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Chelsea Handler: On Her VMA Aftermath

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Hey, we call'em like we see'em!

Last night, Chelsea Handler returned to her late night show (where she belongs) and sent a message out to all of us who thought her gig as VMA host was a snoozefest!

Check out the video to see her response and then also check out her monologue, which was ten times funnier than any of the shiz she put out Sunday night! (above)

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47 comments to “Chelsea Handler: On Her VMA Aftermath”

  1. 1

    Uhhh…I didnt see where she said anything to the people who thought it was a snoozefest..

  2. 2

    She wasn't responding to YOU dipshit. You are so fucking delusional.

  3. 3

    a smaller setting suits her better.

  4. 4

    she must have only sent that part of the message to the idiots (that means you, Perez) that were giving her crap. it did not translate over to the higher masses. okkkkk then…..

  5. 5

    Judging by the ratings the VMAs got this year, she probably will be asked back.

  6. 6

    I don't understand this site. How come when there's only a few comments, they don't show up unless I sign in???

    By the way, the VMA's have been horrible since the early 2000's. Its about time to put the snoozefest to bed.
    And by the way, should the VMA's be from a channel that actually plays videos??

  7. 7

    Uhhh where in that video does she mention any of you losers?

  8. 8

    Umm…it didn't sound like she addressed any nay-sayers…she was just making jokes about the show. I should have guessed…anything for a click, right Perez?

  9. 9

    I can't believe anyone pays this bitch to talk, or anyone wastes their time listening to her.

  10. 10

    fuck you, perez. you wouldn't know decent comedy if it slapped you in the face. chelsea is hilarious and though the VMAs probably wasnt the best setting for her comedy, it's the freaking VMAs…COME ON! when has the VMAs EVER been a decent awards show?? It's target audience is a bunch of teenie boppers and sad pathetic people like you. Oh, and fuck lady gaga. I hope she dies

  11. 11

    Re: spdude03 – Amen! No one cares about the VMA's. Let's move on from this whole Chelsea bashing… I can think of better assholes to criticize such as Lady Caca and her hideous beef curtain ensemble. She tries to be so cutting edge and artistic but fails miserably. I can't wait until she falls and breaks her ankle.

  12. 12

    I think if she could have said what she was really thinking at the VMA's she would have been funnier we all know MTV censored all of that so all the tweens that stayed up wouldn't have there ears covered by there parents when Chelsea drops the F Bomb or anything about Vaginas and Snookie and sleeping with Bieber while drinking vodka. It just wasnt her that night and it's okay because now she is back on E! and no one watches that station so you never have to worry about them getting fined.

  13. 13

    yes Perez! cause all the awards are fighting for you to be the host! Chelsea is THE BITCH! you always like to be and you'll never be!

  14. 14

    You keep wording these blogs as if these celebs are calling out to you. They're not even aware of your presence… you're delusional. Oh yeah and good job on getting a fan photo with Nikki Minaj and then write about how you two are best friends. Pfft. Get real.

  15. 15

    Re: spdude03 – You are so not the only person who wishes that, the VMA's are pathetic and I thought Kanye was hilarious when he interrupted Taylor and his song was freaking awesome. Plus Chelsea is hilarious I love her. Not her fault the VMA's are a boring excuse for a show that awards Lady Ga Ga for being a total cliche.

  16. 16

    I really just don't find this woman funny. At all..

  17. 17

    Chelsea was funny. Her opening monologue had me cracking up.."i stayed sober all week…but in an interesting turn of events, I'm high as a kite". If perez as a problem with chelsea, he needs to check himself. She has guts, and isnt afraid to make fun of anything, especially herself. All he does is draw inappropriate things on pics of celebrities and get reall offended if someone makes a joke about him.

  18. 18

    She does a better job on her show, but I still think she's rude and talentless. As for her VMA hosting, I still think her monologue was awful, but that is what the remote is for.
    And is this chick really only 35? Really? Really?!?!?

  19. 19

    She was absolutely terrible, and so was this monologue. Her lame jokes could come from a high school talent night.

  20. 20

    perez, you're really starting to piss me off. you ridicule everyone. and truthfully you're not funny! all of ur info is second hand. and now after reading this post of yours about Chelsea i think YOU SUCK!!!

  21. 21

    I thought she did a decent job. It was just the show in general that was boring- way too many "artists" nominated with zero talent ad very little excitement. Not enough zaney antics. Nothing that compares to Marilyn Manson in assless chaps or gaga hanging from the ceiling covered in blood….
    The only good parts were Chelsea with a house on her head, florence and the machine, Taylor Swift (although I'm sick of her whining about the Kanye thing) and Paramore. Everyone else can suck a big dick.

  22. 22

    Re: crazie – Love her but she got ripped a new one by every news outlet so I doubt it :-(

    Mario quit trying to start - I'm glad she took the high road and NEVER mentioned your name once. The last thing you deserve is publicity like that - which you're obviously begging for.

  23. 23

    You're such a idiot, get over it. She wasn't talking about you, despite what you might believe.. PEOPLE DONT CARE ABOUT YOU.

  24. 24

    psh. Chelsea Handler is amazing. Love her

  25. 25


  26. 26

    yeah and she also added saying that the best ratings since 2002. so who's laughing now douchbag. your just pist that you couldn't do a better job then her ever so stop being a crybaby asshole and quit your day job for once we won't miss you at all trust me on this one. so bye bye you jerk.

  27. 27

    I don't know how anyone finds her funny. She is utterly annoying and not funny at all, don't know how she got her own show.

  28. 28

    the reason y she gets to say what the fuck she wants on chelsea lately BECUZ IT"S HER FUCKING SHOW U DIPSHIT!

  29. 29

    i think the ratings speak for itself!!!!!!!!!!

  30. 30

    perez, go suck a fat one. Chelsea is funny as fuck.

  31. 31

    lol :D

  32. 32

    the only thing i can think of is perez is mad at chelsea for not inviting him again to be on her roundtable. she has Ross Mathews so much more and i just LOVE HIM TO PIECES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE IS SO FUNNY AND IF ANY OTHER GAY SHOULD BE A AMERICAN IDOL JUDGE IT SHOULD BE ROSS MATHEWS ALL THE WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. 33

    "YOUR LIFE IS A BOMB!" Chelsea Handler to Perez. I agree.

  34. 34

    her hosting on the vmas was bad. her show is bad.

  35. 35

    She just isn't funny.

  36. 36

    Uhm, you do realize that yesterday you said something totally different about her as the host. You are such a fucking loser. It seems to me like you're jealous that the only fame you have is sticking your ugly nose up Lady Tranny's asshole. Just because Chelsea doesn't like you doesn't mean she isn't awesome. You nasty fucking pig.

  37. 37

    i thought chelsea was very funny

  38. 38

    what message? seriously, how was she responding to you in any way?

  39. 39

    i thought she did good!

  40. 40

    The only people laughing at her monologue was the canned laughter. She sucks and is not funny at all. She did suck hosting VMA, the most boring host ever.

  41. 41

    did you even listen to what she said? she never even mentioned what people said about her performance….you literally have like…2 braincells.

  42. 42

    She sucks. Saw her live show in Vegas & it was BAD. Audience wasn't sure what to laugh at. She blew dirty ass on the VMAs too. Same response from that audience. This old woman needs to retire (as she needs to retire her tube tops - they just accentuate the fact that she's built like a linebacker). She hasn't been funny since Girls Behaving Badly.

  43. 43


  44. 44

    That was fun. I liked it.

  45. 45

    way to put your fucking watermark on a video from her youtube channel, dipshit.

  46. 46

    Plz Perez! You are just made because you have been MTV's bitch for the last few years and have yet be asked to do anything that would actually get ratings (i.e. award shows). You are mad because no one wants to see your face on TV so all you're stuck with is host Bad Girls Club reunions and a few stupid cameos. Chelsea did a great job considering all the restrictions they gave her and it was worth seeing her finally commenting on the Jersey Shore. "No, don't applaud for them! They're the reason why MTV won't play your videos!" Why don't you actually do some real journalism and actually right more than three paragraphs and cutting and pasting links!

  47. 47

    Re: NevermoreGirlRe: NevermoreGirl – Oops, sorry, meant "write" instead of "right".