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Ellen Really Bothered By GaGa's Meat Dress!

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She can't stop talking about it.

Ellen DeGeneres was very upset by Lady GaGa's choice to wear the infamous meat dress on her show — especially since she's a vegan!

Ellen says:

"I was like, 'Can she please change because this is going to be very awkward and this is a daytime show.' It's not the VMAs. She's gonna show up doing this and then it's gonna air tomorrow during daytime and then she's sitting, ya know, on my show in a meat dress and it's gonna be weird for her.

"Whether you're vegan or not, it's just weird to be sitting next to somebody wearing slabs of meat on their head and their body. It's gross, you know. Even if you eat meat, it's gross."

Check out the rest of her chat about GaGa with Ryan Seacrest above!


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143 comments to “Ellen Really Bothered By GaGa's Meat Dress!”

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  1. 101

    I'm reeeeaaaally not a fan of Gaga to begin with so I usually ignore how ridiculous she is, but this was just waaaay out of line. I'm a vegetarian so I was obviously EXTREMELY offended, but regardless of that, even people I know who eat meat said it was a horrible thing to do.

    Plus she should have known Ellen is vegan since Gaga *supposedly* has a great love for Ellen and not worn that on her show.

  2. 102

    Gaga looked hella sexy wearing that meat!i fucking love meat and who ever doesn't love meat is so stupid!humans are suposed to kill animals to eat!Animals kill humans also to eat.so i see no point in being a vegan!

  3. 103

    That was completely disgusting and unsanitary. That's not art. I'm an art history student, that dress along with Gag-me's explanation for it is what we call Bulls**t. It had to reek under those hot lights, and it's completely disrespectful to Ellen on -her own freaking show-. Gag-me is an attention-seeker and her attempts are getting more and more pathetic. She's starting to alienate people.

  4. 104

    It is true we are looking at cruelty but i don't think gaga thought about it that way

  5. 105

    Okay, so Anthony Kiedis says, really nicely, that he doesn't want his music on TV - and you make it out to be a big beef between him and Glee. But Ellen, really nicely, says she was disgusted to be near your BELOVED Lady GaGa - and you say nothing……… I had no idea how much you liked Ellen.

  6. 106

    Re: maccebaby1991 – agreed. Plus… Ellen needs to get off her high judgmental horse. she's only been a vegan for what??? two years. o_O Shut up and just be funny.

  7. 107

    Gaggag is an attention slut. Ellen is whiny. Shall we move on?

  8. IVIV says – reply to this


    So Ellen's comfort/rights/expression on her OWN show don't matter because we all must 1st cater to lady fuckface? this isn't about killing animals for FOOD or eating meat. She didn't eat the rotting carcass she WORE IT AS A DRESS. That is not killing an animal for food, it is using it as clothing & meat as clothing is not even practical it's unhealthy & unsanitary if anything & a WASTE OF FOOD/an animals LIFE for Lady Gaga's BENEFIT. & once again contradicted herself because when her happy ass marched out in that dumbass kermit costume she said it was about the fur industry & not wearing fur. She could have used fake meat for this, she has done this twice now once on Vogue & now the VMA's. & she says it's about rights? while exploiting other rights. She's the queen of contradiction. Probably because she's full of shit & desperate for attention, fame, & WORSHIP for her "uniqueness". P.s. this idea isn't even original, it's been done before in art pieces & on America's Next Top Model 2008. She's a disrespectful spoiled little narcissistic brat.

  9. 109

    ITS like littering…..the same concept. its a waste of flesh……..she just wants attention folks…i eat meat. however that is like going red….not green

  10. 110

    if you want to be christina just wear some red feathers

  11. 111

    To be honest, I don´t like what Lady GaGa is up to now about that meat issue. My problem is, if she will raise a controvertial issue I hope she is backing it up with something good. Lady Gaga is not even a vegetarian. She loves junk food. ´So what´s the purpose of this meat all about? She becomes famous because of all her outrageous outfits. But without it, does she really have a talent that dominates and oustand the other artists?

  12. 112

    I think gaga made a mistake. Everyone knows ellen is vegan if you have ever watched an episode it comes up quite a bit and lady gaga would know this. I support lady gaga wearing her meat dress at the vmas and she has a reason for it but it is quite rude to sit next to a vegan who appreciates animal life wearing meat all over your body. Not to mention sitting on the chair and what about the smell? I think it was just the wrong place. magazine shoot is fine but not on ellens show

  13. 113

    Oh get over it Ellen! Not everybody is vegan like you (thank god!!), and you know, before you critisize other peple's wardrobes, look at tour own! Would it really kill you to wear a skirt or a dress for a change?! You're a woman for christ sake! Act like one!

  14. Bree says – reply to this


    Ellen is absolutely right. Lady Gaga made her statement at the VMA's and she shouldve changed on Ellen's show out of courtesy. Lord knows she couldnt do that though could she?

    By the way, I find it hard to believe anyone was thinking what Gaga said her "dress" represented. She just did it for the shcok and awe, She got it, now she needs to be courteous to others.

  15. china says – reply to this


    a meat dress might be gross but even more so is tranny caca. why invite the ugly bitch at all?

  16. 116

    No respect for other people, as long as she is being edgy and controversial it doesn't matter who she offends.

  17. 117

    Hmmmm … Did they cover the seat she was sitting in with plastic to protect the fine fabric from cold, slimy, greasy, raw meat? What did she smell like? Did she eat her dress after the show? YES, this disgusting meat dress was disrespectful of Ellen and her dietary ethics. As a vegetarian, I wouldn't eat an apple around a carnivore: They might ga-gag over the thought of eating something healthy.

  18. 118


  19. 119

    I AM NOT VEGAN…. Gaga's just digusting

  20. 120

    oh c'mon Perez, i love u but when stuff like this happens with lady gaga in the middle.. you don't say anything..just write THOUGHTS? uummm.. i don't care who gaga is ..but it's just TOO MUCH. I totally agree with Ellen on this one. I Love gaga for being over the top, but sometimes you just can't offend people for it.
    Just saying, you should come out and comment, i would like to know what you think… probably, she looked FABOOSH right? oh god lol

  21. 121

    lol oh please… I love Ellen and I love Gaga, but I'm sorry, I have to disagree about this. Everyone knows Gaga does things to shock people, and everyone thinks it's fun until they personally get shocked by it. If you don't like Gaga then don't have her on your show; you should expect that she'd do something over the top, and next time she'll push the limit even more and do something unexpected that no one would think of doing

    However, you def. are a hypocrite Perez; you bitch about people wearing fur all the time but if you're beloved Gaga wears a MEAT dress, it's okay? lol idiot.

  22. 122

    i'm sure lady gag gag wouldn't want to be skinned and worn. she's disgusting. when will her 15 minutes be over?!!

  23. 123

    I never want to see or hear of/about Lady Vomit GaGa again.
    She has "handlers from hell" destroying her dysfunctional career. The "meat" was the end of it.
    She brought shame to herself.

  24. 124

    example i dont like friends to smoke in my truck but they sometimes lite up and ill tell them hey turn the damn thing off or sometimes i let it fly by i dont go the next day and tell everyone how upset i was and how rude my friend was for smoking what im saying is if she really did not want her on she should have told gaga directly hey gurl could u change not have her people tell her people and then turn around later and say oh well gaga did not want to change and her meat dress is gross look folks that is gaga u either accept her for everything she does or u don't its like Ellen shes a lesbian either u accept her for everything she is or u don't what so Ellen wont accept her fans that eat meat in front of her whatever Ellen you hurt GAGA and u hurt me i understand but she did not go out there and killed the cow herself

  25. 125

    Agree with Ellen. Wearing meat is disgusting. It's bad enough that people eat it. Wearing it just means another animal suffered for no reason. Totally inhumane.

  26. 126

    I used to be a fan of Lady Gaga, but everytime I see a new story about her, I like her a little bit less. I'm no longer a fan.
    Wearing a dead animal carcass to be "shocking" is revolting. I guess she didn't think about how many people she would piss off with that outfit. I hope she lost a lot of fans.
    Getting sick of this site, as well. Anytime you post something about Gaga, you never say a bad word about her. But if anyone else were wearing the same meat outfit, you'd say it was disgusting, and wrong.

  27. 127

    Vegeterians have turned into dictators. Why is it always the omnibores have to respect the lifestyle of vegans and never the opposite ?

  28. 128

    Everything about GaGa is fucking disgusting.

  29. 129

    Lady Gag Gag is Gross!

  30. 130

    oh ellen, stfu and stick your face back into a hairy sushi roll

  31. 131

    I bet if it was fish she wouldn't mind.

  32. 132

    Ugh! So sick of all this Vegan brainwashing shit! Its like scientology's best friend! Its so sad that Ellen is blinded. She should support Gaga in anyway. Plus the meat wasn't real. Everyone is stupid and ignorant! I am so sick of these effin granola hippie fuckers that get offended and hard pressed when it comes to people who eat meatn or where it for that matter. Humans have teeth and muscles in their bones for a reason. Carnage! If they don't like it, they should just have their teeth and jaws removed and slurp veggie shakes fro life. Fuck off Peta and Ellen. ps. ellen, what about those dogs you neglected?

  33. 133

    Re: GG78 – Okay, let's talk common sense for two seconds. You do realize when you buy say, 3 pounds of chicken it comes out to what…$9.00 or so? (I'm a vegetarian but had to buy meat for my work once so that's how I have an estimate.) Bananas cost like 30 cents a pound…apples usually less than a dollar a pound…bag of carrots for $1.50…produce is the cheapest thing on the freaking planet! You save SO much more money being a vegetarian…and lots more being a vegan! I'm sorry, but that comment was REALLY DUMB.

  34. 134

    she passes the time with her face in a hairy fish pie and shes worried about a couple of little steaks ????

  35. 135

    People should really stop assuming the reasons GaGa wore the Meat Dress.
    GaGa even told Ellen that the dress has many interpretations, but to her that night it meant that if you don't stand up for your rights or what you believe in, then pretty soon you'll have just as much rights as the meat on your bones. And she threw in that she wasn't a piece of meat. :)
    So that's why she wore it. Get over yourselves.

  36. 136

    Well it just goes to show that Ellen Degeneres has more class than Lady Gaga who showed absolutely no respect for the fact the Ellen D. was a vegan…and went ahead and wore the stupid outfit..Ellen said "I didn't want to make her feel uncomfortable" what a nice lady - unlike Lady Me me who'se just an attention grabbing dope, and who has no thought whatsoever for somebody else's feelings..Ellen should have stood up to her and said - No! like Anna Wintour did recently..

  37. 137

    isnt using insults like "lady gag, or lady CACA" jus abit preschoolish? I mean if u dont like the WHOA-man…u can bitch all day..we love that..but the insult bar needs to be risen. par 4 par bitches.

  38. 138

    Gotta give my support to Ellen on this one. I like Lady Gaga but a raw meat dress is gross.

  39. 139

    Ellen, baby, you can wear in your next interview whatever the hell you want, even the strap on dildo that you use on your whore!

  40. 140

    The meat dress is very very weird. I'm not vegan, but I think it'd be offensive to someone who was.

  41. 141

    Vegans, how healthy are you? can you even produce a turd? probably you are one of those pale yellow looking suckers that go to the local organic market and price themselves for being better that all the other meat eating lower earthly humans.

    If you are so against making a meal out of a living creature why don't you take it to another level and do not eat any vegetables… they are cabon based living creatures too. do you wear anything that is made out of cotton, shit that came from a living plant, do you drive? even your little gay green prius? where do you think the electricity come from? does it not come from fossil fuel, which is there thanks to the prehystoric living creatures that died sufering in a cataclysmic event millions of years ago… you hypocrate piece of crap, get over yourself and accept that we can eat, wear, burn, fart, even bullfight whatever the hell we want and we do not have to justify ourselves.

  42. 142

    So, I was thinking I was going to skin Lady Gaga and wear her dead body as a dress for this party I'm going to next weekend.. It's all good though, because I'm an artist and it'll be a creative way of showing the world that I can be philosophical. GOD Lady Gaga is such an idiot, just check her meat purse, there's probably coke in it. ELLEN is fucking amazing, and It's totally cool of her to have kept it sane while interviewing that retard on her show.

  43. 143

    Re: Kyle777 – So first of all, who are you to sit there and say that vegans are hypocrites and that you can do "whatever the hell we want and we do not have to justify ourselves" but then turn around and bash on them? And electricity comes from coal power plants, nuclear power plants and renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and hydroelectric dams so idk where you got your ridiculous information. And I didn't realize there was anything homosexual about a Prius…or were you implying that "gay" has somehow become a synonym for stupid/dumb. Wow.
    Demanding to live how you want to, but then criticizing others who want to do the same. Who's the real hypocrite. Douche.

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