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Lady GaGa Stops Monster Ball To Break Up A Fight In The Audience!

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Just add it to the list of reasons that Lady GaGa is absolutely amazing!

Check out this clip from her Monster Ball in DC (above) on Tuesday night.

LG spots two people in the audience fighting, so she stops her performance to make sure that they're okay!

You can say a lot of things about her, but you cannot deny how passionate she is about her fans and their safety!

Absolutely wonderful!


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70 comments to “Lady GaGa Stops Monster Ball To Break Up A Fight In The Audience!”

  1. 1

    staged bullshit

  2. 2

    Oh for crying out loud…Every concert I have been to in my life, there has always been at least 1 fight at each, and EVERY SINGLE TIME the singer has commented on it, and said to break it up. It's nothing special, it's just common sense!

  3. 3

    There ya go. This explains why she is even seen in the same room as you Hilton. She said she hates the truth and would go for a good dose of bullshit instead of the truth any day. Hence, her attraction to you. Mystery solved.

  4. 4

    I think this is clearly staged… the way her dancers all pop down into a pose, it just looks completely fake. Just like everything else about her - as she says, she prefers bullshit.

  5. 5

    I love her! She's amazing =)

  6. 6

    Oh God,please make it stop.

  7. 7

    She is disgusting and not original at all,
    lady caca is a rip off of Dale Bozzio from MIssing Persons
    Go to youtube and look up MIssing Persons "Right Now," Give" Destination Unknown" Mental Hopscotch." Words" u will see who she stole her act from

  8. SS18 says – reply to this


    Bringing even more attention to herself, because being on stage and just letting the rest of the audience watch you and pay you tons is just not enough

  9. 9

    I was there!!!, It was so cool, she's amazing, and her concert was ridiculously fantastic!!!

  10. 10

    yea thats pretty cool of her. but doesnt stop it from making me ant to vomit of how much u kiss her ass

  11. 11

    yea thats pretty cool of her. but doesnt stop it from making me want to vomit of how much u kiss her ass

  12. 12

    Was a PIG, is a PIG and always will be a filthy PIG!

  13. 13

    does she say that stupid 'i hate the truth' line at every show??? i like gaga for her singing and musical skill, however, please stop trying to be john lennon……..

  14. 14

    it was a staged act. what a fraud.

  15. 15

    Lady Gaga is truley AMAZING.

  16. 16


  17. 17

    Bullshit. She did it so that the crowd would refocus on her. She probably couldn't stand any attention on anyone but herself.

  18. Laury says – reply to this


    Love it!!!!! Haters can hate, but I can't think of an artist who cares more about their fans than Gaga.

  19. 19

    I was there and the fight is real.

  20. 20

    She is awesome!!!!! :)

  21. sanaa says – reply to this


    Disgusting, vain, pathetic, fake bitch!

  22. 22


    LADY GAGA is better person than you. snorts cocaine better, diets better, sings better. just over all better individual.

    you lil hipsters love ripping this bitch apart, start with urself. tear uirself down everyday, lil sadists.

    THIS BITCH IS THE ALPHA-OMEGA. ohhhh the buttons to press-n-finger..

    p.s. haters can hate but they cant STOP THE MUSIC!!

  23. 23

    wow perez u actually read your comments?

  24. 24


  25. 25


  26. 26

    Re: RobotEAThuman – In the first place anyone that still uses "Z"s instead of "S"s is a douche and a tool. Second, she diets better? She looks pretty thick in this video. She has cankles and tubelegs.

  27. 27

    She gained about 15 pounds…

  28. 28

    I think she's afraid of the truth.

  29. 29

    Clearly Staged… you're full of shit.. stop shoving her down our throats already. Here's an idea– why not add a Gaga blog like your crappy fashion site?

  30. 30

    THIS WAS NOT STAGED! a girl at least 200lb charged at me when i grilled her for trying to pick a fight with another little monster. the girl looked scared so i put my hand around her waist and pulled her infront of me. i was grilling the girl that was looking for a fight when she started screaming at me and getting in my face. i did not move or look away and in a swift second she lunged at me, security took her to the floor and all the little monsters pulled the other girl and i away from this crazy. thank you mother monster for caring about our safety. i appreciate you asking if i was ok

  31. GG78 says – reply to this


    Sick of "news" about Gaga, Bieber and Cyrus ! NEXT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. 32

    you posted a video if rihanna doing this about 2 years ago hahaha

  33. 33

    I dont think it's staged… what for??? she could get way more attention by doing something else… is gaga…..

  34. 34

    i love gaga she's sexy and very talented. -)

  35. 35

    bullshit. she is so fake. nothing of this is real. get a life. who gfights during a concert?? only when exists open spaces

  36. 36

    and all the sinhgers do that. gaga isnt amazing.shes fake.

  37. 37

    Re: xcalibur – Yea there was definately a fight dumb asses I was at the concert last night the security guards carried one guy out of the show cause he was knocked out. Why the Fuck would that be fake and the Concert was Fucking amazing

  38. 38

    Re: Farrah Malekzadeh – So you were actually the person involved in the fight?

  39. 39

    It was not staged. You can tell that it is at the end of the song and the dancers just stay down like they do at the end of every monster performance. Jeez you guys are so dense. Grow the fuck up and stop bitching about a damn pop star.

  40. 40

    i thin man gaga is cool and lover his/her fans but not no no sexy that all.

  41. 41

    OOOOOOOO GOSH LOVE IT, IS SO CUTE, a little monster X.

  42. 42

    shes not the first person to do this…she wont be the last.

  43. 43

    I was at the show, the fight really did happen, I was up in a suite but my friend's girl was down in the crowd and texted us 2 minutes before gaga stopped the show saying that there was a couple of chicks fighting right in front of them

  44. 44

    I think Gaga is great. She truly DOES care about her fans.

  45. 45

    Re: Scahootowl – UUH she is NOT thick… she looked pretty damn hot, the camera obviously added a couple lbs because she looked killer in person… and there was a tight nude color strap around one of her thighs which made it look weird. fuck the haters.

  46. 46

    Re: MadonnaLive
    "who gfights during a concert?? only when exists open spaces"
    Yeah, because you're such an expert on EVERYTHING.

  47. 47

    Re: lauperfan
    "She is disgusting and not original at all"
    Neither are your posts.

  48. 48

    Re: lauperfan – well stop comming here and reading what Gaga does!Go away you TROLL!

  49. 49

    Another reason why I'd never go to one of her concerts: why pay for bullshit when you can get it for free?

  50. china says – reply to this


    doesn`t make the bitch any less disgusting.

  51. 51

    awww lol :)

  52. 52

    Re: Scahootowl – ima tool and ur pillsbury freshness. is quite rank, that shit is so circa 1996..HAHAHA

  53. 53

    Re: MadonnaLive – and madonna's an original, right? do ur research.

  54. 54

    she was hardly wading in and pulling them apart, perez, come on!

  55. 55

    Re: mxmsprime – yes, i was. i dont know about anybody being knocked out, but the person that was taken out for lunging at me was a very large girl. and she was really fighting with security, flailing and whatever else. i was pretty shaken up by it all and didnt realize taht gaga had even adressed the fight, my sister was screaming at the girl for coming at me like that. for the record i did not say one word, i did not put a harmful hand on anybody. and after the crazy was removed the whole atmosphere changed. all love!

  56. 56

    Re: Farrah Malekzadeh – WHAT THE FUCK?

    obviously your not telling the truth.

  57. na987 says – reply to this


    yes it was cool, yes it was nice. im a huge gaga fan/little monster. but shut up perez! people that kinda liked gaga dont even like her now! because you kept putting up post about her saying shes a goddess. and yes, i agree with that but 85% of the people who reads your website dont! please create a separate gaga fan site. many people are getting sick of it, and just please do something. and people up there^^ i get how your feeling. its just like a friend telling you how wonderful miley cyrus is all day. you'll get sick of it. and you'll end up hating miley cyrus even if she did nothing wrong. so come on perez, either create another separate fan page for gaga or just stop obsessing all together.

  58. 58

    Can't help but think this staged.. Everything so over acted! Reminded me of Madonna.

  59. 59

    Dear dumb fucks,
    Do your research and get educated before you start saying “It’s staged”. The song was about to end when she noticed the fight, the dancers just went to what they would have done anyway, SERVED bitch.

  60. 60

    I think its cool she done that but asking do u think Im sexy and showing her butt? I mean cmon gaga u are worth more than that u don't need to feel insecure and seek acceptance your fans love u without being like that.

  61. 61

    Was there and it was NOT staged — this is DC and it would be more unusual for fighting NOT to occur at a concert or other public event — follow our local news and police blotters and you will know that this is a city where curfews are becoming more and more common due to out of control teenage and gang violence. Personally, my friends and I were shocked that there was only one fight to break up, and no post-concert violence! If anything, this is a testament as to how much influence entertainers can have over youth behavior.

  62. 62

    Wish she would of saw what happened at the concert I was at. We were pretty much in the same spot she sees this. I was in San Jose though and was kicked out of her concert wrongly!

  63. 63

    Someone really ought to tell her that EVERYONE feels like a misfit in high school.

  64. 64

    lovee herrrr.
    Re: liseymarie
    and WOW REALLY? every fight got commented on by the singer? at ever show ive ever been to theres fighting the whole time and the singer doesent say shit. your a fucking stupid idiot. you probably go to concerts with seats and shit dont you? hahaha

  65. 65

    Pretty nice of her =]

  66. 66

    that is right way to be gurl always spreadin the love

  67. 67

    this is so fake……….

  68. 68

    Why would she stage this? All the attention is obviously on her during the show. She didn't want to see any one of her fans carried out of the arena on a stretcher. Haters need to get over yourselves and accept the fact that she's in the news.

  69. 69


  70. 70

    Amazing! You can say what you want, but the success of GaGa is only getting bigger by the day. Has to suck for you haters! Don't come to the party if you don't like it! Bye!