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Wowza! Caroline Manzo Dragged Into Danielle Staub's Defamation Case By Stauby's Ex!

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This takes things to a whole different level. Anyone who's watched The Real Housewives of New Jersey knows that Danielle Staub is a liar, but this is a little sick, even for her!

Sources have learned that Danielle's former costar, Caroline Manzo, was summoned to give testimony in the ongoing court battle between Danielle and her ex-husband, Kevin Maher. It seems Kevin wanted Caroline to give a deposition in the defamation case as she was privy to most of Danielle's horror stories. Caroline complied and began retelling the laundry list of stories Danielle had confided in her about her former marriage.

We warn you now, some of this is pretty graphic and gruesome. Proceed with caution.

The bulk of Caroline's deposition revolved around a handful of stories, stories that Kevin and his lawyers have denied and denied. According to Caroline, Danielle told her that during their marriage, Kevin supposedly raped her atop of broken glass, shot or hanged her dog and worst of all, played Russian Roulette, with the pistol inserted in her vagina!

Deplorable! Caroline didn't know and offered the court only the claims that Danielle shared with her. At one point, she explained:

"She depicted him as a monster. She depicted him as someone who would beat her daily, as someone that put her in the hospital due to the beatings, I want to say on more than one occasion…She claimed to have been hiding in a tree at some point, afraid that when he came home he would find her and beat her. She claimed to be the victim of prostitution due to his demands, that he put her into that world, again depicting him as an absolute monster. And the only reason she stayed with him, because she feared for her life if she left."

Wow! That's pretty effing awful!

Call us crazy, but we have a hard time believing her. Then again, perhaps it was this kind of abuse that turned her into what she is today.

Sad situation, regardless, though.

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15 comments to “Wowza! Caroline Manzo Dragged Into Danielle Staub's Defamation Case By Stauby's Ex!”

  1. 1

    Any time this psycho says anything, you have to compare it to her behaviour on the show to uncover the real story. Ashley's text that said "I hate you" and "bye" was interpreted as a death threat and she fears for her life, because, apparently, Caroline Manzo is going to violently murder her. When she says she was beaten and had to go to the hospital, what probably happened is that her husband gave her a gentle pat on the ass, she stabbed him, and she visited him in the hospital. As for being forced into prostitution, she probably cheated on him and the guy she cheated with bought her a gift.
    I feel sorry for any woman that has gone through what she claims to have gone through, but 99% of what she spews is complete BS.

  2. 2

    Why would she confide in Caroline? They were never depicted as close friends,they never even showed them being tolerant of each other. I find
    it difficult to believe she would tell her these things. If anything they showed
    Caroline being the one keeping her distance from Danielle. Now if Jacquline
    had said that Danielle had told her these things it would be more credible,
    they were the closest of them all.

  3. 3

    That will never be allowed in court anyway. It's hearsay. You can't go on the stand and retell something that someone else told you, you can only recount things you saw and witnessed yourself.

  4. 4

    Danielle was spewing this during the first season when she was trying to get in with the Manzos, which is why Caroline knows. Also, her ex Maher took a lie detector test and PASSED which is why he is being taken seriously and giving interviews. AND Maher offered to drop the lawsuit if Danielle took a lie detector test but she refused. I read that now she is saying that she doesn't 'remember' saying these things but even if she did it did not hurt his reputation because he's a scumbag anyway.

  5. 5

    caroline looks disgusting since her stomach band surgery… she needs to eat something, she went from healthy looking to gaunt and old.

  6. 6

    I watched Dr. Phil's season opener last night and it was about "ending the silence against domestic violence." As a victim of Domestic Violence myself I can say that the things depited here may sound too awful to be true but things like that and much much worse happen on a daily, even hourly basis. Please don't ever underestimate the things a deranged man with anger and control issues will do to a woman. And yes, Danielle may have fabricated this story..but what if she didn't..what if it's 100% truth?

  7. 7

    This is pretty disgusting and deplorable. I feel bad for her kids that have to grow up with all this shit around them.

  8. 8

    This was posted at a book review :

    By A Customer

    This review is from: Cop Without a Badge: The Extraordinary Undercover Life of Kevin Maher (Hardcover)
    Just what kind of fact checking was actually done on this book anyway? Kevin Maher always has and always will be known as a snake and for anyone to take his word at face value is incomprehensible. Kevin, I hope you are reading this. A set of facts as simple as those surrounding the death of your father you have distorted to suit you and make you look like a superhero. Your father did NOT die 8/9/74 the day you were released from prision as your story so eloquently puts it, with you rushing to his side just a minute too late. Your father died Aug. 9 of 1977 of a heart attack on the subway. You would not take care of the burial arrangements so your uncle Ron had to purchase a plot in Fairview Cemetary in NJ to bury him where he rests today, left out the part about how you got your Uncle Patrick kicked off the force and had the nerve to show up for his wake. You always were and are, a slimeball. This book is a farce.

  9. 9

    whoa so crazy

  10. 10

    Re: MissEvonne – Incorrect. You can testify to what someone else told you. Hearsay is saying something like "I know Tom and Genie got into a fight because Steve told me." From Wikipedia: Hearsay is information gathered by one person from another concerning some event, condition, or thing of which the first person had no direct experience. Caroline can testify to what Danielle told her. It wouldn't be taken into evidence as proof her ex did as she said he did, but evidence that Danielle did in fact say that he did these things. Which is the basis of the case.

  11. 11

    First of all Caroline and Danielle never had a one on one conversation and if this conversation took place within the group, why does he only want Caroline's disposition - because the others probably can't be relied on to keep the facts straight and will be tripped up in their own web of lies. Very interesting only Caroline is speaking but she's the best one to be used because her tough Maffia-tuff image has be verified from time to time.

  12. 12

    Look at Caroline's real breasts against Danielle's plastic.

  13. 13

    Re: For Every Sprinkle I Find… – Thank you! I didn't know that :)

  14. 14

    Re: tonybotz – She wasn't the one that had the surgery. It was the husband

  15. 15

    Perez-go suck a ball and choke on it! Thank God you aren't a judge on anything. You don't know what she has been through. Only a court can decide this. Her ex is simply just trying to get some attention.