attention. This will not last. He needs someone that will have him by the balls. That is for sure.

  10. 10

    Oh for the love of God Perez, GET. A. LIFE! Your hatred is repulsive. Reading that entire post just made me feel uneasy knowing how sad your life must be, that you'll lash out so viciously at people just because you don't like them.

    Was cheating on Sandra Bullock a mistake? Was Jesse James in the wrong? Of course he was. The thing is, shit like this happens every day and pining on it won't help your 'precious' Sandy. If she's half the woman you think she is, she'll at least be happy he's happy.

    Or maybe I'm looking at this all wrong and you're just jealous because no one would touch your saggy tits.

  11. 11

    If you are so disgusted by the photos maybe you should stop buying them, then the paps would stop following them and you could fawn over Biebs uninterrupted.

  12. 12

    what is this "the world" is suffering enough business Perez??? Do you speak for the rest of the world? Not saying what Jesse did was cool, but honestly, it's not ruining my day that he is with Kat. More serious suffering elsewhere

  13. Fabu says – reply to this


    He is such an asshole! Fine, hold hands in LA but stop that chit in Texas… didn't he move there to try to win Sandra back? As if she'd take him back anyway, but letting that Kat lady be with him in Texas is like a slap in the face to Sandra… it's like he's saying "see, I'm doing great, I don't need you." Ewwwww, he's such a creep… I'll shut up now, I'm gettin all worked up over this. Ha.

  14. 14

    There is nothing wrong with or gross about hand holding. I don't condone anything he did, however, Sandra has moved on with her life…why can't you?

  15. 15

    Gross! I cannot believe she gave up Nikki Sixx for that SkumBag……ugh….

  16. 16

    A Douchebag and a Dirtbag a match made in heaven. Perez no more crap about these two low life losers. They make me want to puke!

  17. 17

    Please do not insult animals by calling this loser a dog. Please !

  18. 18

    The good thing about those two is that they are from the same social class. They are bottom of the barrel white trash, so at least they get each other. Now let's just hope they don't procreate, that would be really tragic.

  19. 19

    I like her, I don't have a problem with him. 99% of people cheat. Fuckin self riotous hypocrites!

  20. 20

    I think both Jesse James and Kat VonD are total douche bags, that being said, being swarmed by jackasses with cameras is not flaunting it.

    and hand holding is gross? What are you 5?

  21. 21

    Re: Bailey617 – What are you talking about? Perez doesn't BUY photos.. he just steals from every media outlet, just like his stories which are copied from other websites.

  22. 22

    Leave them alone. One mistake does not make a man.

  23. 23

    All they are doing is living their lives w/ asshole camera men following them. So fucking what if they hold hands. it's no sex tape.

  24. 24

    This is not Perez Hilton writing this nonsense. Is it the sister? Whoever has been taking this preachy, annoying tone lately is sure to drive people away from this site if he/she keeps it up. Give it a break, already.

  25. 25

    I guess I'm a little confused… holding hands is considered an unseemly public display of affection? Is it the Victorian Age back again?

    Like them or not, they do have a right to date and be in public together. If they weren't touching, the cry would be - "Look at them! They are just together for publicity!" If it's really that heinous of a crime for them to be seen together and the world is suffering because of it, why is it posted in a forum for thousands upon thousands to see? If you really feel that way, ignore them. They'll go away.

  26. 26

    Oh give it up already! These two are not saints, nor are most people in this world, but how childish are you? Hand holding is gross? Give me a break. You're the repulsive one.

  27. 27


  28. 28

    SHE disgusts me! I bet he's the love of her life too.

  29. 29

    if you don't like the fact that they are attention seekers — why do you give them the attention?

  30. 30

    slap in the face to nikki.

  31. 31

    Hmmm…. and who gave the paps permission to shoot inside the shop? They're not flaunting it… Right.

  32. 32

    Get over it, it's a free country.

  33. 33

    You say you don't want to see it, but then you blog and post video of them together on your website. So I guess that you aren't all that repulsed, now are you?

  34. 34

    I don't really like either of these two… But I don't understand how they're flaunting, they're clearly not. And how the hell is holding hand gross? The more I go to this site the more I realize I should stop because everyday this shit gets worse and worse, and more fake/biased stories are post.

  35. 35

    yup. I'm not a fan of Kat anymore.

  36. 36

    You realize the only reason people see them 'holding hands' which as all 'ew gross' to you is because the Paps stalk them and put them on show for everyone. If you dont want to see them, then tell your buddies that we know you have in the Paperazi to stop creepily stalking people like obsessed teenage girls.

  37. 6one9 says – reply to this


    He's divorced now “““““ Let him “` live his life. Karma will catch up to him““ sooner or later. We all know this!! :)

  38. Eya says – reply to this


    Ugh! Who the fuck are you to say who should and shouldn't be walking down the street! Fuck you, you're annoying!!

  39. 39

    Wow, those paps seem a tad bit hostile..
    On another note, talk about L.A. being filled with douchebags, I wonder why they are so eagered to flaunt their "love", neither of them are the respectful and faithful type so why the charades? And way to go Kat for disrespecting herself so much that she'll let that trash of a man near her.

  40. 40

    Perez, this is one of those times when you "doth protest too much". If Jesse and Kat repulse you so much, why don't you quit collecting pictures of them in private moments, and posting them on your blog? Just saying. I mean, it IS a free country, and they have a right to enjoy each other's company. Jesse has just been through hell. He can use some consolation. Do be kind.

  41. 41

    Note to self: Avoid Aries. They are arrogant and selfish.