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Snooki Defends Her Honor: I'm Not A "Lindsay Lohan Wannabe"

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You tell'em, BB!

Yesterday, Snooki stood in front of a New Jersey judge just as Nicole Polizzi, charged with being criminally annoying, among many other things. The judge took his opportunity to lay into the reality star, calling her everything from "rude and obnoxious" to degrading herself by being a "Lindsay Lohan wannabe."

Today, Snooki is commenting on her "harsh" judge and confesses that she was very nervous the entire time the man was berating her. She explains:

"I definitely thought it was harsh. I never drank and drove, I don't do drugs – I do nothing that Lindsay does, so it was definitely a little overboard. I'm just really happy that it's over and that the criminal charge was dismissed because that was just insane I was really nervous about it."

Now, Snooki is happily at home with her family, taking time to relax and detox unwind. We think she deserves that much after the summer she has had.

And hey, don't sweat that judge, girl! The man's place of justice borders a crab shack and a water park! C'mon!

[Image via WENN.]

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22 comments to “Snooki Defends Her Honor: I'm Not A "Lindsay Lohan Wannabe"”

  1. 1

    OMG. Something about her drives me nuts!!!! Its probably the fact that she looks like the dino Sarah from Land Before Time… LOVED THE MOVIE BUT DAMN SHE LOOKS JUST LIKE HER

  2. 2

    omg perez. shut the FUCK UP. u really choose the people u pick and dont pick on dont you? go jump infront of a train you piece of shit

  3. esj says – reply to this


    Hey Snooki, T

    he judge's statements might be your wake up call. In the first place, he said you are a Lindsay wannabee. And you might not admit it but seeing your behavior this couple of months for sure you are on that same tragic path. So take it in stride, learn from your mistakes, and instead try to become a good example to the millions watching your show!

  4. 4

    say what you want about her, but the judge was very unprofessional for making such comments.

  5. 5

    Yeah Perez, the Judge is in the wrong … the man with years of school, education, law, experience, respect and the title of "your Honor". Not the Oompa Loompa drunken loser who is famous solely for being nothing but piece of trash. Good call Perez.

  6. 6

    He said it because you are a mess you short, fat orange mouthy bitch, nice tummy rolls!!!

  7. 7

    wannabee lindsay comment fits the bill perfectly… she claims her judge was "harsh" and that he went overboard. dude! i say we throw linds and snooks in the military and wipe that judgemental streak out of them!! he's a JUDGE!!! It's not her place to decide if he was harsh or not! She should shut her mouth, grow up, and learn from this. Remember lindsay started out drunk & disorderly too.

  8. 8

    omg and all the commenters here who say the judge was unprofessional or over the top…. wtf do these people do for a living?? Unless u sit on the supreme court of NJ, the stfu. when did it happen that we live in this society where rules get to be broken, law and order get to be scrutinized, and everyones opinion matters?? who cares what u think. she was drunk and acted like an ass and wasted tax payer time & money… and those cops she was fighting off could have been arresting someone else of a larger crime!! does that not matter to you? does it not bother u that her little freak too multiple male cops to control? the chick was a tazmanian devil! why is this ok??? because she has a cute hairstyle?

  9. 9

    meatballs for everyone!!!!!!

  10. 10

    Nobody aspires to be a Linday Lohan. Some just are.

  11. 11

    Regardless is this fat ugly pig drank and drove (not buying it), she is still responsible for the death of Michael Truncali. Her and her piece of shit mother belong in jail.

  12. 12

    Lindsay Lohan is a fantastic actress

  13. 13

    Snooki has no real talent. Lindsay at least has talent. I'm ready for Snooki's 15 minutes to be up. I won't be cruel like other people, but I certainly don't understand the allure for anyone on Jersey Shore. Unless it's an example of what NOT to do.

  14. 14

    I find it ridiculous when people drink like crazy, but then say "I don't do drugs." Alcohol IS A DRUG, you oompa loompa!!!!!

  15. 15

    you are such a moron Perez

  16. 16

    doesnt do drugs! ha my fuckin ass! she is one fat ugly slob! how she ever got on tv is beyond me!

  17. 17

    The troll whore should watch what she says about the courts and the judge cuz I'll bet she does something else that will put her back in court in front of that same judge. Keep those ugly, skinny little lips closed troll whore or your gonna put your foot in that mouth. The judge knows that LL is nothing more than a trashy trailer druggee drunk and he couldn't say that so he just said LL wannabee. Gotta give him a pat on the back for using his head. Smart judge.

  18. 18

    PEREZ!!! don't encourage her or any other wannabes!!! You just didn't happen to mention the judge telling her that she was trading her dignity for a paycheck!!!! But then again, that's what celebrity is mostly about these days, isn't it?????

  19. 19

    I agree that Snooki went a little crazy, but the Judge went a little overboard with his comments. Judges are supposed to law down the law and that's it. Not make their personal comments and feelings known. There job is to be UNbiast. He sounded just as bad as the Judge in the Anna Nicole case. They seem to want the publicity instead.

  20. 20

    Re: alihalley – Actually, I'm a paralegal, so I do know he was unprofessional. Even Lindsay's judges knew they shouldn't go that far.

  21. 21

    Now aint that a trip!?!?!? I'm not Lindsay… LOL What you don't think Linds is in public falling down drunk!@!!!!!! LOL

  22. 22

    hahahah i love jersey shore!!