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Senate Majority Leader Responds To Lady GaGa, Supports Repeal Of Don't Ask, Don't Tell!

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Absolutely phenomenal news!

Senate majority leader Harry Reid responded to Lady GaGa's call to repeal 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' via Twitter with the following message:

@ladygaga There is a vote on #DADT next week. Anyone qualified to serve this country should be allowed to do so #nvsen


Thanks for helping our voices be heard, bb!

The time for change is NOW!

CLICK HERE to help repeal DADT!

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[Image via AP Images.]

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16 comments to “Senate Majority Leader Responds To Lady GaGa, Supports Repeal Of Don't Ask, Don't Tell!”

  1. 1

    It might have passed on it's own merits, but he stupidly added the DREAM act to the same bills as DADT, which pretty much assures he won't get 60 votes.
    DADT will live on due to the decision to add DREAM to the same bill.

  2. 2

    You act like it was her fucking idea.. IT WASN'T. Plenty of people have been working on this issue much longer than her. Give the real fighters credit because THAT'S where credit is due.

  3. 3

    this is your 10th Gaga post in like what…2 hours?

  4. 4

    If Obama was going to change it, he would have changed it already by executive order w/o congress. Reid is just desperate for votes and contributions. If reelected, it wont be a priority for him personally. It never has been. If he even remembers tossing it out for bait.

  5. 5

    too bad the democrats are going to lose majority in the senate.

  6. 6

    Harry Reid had better move this issue quick cause he's got about 48 days of work left before he's OUT.

  7. 7

    Re: sonick808 – Ouch that is controversial the DREAM act would basically give amnesty to illegal immigrants under the age of 16 it's a great act, but controversail. I didn't know it was attached to the DADT I hate it when they do that. Whenever a bill passes you hate it's because it's probably attached to something you like. Politics suck in that regard.

    On another note where was Perez months ago when Obama was giving a speech on the health care reform and the audience was shouting about DADT and he stopped and said we are working on that, but for now..back to topic basically. So yeah it's always been on Obama's agenda, but I hate it when people just get credit for it when they shouldn't this isn't about Gaga or Perez it's about what is right. If it fails this time it will come back around.

    Lets hope for the best because I think you should be able to serve this country regardless of sex or race.

  8. 8

    Re: tallguy10 – It's not that easy pretty sure on mandates with the military it has to go to vote even though he is commander and chief it effects more then him and if he did it with out a vote it would ruin the checks and balances oh and FYI there is a way to overturn executive orders….look it up some time.

  9. npc25 says – reply to this


    OK THIS IS NOW GETTING EMBARRASSING PEREZ. she has done nothing more for this cause than anyone else.
    it passed months and months ago and is clearly going to pass in the congress…lets get real.
    actually Kathy Griffin actually DID something to further it, like holding a rally in DC.
    i mean lets get fuckin real. this woman is NOT God, she is a minister one day, a coke head the next, and now a politician today…stick to singing songs made for gay clubs…honestly…ITS REALLY ENOUGH.

  10. 10

    Even if I agreed with the Senat Majority Leader, my husband is a marine, and i can tell you these guys would have HELL in the military.. no straight man wants to be serving overseas with gay men… plain and simple and I'm sorry if the truth hurts. but they give enough crap to guys who even remotely act 'friendly' let alone bein straight out gay. I dont flash that I'm a straight women, why do i need to know you do doods.. gross. keep it to yourself.

  11. npc25 says – reply to this


    Re: lyndzkd – you are SO wrong darlin….so many gays in the military, always have been.

  12. npc25 says – reply to this


    Re: lyndzkd – oh and i forgot, gays dont have an equal say…remember it wasnt too long ago that YOU couldnt serve either bitch

  13. 13

    We all know there are gays, but if they were out and open about it.. I assure you it would be more trouble then its worth. I've even seen the survery they sent out for the military wives to fill out asking how they would fill about it etc… the fact that they even asked us is a big indicator that they don't want it… I mean really what military wife wants ther husbands over sees with gay men. The morale would be low, and knowing my husband and his fellow marines the majority probably wouldn't even interact with him. They would probably tell him what he needs to do and be done with it. No brotherhood there. All I'm saying is ust keep it to yourself… This isn't a racial or a gender thing, this is sexual orientaion.. In my mind things like that just need to be kept to ones self. Just my opinion You can think what you want.. but the california votes as with most others in this country agree.. if they don't want homosexuals to marry you can be damn sure they don't want them serving in our country.. Darling.

  14. 14

    I think everyone who wants to serve should have the right to do so, but I sure can understand why many straight guys will be uncomfortable having GAYS that close to them


    As for Harry Reid, he has never done anything for anyone, that did not benefit him or his family

  15. 15

    Another dumb statement by a moron, backed by the biggest moron of all … you Perez. Anyone qualified to serve this country already do, the law doesn't prevent anyone from serving. Your ignorance of the facts of every single thing you report on is just shocking.

  16. 16

    Re: Unbelievable!

    hahahaha, really?