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No JoBro Baby Because Of Snoring?!

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Yeah, that's the reason…

Apparently Kevin Jonas' wife Danielle sleeps in the guest bedroom because of his snoring and it's ruining their plans for a family!

A source reveals:

"They're totally in love and really want a baby, but Danielle can't stand Kevin's snoring, so she's started sleeping in the guest room…it's become this huge problem between them."

Danielle has asked Kevin to consider using a special sleep mask, but he says it would be uncomfortable to wear and he thinks if Danielle had to sleep "next to a guy wearing an anti-snoring device, it would certainly not get her in the mood for love."

For now she's sporting ear plugs and sneaking out after he's already fallen asleep!


[Image via WENN.]

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76 comments to “No JoBro Baby Because Of Snoring?!”

  1. 1

    So….make a baby, then sleep in the guest bedroom after.
    This story smells like bullshit

  2. 2

    Oh, so is the only time sex can be had is right before you fall asleep? This couple is so prude, it's pathetic.

  3. 3

    Maybe a Brown Paper Bag over her head with a picture of Joe taped on it would help Kevin get hard….

    It's really hard now days to be married to a girl & be gay…..at the same time in order to sell records & concert tickets….

  4. 4

    such a bullshit. every JoBro fan woul dknow that, Kevin said in a recent interview that its totally false. he even showed the bed of them.

  5. 5

    This marriage won't last 5 minutes if he's gonna be such a douchebag to say, "No, I won't wear the mask cuz it's uncomfortable. Screw you and your need for sleep!" DEAL BREAKER!

  6. 6

    How HORRIBLE the ENTIRE WORLD knowing that you DON'T SLEEP WITH YOUR WIFE and are impotent too!

  7. jpg69 says – reply to this


    So they screw while he sleeps?
    Makes sense.

  8. 8

    Umm…maybe that's why it's a good idea to live together just for a bit before you get married….then you learn these things early.

  9. 9

    She's "Sneaking Out" of the house to get her some REAL MAN LOV'IN once he falls asleep…

  10. 10

    Umm… have they not heard of sex in the morning or perhaps during the day! I think he is gay and she likes large bank accounts….just saying!!

  11. 11

    hahah i love kevin

  12. NDDD says – reply to this


    ew he's gross

  13. 13

    This is why they should have lived together BEFORE they got married!

  14. 14

    ummm…they've cleared this up numerous times, dickwad.

  15. 15

    They're too young to have a baby, give the marriage a chance first and THEN you think about babies.
    Kevin is ugly, gay and stupid. It's best if he wouldn't have any kids at all, it's gonna suck when he comes out of the closet (kicked out by the closet herself).

  16. 16

    no one gets in the mood to make a baby while sleeping! Baby making comes b4 or after, NOT during sleep! Sounds like something else is going on there. Oh, and when my husband snores I just hit him and make him roll over and sleep on his side. It only works for a little while but that i all you need to fall asleep.

  17. 17

    what a fucking ridiculous story. What couple wouldn't have a baby bec of snoring. Fuck and sleep in another room. Give me a break. Maybe people this rich have nothing to focus on but stupid crap like this "ruining" their blessed golden lives.

  18. 18

    I don't think he is gay and she is the beard wife. He'd have picked more of a trophy chick than this horse face.

  19. 19

    what a BS story! Since when does SLEEPING have anything to do with making babies????????

  20. 20

    I honestly can't blame her… There is NOTHING more annoying than trying to sleep with someone snoring or breathing really loudly!! I can't sleep like that, either… You can't very well blame snoring on not wanting to have a baby…maybe she's just looking for a reason to put it off…and doesn't want to tell him…??

  21. 21

    uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugly dude

  22. 22

    AND… the Farce begins… maybe he and John Travolta can share a condo.

  23. 23

    Ever notice how he has the lower body of a woman? Kind of like you Pumpkinhead.

  24. 24


  25. 25

    wearing a mask wont get her in the mood but sleeping in another room altogether does?

  26. 26

    wow i left a comment a couple hours ago and it hasn't been posted. guess they filter their comments! it wasn't even bad or rude…

  27. 27

    yea, I don't believe this crap

  28. Jaded says – reply to this


    I don't get it. I don't have sex while sleeping. I do it before, some times after, but generally not during. Are these people in their early 20's? Shouldn't they be fucking like bunnies all over the house, the car, elevators, parking lots…?

    BTW this is the best reason for living together before getting married. She would have known that he's a snorer and a dick about it, and could have bounced before saying "I do".

    I predict divorce in 5 years or while a year after she gives birth and is secure in her future.

  29. 29

    Those PURITY RINGS sure have messed up the kids that have been conned to wear them!

  30. 30

    where there's a will, there's a way ..

  31. 31

    I love how your the 'Queen of all media' yet you report stories that are from around March.

  32. 32

    This is one of the reasons people should live and sleep together before getting married. Seems a little ridiculous, though. If she wants his money in the divorce she should put up with the snoring.

  33. 33

    Hey Look! Kevin LIKES TO SHOP…….

  34. 34

    Okay I think that that is crap. Snoring doesn't make you sleep in separate bedrooms. They are in relationship trouble.

  35. 35

    Kevin needs to sleep on a buckwheat pillow. It will definitely stop his snoring.

  36. 36


  37. 37

    This is not an issue. Separate bedrooms are great. You get to stretch out, read when you want to without complaints about the light being on, watch the programs on t.v. you ant and when you want to. Fun can still be had, believe me.

  38. 38

    I would have a problem having sex if I shared a room with my wife & two brothers too…

  39. 39

    Re: Kt_Cooter – You have a good point about the time. Sex does not have to be at night when you are ready for bed. They should do it whenever then everyone would have a good night's sleep. LOL!

  40. 40

    No surprise for separate beds. After all, he's the gayest. He might need a CPAP machine, too, but the gay-vibe is way too overpowering NOT to be part of it. But if she likes him and the money–without the sex–good for her.

  41. 41

    Wow people just LOVE making these stories up…

  42. 42

    I will have his baby, I don't care if he snores.

  43. 43

    Well, if you're having sex he shouldn't be snoring anyway if they're doing it right! Fuck then leave, it's that simple.

  44. 44

    You reported this months and months ago, dipshit. And how would this intrude babymaking? You don't fuck while you sleep.

  45. 45

    anyone who believes this is a fucking gullible idiot..

  46. 46

    i love Kevin

  47. 47

    no wonder every pic I see of this guy.. he on wood… he still not getting none… lol..

  48. 48

    i don't believe this story
    idk i just don't

  49. 49

    My older cousin is 60 and was married once when she was real young but got it annulled because he ended up being impotent. Her words of advice to all of us has always been,"you wouldn't buy couch without sitting on it first, would you?" Maybe Danielle should have tried Kevin out first and she would have known about the snoring.

  50. 50

    One - You got this story from Star Magazine, therefore the reliability is little to none.

    Two - Kevin and Danielle have repeatedly stated that this isn't true. They sleep in the same room and Kevin is actually the only Jonas Brother who doesn't snore if you watch any interview they've done since they first started out.

    Three - Kevin and Danielle have also both stated that they don't want to try for a baby, they just want to let what happens happen.

    So basically, this story, as usual, is crap.

  51. 51

    You got this story from Star Magazine. Its crap. Everyone involved with the couple has said this. Kevin is actually the only Jonas who as never snored.

  52. 52

    what does snoring have to do with fucking?

  53. 53

    and THAT is why you 'Try before you buy'! goddamn purity rings, my ass! pbbthhthttt!

  54. 54

    Trouble in paradise here.

  55. 55

    Yeah.. I know when my husband and I have sex it's always right before bed, or when we're already getting ready to sleep. Yup.
    WTF? Don't these people have sex at any other time of the day? I think that's BS.
    He probably has sleep apnea and he's putting his overall health at risk if he doesn't get help for it!

  56. 56

    What a freaking stupid post.. For real, are you kidding me?
    That's the most stupid story I've heard. And you know what's most stupid? The fact that the majority of the people commenting are the stupidest people ON EARTH for believing something so STUPID. MY GOD!!

    Didnt Perez Hilton write this a long time ago?
    Didnt Kevin Jonas said it was total LIE. He was even making fun of this rumor.
    Didnt Danielle Jonas (his wife) was laughing at the most absurd rumor that someone could ever start???? THEY FREAKING SLEEP IN A TOUR BUS FOR THE WHOLE SUMMER, IN WHICH FREAKING GUEST ROOM SHE'S FREAKING GONNA SLEEP FOR GODS SAKE!!!

    WOW.. This people believe what this $#%$ says AND I still dont know how they say their fans are immattures without a brain! WHAT NOW? He's paying her for being with him and look totally happy by his side when there's cameras all around them?? LET THEM BE!!!!

  57. 57

    good for them. there are way too many babies in this world anyway!

  58. 58

    bullllll shit. do they fuck while hes sleeping? get in the mood, get it on and go off the the guest room after business is finished

  59. 59

    ewww..they r both gross but he is especially..all those moles on his neck..yuck

  60. 60

    WTF? since when did you have to SLEEP in a bed to get preggers? Last time I checked, you could do it ANYWHERE in your own home and preferably do it AWAKE…these people are all f-ing NUTS!!! That is what ya get for marryin' a freakin' VIRGIN. They don't know how to f- properly…you know, practice makes "perfect".

  61. 61

    Well if she didn't suck so bad in bed, maybe he wouldn't fall asleep mid-hump and start snoring!!
    OR Maybe Kevin is small, and doesn't perform very well, and maybe has some extra skin that she finds super nasty and is so grossed out she can't even fathom having sex with him again, and is using the snoring as an excuse to distance herself from him so he can't put the moves on her when they're in bed together.. Should have tried it before you bought it kids! hahaha

  62. sanaa says – reply to this


    doing it at bedtime is makes it more likely for the woman to get preggers cos she's horizontal and calm and stays that way for hours during sleep so more of the semen stay up in the cervix and has a chance to reach the egg. I'm not trying to sound funny or gross it's actually true. did you all know that semen is chock full of vitamins minerals and amino acids it's a youth elixir, apparently there's a theory that men who cum a lot live shorter (if happier) lives cos u lose nutrients and woman gets em.

  63. 63

    Well, obviously if he's waking her up with his snoring then she isn't sleeping right. I'm not a deep sleeper, noises do wake me up, but my hubby's snoring is like white noise in the background. It doesn't prevent me from sleeping. Sorry, but if she can't fall asleep, then she isn't burning enough energy before sleep. Maybe she suffers from insomnia and is merely blaming her husband out of convenience. That's silly about the sex thing, this isn't the 1800's, sex is okay to have at any time of the day, not just after you go to bed. And yes, laying down after can help to make a baby, so take a nap. No big deal.

  64. 64

    Maybe Kevin has the smallest peen and it just doesn't work…

  65. 65

    Maybe they can pretend to be parents (like they pretend to sing & act) and carry one of those High School Anti-Pregnancy Dolls.

  66. 66

    Get the surgury already!!!!

  67. 67

    yeahhhh. you should've done your research perez. there's actually a video out of them completely denying this rumor.

  68. 68




  69. 69


  70. 70

    ahahah this is old. like last year old >)M

  71. 71

    nice pitz kevin

  72. 72

    This is why you sleep together BEFORE marriage

  73. mgh says – reply to this


    idiots. HAVE SEX THEN GO TO BED.

  74. 74

    he's probably just all around creepy as hell

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  75. 75

    Girl, ME TOO! I just got married last year and I'M the one who snores… My husband's a light sleeper, so he sleeps in the guest room. :(

    Now I don't feel so weird and alone. FYI, we have sex whenever the mood fucking strikes, not like some weird bedtime ritual. Idiots.

  76. 76

    It's not really that big a deal. I mean, marriages don't end on the sole basis of not liking your spouse's snoring. I HATE snoring. It pisses me off so much. Whenever I have to stay the night with my grandmom, I stay on the other side of the house to avoid that noise…