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North Carolina Restaurant Bans Screaming Kids!

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They mean business!

North Carolina restaurant Olde Salty's is putting their foot down when it comes to screaming kids and saying that they are banned from the restaurant!

Some people are outraged by the new policy, but we have to say we don't think it's so bad.

Who wants to listen to a kid throwing a tantrum while sitting down for a nice meal?!


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168 comments to “North Carolina Restaurant Bans Screaming Kids!”

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  1. 101

    Oh for God sake people. They are not being banned. Parents are being asked to take their children out of the environment until they can calm down. No where in this news report did it say banned.

  2. 102

    I think it totally depends on the type of restaurant. If it is a fancy place then no I don't think kids should be allowed and honestly most parents myself included would not bring them. If its a fun place and has a kids menu then if you want a kid free meal then you don't go to a place like that. I think that if we start saying certain ppl can't be; it can allow for other types of ppl to be excluded

  3. 103

    Can't they just ban screaming full-stop?

  4. 104

    And I don't think a restaurant called Olde Salty's is a "nice" resturant

  5. 105

    Bravo for Old Salty's!! I hate little brats and their stupid parents that think their kids are just adorable. Leave them at the sitters. Let people eat in peace. I have two grown children that I made behave. It's completely the parents fault when they can't control their children. Old Salty's isn't banning children. They are banning screaming children and asking parents to do their parental duties by taking care of their brats by leaving the patrons to dine in peace. Kudos to Salty's, they should have more establishments like these around. I would eat out more often. I live in Utah where everyone takes their brood with them it's disgusting.

  6. 106

    i think it's good… but at the same time, as a mom to a 21 month old - when he starts screaming and throwing a tantrum, we will leave anyways. So it's just reiterating what every parent should do anyways… because even as a parent to a tot, i dont want to listen to another one scream. props! :) teach people to be good parents and control their kids!

  7. 107

    If people want to take their kids out to eat and they act up, then the restaurant should call the police. If an adult acts up and will not leave, the police are called. I think i f that does not work, then they should be charged an additional on their bill for being asses.

  8. 108

    The first time they throw out a kid with a disability who is screaming, some parent is going to sue their balls off.

  9. 109

    Re: st.love – your logic only works if there are restaurants that ONLY cater to people with screaming kids. Just like there are no restaurants that only allow childless people, that will never happen. The answer is, when your kid starts screaming, LEAVE>>>ask for your food to go, take it home, eat in the car, whatever, but allowing children to SCREAM ANYWHERE is unacceptable. I am a teacher of 2 yr. olds and we do not even allow screaming in our classroom. Screaming is only acceptable if you are hurt, it is not an acceptable "communication" tool. And no one I know can "TUNE OUT" screaming, or should be subjected to it while PAYING FOR A MEAL OUT> JEESH!!!!

  10. 110

    Re: buck
    "got to love Hilton's tolerance…that would be like me saying who wants to watch to gay guys hold hands and kiss each other while sitting down for a nice meal."
    You are an idiot - it is actually nothing like that at all. The issue of screaming/misbehaving kids is one of bothering everyone and disrupting peoples' space and relaxation. Your example is one true discrimination as there are many people (like you) who would not object to PDAs by heterosexual couples but would have a fit if a same-sex couple did the same thing.

  11. 111

    Re: missstefanie
    "as parents we can't completely control how our child acts at times and I don't think that we should be limited to the places we can go because of it."
    So in other words, you want all of the rights but none of the responsibilities - sort of like bicyclists who want to ride the streets but don't want to obey any of the traffic laws. Must be nice to be entitled to the best of both worlds!

  12. 112

    Re: ddnett11 – Exacltly!!! back in my day, if I wasn´t behaving ok, my father just gave me a glance and I stopped, not because of fear but respect, but now parents are afraid of discipline their kids, I have 2 boys and although it is difficult, I try to educate them well, they have to know who´s the parent (=authority ) and who´s the child, period.

  13. 113

    As a mother of a toddler I am not offended by this policy at all. I question more how they are going to go about enforcing it. If a child starts to cry is the manager going to come over and ask the family to leave?

  14. 114

    As a mother of 3 kids, ages 7, 5, and almost 4, I have to say I completely agree with this restaurant. My problem is with people that think that screaming children are "normal". Let me tell you one thing. I have actually parented my children and taught them manners, which is something you unfortunately do not see every day. My children know that screaming at home is unacceptable, so screaming in public is something they would never even think of doing. Sure, every kid has a bad day, and they get upset. You simply remove them from the situation, showing them that their behavior will not be tolerated, and they realize "Hey, I'm missing out on the fun!" You'll be shocked at how quickly they turn around. Babies, obviously you can't help it if they cry and you have seen to their needs. If your baby is upset and you don't know why, you shouldn't be out in a restaurant anyway. You should be at home reading up on soothing techniques or taking your kid to the doctor. I wish more restaurants would follow suit. I hate sitting next to families who just let their kids act like monkeys because "They are just kids!". Kids can have fun without being impolite to others around them. Every time we go out in public I get praised for my well behaved, smiling children, and it makes me feel extremely proud of my parenting skills, and the skills my mother passed down to me. If only more parents would do the same with their kids!

  15. 115

    Re: samdavid – Oh, so if your child has autism that makes you a "bad parent"? Autistic kids can have a random outburst after sitting perfectly still for the entire meal. You're fucking disgusting. Shut the fuck up.

  16. 116

    The same applies to supermarkets. My mother would have abandoned the carriage and dragged me out.

  17. 117

    Ban the kids for the evening, and their idiot parents for life.

  18. 118

    Re: Seriously!? – I'm sorry, but where in the hell did you hear anywhere in the news report that they would not be allowed back in once they've calmed down? I didn't hear that, did anyone else hear that. Pay attention idiot and have some common sense.

  19. 119

    Re: eilliM – Adults aren't supposed to scream because THEY CAN COMMUNICATE their needs without screaming and crying. Children around 5 and younger are NOT FULLY DEVELOPED, physically or psychologically, so for that age group, tantrums are NORMAL, if you ever studied brain function and child development. As a child ages, those behaviors disappear. I don't like babies crying because it's just heartbreaking, but what I do is SUCK IT UP, unlike you crybabies who always want everything to be convenient for you all the time. Life doesn't work that way, so get over it.

  20. 120

    Ok guys, here's the story behind this silly ban.

    The ban started because of an autistic child. It's a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The store manager even said to the mother, 'I cannot believe you even take him in public. You must be the only one that does'.

    There's more to all this. I feel bad for the parent this is directed toward. If someone singled out my disabled child, I would have to cut them.

  21. 121

    Re: amyjay – It said in the newscast that the server would politely ask the parent to remove the child. When Mommy refuses, I'm sure the Manager is the next step, and then if necessary, the Police.

  22. 122

    Re: Midnight Empress – Hell, no, we're not all supposed to "suck up" your fucked up parenting and children! Nutjob!

  23. 123

    Re: Watch the News – If the disabled child is disrupting the "rights of others to eat in peace and enjoy their meal, movie, w/e", then take the child OUT! Any mature person would know not to subject everyone to your issue. Deal with it. The world doesn't revolve around your disabled child.

  24. 124

    Finally - I'd love they act here in Switzerland the same - I can't stand children.

  25. 125

    Right on!!! It's one of the most annoying things in the world. even if your just sitting at a starbucks. Yeah, I feel bad for the mom or whoever because it's embarrassing and you just can't control it. but take it elsewhere, or don't take it out especially not to a nice restaurant. I would totally do the same thing if I was the owner

  26. 126

    If a parent thinks it's OK to force restaurant patrons to listen to their child scream, they shouldn't be a parent!! It's yours, deal with it, NOT HERE, MORON!!!

  27. 127

    Re: Midnight Empress – What don't you get about this, kids only learn by being taught and if stupid parents like you would just teach your children to behave prior to being 5 yrs old the world would be a better place. Parents need to teach manners early and manners also apply to parents, if your kid is screaming, DEAL WITH IT outside. Be a parent not an excuse machine. Really it's not that hard.

  28. 128

    Re: Midnight Empress – Since when can young children not communicate? That's one of the problems. Parents assume their children can't communicate so they don't learn to respond to their children. Even babies can somewhat communicate their needs. Nuzzling/sucking? They are probably hungry or need to be soothed. Hitting their ear? Maybe it hurts. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what a baby needs. Parents just shove a bottle in their mouth and expect that to fix everything. If you teach your kid to communicate, it will. It makes me so sad to go in my 5 year old's Kindergarten class and see that those children can not speak as well as my 3 year old? Is she smart? Of course she is, but she communicates well because we have read to her, taught her, played with her. If more parents would actually pay attention to their kids, this wouldn't be an issue in the first place. I'm tired of people saying tantrums are "normal." 3 kids later, I have never had a child throw a tantrum. Who knows. Maybe my kids are just overly happy.

  29. 129

    I have taken care of many kids in my family for many years…the bottom line is people don't pay to listen to other kids scream or run around without being cared for by lazy parents or caretakers. Any child I have ever cared for gets taken outside as soon as it is clear that a situation is getting loud and cranky…I LOVE kids, but I RESPECT other people's right to enjoy their night out!!! This goes for movies too- no one pays to hear your kids talk and cry and scream because you take a two year old or a baby to an R movie on YOUR movie night. It is called simple consideration for others. If you can't or won't handle your kids, get a sitter. Otherwise, teach them restaurant manners like the rest of society. To those who think patrons should stay home if they can't handle the kid, you have it backwards…one family shouldn't ruin the meals of 20 or 30 other people. That math is just wrong. Kudos to the restaurant!!!!!

  30. 130

    Thank God someone is finally doing something about it!! WHY don't parents have enough respect for other ppl anymore and take their kid outside when they start screaming…it shouldn't have to be a rule, ppl should b considerate enough to know that NO ONE wants to listen to anyone scream while there r ppl PAYING MONEY to eat at a restaurant!! If you're a parent that's pissed by this, you're pissed because u MUST be ungodly lazy…take ur damn kid outside! This shouldn't just be 4 restaurants either, this should be for everywhere that's not outside or ur home! I hate how ppl just think about themselves…just because u can be lazy and tune ur screaming kids out does NOT mean it's OK to let them do it and make others listen to it!!

  31. 131

    I use to wait tables and I cannot tell you how many awful parents there are. Kids crawling under tables, throwing food and screaming-while their zombie parents sat there. I use to just look disgusted at the parents and rush their food up. Look, parents, it is not fair that you ruin people's time to enjoy their meal. You decided to be dumb and pop out some nasty fat kids. Keep them at home and please use birth control.

  32. NDDD says – reply to this


    Good riddance! I love kids and will have one of my own but I can't stand when I'm trying to eat and have a conversation and a baby/child starts screaming it ruins my dinner..maybe stick to kid friendly restaurants until the kid is old enough to stfu..or stay home and make dinner OR get a baby sitter…I think its selfish to bring your loud kid into certain restaurants or movies. Having a kid you have to sacrifice things..get over it don't be selfish just because you want to go to a certain restaurant and drag you child along.

  33. 133

    LOVE THIS! There use to be a time when parents demanded that their children behave properly in public and took immediate steps to corral them when they did misbehave. Not anymore. Many parents have become lazy and indulge ANY type of behaviour from their kids. Thanks for making the world a nosier place.

  34. 134

    Olde Salty's you are my new favorite!

  35. 135

    Re: Bagman – Actually, you didn't pay attention to the whole story. The sign was ALREADY posted outside and the mother with the autistic child noticed it when going into the restaurant. She then came inside and yelled at the owner that she was discriminating against people with disabilities, because her autistic son couldn't control it if he screamed. Feel free to watch the video of the interview between the two ladies on cnn.com.

  36. 136

    Re: Watch the News – As I mentioned to another reader, you did not pay attention to that story. The sign was ALREADY displayed and the mother with the autistic child saw it and got upset and accused the owner of discrimination. The owner said it can't be discrimination because the sign applies to all kids. Then they argued a bunch (and I agree the owner acted like a tool with what she said about the autistic child), but the fact remains the sign was already being displayed.

  37. 137

    I'm moving to North Carolina!

  38. 138

    I go out to eat regularly and the real problem in this situation is people who don't discipline their children. One thing I hear from a lot of older adults is that this simply didn't happen "back in the day," because you got in serious trouble for acting so disrespectfully in public. Today everyone thinks they are entitled to do as they please. They let their children scream and cry wherever and ignore them while they talk on their cell phones, to other adults, etc. This happens at restaurants, grocery stores, even graduation ceremonies (a recent unpleasant experience). You take the child outside until they calm down. Period. As the adult you need to take responsibility for your children and teach them what is and isn't appropriate.

    P.S. Whoever keeps saying children cry because they don't know how to communicate needs to study pediatric neuroscience (i.e. just read a book of studies on brain development in children and how they learn different things). Babies learn at a surprisingly young age how to manipulate in order to get what they want and this applies to young children as well. They see that crying often results in getting what they want so they continue the behavior in order to achieve the desired result.

  39. 139

    Re: A Voice of Sanity – I don't have kids and don't want them, but at least I know that you can't tap a magic wand and make your kids never cry, A Voice of Stupidity.

  40. 140

    Re: trophy wife 1 – I'm not a parent, jackass. But children learn by making mistakes, and also understand that the prefrontal cortex in the brain, which controls decision making, isn't fully developed until the age of 22-25, so obviously a 3 year old doesn't have a fully developed prefrontal cortex and, therefore, can't make choices the way and adult can. Growing up takes TIME. I'm all for teaching kids right from wrong and am annoyed by misbehavior, but you can't predict beforehand when kids will cry.

  41. 141

    Geezus it's about time. I'm sooo JEALOUS! If I lived there I would eat at Olde Salty's all the fucking time. I am so sick of people and their brats. Just last night my spouse & I went out for a romantic meal & no sooner had we made our toast & took a sip of our cocktails did the requisite trailer-trash brood get seated right next to us; Complete with the fat-ass wife, skinny buck-toothed husband & 3 smelly kids who insisted on running around. We spent the rest of the meal listening to lard-ass talk in a condescending voice to her kids about the food they ordered. Stupid bitch. So sick of women whining & having kids instead of doing something productive. I'm going to start asking to sit in a child-free section. Maybe this will hint to restaurant owners that's what they need.

  42. 142

    Ok.. Let's think this through. Perez included. My son, turning 3 in 2 weeks, is Autistic. He doesn't talk and he doesn't reason. He doensn't know when screaming is ok and he pretty much does it all the time. So you're telling me it's a good thing that my Autistic son is not allowed in this restaurant? I beg to differ. It almost makes it worth the long drive to prove a point.

  43. 143

    YES! I don't hate children, but I don't have them for a reason, and I don't think I should be affected by other people children wailing and whining…

  44. 144

    Re: Jacqueline Morrisa Mills Barefoot – First of all, bullshit! NO child grows up not throwing a tantrum, so quit with your wishful thinking making it sound like a perfect child exists, because that doesn't exist. Because people are INDIVIDUALS, they pose DIFFERENT strengths and needs and mature at different rates, but that doesn't make you or your kid any more special than everyone else.

  45. 145

    Re: Midnight Empress – You can spout whatever "facts" about the brain, you want. But don't call me a jackass, really bad manners from a nitwit like you proves my point about you being STUPID. I've had the pleasure of raising 2 children, and 3 year olds, believe it or not, have brains that were developed enough to comprehend right from wrong, respect for their parents. And when did this become a contest on predicting a kids behavior? This is about parents parenting. Why don't you shut up and go sit in the corner until you have something worthwhile to add to this. Because everyone here thinks your opinion is quite frankly "silly". Or you can reply to this with more jibberish facts and call me a jackass or some other cuss word. To be honest, you need a "time out" lol, grown up and get some life experience!

  46. 146

    Re: Midnight Empress – Of course not! But no, my kids have never thrown tantrums. Have they gotten upset before? Yes. But kicked, screamed, yelled, etc? No. I was never like that as a kid, neither was my husband, and maybe my kids are just good natured in general. (And no, they are not spoiled. They know a trip to the toy store doesn't mean they get a toy. :) ) My kids act up at times, don't get me wrong. Like I said, all kids have bad days, but it's up to the parent to deal with the situation, and to teach their kids that that behavior is not acceptable. If you nip it in the bud early, you won't have trouble. No kid is perfect, mine sure aren't. Parents have to learn to parent though, and that's the problem today. Most are just too lazy. Not the kids' fault at all.

  47. 147

    The ONLY problem I have with this is that it was necessary in the first place. What HAPPENED to having RESPECT for others and not allowing your children to treat a restaurant as a playground? NO WAY would I let my kid behave like that!!!!! I've had plenty of dinners ruined that very way, and NO WAY would I allow that. No WAY. If you can't figure out how to control your kid, I feel sorry for you.
    It's your JOB as a parent to teach them how to behave!!!! So do the world a favor and do exactly that. But for those parents that can't grasp that, thanks SO MUCH for making it more difficult for ME as a parent that DOES do teach appropriate behavior, as your kids are bad influences, since when MY kid sees that, he doesn't understand why it's ok for your screaming brats to behave like crap, and not him. Now I'm just mean mommy. Really, truly, thanks.

  48. 148

    Re: For Every Sprinkle I Find… – Exactly!! We also had a very bad experience at a graduation lately. We also had a bad experience at a movie theater. My husband I were watching a rated R movie and someone's toddler kept screaming and crying. Finally the usher had to come in and tell them to step out side and they were angry! We couldn't even hear the movie! Also, with the communication thing. I never taught my kids sign language but I have a friend that started teaching her kids pretty much from birth and it was amazing how many signs they could do by the age of 1. People really underestimate how intelligent children are!

  49. 149

    Wish they would do that where I live. Screaming kids bother me a lot more than someone smoking. And I am a non smoker always have been. Nothing worse than going out for a romantic dinner and getting stuck next to some screamng brats.

  50. 150

    This is what property rights is all about. If property rights are sacrosanct then yes a business has the right to ban anything they want on their private property. At the same time if a business wants to allow smoking then they should be free to, as a person who is offended by smoking has the right to take their business elsewhere. As a non smoker I say fuck government mandated smoking bans. The gubmint shouldn't be allowed to tell a business they can't allow smoking on their private property.

  51. @v@ says – reply to this


    Hallelujah. Get a sitter and get away, instead. For a family outing, sometimes small eruptions are unavoidable, but should get carried outside. Before you go in there should have been a big discussion about restaurant manners and what that means. If they want to come, they have to behave. If they don't, you pack up the food in take-out boxes and they're left home the next time or two.

  52. 152

    Re: missstefanie – Please take your kid to Chuck E. Cheese if you can't control it. Or, you should get a sitter or stay home until you can control the kid. I have a several, and they don't go if they don't behave! No one wants conflict with their meal!

  53. 153

    It is about time someone bans bratty screaming kids from dining establishments. People have no clue as to teaching their offspring manners, and we have to suffer for it.

  54. 154

    Amen! I've got two kiddies but I don't want to sit next to your loud brats. Our boys don't act up at restaurants cuz they KNOW BETTER. I would leave if they did throw a fit. I'm sick of parents thinking we want to listen to their precious angel (devil) or watch them run around like a bunch of monkeys. Get a sitter you cheap ass.

  55. 155

    Re: trophy wife 1 – I'd like to see "everyone" bash my opinion, because only 3 people have done so. A lot more than 3 people commented on this post, so you can't speak on behalf of everyone else, and I believe everyone else here knew to respect my right to opinion. Take "everyone" and stick it up your ass.

  56. 156

    soo sick of parents trying to make their children my problem. I always wondered why it was acceptable for parents to let their kids cause all kinds of noise pollution morning noon and night but on the weekends and evenings I'd like to have a good time my noise is unexceptional to them. I understand parents are unhappy with their decisions and it makes them bitter to hear people without their responsibilities enjoying themselves but it is not my problem!! I hope this catches on and everywhere adopts this policy.

  57. 157

    Finally! Maybe restaurants and grocery stores will follow. I took my mom to this nice restaurant but our meal was almost ruined by these 3 kids running around the tables and screaming their heads off. And where were the parents, you say? Having their lunch OUTSIDE!

  58. 158

    Re: Midnight Empress – WRONG! I'm number "4", a-hole! You fancy yourself an intellectual, when actually you're an idiot! You are outnumbered, so go suck some more on your pacifier. :)

  59. 159

    Re: Midnight Empress – BTW, more people haven't responded because you're obviously outnumbered. What would be the point? So long.

  60. 160

    Re: A Voice of Sanity – You are number "3" dipshit, not 4, so apparently you're the one who can't count, so fuck off!

  61. 161

    Re: undevoted – You do know that there are other methods of disciplining your children other than physically striking a child?? It was said quite well by commenter April 20th, once the child realizes that screaming/crying/ running around the restaurant gets them nowhere but outside, the bad behavior stops.

  62. 162

    Re: Midnight Empress – You'd better not ever have kids then. You so missed the point everyone made. Yeah, kids cry but if and when they do and you are in a public place, maybe sitting next to someone who saved money for an entire month to get a babysitter and go out for a nice meal, and your darling starts their BS, take them the hell OUT THE RESTAURANT!

  63. 163

    Re: Midnight EmpressRe: Midnight Empress – You'd better not ever have kids then. You so missed the point everyone made. Yeah, kids cry but if and when they do and you are in a public place, maybe sitting next to someone who saved money for an entire month to get a babysitter and go out for a nice meal, and your darling starts their BS, take them the hell OUT THE RESTAURANT!.

    By the way, I don't know where YOU studied medicine but a child's brain is 90% formed by age 6. Psychologically, we never stop growing.

    Why don't you read all the comments here - almost ALL commenters agree with the restaurant ban. You are most definitely in a minority here. That should tell you something.

  64. 164

    Re: SlickWilley – I read a lot of great comments here today on this subject but SlickWilley, you said it the best, you said it all. There are 3 separate stories in our local police reports, where the police were called to escort a loud patron who refused to leave when asked. You are right, SlickWilley, you are SO RIGHT. THE POLICE WOULD BE CALLED IF IT WAS A NOISY ADULT WHO WOULD NOT KEEP IT DOWN! Yet, some parents think everyone else has the problem because they don't love their little brats and all their noise.

  65. 165

    Re: Midnight Empress – "go stick it up my ass" to quote you, you're so pathetic, so mature if you can't win a debate with facts, so you'll just name call with your foul mouth and use cuss words, because thats all you have to get attention. Looks like your having a tantrum, maybe it's time your parents took your off perez hilton because you can't behave! please reply again and keep proving me right!

  66. 166

    This just teachers parents to BE FUCKING PARENTS and considerate of others. I'm so sick of parent's who don't shut their damn kids up in public places. I don't mean to hit them, but take them outside or something. It just shows extreme laziness.

  67. 167

    I agree with this.. no problem at all. I don't know anyone who likes screaming children the only people who have a problem with this are the parents with the unruly children. Teach your children how to act in public and they're won't be a problem.

  68. 168

    YES!!! I am SO for this! Yea, its sucks for parents who have disobedient kids, but I HATE it when dumb parents see their kids screaming or running around and continue about their business as if nothing is happening.

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