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27 comments to “The Governator Mocks Sexy Sarah!”

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    The search continues….ha ha ha!

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    yeah it became immediately clear that arnold was just another trojan horse liberal. he lied that he was a conservative to get into office, but rolled over like a good leftist to all their causes without fail. he is the face of the current politician. they have no positions except those that keep them in power and spending money. they stand for nothing except power and greed. screw the people.

  3. 3

    What a dumbass!

    Tina Fey made that comment on SNL.

    Sarah Palin never did…..god Arnold is an idiot.

  4. 4

    Too bad she didn't say it, Tina Fey did.

  5. 5

    I cant see her appeal where I'm standing ether.

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  7. YUCK says – reply to this


    Any body with sense knows Sarah palin is a joke! Be they reps or dens, rights or lefts, ups or downs the woman is a joke. Republican white men want to fuck Sarah and that's the only reason this bitch is still around, she contributes nothing, all she cares about is being famous and getting money and that's fine but no one should be touting her out as this republican big white hope. The woman is an imbecille who some find sexy and she is profiting from that but an intelligent politician she is not.

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    I guess Arnold doesn't know that Palin never said that…Tina Fey did. Although, what difference does the truth make these days?

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    freakin' hysterical!

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    Re: URwhatUeat – yeah, but Simple Palin did say they keep an eye on the Russians b/c of their maritime border. She was watching the scary Canadians too. Probably all while she wasn't reading a damned thing.

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    thats funny

  13. 13

    Stop calling that alaskan-trout-skanky-snatch-bitch 'sexy sarah' for fucks sake.

  14. 14

    Re: bobo99 – you don't know shit. He stood against the Kennedy family for years, doing his own thing. You are full of shit. You obviously do not live in California. Probably Iowa

  15. 15

    Seems to me The Governator is the last person qualified to comment on someone else's intelligence….

  16. 16

    all the comments as if this was SERIOUS
    its a freaking joke people
    calm down

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    Kinda funny coming from a governor who has helped ruin the state of California. He should worry more about his state than the state of Alaska and a woman who does not hold any type of office. How embarrassing for his state and his family.

  18. 18

    Probably the funniest thing has has ever said (and will ever say again…..)

  19. 19

    Right On Arnold!
    Sarah is a twat!

  20. @v@ says – reply to this


    …and Canada's right next door, ya know. Maybe he can see that. You don't know where, you know, those planes go.

  21. 21

    There is a island off the coast of Alaska that is only 2.4 miles from Russia. Sarah said Russia is our neighbor which is TRUE. Tina Faye said she could see Russia from my house as a joke on SNL. US bought Alaska from Russia which maybe Arnold and Perez did not study in their history classes as they were not born in the US.

  22. 22

    it's a friggin joke, people! Jeez… -_-

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    Sarah palin could not even handle a 1/4 term as governor of state of
    698,473 .The capital of the huge , important state is Juneau 30,988 .This woman is a quiter and a failure in her personal life And all the clown make -up in the world can't cover it up.

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    HAHAHA!!! That is hilarious!!

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    wut a burn