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Getting Ready For VMA Weekend!

| Filed under: Quick Shots

Cut and color at Kim Vo salon!

Can't wait to unveil our new look!

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62 comments to “Getting Ready For VMA Weekend!”

  1. 1

    Did he use INOA??? Im sure it will look fab!!!

  2. 2

    Geezus what a HUGE HEAD. And that CHIN!!!!!!!!!! It's bigger than Rumor Willis and Jennifer Aniston's combined. He should be called Perez Chinton.

  3. 3

    My Gawd…..and he calls Rumer Willis Potato head? She's beautiful compared to this malformity. Look at that chin! It's huge and long - it was Perez who invented the term "lantern jaw."

  4. 4

    i can tell already that it's gonna look stupid.
    the sides are shaved and you're coloring your bangs…
    oh gawd !!!
    you're an ass.
    note to self, do not go to kim vo salon .

  5. 5

    What's with the AIDs face?

  6. 6

    Did Kim Vo burn your hair off like the he-she does to other customers?

  7. 7

    FUN! Now PLEASE tell me you have a stylist working with you on your outfit too?!!

  8. 8

    You wanna improve your looks? Put a bag over your head. A plastic one

  9. 9

    You dumbass pig freak

  10. 10

    why the f@ck are you going to the VMA's you piece of shyt!! You are by no means a celebrity!!

  11. 11

    PEREZ!!! I AM SO JEALOUS!!! AND ENVIOUS!! Take me with you!! We would be quite the FIERCE DUO!!!!! :) MUAH!

  12. Scrib says – reply to this


    Great. Another new hideous look to make me want to vomit. And one more round of chemicals to make more of your hair fall out. At the rate you're going, you'll be completely bald in 3 years. Then we can watch you experiment with toupees on a weekly basis.

  13. 13

    hmmm lets hope so perez…??

  14. 14

    no comment indeed!

  15. 15

    you're fug! looked way better when you were fat. hid that chin a bit

  16. 16

    You'd look so much better with a chin reduction

  17. pax says – reply to this


    Kim Vo is gonna burn your hair off honey (what you have left of it), just like Chelsea Handler and many others!!!!!!

  18. 18

    nothing wrong with what your doing. my only thing isss that you make the person with the same hair-do the FRONT of the "worst hair". lol cant say u dont deserve to be made fun of .

  19. 19

    there is no god…

  20. 20

    Dude, you're a douche. P.S. I think your chin just touched me.

  21. 21

    I hope he burned your hair and scalp…not that it matters, you will always look as ridiculous and hideous as you always look….you're a joke, to us and to the celebrities you wish respected you….loser

  22. 22

    So did Kim Vo then sneak you out of the back exit so your hair wouldn't scare away other customers?

  23. 23

    and you have the nerve to comment on Glambert's hair with that mess in waiting atop your head!!!

  24. 24

    God you are one vile fucker aren't you. Why don't you just shave the entire thing because we all know you are going bald. BTW we can all tell your meth habit is maker you skinny.

  25. 25

    Why the hell do you always refer to yourself as "WE" and "OUR"??? It's you. That's it. Unless WE have a few personalities on the side, which I wouldn't be surprised about. Freak.

  26. 26

    I don't know, there's just something sooo annoying about you. Like a mosquito, I guess.

  27. 27

    People who are happy with themselves do not do ridiculous things like this to their heads.

  28. 28

    say hello to Jared.

  29. 29

    Wow, I'm such a hater, but really, all I see is a lonely, insecure used douchebag who will never find true love outside of what he makes his interns do for him. Sorry, Mario. But you have no respect from most people. I wonder why that is.

  30. 30


  31. 31

    Get some proactiv ointments for your face and trim that patchy hair on your chest,hottie

  32. 32

    Hate to say this, but have you been tested lately? I mean with all of the presumed hookers in your life and all.

  33. 33

    dude looks like your living room. Perscuz is Perqueer! Are you going to show your waxed areas next?? (Prayer to the heavens above: Please Good Lord save us from that) BTW you have evils eyes….

  34. 34

    I don't wanna see you at the VMAs and trust me - if I was there I'd boo if I see you. And I'm usually anti booing anyone.

  35. 6one9 says – reply to this


    Guess ALL you haters “““ are perfect“ Aren't YA?? Get a fucking life and stop coming on Perez's website just to spew your HATE. Jealous?? I think so!! Looking good Mario!! I think ALL the haters want the same exact hair style as you do!! YO!!

  36. 36

    FFFUCK - YOU are really UGLY Mario!

  37. 37

    I'm sorry, but can everyone stop criticising him! You are all so pathetic! Ok, i don't agree about some of the things that he says, but still, he is his own person, so he has his own opinion! Plus, you are all being such pathetic losers again but going onto his blog and creating your own accounts just so you can diss him? Seriously, get a life!!!!!!

  38. 38

    Is that herpes on your chin (Herpez Hilton sounds good)?

    Agree with @gotohell on the evil eyes..

  39. 39

    Re: LuCLUNATIC – I have a life and sometimes I take 5 free minutes to spit on Perez..

    That's called karma, he spits on celebs and we spit back on him..

    You're free to dissent but, actually, nobody gives a fuck..

    HEY BIG HEAD, see? You still have a couple of people defending you.. Remember when you got hundreds of comments for each post? THOSE DAYS ARE GONE, your 15 minutes are almost up (and we'll be partying when it's over)..

  40. 40

    Can't wait to see it BB!

  41. 41



  42. 42

    Maybe I just haven't been paying attention. but holy. You've lost some serious poundage! You look great! :)

  43. 43

    don't ever make fun of rumor willis' chin again……..

  44. 44

    Did he dye it dumb ass with just a smear of jerk off?

  45. Dozi says – reply to this


    A master stylist "comb-over". Novel.

  46. 46

    Dude- (like myself-big chin) don't use pictures taken with a wide angle lens. You have to manage your own media Perezster…

  47. 47

    The mohawk look is long forgotten.
    Ranks up with the mullet.

  48. 48

    kim vo is freaking awesome, he's the best ever. BEST! you hear me??? kim vo is amazing. lol anywho i found a hotel door card with kim vo's logo on it. well i was in vegas but still a coincidence.

  49. 49


  50. 50


    CAN'T WAIT TO UNVEIL MY NEW LOOK. Unless, of course, you have a multiple personality disorder.

    I see this third person writing all over your blog — so wrong!

  51. 51

    how long til all your hair falls out?

  52. 52

    Oh Lawd….. I can smell the unveiling of another shitty hairdon't courtesy of Perez and Kim Vo…

  53. 53

    geez you fucking ugly

  54. 54

    Will your 'new look' finally get rid of the gay stereotype you have chosen to embody every day of your life?
    For every pro gay piece you do on your site, they are set back by every time you 'get a new look'.

  55. 55

    you're getting bald, flop :P

  56. 56


  57. 57

    Here's hoping you top that look off with a paper bag… or even better plastic.

  58. 58

    Now words are starting to emerge from the herpes/rosacea on your chin. I think it says "I SUCK".

  59. 59

    Re: 6one9 – He's a big boy, he can take it. Just like Vanessa and Kristen have to put up with his shiz, he has to put up with mine. Perscuz Hater since 2008 and proud of it.

  60. 60

    perez how does it feel to know ur whole life is gonna be fake..phony and just a joke…none of it is real.. do u ever think inside ur huge pumpkin dome?

  61. 61

    Perez, you're so skinny now it's freaking me out. Especially w/your head all shaved like that.

  62. 62

    Every time I think you cant get any uglier, somehow you manage to do it….that chin looks like you got a potato stuck inside it…and the head, the more weight you lose the bigger and larger it gets, and now with that shaved head with clownish colors on top? you are not 14 anymore… its very scary.