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Shannen Doherty Is A Badass, Reveals New Book Cover!

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Check out the cover of Shannen Doherty's new book Badass: A Hard-Earned Guide To Living Life With Style And (The Right) Attitude.

She looks ferosh!

Will U be picking it up?

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25 comments to “Shannen Doherty Is A Badass, Reveals New Book Cover!”

  1. 1

    Don't bother with it. One of her relatives said it was rubbish.

  2. 2

    Saw her on DWTS on high-def tv at my in-laws' place. Saw her face in close-up.
    Ferosh, you say?
    The bloom is OFF the rose. And she's a bit old to still be fostering an image as a hellcat. Leave that shizz for J.Woww.

  3. Misa7 says – reply to this


    Bitch is back!!I love Shando!!

  4. 4

    Will I be picking it up? Nope.

  5. 5

    if it retails in the uk, sure :D

  6. 6

    What's wrong with her body?

  7. 7

    Earth to Shannon…you got thrown off BH 90210 many, many years ago. Probably the majority here don't even know who you are…

  8. mayi says – reply to this


    bad font photoshop lol. Is that supposed to look like it's on her shirt?

  9. 9

    she has a great set of tits

  10. 10

    Try and keep up - the cover as been up on Amazon for months.

  11. 11

    photo shopped figure~ she looks deformed

  12. 12

    Re: shittin_condoms – Her "tits" are bit off, they seem a bit crooked

  13. 13

    Ferosh? Her face is still crooked.

  14. 14

    She looks ferosh? She looks like she took that picture in a glamor shot booth at the mall. Try harder bitch.

  15. 15

    Don't really like her or her politics but have always found her fascinating just the same - waaaay back to her Little House days.

  16. gmab says – reply to this


    terrible photoshopping. someone got too excited with the liquify tool - her waist is too tiny, the text isn't distorted to match the angle of the shirt - which is also off because of the edit done to her body. and yes, she's too old for this look.

  17. 17

    She would so much younger looking and refreshed if she spent her cash on some porc. teeth!!! we would probably see her a lot more as well!!

  18. 18

    thats a good angle for her. you can't tell that 1 eye is freakishly higher than the other

  19. 19

    A true badass would never call themselves one.
    Did she mean to call it Bad Actress, perhaps?

  20. 20

    Badass? I don't think so. Punk is the word.

  21. Mad_E says – reply to this


    Can't stand her, so I def don't care.

  22. 22

    Another spoiled Hollywood brat who is now….an old sad spoiled brat.

  23. 23

    she looks like a mutant

  24. 24

    It’s a well known fact in Psychiatry. Those with manifestations of Crooked Eye Syndrome (CES) are the victims of childhood sexual abuse. The more pronounced the manifestation the more systemic and deprave the abuse.

  25. 25

    wow, you've got some right bitches on this comment section.

    shannen doherty is a kick ass actress, i love everything she's in. i also think she's GORGEOUS. i feel sorry for people who spend their lives demeaning others physical appearance. it really says something about what they see when they look in the mirror.

    it's not writing on the shirt, dumbasses, it's the title of the book. after the first season of bh90210, shannen was TINY. all this whiny nonsense of "oh it's photoshopped" and "oh she's not that small," etc, etc is just noise.

    for once, and quite possibly the only time ever, i agree with perez.