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De Niro’s Former Property Manager Suing

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It takes a lot of balls to go after Robert De Niro, but his former property manager is doing just that.

Michael Thompson is claiming that he was illegally fired for what he says are untrue accusations that he skipped work and took kickbacks from vendors.

Thompson also claims that one of De Niro’s assistants spread these “false” allegations through the “domestic estate management field,” which allegedly cost him a job with George Soros’ oldest son.

Apparently, it all started when De Niro promised Thompson a “lengthy period of employment” when he was hired in November 2007. He was let go after two years.

Yikes! This is ugly!

What do U think? Is De Niro or Thompson in the clear?

[Image via Hugh Dillon/WENN.]

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2 comments to “De Niro’s Former Property Manager Suing”

  1. 1

    This guy is the greates actor of our era, the epitome of class, never seeks fame, stays out of the limelight, has several oscars under his belt and yet theres no comments on this post?

    america is fucking retarded, people comment on reality "star" nobodies like a bunch of used up old housewives? of some dork group of jersey kids? god damn, its a sad time when these nobodies garner more attention to one of the most talented entertainers of our time.

  2. 2

    To my knowledge NY is an at-will employment states which means you can fire anyone for any reason as long as you do not have an employment contract in writing. Someone promising you a "lengthy period of employment" doesn't count.

    This is a sham lawsuit that will be thrown out on the first summary judgment motion filed.