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The Jersey Shore Is Staged! Snooki Doesn't Even Poof Her Own Poof!

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When that New Jersey judge called into question Snooki's dignity and saying that she sold it for a paycheck, we wanted to talk some sense into that fool!

How dare he imply that Snooki Snicker's wild antics are just the product of a script laid out by MTV execs to ensure that people actually stay tuned in for a three season! Erroneous charges, we said! Erroneous!

Except it seems that even we have been duped! Turns out that The Jersey Shore is just as fake as the MTV reality shows that have come before it.

A Perezcilious reader sent us these shots of the cast filming in Seaside over the summer. As you can see, everyone is being primped and perfected by the show's stylist - no one is getting their guido on alone. It wouldn't be such a traumatic turn of events if we weren't blatantly watching this hair whore put up Snook's iconic poof! Girl can't even be bothered to do that anymore!

The horror! For shame!

It seems that the Shore has quickly turned into The Hills. We anticipate that the final scene will have The Situation getting into the back of a Ed Hardy deco-limo as Snooki watches him drive away from in front of Karma. After a beat, two stage hands will remove the backdrop of Seaside Heights and reveal that they've actually been filming in Newark all this time, in a swamp, which is the actual reason for there "tanning" discoloration. (Chemical waste!)


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57 comments to “The Jersey Shore Is Staged! Snooki Doesn't Even Poof Her Own Poof!”

  1. 1

    Is this really a surprise?! I watched because it was entertaining but I know deep down inside it's all fake

  2. 2

    You've been duped? You mean you're just figuring this out now?

  3. 3

    Snookie is one fat ugly pig.

  4. 4

    Duh. Who gives a rats ass about any of this? Of course the entire show is staged. Anyone who believes otherwise is brain dead dumb.

    What a bunch of crap the show is and all of the players are. So ridiculous.

  5. 5

    its unbeleivable that someone can have a stylist and still look snookified…

  6. 6

    So they ave a little luxury added to their lives. Big deal.

  7. 7

    You're kidding right? Duh, nothing on MTV is real!

  8. 8

    Perez you're being dumb. Ofcourse they do hair and makeup. It's a TV show! What you don't think the Real Housewives have teams of hair and make up stylists airbrushing and primping them?… I beieve for the most part it's not scripted though, I mean you cant write the sh*% Snooki says. "I Feel Like a Pilgrim from the Friggin 20's" Perhaps it's a bit staged, but I thought that was obvious.

  9. 9


  10. 10

    oh please, they're all faked, but just because you have hair and make-up people, doesn't really make it any more so. if you're getting in front of a camera in any capacity, someone's going to be there to get you camera ready - you of all people should know this Perez.

  11. 11


  12. 12

    Fist of all Perez, of course this show is staged! You would have to be dumb to think otherwise. Second, I'm from Jersey and just so you know there are no swamps in Newark. And lastly, your grammer is horrible, it should be their not there!

  13. 13

    Wait a minute, it takes a team to look that *good*?

  14. 14

    well its kinda obvious that they would get hair and makeup done for them

  15. 15

    working on those guys is like polishing a pigs ear.

  16. 16

    How is it a surprise that this show is fake?

  17. 17

    You figured this out now?
    I figure the first season that really was them, but the second season is staged and them being characatures of what people want them to act like.

  18. 18

    More likely in a Staten Island dump. None of those kids are actually from NJ. All NY trash.

  19. 19

    Did you know the vampires on "True Blood" aren't really vampires?

  20. 20

    carnival in the background ha!

  21. 21

    God that little Mexican is fat.
    She needs to get on Jenny Craig ASAP.

    Sammi is a cutie though.

    Pauly D seems nice, not too bright, but a nice guy nonetheless.

  22. 22

    They are all so gross. Snooki with her fat tits and body, orange skin and hemorrhoid puckered mouth. And the Shituation on DWTS?? HUH? He's a "star"???

  23. 23

    You idiot, this was a photo shoot for the show. Not the actual show. The show had already wrapped. Of course they were getting their hair and make up done for the photo shoot. Do some journalism you fraud.

  24. 24

    This was for a photo shoot you fat dumb fuck!

    Check your facts, oh wait, you have NO good sources, YOU SUCK!

  25. 25

    does this shock anyone? its MTV

  26. 26

    Oh big shocker… what r u stoned? OF COURSE IT'S STAGED…D-UH!!!

  27. 27

    I don't think it is all fake but at the end of the day it is still a TV show. This means that there are most likely stylists, lighting people, and re-creation of certain scenes in order to play it up for the camera. Stop reading so much into these pictures.

  28. 28

    Chill out people. The art of sarcasm really surpasses most of you… Got your back Perez. :)

  29. 29

    Filming in Newark, yeah ok, lol that's a lie.

  30. 30

    Why in the name of God is this STUPID show popular? EVERYONE on the STAGED cast is an ass. Who cares about any of these idiots? Are people watching it like they used to watch Jerry Springer, just to LAUGH?

  31. 31

    Hey Perez… I can't say that they don't have a stylist, but these pictures are of the owner of Salon Massimo in Connecticut… its the salon I go to and my stylist showed me pics of the owner's visit when I went in yesterday. He is most definitely not there regularly, though I can't speak to whether or not they consistently have "guest" stylists or whatnot.

    I can, however, tell you that the pic with Pauly D is a joke… he refused to let anyone touch his, um… coif. Cause he does such a fab job on his own….


  32. 32


  33. 33

    since they're all fame whores….maybe snooki could consider trying to get a deal with some sort of weight loss company…she looks really bloated and over weight and im sure some company or another would pay good money to have one of these idiots be a spokesperson….just a thought…

  34. 34

    They obviously are shooting a promotional segment.

  35. 35

    WTF is wrong with this site?? why do you ALWAYS have to log in just to VIEW the fuckin' comments? this is getting to be really tired Perez.

  36. 36

    In the last sentence you used the wrong form of "there" it should be "their." Thought you might want to know so you can correct the error!

  37. 37

    My oly question is why does this surprise you? There is no such thing as a reality show….they are quiet unreal.

  38. 38

    There are actual fucktards who think reality shows aren't staged?

  39. Iroc says – reply to this


    Re: aderyn_rhydd – hey I go there to and I was at that salon yesterday…there are no photos of that shoot. I think you where misinformed!

  40. 40

    Just because they go into a salon to get their hair done doesnt mean its fake. I go and get my hair done all the time. these pictures are corny and prove nothing. stop being jealous. and if i got 30,000 and episode i would pay people to do my hair too thaaanks. GOODNIGHT!

  41. npc25 says – reply to this



  42. 42

    I loved the first season, this season Im getting really bored. I doubt Ill tune in for the third season. I still

  43. 43

    I don't think it's all fake, I bet the first season they didn't have all this but demanded them for season 2 and beyond in their contracts. I'm sure they get nudges from producers to start drama and everything, but it doesn't have the contrived feel the Hills did - and I didn't even watch that show.

  44. 44

    *Giggles* Perez that was from a photo-shoot, check out the Jersey shore blog! *LOLOLOL*

  45. 45

    I wonder why she isn't uncomfortable regarding her hair's roots but she is when it comes to her Chilean roots?

    Particularly in the 2nd pic, she looks like every Chilean woman one sees doing handicrafts while sitting in a doorway in a hilltop village.

    Maybe these people wouldn't be such MESSES if they spent some time and energy discovering their heritage, traveling (beyond the hotdog stands) and looking into things beyond lying around bitching & vomiting.

    She should be known more for her Latina roots than something Southern Italian guidette anyway.

  46. 46

    not surprising at all

  47. 47

    Re: Iroc
    um… I said my stylist showed me the photos. She had photos of the shoot on her phone and told me all about it.

    seriously, read before you comment.

  48. 48


  49. 49

    Snooki is the fattest ugliest little pig ever. Look at how enormous that belt is around her waist is in the first picture.

  50. 50

    Most American 'reality' TV shows are staged, hence the 'Some scenes were created for entertainment purposes' disclaimer.

  51. 51

    Snooki isn't even Italian! Jwow is a fucking Mc. Guidos aren't the thing to be either-THEY ARE LOSERS….FAKE TAN SCUMBAGS

  52. 52

    Shame on you, Perez. You don't even live in New Jersey. So, drop the jokes, please! We got enough of those in The Toxic Avenger-the Musical last year. Furthermore, the swamp area is in the Meadowlands and not Newark.

  53. 53

    @ aderyn_rhydd .. my cousin also goes to salon massimo in CT. She said these same photos had been posted on the salon fanpage and the salon magagers personal page. Why does the cast have a mom and pop salon working with them anyway? To me it looks like the show is now staged and if the salon didn't post these we would have no idea how fake it all is. I would like to say thank you to perez and the white trash salon manager who pasted these…I will no longer be watching the shore.

  54. pinki says – reply to this


    Of corse its fake, come on now. Just another bunch of vain wannabee's.

  55. 55

    so they get abit of celebrity help, that dosent prove much
    i believe most drama in the show is real
    come on,
    4 girls. 2 bitches, theres bound to be drama.

  56. Iroc says – reply to this


    Re: perezfan9541 – Thank you so much for your unwaranted opinion. Next time you choose to state your opinion, please learn to spell correctly. It's Manager, not magager, loser. IF you weren't misinformed, you would know that the salon does not do their hair on a regular basis, nor did the "salon" do their hair that day. Get your facts and spelling straight, and maybe we will take you and your comments serious next time, ignoramous!

  57. 57

    perezfan9541 big fan of your makeup …real big! you should try writing stories for Walt Disney…