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More KStew Ungratefulness!

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You know, one day, Kristen Stewart, you are just going to have to accept the fact that had you never done Twilight, no one would give a shiz about you and your acting career would be as successful as LiLo's legal team!

In a recent interview, KStew insists that her parents pushed her to become a part of the Twilight franchise because they were tired of seeing her indie movies. She explains:

"My mother was so excited when I got the Twilight gig. My whole family were. Before Twilight they were like, 'Why are you doing all these Sundance movies that no-one will see?'"

Exactly! We give kudos to actors who work in indie flicks to strengthen their craft, but ask any of them if they want to make a zillion dollars being in love with a vampire on-screen and we guarantee they'd say yes.

Stop acting like you are better than the mainstream! It's not convincing! (Just like your actual acting…)

[Image via WENN.]

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107 comments to “More KStew Ungratefulness!”

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  1. 1



  2. 2

    "KStew insists that her parents pushed her to become a part of the Twilight franchise because they were tired of seeing her indie movies."

    Wow what supportive parents… at least she had roles.

  3. 3

    i dont see anything negative with her comment. she is not being ungrateful. On the contrary she is saying in other words that she wouldn't be who she is today without twilight . that she would probably still be doing indie flicks that dont pay well.

  4. 4

    You've been smoking too much ass crack. Come down to earth a little bit. I think you read way too much into her statement.

  5. 5

    jealous much Mario?

  6. 6

    TWILIGHT WAS AN INDIE FILM! No, one expected to be as big as it where. So I say BULLSHIT! This interview, her quote is bullshit!

  7. 7

    I think the author is being a bit hard on her. Granted yes she probably should have said something different but she was quoting & I'm sure the response was appropriate if we saw the question that came before it.

  8. 8

    perez is officially the most retarded person on earth… how does this mean she is ungrateful? and you havn't seen any of her fucking interviews because when someone asks about her being ungrateful she talks about how that is total bullshit. and when she signs autographs for fans she actually starts a conversation with them, i fucking love this girl.

    and the thing about her parents pushing her to be in twilight is total bullshit. no one knew it would become this big so fuck off.

  9. 9

    How is she being ungrateful here? You're just an asshole who looks for something wrong in everything she says and its really lame, Perez!! Stop picking on the girl.

  10. 10

    WTF??? Way to twist her words!!! Where was she ungrateful or regretful???? You dumb ass! Quit hating.

  11. 11

    Where is the ungratefulness in this? I am so annoyed by the subject header because it has nothing to do with what you ran in the article. Nowhere in the entire piece is she being ungrateful about anything. I really have to question why you are so down on her when she seems to have done nothing wrong.

  12. 12

    really? i dont see anything negative about her comment. im pretty sure that in the past she even has said that she is glad about the fans and the success of twilight. and how is this even negative if she prefers doing indie movies? i actually defend her because she acts because its her passion and not because of fame or recognition. She enjoys acting and takes it as a job and not like these other actors that pick films to increase their popularity. Perez i really think you need to shut the fuck up and let her be

  13. 13

    Umm, she's actually saying in other words that she has Twilight to thank for her career. Why did you get a tiny snippet from an actually huuuge interview, a lovely interview at that, and make it seem like she's a bitch?

    Taken from the exact same interview - she was always told “You’re not right, you’re different, so you’re a bitch." That's exactly what you think of her. She's not a slutty blonde bimbo with plastic surgery, she is a real person, different from others in hollywood and you're always hating on her for that.

    I'm so glad she's got a tough enough skin to never listen to you. I hope she makes tonnes more movies just to piss you off.

  14. 14

    Re: semisweet65

    I completely agree. If anything, she is saying that she is completely grateful. I don't think comprehension is a strong point for Perez!

  15. 15

    Mario or Mario's jealous sister,
    …. pick on someone your own size, Kristy Alley?

  16. 16

    Everyone connected with Twilight has said they had NO idea it wouold be this big…as far as they knew it WAS another indie film and they had a small budget.

  17. 17

    Whatever.. you just dont like her perez. Her comment is expressing her gratitude for the twilight franchise! And its sort of a joke about how her family felt about the indie films. Dont just write nasty stuff about her just cause you are not a fan of hers. She is an awesome bella, and she was pretty good in the runaways too.

  18. 18

    What is the matter with you Perez? She said nothing wrong or ungrateful. Leave the girl alone…This is getting beyond pathetic.

  19. 19

    Okay, Perez. I love ya, I really do… but I feel we need to have a Perez-KStew intervention here. I'm indifferent about this girl (but love me some RPatz) and you clearly HATE her… to the point where you're becoming annoying with your insistence that you twist EVERY FLIPPIN statement Kristen says to appear negative. ENOUGH! PLEASE!

  20. 20

    She's not saying her parents pushed her into it! She said they were excited and supportive the way any parent should.

  21. 21

    its so funny how right perez is about celebrities. he speaks the truth that no one wants to hear because you are all to busy making excuses for celebs behavior… just accept the fact that they are human and not perfect. kstew isn't perfect and she really sin;t that likebale… but ppl see her movies anyway. its fact

  22. 22

    I don't think she was being ungrateful in this comment but I don't understand how they did not know Twilight was going to be huge. The films were filmed like an indie movie but the Twilight books already sold millions by that point and it had a huge following like the Harry Potter books.

  23. 23

    Bugs you much that she's not walking around dressed in dead flesh as a dress?

  24. 24

    how is she being ungrateful? she said her family was excited and supportive. there was no complaining in her comment all. I love you Perez but sometimes you are so unnecessarily douchey, hateful, and annoying!

  25. 25

    it really bugs you to see women doing good doesn't it? f'in douche!

  26. 26

    You're officially one of the biggest retards ever. I saw that interview, before I wacked off to the picture. And sweet Stew said she owed everything to Twilight, you dumb ass.

  27. 27

    popular books that are adapted to film fail all the time. Blood and Chocolate had twilight style popularity, and it tanked at the box office. twilight was just lucky to have such devoted fans.

  28. 28

    You're such a fucking idiot, perez. she said nothing about being pushed by her parents. She was just saying her parents were happy she was doing a film that was more popular. I'm gonna kick your ass one day for talking about my future wifey all the time, you ugly piece of shit.

  29. 29

    Nice taking that quote completely out of context, perez. I read the interview, she said at the beginning she owed everything to twilight and her parents were so happy she finally did a movie that got to be seen. She was being self-deprecating, you stupid twat.

  30. 30

    God she's fucking sexy to me. She's all legs and tight ass and lips that should be wrapped around me.

  31. 31

    She has terrible skin.

  32. 32

    She's so humble in that interview, you're such a fucking douche for completely taking a harmless quote and then twisting it to mean something else with your intro. I'm so glad she was nice to you at SXSW, it just goes to show that she could give a crap less what you think of her.

  33. 33

    BTW there is nothing wrong with doing the Indy movies. I'm angry that I don't get the IFC here or Sundance as I way prefer the indy flicks. We don't even have an art house theatre for those tiny few of us that don't enjoy going to the big 16 ciniplexes that they have around here with nothing but the main and I mean mainstream childrens movies. To top it off its mostly adults going to see them as well. I've not seen the Twilight thing. I enjoy her not known movies much better. I wish I lived in a city with an artisitc vibe to it. Here in MS its fat men and fatter trucks and those 4wheeled things that get covered with mud. I am a total outcast here. I can feel her pain. No matter how hard one tried to be like the locals they can tell when you're not born here. We just don't mix and I'm the one that was forsed to be here so it should be me that leaves. Pray for me people to get out of here. East west it doesn't matter. I'm needing all the positive karma I can get. Don't want this place to consume me. Thanks for dealing with my desperate ramble. Any suggestions would be apreciated.

  34. 34

    I'm not a fan of hers, but even I can see that you're being unfair. She was quoting her family. Their words, not hers. Do you really not see that? Even after Twilight she's continued to do indie movies.

  35. 35

    You make no sense in thsi post. And the fact that every comment thinks you're on crack right now proves it. She said nothing negative. Get some fucking reading comprehension skills workbooks for you and your equally fat and ugly sister. You guys are just jealous cause Kristen is hot as hell.

  36. 36

    Who gives a shit what she said about twilight. She's too good for that shit. Let's get back to the fact she's got the most fucking amazing apple cheeks I've ever seen on a tight teenaged ass.

  37. 37

    The things I'd love to stick in that sexy little mouth of hers. Fuck you Perez, you ugly gay virgin.

  38. 38

    I'm not a fan of hers but I don't see anything negative in the comment.
    sounds more like Kristen was thinking she wasn't good enough for the role and her parents told her that it wouldn't hurt to at least try.

  39. 39

    I love this girl, she's beautiful but has attitude and nothing's fucking hotter. Perez is a big queen so he can't understand that.

  40. 40

    Re: Nathiestx – Haha, are you serious? An indie film? The budget was 38 MILLION. Of course people thought it was going to be huge, it was based on an incredibly popular book series and crafted to pander to teenage girls. This is like calling Harry Potter an "indie" film.

  41. 41

    keep your ugly meat dressed lady caca Perez, and I'll have kstew. You have fucking horrible taste in women.

  42. 42

    For the record sundance films trump all things twilight-

  43. 43

    I didn't read anything negative or ungrateful in that statement. Let's also remember that when you take a little excerpt of what someone says, out of a whole interview, it can take on new meaning than what's intended. Perez, why don't you stop the bullsh*t!

  44. 44

    I dont see anything negative about her comment. So stop hating on her!!!!


  45. 45

    Personification of "clod." Woof!

  46. 46

    ROFL, Everything she says is true and she makes good points. -SHE KNOWS- her success is solely because of a bunch of tweens that have no taste/semi retarded and are celebrity obsessed. She doesn't like getting stalked all day by dumb tween girls thats obsessed with a crap movie.

  47. 47

    You're always shitting on this girl for no reason. Just because she's successful and goddamned gorgeous and you are a troll everyone hates, don't blame her for that.

  48. 48

    I find it funny perez only insults very young girls for simply dating or being associated with some hot guy perez desperately wants to bang…He literally has the intelligence and maturity of a 14 year old middle school girl.

  49. 49

    You're such an illiterate asshole, seriously. There's nothing remotely ungrateful in her comment you used-if anything she sounds humble there.

  50. 50

    Aw, poor Perez. He still is taking it out on kstew for her boyfriend Robert calling you a nerd blogger! bwahahahah. Kstew: 40,000 Perez: -2

  51. 51

    Love Kstew, her quote is sweet if you have reading skills above the third grade level. Perez you are such a bitter, ignorant bitch.

  52. 52

    Dumb ass Perez. There's nothing ungrateful in the quote. She's actually joking here that no one cared about her movies before twilight, which is the very point you say she's missing. You are retarded.

  53. 53

    You make mountains out of mole hills.. there was nothing here to suggest that she's ungrateful! Your complete jealousy of Kristen Stewart is not only disgustingly obvious, it's also very childish. Any gal playing opposite and or dating Robert Patinson in the Twilight series would incur your immature wrath.

  54. 54

    Way to go on showing how ignorant you are, you can't even read properly, you idiot. Fuck you, she's hot.

  55. 55

    Re: Nathiestx – What? Twilight had a HUGE teen following as a book. Our theatre was sold out for the midnight showing, indie films dont do that. Everyone knew it would do as well as it did. You have the money from the book plus merchandise then all the re sales of the book, they knew they were making millions.

  56. 56

    "Stop acting like you are better than the mainstream! It's not convincing! (Just like your actual acting…)"

    LOL XD

  57. 57

    can someone explain to ginger toothless that SHE is the reason NO one saw those sundance films.

  58. 58

    I don't like her or Twilight, but she didn't sound snide at all. You took a shot and missed.

  59. 59

    Re: ItsBabyBitch – really did they? thats why they hired worthless actors? and made it a piece of shit production? Thats why the screenplay sucked dick? well i guess they couldnt do much to being with since the shit show they were copying was that horrendous book

  60. 60

    See, this is where i think you are delusional. NOT EVERYONE WANTS TO BE FAMOUS! Just cause you do doesn't mean everyone does! You want a a gay young man that looks about 15, I want an older, manly straight man. You are so close-minded.

  61. 61

    Why do you hate her, Perez? Her acting is actually quite good and I'm not easily impressed. Never saw any of the Twilight crap, but I enjoyed her performances in The Runaways and Adventureland. Maybe she finds my demographic more important than yours and wants to spend her time making quality movies that will give her a long career, rather than cashing in on a fad.

  62. 62

    kristen is such a hot, sexy chick. perez, you are a dumb, ugly idiot who apparently has the comprehension of a 2 year old. how is she being ungrateful?

  63. 63

    i have NEVER seen a quote more taken out of context then what you did to Kristen's comment… you have serious issues with women who arent whorish, blonde, stupid, and doesnt say gay in every sentence…

  64. 64

    Wow, somebody is sure pissed off at all these actresses who are prettier and more talented than he is. And have hotter boyfriends. I don't know who is doing the writing today, but somebody needs to get in with their therapist ASAP.

  65. 65


  66. 66

    I never hear anyone else but you Perez saying she complains! & so what, she seems to have parents who PUSH her to be an actress! Sure she enjoys it but having parents like hers can't be easy! But then again she should take in account all the people who don't have her "connections" in the biz and who BUST their asses and starve trying to survive and get that ONE GIG! So if she is complaining, she really shouldn't she is far more blessed then she knows. Maybe she needs a humbling experience as do you Perez! :roll:

  67. esj says – reply to this


    You are looney tunes, Perez. Not all actors (people) are driven by money. Most are but there are a few who love their craft more than just money. I'm sure she appreciates all the success and perks by being in the Twilight films (aside from the fact that she met her love in them). She's not being ungrateful - she's somebody simple who suddenly became big, and she's awkward and uncomfortable about it!

  68. kahlo says – reply to this


    You're a very hateful person.

  69. 69

    okay maybe its just me but okay i love Perez and all but okay we get it you dont like Kristen Stewart and Taylor momsen its like stop bitching cuz there actually really cool lol :p

  70. 70

    I'm just glad that everyone feels like I do about this… I used to think you were cool, Perez, but now I just think you call out people that don't give you the time of day and dote on those that do. Kristen is legit. YOU are the one that got "famous" for being a bitchy gossip queen, not for talent. Say what you want about her, she's never going to respond, because she probably doesn't even know who you are.

  71. 71

    The girl can't say anything without you criticizing it.
    As always, you are such a piece of shit, Perez! K. Stew is like 20 and you're in your 30's. Grow the fuck up.
    What I don't get is that everytime you bash her like 90% of the people (fans and nonfans of K. Stew's) on here defend her. One would think you'd give it a rest already. Or do you not read the comments at all?

  72. 72

    I love how people who normally hate that ugly bitch from the twilight movies are all for her when Perez says something negative.

  73. 73

    You such a dick perez. I haven't seen twilight, but I saw her on jimmy fallon and she's fucking awesome. she threw footballs in high heels and a minidress like a champ and was adorable. Your lard ass couldn't appreciate that though.

  74. 74

    well exactly perez!!!

  75. 75

    Even though Perez is wrong here, her indie roles are fucking great. Just watched the Cake Eaters tonight - was channel surfing. She rocked the hell out of that role. Bought Into The Wild & was blown away by her sexiness. Love or don't like her — She shines in every role. This is why she's a Movie Star. She shouldn't wear so much make-up though. She is magnificent without it.

  76. 76

    That´s a harsh comment from Kirsten. I practically know her before twilight came. Those movies she did was her stepping stone to get in Twilight. Twilight executives during their production are looking for cast who have already experiences in acting and have already a fanbase, but not that overexposed coming artists. And most of all less expensive artists. Rob Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are already both young experienced actors with fanbase like her. Twilight is not Glee who started from scratch and hired cast members who never have experience in acting at all.

  77. 77

    Re: this is it – If you think that Perez is "right" about celebrities, then you're a fucking moron

  78. 78


    Twilight was not an indie film. Most indie films don't get cinema releases, or advertising, or merchandise, or that amount of media attention

  79. 79

    She's cool, but I have to say…the worst dresser in America, well, besides Tina Fey.

  80. 80

    That is so not true. Adventureland is one of my favorite movies.

  81. 81

    Not that I can even stomach Kristan Stewart, but has it ever occurred to you that not all actors are interested in getting "Zillions of Dollars" that maybe she was happy making all those Sundance films? And what the fuck do you know about talent anyway? You spend 48% on this site up Lady Gaga's butt crack and another 48% up Katy Perry's butt crack. Everything else is all badly written post about shit already covered on better sites!

  82. 82

    WHO THE EFF is writing the comments? Is it thesister or Perez himself (doubtful)???? They are SO annoying and preachy. Lay off your own personal opinions. Nobody wants to hear them because for one reason, they're worthless.

  83. 83

    I can't stand her! Her acting is lame, and she just seems so ungrateful and moody! Jeez, if you don't want attention, then STOP ACTING!!!

  84. 84

    Absolutely true…im with Perez

  85. 85

    don't see where "ungrateful" and her comment relate but whatever….what else is new with this shit site…………

  86. 86

    As per usual Perez, your personal vendetta against Kristen has resulted in you looking like the brainless, moron you are. Her comments have been fully taken out of context and twisted to suit your own personal agenda. Also, if you did some research on her you would find out that she had no idea how massively popular the Twilight saga would be before she signed on to do the film, money had little to do with it, AND she continues to do indie films anyway (i.e. Welcome to the Rileys, the Yellow Handkerchief…)
    Your incessant slating of her is getting seriously old now.

  87. 87

    Yay, vintage Perez, it's why I still come on. You are supposed to call out all celebs, this is how you became popular. Enough of all your shiz since you became famous. Fame has diluted your ability to remain impartial and give those swanning, deluded Hollywood celebrities a dousing of reality on behalf of the masses!

  88. 88

    HAH! If Perez didn't start off talking shit about everybody, b/c he's a jealous bitch, then his pathetic sister wouldn't be able to piggy back off of it.

  89. 89

    She is a good actress and who the hell made this up? I've heard many times before that her parents didn't push her in to this.
    She doesn't act like she is better than the mainstream. She acts like she just wants to do movies.
    She can act and she is good too, get over it.

  90. 90

    Besides, I saw all of her moves before Twilight and the only reason I still watch Twilight is because of her. Ever since I saw her in Speak (2005) I thought she was really good and I continued on watching her movies, but the first movie I saw with her was Panic Room but then I really didn't care about the acting.

  91. 91

    Re: Jolanda1981 – I think you would feel the same way if you had 10 papz stalking you almost 24/7 even if you don't have an upcoming move.

  92. 92

    What are you people smoking? Twilight was not an "indie" flick. It was on a small scale compared to action movies. It had a budget of almost 40 million dollars. 40 million dollars = indie? Not in my eyes. I don't think she sounded ungrateful in the quote, but she does complain too much for someone in her position. I am sure there are hundreds of just as talented women in hollywood right now who would love to be in her spot.

  93. 93

    I finally figured it out u want her, u want her bad. No one spends this much time analyzing a persons clothes, the way she talks walks eats shits dreams acts curses dresses etc… u know there's an anti stalking law in california right. I scream uncle for Kristen there's something wrong with u.

  94. 94

    So it's not your fault if you did this sh** movie, ahah sure not our Miss-Indie-Movies … such a stupid statement!

  95. 95

    Sometimes I feel so bad for her. Like, I even make negetive comments about her. Maybe I should stop and start encouraging her but she gotta stop all this nonesence. She needs to worship Twilight cause_ yes _ she would be a nobody if it wasn't for the movie. I have seen ALL of Kristen movies. She is not the best actress out there. She has a lot of learning to do. I wish her the best.

  96. 96

    Re: monikakaiser – Read the whole interwiev insead, Perez (like alway) twisted her word or just took it out of the content.

  97. 97

    correct me if I'm wrong, but is 'Indie' translated here as 'making no money' and what do you mean 'kudos to the actors strengthening their craft, but would they all want to be in Twilight making millions - of course (I'm para-phrasing).
    I've seen one of these movies K Stew was in - she was very good and acting opposite Robert De Niro and with quite a few other hard hitters - she was well cast and did a good job as far as I can tell.
    like everything it seems things are not valued unless you are making millions. I feel sad for this, really sad…. (oh and 'ungratefulness' is NOT a word, it's what's called on this side of the pond an 'americanism' - i.e. a made up word - just like the ones in 1984 in fact (run words together as the less words we have in our vocabulary, the less chance we have of expressing ourselves and gettingout of line..

  98. 98

    SHUT THE FUCK UP PEREZ. u are such a idiot. leave her alone. shes nothing like Lindsay, shes a shy girl and hates being in the spotlight.
    i personally was a fan before she was in Twilight. ive followed her career since panic room and speak. im sick of reading all ur shit about her. jeez
    gaga and britney and all those other losers cant shit without u thniking its the greatest thing on earth. grow up

  99. 99

    Re: Cheapmetaphor – Then quit reading his blog retard.

  100. 100

    Mario are you for real? Do you even read wot you Write.You stupid phoney.K-stew kicks ass.

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