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New Charlotte Church!

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Check out her first music video and song in a long time, Back To Scratch, above!

She looks great in the video! The song is not bad, but it's just kinda blah.

What do U think???

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32 comments to “New Charlotte Church!”

  1. Sking says – reply to this


    No. This should not have happened.

  2. 2

    she looks weird. her legs look chunky. the dress is too short. the boots look awful and the song is boring.

  3. 3

    She definitely needs to stick to broadway and stay the hell away from pop music! WHAT WAS SHE THINKING?

  4. 4

    The song is way better than the video. Charlotte really isn't made for those kind of videos.

  5. 5

    Wow, she sounds so flat and her makeup makes her look like she should be sitting in a smoky bar somewhere trying to pick up on younger men.

  6. 6

    Eww. She has Bristol Palin legs.

  7. 7

    Not a good choice for her. The song sounds like a childs afterschool song.

  8. 8

    She sounds horrible : o What the hell happened to her. And all that image doesnt fit her. Dont like it.

  9. 9

    Aboslutely horrible. She needs to stick to classical, contemporary classical.

  10. 10

    She looks like Jane Krakowski with slightly more subtle Taylor Momsen eye makeup on. Musically speaking, I prefer her earlier work.

  11. 11

    i love the song it has that old school the beautiful south kinda sound to it.and she sounds great not flat as somebody said,people are stupid as for people calling her chunky im guessing your perfect or a man….sick of bitches putting pressure and other woman down about weight…and also the girl can do what she wants she has so much money she could buy and sell all of you by the time she was 12.so who gives a shit.

  12. 12

    I love it!

  13. Acoya says – reply to this


    Ok this girl is a Opera singer … not a pop singer! She doesn't have a bad voice in this video, pop music just doesn't suit her. Song was boring!

  14. 14

    This reminds me of the Sundays and therefore it is brilliant. Well done char for not making it pointlessley over produced, love the simplicity of the song and the look.

  15. 15

    shes welsh, by the way and its an ok song

  16. 16

    Perhaps it's a bit blah because we're so inundated with auto-tuned singers we've forgotten what a real voice sounds like? I think he voice is actually lovely, but I like her classical sound much better.

  17. 17

    well the song is better without the video, but i don't really think it's her style.
    she sounds off key in some of it. is that even possible?

  18. 18

    I could have watched this whole thing and never guessed this was Charlotte Church. She looks soooo different. A little Lisa Kudrow-ish. The song is okay but she should really stick to what she is great at. A million others could sing this song and sound the same.

  19. 19

    Disappointing… Charlotte, you have an amazing voice, leave the pop music for the weaker voices! I know it's said because you have more talent than all the pop stars yet aren't as big, but do not do this! You have real vocal talent :(

  20. 20

    I've been telling Charlotte: Why should the Wiggles have the entire 7-9 year old market?

    I'm so glad she listened (although, she did not take my advice to wear a hat shaped like a windmill).

  21. 21

    She wrote and co wrote every song on this album, so no "any" other person could not of done this song. Not enough people actually write their own music, and for that alone she deserves kudos.

  22. 22

    The song doesn't sound bad .. whoever mixed the song is to blame. It has potential. Sounds too naked in the beginning and the backtrack sounds off during chorus.

  23. 23

    really she is a classically trained opera singer and she sings some shit pop song while throwing around yoga balls in heels to be sexy…hun you are a sell out!

  24. 24

    I like it. Its very throwback.

  25. 25

    The song might be a grower. She looks really amazing. like actually really beautiful.

  26. 26

    Wow Im surprised everyone is being so critical. I thought the song was great. A bit pop and a bit folksy but very fresh and cute. Also no autotune..

  27. 27

    Why did I think she was an Opera singer?

  28. 28

    don likey

  29. Mad_E says – reply to this


    It's definitely cute. I would be very willing to hear more from her. No one can deny that's she has talent.

  30. 30

    Here's a tip to all singers: If you're handed a song that's awful, don't sing it. Because when people start bagging on the song, they're going to blame the singer, not the dope who wrote it or the producer who screwed you.

    This same tip applies to actors too. If you star in a bomb, more often than not, far more blame goes to the actor than to the director, writers or the producer. Everyone is responsible for their own career. If you knowingly participate in a crappy effort, you deserve your share of the blame.

  31. 31

    I like the new song! The video is ok. I'm a HUGE fan of Charlotte, and it had been quite a good while since she had released any new music, so I'll take anything, lol!
    I love the song she did "Cold California" and I think she should have done a video to that, lol. But I'm not going to complain about this song or this video, I'm just happy she is back!

  32. 32

    I like her