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GaGa Releasing Monster Ball Tour Book!

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Straight from their cover of Vogue Hommes, Lady GaGa is teaming up with Terry Richardson for a photo book documenting her unseen life during her 181-date Monster Ball arena tour.

The pop sensation says:

"[Terry] wanted to do a book about the 'Monster Ball.'He wanted to shoot me backstage, not onstage, and look at who I am offstage. He's on the bus with me. He just follows me everywhere. He'll photograph me when I'm changing - those quick changes during the show.

And sometimes I'll have to pee during the show, and I'm always screaming, 'Terry, get out!' And he'll be saying, 'It's so beautiful. You're so punk!' If only my fans knew I was peeing in a beer cup backstage."

We can't wait to see that book!


[Image via AP Images.]

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36 comments to “GaGa Releasing Monster Ball Tour Book!”

  1. SF90 says – reply to this


    She's really milking it. Is her new CD gonna suck so much?

  2. na987 says – reply to this


    lol, shes actually funny? ok but seriously stop w/ the gaga obsession

  3. 3

    She is disgusting and not original at all,
    lady caca is a rip off of Dale Bozzio from MIssing Persons
    Go to youtube and look up MIssing Persons "Right Now," Give" Destination Unknown" Mental Hopscotch." Words" u will see who she stole her act from

  4. 4

    How gross, what, there are no bathrooms remotely close to the stage? Perez, I be she can shit on your face and you would think that's the best thing ever. Are you that hard pressed for attention that you'll bypass everything gross and inappropriate from the people who will pay attention to you that you won't hold it as high as any other celeb doing similar things? No. Those celebs either wouldn't give you the time of day or you know someone who doesn't like that person and you decided to rag on them because of your "friendships". New low.

  5. 5

    she is so over exposed. time to take a break. people are getting sick of her and you are part of the problem mario

  6. 6

    Funny how you haven't commented on her "meat bikini" magazine cover… did the Gaga do something you don't believe in but you can't admit it, bb????

  7. na987 says – reply to this


    PEREZ STOP THE OBSESSION. i happen to love lady gaga, but you posting stuff every 2 seconds about her is REALLY annoying! i know you love her, and so do i. but other people arent that enthusiastic! no wonder so many people hate her. its because of you milking it! you didnt need to post her diet, or her relationship, or every magazine shes in. and to the people that are reading this, dont blame it on lady gaga. she didnt do anything except just live her life. perez is just over-obsessed

  8. 8

    …every last penny.

  9. 9

    Like a Madonna copycat!!!!

  10. 10

    Terry Richardson + GAGA!! FUCK YES

  11. 11


  12. 12

    Perez has nothing to do with her doing the things that she does, he's just posting everything he likes about her.

  13. 13

    how madonna of hers. Next step: In bed with Lady Gaga. And people say that Christina Aguilera is the one that's not original. Not a fan of Christina Aguilera, actually. Just saying.

  14. 14

    Re: meeshalala – he did post about it on his other sites
    nice try though

  15. 15

    Re: meeshalala – Agreed!! That meat bikini pic is sooo awful. And its just so funny that Perez is not saying anything about it. How anyone can wear freshly slaughtered animal on her breasts, arse and vag is one sick piece of shit.

  16. 16

    terry richardson is such a slimeball. his photography is actually great though, so i'll be checking out this book..

  17. 17

    Does anyone know if there will be a concert DVD? Now that would be great!

  18. 18

    and probably we gonna find out in the book that she was shitting in plastic bag from popcorn backstage?

  19. 19

    but i thought this book was already out? i know she has a book called Just Dance and another one..

  20. 20

    Re: koots_bc – You keep repeating the same shit you prick. Only one solution for your problem, put your head in a vise and tighten it until all the shit for brains you have is squeezed out bitch.

  21. 21

    your all just jealous really.

  22. 22

    Re: koots_bc – your really fucking annoying kid.

    go fucking choke on a dick.

  23. 23

    Re: lauperfan – Comparing Dale Bozzio to Lady GaGA? lol makeup,hair and being freaky isn't a good reason for comparison dumbass, even the new wave music they made was nothing similar GaGa does. The singing is another major factor, each artist is unique by their voice and they don't sound alike at all.

  24. 24

    she's disgusting

  25. 25

    Re: Derek18 – Dont bother being a britney fan, she would think your disgusting with your to hate message to GaGa, they are friends numbnut.

  26. china says – reply to this


    a caca-photo-book? is there anything more disgusting in the world? saggy tits and butterface in high resolution.
    oh, boy…

  27. 27

    Re: AnnoyedbyYou
    Exactly. Just like the Grace Jones comparisons. Everyone wants to say Gaga copied Grace Jones, but the only commonality they can come up with is "she dressed weird." I guess Cyndi Lauper copied Grace Jones too.

  28. 28

    madonna was not ORIGINAL. every piece of art was inspired by SOMETHING. Nothing is ORiGINAL especially most of your comments. i

  29. 29

    Re: koots_bc – well no she hasn't done coke in FOUR YEARS FOUR YEARS FOUR YEARS FOUR YEARS FOUR YEARS…look up your facts dumb ass…just cause you think she looks crazy has nothing to do with the fact that she is on drugs or not, look it up in her biography you ignorant tool!

  30. 30

    I'll be interested in looking at any tour book. Gaga ain't forcing anyone to buy it. If you don't want to buy it, here's an idea- don't!

  31. 31

    Lady gaga tracks©

    Oh Alejandro, it’s not just about the money honey. I’m not a papergangsta. I’m just starstruck with the fame. You know I love your Brown eyes and your perfect teeth. You know you leave me speechless when we dance in the dark. But in the end I’m so happy I could die. I don’t care if it’s a bad romance; I like it rough from my little monster. Yes the boys boys boys want to take me to disco heaven, but I don’t want a summerboy. The summer is all about the lovegame, and the beautiful, dirty, rich people. All I want to do is ignore my telephone and just dance, like a retro dance freak. I’ll ignore the paparazzi and give them my pokerface. Eh Eh nothing else I can say.

  32. 32

    Re: meeshalala – or the fact that every news outlet has been reporting on all of her hospial visits

  33. 33

    Not everything she does is amazing. Many people have done tour books with alot of behind the scenes secrets fans haven't seen. Nbd.

  34. 34

    Love Gaga! :) I will buy the book.

  35. 35

    181 dates?
    no wonder its set to make so much money - its easily twice as long as other tours!

  36. 36

    She's fugly and created by the record label