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Dan Humphrey Defends Little J's Idiocy!

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We tend to agree with you on this one, Dan Humphrey!

But it doesn't mean the little twit gets a free pass!

Penn Badgley has come to the defense of his Gossip Girl co-star Taylor Momsen and her obnoxious 'too cool for school look at me I'm so edgy' behavior, and maintains that she's just acting like any other dumbass 17 year old!

He explains:

“First of all, it’s not true [that Taylor doesn't hang out with the rest of the cast]. [My girlfriend Blake Lively] and I saw her the night she did Letterman, and we hung out with her in her hotel room. It was a very calm night – she wasn’t crazy partying or anything like that. Taylor’s a teenager, and teenagers go through what they’re going to go through. It just so happens that she’s in the eye of the press, and I think that’s unfortunate, because everyone should be allowed to make their mistakes. I think it’s like, she’s 17. Give her time. She’s a really sweet girl, very smart, very talented. She’s just growing up. I saw her perform a year ago, but I haven’t seen her recently. She had a great presence [back then] and I think she’s very talented. She loves music, and as long as she’s doing what she loves, that’s something I respect.”

Well said! We certainly admit that she's talented!

And if she wants to act like she's so 'mature' and weathered by the world, do it behind closed doors!

Shouldn't her parents or PR people be telling her how embarrassed the world is for her when she opens her mouth these days?!

Eh! We suppose everyone goes through it! Too bad she's going to have this entire phase of her life documented, so she will constantly have to look back and CRINGE at all the dumbass shiz she said and did!



[Image via WENN.]

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12 comments to “Dan Humphrey Defends Little J's Idiocy!”

  1. 1

    yet gaga walks thru an airport in her bra and panties and it's amazeballs - you're so fucken retarded………….

  2. 2

    I must be out of the loop because I dont know who the hell these idiots are and really don't care to know them

  3. 3

    That's what I've been saying in the beginning. Just let her be. She's a kid being a kid. Destructive without a care in the world. I've seen worst. Let her get it all out while she's young. She'll grow out of it and she'll be fine. We were all this age once. And I know we weren't ALL saints.

  4. 4

    Well at least she's not running wild doing drugs in Hollywood ala Lohan, Spears, Hilton……she's just bitchy…what teenager isn't?

  5. 5

    i agree she is only 17,let her be.i love her music :)

  6. 6

    shes a 17 year old girl…shes gunna be bitchy and think the world is shit. i did. she'll get over it

  7. 7

    I love Penn–he's always so sweet, especially when he's talking about Blake.

  8. 8

    Penn Badgley has worked with Taylor Momsen closely for at least 2 years yet has only nice things to say about her.
    Sort of makes you think that maybe Momsen's reputation of being wild and uncontrollable is undeserved.
    I know I'd rather take the word of someone who has longterm daily interactions with Momsen than that of some tabloid newspaper.

  9. 9

    thoughts? you're trying too hard, still a retard. Momsen's a pretty cool girl. She wears lingerie on stage and doesn't afraid of anything.

  10. 10

    apply this to other teenage stars you harrass (ie. all of them) especially miley cuz people still don't seem to understand that she's just a teenager. and mileys not HALF as bad as smoking, potty mouth, crack whore dressing, too much eye liner taylor. she wears shorts and its "oooh slut" "alert the media i can see her legs!"

  11. 11

    Yeah yeah that's it Perez.
    And someday she will accept to talk and take pictures with you in some gala and then you'll say she's so amazing and so sweet.
    And someday she will defends gays and then you're gonna LOVE her.
    That's the way you work.

  12. 12

    There are other celebrities that you don't even bat an eyelid about. She is only young and I think that perhaps you should give some credit to her talent with her acting and singing rather than attacking her.