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Megan Fox Wants To Be Taken Seriously In THIS?

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Well what in tranny angel hell do we have going on here??

Check out this just-released clip from Megan Fox's desperate attempt to be taken seriously as an actress latest movie, Passion Play, co-starring Mickey Rourke!

Looks very moody and serious - until she SPROUTS EFFING WINGS!!


Actually, why are we even shocked?? Of course Foxy would pick a movie where she sprouts wings. She probably thinks it's really original and EDGY.

Who knows, though? Could possibly end up being really good!

No it won't.


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43 comments to “Megan Fox Wants To Be Taken Seriously In THIS?”

  1. 1

    Yeah, she is NOT egdy or original… not like, say, Gentleman Gaga. HA!

  2. 2

    i think it looks intriguing

  3. 3

    She's beautiful.

  4. 4

    I liked it- it's sad- she's like a circus freak or something in this. She portrayed her insecurity and disappointment that he saw her in the way most everyone else prob does- not normal. Whatever, Perez- you're so negative- just cause all you have going for you is a gossip site about the people you wish you were.

  5. 5

    That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen! lmao!

  6. 6

    I think it looks cool.

  7. 7

    'No it won't' hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Perez, you're something else.

  8. 8

    Wow Megan looks stunning

  9. 9

    Jesus Christ, Mario,…..jealous much.

  10. 10

    Will someone PLEASE slip in another dollar bill in the slot?

  11. 11

    Which one was on display…..The Flying Babe or the Disfigured Cowboy?

  12. 12

    Plastic surgery has ruined Mickey Rourke's appearance? He used to be a very nice looking man, he looks horrible. What a waste. Megan who???

  13. 13

    Child!! As far as I am concerned, she can sprout two ferrets out of her ears and she still be hotter and more gorgeous than you. Quit hating on good looking women, it makes you look petty and jealous!!!

  14. 14

    I dunno, I'm kind of intrigued by this now. That was really interesting.

  15. 15

    The only thing she's good for is posing for pictures sucking her thumb like it's a dick.

  16. 16

    She was hot for awhile but had to go and fuck up her face and now she looks like the Cat lady.

  17. 17

    She should give Mickey her plastic surgeon's number. If he made her look like THAT, maybe they can do something with his face.

    Instead of the jewelry box music, they should've played "I Can't Be Tamed."

  18. 18

    at least she is trying douchbag

  19. 19

    I dont know why people give her so much shit for her acting. She actually is a pretty good actress who happens to be beautiful. Yeah she talks shit and that makes her character as a person ugly but that doesnt take away from her acting.

  20. 20

    @Ms.Albania — word. What you said.

  21. 21

    what is wrong with this dude's face, he looks like a burn victim
    and nice to see miley all grown up

  22. 22

    Damn, I don't even understand the clip. Anyways, I think Megan needs to break out of her comfort zone of playing sexy and/or slutty characters to be seen as a serious actress. It would help a lot if she stops posing 'sexy and fierce' with her mouth half open in nearly every scene.
    But good acting or not, I bet her name will attract many people to the movie.

  23. 23

    I love megan,

  24. 24

    Aww, I always knew she was an angel :D

    The initial wing… spread.. was indeed a wtf moment, but now I'm intrigued too.

  25. 25

    If it was Gaga, you'd think it was BRILLIANT!

  26. 26

    Are you serious? You are already criticizing the movie and her acting without even seeing the movie? And I bet you that if Natalie Porman or Angelina Jolie were in this movie, and you saw the wings, you would think that it was "Faboosh" or amazing, right? Yah, I know.

    I'm so looking forward to this movie. It is both heart-breaking and uplifting. A really great story. I have read the script and it is amazing. You probably don't know this because…well, when do you ever actually do research for facts? This movie is one of the top 10 most anticipated films at the Toronto International Film Festival, along with Black Swan.

    And stop bad-mouthing Megan. I think she is turning out to be a really good actress. You will all see when Passion Play comes out.

  27. @v@ says – reply to this


    You don't know what this scene with the wings actually is. You will.

  28. LoLin says – reply to this


    Mickey Rourke's face seriously looks like Michael Meyer's mask in the Halloween movies! Terrible face lift Mick. So sad.

  29. 29

    I think it looks good.

  30. 30

    shut the fuck up idiot. oo from that like 30 second clip you can tell the whole movie is a piece of shit?? get a life. im sure you think gaga's clips are oscar worthy.
    i think it looks good, just from that clip it made you feel sorry for her, it was really sad.
    im definitly going to see it, it looks very interesting.
    you are so jealous of miley and megan its unbelievable.
    i bet if they were more like gaga and sucked up to you and pretended to be your friend you would be writing about how amazing they are.

  31. 31

    Eh. I've never seen her in anything. But from what I have noticed, she's always playing some beautiful chick that needs to be saved.

    Anywho, despite the negativity, enough was shown to intrigue me.

  32. 32

    I agree that this is weird, but I just got done reading a book called Geek Love by Katherine Dunn and she would be perfect for the hunchback role..nothing against her but I think she could pull this off..

  33. 33

    Rourke is in it you douchebag. And coming from someone that thinks Diddy or Kanye is edgy and original, you sure are an idiot. How much longer are you going to vomit your ridiculous half-assed critism? You're doing nothing but assisting in the dumbing down of millions of people. But who cares, you're getting rich off of it. So my hats off to you.

  34. 34

    its too deep for your lard fat ass, its how women in crises are left to deal with lack of finances and are reduced to 0 U fuck tard. its not a deep ass role like you are familiar with alike the ones around your man titties down to yo ass cock sucker!

  35. 35

    Figures they'd use a clip with her not speaking, cause she sucks….everytime I saw that stupid Jonah Hex commercial with her and the one line they had her say in that I just laughed at how bad she is. Pretty but not that talented.

  36. 36

    Re: Quichie – never has she played a chick needing to be saved. Her character in Transformers was no damsel in distress and she was the one doing the saving

  37. 37

    I think it looks pretty. I would definetly go see it.

  38. 38


  39. 39

    Looks like some stupid try to hard Darron Aranofsky shit

  40. 40

    Why are you such a hypocrite? One moment you have hearts on her pic and now your talking shit..I bet if this was Lady "annoying&highly overrated &overly obsessed by fatass perez" Gaga, you'd be all over her nuts…writing amazeballs. & you cant wait to see it. Megan Fox is pressured by everyone calling her a bad actress, i know she will do fine and be great! just give her a damn break..at least she isnt the type of celebrity thats always seen drunk at nightclubs till 4 am.

  41. 41

    i like it.

  42. Ayiio says – reply to this


    She's in a peep show box . As long as she get naked it's all good .

  43. 43

    It looks interesting. i will see it. I like that kind of stuff.. but what if it was GaGa? you would eat this up