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Obama's Children's Book A Success!

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Congratulations on the successful book, Obama! Maybe now you'll actually amount to something……

Barack Obama's children's book "Of Thee I Sing" has already made the top 25 lists on both Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com, even though it won't even be released for a full two months!

Obama wrote the book before he became President, and publishers have said that the proceeds will be donated to a scholarship fund for the children of fallen and disabled soldiers.

What's next for Obama after his children's book? Well, aside from continuing to run the U.S., he has mentioned plans to write a nonfiction book after he leaves office. We'll expect large numbers from such a book, given the fact that his previous two works of nonfiction have sold millions of copies.

What's your secret to success, Barack? Is it mostly because you're the President of the United States of America?

We wish you the best with your children's book, bb! Glad to hear the proceeds will go to children in need.

[Image via WENN.]

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60 comments to “Obama's Children's Book A Success!”

  1. 1

    At least he actually helps out charities Mario where as you just talk about them fat boy

  2. 2

    This man is amazing. Pay no attention to the haters on here who don't like anything about Barack Obama. They don't like his politics, they don't like the way he looks, they don't like it when he buys ice cream for his kids, etc…

  3. 3

    "Maybe now you'll actually amount to something……"

    This coming from you, Mario? HAHAHAHAHA……haha

  4. 4

    He's A Good Guy He's A Good American Christian Man And Nobody Can Not Sat Other Wise

  5. 5

    Maybe he should have held onto the book for a couple years…he'll need the money when his a$$ is kicked out of office!!!

  6. 6

    Re: michaela21 – Barry Obama IS amazing. It's fucking amazing how this prick is writing a fucking children' book when he should be busy running the country. I honestly feel as though we don't have a president, like Barry is some sort of substitute teacher.

  7. 7

    communist propaganda. And the Hitler children sang…….

  8. 8

    im guessing youre just pissed because hes not making gay marriage legal?

  9. 9

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – stfu we all know you hate obama so save it. The guy is educated,generally likeable, and good looking whats there to hate? smh hes everything bush Wasnt, so accept it.

  10. 10

    Re: DaRockz – Do you realize that you just told everyone here that Barry Obama's big Dumbo ears turn you on? Barry Obama is one of those rare biracial people that are ugly. He went to Harvard because of affirmative action. And as for Barry being likeable, well, so was Adolf Hitler. Quit telling me to stop bashing Barry. I never will.

  11. 11

    The book was ghost written you fcukin OBot morons, can't you see the fcuking writing on the wall yet? look in the mirror retards.. you're the reason America is going down the toilet, because you get the Government you deserve you ninny fcuking sheeple.WAKE UUUUUUUUUPPPPPPPPP!!!!!

  12. 12

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – Either you can't comprehend what you read, or you simply chose not to. It is clearly stated that the book was written before the inauguration.

    Obama–like all Presidents– has made mistakes that should be criticized; however, making up shit to argue against is pointless.

  13. 13

    At least he is doing something for soldiers.
    OH, also loved the commend about "continuing to run the U.S."
    I didn't know he ever started…

  14. 14

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – Some things never change…
    Where was Bush on 911?
    Cowering behind a children's book when he should have been busy running the country!

  15. 15

    This guy is running this country into the ground. These liberal democrats just never fucking learn. He is trying to control the economy with these outrageous stimulus shit and spending. I just wish I could reach out a smack the hell out of him. Of course I would never do that but it is a fun thought.

  16. 16

    Re: Camycam – Yes, I saw that the children's book was written before he took office. What about his stupid book "Change We Can Believe?" It was published in late 2008, shouldn't he have been too busy to write this book with all his presidential campaigning? Why write it at all? Also, he had a 3-book deal in 2005 so he knew he'd be busy having to write these stupid books. The fact of the matter is that this guy is incompetent and doesn't give a shit. He's writing kid's books and going on the fucking View when he should be fixing the economy and deporting illegals en masse.

  17. 17

    Re: PrinceD – Obama's Aunt Zeituni and Said Obama, his uncle, does not even have a television and lives in a simple dirt floor hut, may wonder why the most powerful man in the world, won't give them a helping hand in the shanty's they live in.
    The Obama's are cruel and callous to not help them.
    They're not even ashamed of their lack of charity.
    They're disgusting people.
    Any one of us would have gotten these two out of their miserable existence, if they were our own relatives.

  18. 18

    Re: supersongbird – So everyone who doesn't like Barack is racist? You are the fuck head.

  19. 19

    Barack wrote a book? You're kidding me.
    Rather than going to Econ 101, Baracky Boy sat around doing bong hits and listening to Jimi Hendrix records.
    Then he went to the Cloward Piven lecture by Bill Ayers.
    Now Bill is pumping out children's books. Who knew?

  20. 20

    Re: nicky45 – No, not everyone who opposes Obama is a racist.
    One thing to disagree with his policy.
    Quite another to constantly question his being born in the USA and to systematically and adversely block EVERYTHING his administration puts forth…
    Where do YOU stand on these issues? ?? You did not elaborate before, remember?

  21. 21

    BO will go down in history as one of the least effective Presidents ever. Most of the legislation he rammed down the throats of Americans will eventually be over turned and found to be unconstitutional.

    As his overweight wife touts healthy eating, we see her eating ice cream cones one after another. She does have thin arms in comparison to her huge arse. She could get my attention if she lost 50 lbs and convinced BO to quit his chain smoking.

  22. 22

    Barack wrote a book? You're kidding me.
    More like Bill Ayers wrote a book. Barack does vacation and soirees.
    Rather than going to Econ 101, Baracky Boy sat around doing bong hits and listening to Jimi Hendrix records.
    Then he went to a lecture on, 'How to Collapse the American Economy 101' authored by Cloward Piven.
    Actually, Baracky has been very successful so far.
    Last night, RINOgeddon.
    November. Revenge, from We The People.

  23. 23

    Supersongbitch is here! She's ready for another internet beating :) I know me and Luvs2tango are game and I'm thinking so is nicky45. Can't wait for Supersongbitch to defend Obama. He is pissing everyone off. Red staters hate him, independents/moderates feel duped, Democrats thinks he's in bed with corporations and liberals think he's too conservative. He never tricked me though. I hated Barry Obama from the beginning.

  24. 24

    Re: Matrix – Holy shit! I didn't even see your post at first. It's brilliant. You have my respect. Take care :)

  25. 25

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – smh all this from a person who thinks palin is our future president? lol you win buddy

  26. 26

    "Maybe now you'll actually amount to something……"

    and you amount to what, perez? Not a god damn thing. Shut the fuck up.

  27. 27

    Re: DaRockz – Palin drives you left wingers so crazy, doesn't she? You are so pathetic, you'll probably watch Bristol Palin on Dancing with the Stars even though you hate her and her mom. You do realize that South Park and its creators lean to the right? Your avatar is nonsensical…like you.

  28. 28

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – You stupid loser-yes I'm a bitch so what?
    When and where did I ever take any "internet beating" lol?
    No matter how many screen names you try and gang up on me-or any other bloggers with, you are always called out for the MPD racist asshole you are-that's the way it goes every single time for you doesn't it dip shit- lol.

  29. 29

    Re: supersongbird – um not every yea bagger is a racist redneck (P.S redneck is a racial slur) on any not its not about bunch any more the current problems are related to the current leader who time and time again wiped his ass with the constitution and doubled the the countries debt. bush wanst good im not defending that but im just stating the facts .

  30. 30

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – So-as for your shit against the President…
    Of course (red neck) KKK "red states" hate him.
    Thanks for helping prove my point yet once again!
    You have posted so much racist and MPD shit up in here, which BTW I can repost/refer to at any time!
    You haven't a fucking clue what Democrats think.
    I'm an (I) and yeah-Obama's pissing me off- For not being progressive enough!

    You are nothing but a crazy, horribly misinformed dope!
    -I would write " horribly misinformed by choice"… but that would entail some level of intelligence on your part so…um just fuck off you SAD DOPEY DOPE!

  31. 31

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – songbird has to call everyone a racist because she cannot stand on the facts.

    FACT- his parents, grandparents, mentors and political allies were and are all MARXIST!

  32. 32

    Barak Obama is a gifted writer. If he wasn't President he'd still be talented.

  33. 33

    …. but many on this site wouldn't comprehend literary talent.
    re post 11 - He didn't use a ghost writer with his autobiography, why on a kid's book?

  34. 34

    Re: supersongbird – Exactly. I'm right. You're an Independent and Obama pisses you off. Now say it with me: Obama is a fucking turd. Where's Aussieone? Are you too lazy to login that account and use CAPS LOCK like you love to?

  35. 35

    Re: why bother – Elaborate!
    Point out when and where Obama has ever "wiped his ass with the constitution"?
    If by chance, (since you did NOT elaborate) you are referring to Obama's health care bill that passed through Congress and the Senate, you must first refer to and consider the GOP health care bill that was presented against Clinton heath care.
    Also, Obama's health care mandate is almost ID to Gov. Mitt Romney's (R) health care mandate in Mass.
    Every Presidential candidate promises heath care reform!
    All Americans MUST have health care!
    Should we just continue to do nothing at all? HELL NO!
    Debt? Almost all of the "bail out" $$ has been paid back with interest-and we still have GM here and hiring in the USA!
    We are on a slow road to recovery-anyone who thinks Bush's mess could be fixed in less than 2 years is a maniac!
    Obama is taking (baby) steps to prevent Wall St. from screwing us over as it did under previous administrations!
    Obama is looking out for US- the MIDDLE CLASS AMERICANS!!!
    Look into the REALITY of it!
    Where did I say ALL tea baggers are racist-I didn't..
    I said this redneck fucker, Eldridge Cleaver is and I can prove it!
    The tea bagger cult absolutely did morph out of racism against our first black President!
    PS-Fox (propaganda) news does not=fact! Switch it up a bit then holler back!

  36. 36

    Re: straighticketvoter – I didn't call everyone a racist, just EC.
    You can't come up with anything else but "Marxist"?
    Baahhh, you are only one of the flock…the white, middle aged dopey Glenn Beck sheep that follow BAT SHIT!
    I'd have more respect for you if you would just call our President the N word!
    Name ONE thing Obama has done or proposes that is remotely Marxist…hello?

  37. 37

    Re: straighticketvoter – LOL Yeah, Supersongbitch is real knob job. You are correct that Obama's heroes and mentors are a bunch of Marxist pigs. He stopped going by the name Barry once he befriended a bunch of psychotic Chicano Marxists at college. The only book Obama should be writing is a how-to on fucking up the best country ever.

  38. 38

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – Stop with the deflection douche bag lol.
    Your MPD is proof positive…you really wanna go there, shit head?
    You know I can back up what I say…
    You back up what you say on 34 or STFU!

  39. uyeah says – reply to this


    Re: DaRockz – Educated? He's a MORON! He's proved that over and over again! Good looking? Barf! Even if he was, what does that have to do with running a country? No one has ever made Bush look so good!! "Generally likable? You use the same moronic shallow meaningless pap statements that Dumbama is known for. He's a joke as is anyone dumb enough to still support the asshole.

  40. 40

    f obama. he only cares about what u idiots think about him. Plus don't fotget that he against gay marriage so if u want to be fair he is against what the moderator is for.

  41. 41

    obama only cares about publicity. The man is an idiot who has done nothing for this country. Thanks to people like perez who give him a pass even though he's against gay marriage, he has a popularity base that is based on nothing but conjecture and idealism. Bush was an idiot but at least we knew where he was coming from. If we are lucky he will be out of office in two years and we will have a president that will command respect worldwide.

  42. 42

    Re: supersongbird – ….Obama has wiped his *ss with the constitution: 1. Obama gave banks 23.7 trillion not 787 billion(source bloomberg) thats unconstitutional
    2.Obama is forcing 300million Americans to buy health care which violates the commerce clause. thats unconstitutional
    3.Under the bill HR 1388 give act, a mandatory service reguirment for young adults 18 to 21 aka Nazi brown shirts. that fascist
    4.Obama tryed to ram through the biggest tax hike in American history, cap n tax, aka a tax on breathing and could virtually apply to anything and would destroy anything left of America. thats communist

  43. 43

    I love Obama! He ended the War in Iraq and got 40 million people health care!

  44. 44

    Re: KDIZZLL – Bush started the bailouts by giving $700 billion to banks. Was Bush unconstitutional too? Or just Obama?
    BTW-most of the bail-out money has been paid back with interest resulting in a $400 million profit to the government. Does Fox not report that?
    The GOP put forth an almost identical health care bill in the 90's with the same mandate. The health care mandate is a Republican ideal that was considered by both Nixon and H.W Bush and utilized by Gov. Mitt Romney in Mass.
    Are all of them uncontitutional? Are they Soc. too-or only Obama?
    Every American needs to have health care coverage!
    Something tells me you'd have no problem at all if a big fat mandate was imposed stating what women can choose to do with their bodies. RIGHT?

  45. 45

    Re: KDIZZLL – The "give act" aka Serve America act is not mandatory. That is only "true" in Fox propaganda-land.
    This is a program for kids to become invovled with community service and in return earn up to $1000 for college. There are also opportunities for education grants and many other programs to entice kids to go get an education. (Become no good "elitists" in your world lol)
    So was Ted Kennedy a fascist Nazi? How about the 23 Republican senators who voted yes-including Hatch, Graham and McCain? Or the 70 Republican congress members who voted yes-Are they fascist Nazis too? Or only Obama?
    Nazi brown shirts? Are you crazy? ??

  46. 46

    Re: KDIZZLL – I don't know what tax hike you are referring to. All I know is that over 95% of Americans got a TAX CUT as soon as Obama took office. I got one, didn't you?
    The GOP is trying to "ram through" Bush's tax cut extensions for the wealthy resulting in a further deficit reduction! In fact that is the main point the are running on this November! When you hear "tax cuts" that's what they mean!
    So you seem really paranoid and sadly misinformed. Obama has done/is doing nothing fascist!
    And speaking of uncontitutional, how about gay marriage? That was ruled unconstitutial as was parts of SB1070 and judging by your prior posts you don't care about that.
    Just too happy to wipe your ass with the constitution then, now aren't you.

  47. 47

    Re: supersongbird – nice try dork, i don't watch television programming, so try real hard next time douche bag.

  48. 48

    Correction-last post should say BANNING gay marriage was ruled unconstitutional.
    Re: KDIZZLL – So tell me-do you just pull all of that ridiculous paranoid misinformation out of your ASS then?
    You know, that whack religion you always try and hide behind really is quite transparent…
    Can look right through and there you are… only a sad, sad old BIGOT!
    As each generation of OLD BIGOTS die off the world becomes a better place!

  49. 49

    Re: supersongbird – Since you are so smart and continue to call people names i am assuming you are either 12 years old or have turrets. By the way why is it even the democratic party is starting to realize what a joke this guy is. p.s comparing him to other past presidents like bush is weak. Live in the now loser, he is killing our country.

  50. 50

    Re: KDIZZLL – OMG!!!!! that is the funniest thing i've read all day. you and Palin two in the same. "um, i don't know, i don't watch news programs, i don't read news papers, i just make things up" i guess your one of those conservative retards who thinks that if you repeat something enough, even if it's a lie, people will eventually believe it. LOL!!!!!!!!!

  51. 51

    Re: nicky45 – As usual your post is so profound and full of facts…yeah right lol.
    It is a BIGOT that always posts nasty homophobic remarks.
    Unless you agree with it then SHUT UP!
    Why is it ok for everyone to call names-including you-but not me?
    You really are an enormous dickhead! A dickhead with NO FACTS!

  52. 52

    Re: supersongbird – you rock supersongbird!!!

  53. 53

    Re: AttFinch – Hi :) You too!

  54. 54

    Re: AttFinch – ahaahhhahaha. first off,you can't pigeon hold me into a lame stream media created "label", because i am nonpartisan(no party affiliation/constitutionalist), and second there is other sources of info that are not big corpo controlled, so figure it out retards. (reread my comments with your comprehension suit on and you might figure it out?)

  55. 55

    Re: KDIZZLL – Oh please-when did your dumbass ever read- let alone follow the constitution ?
    And WTF is a "pigeon hold" anyway you retarded ignorant fuck?
    Take your KKK drunk-ass to bed and sleep it off-bet you're dreamin' of Leviticus lol
    Our world is way better off without your 1952 southern backwoods bigotry!

  56. 56

    Re: supersongbird – Go get 'em slugger! Nice to see you here.

  57. 57

    Re: b a t k i s s – Hi :) Nice to see you too!
    Fuck these crazy stupid fucks!

  58. 58

    Perez, I love you and visit your site EVERY day, but "Maybe now you'll actually amount to something……" was a really cheap shot and totally below you. You're better than that.

  59. 59

    Re: supersongbird – Re post #55 I thought this shit wasn't a spelling contest? You're always telling me not to give a fuck about other poster's spelling errors and now you are the one calling out people's mistakes. The pot calling the kettle the n word.

  60. 60

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – Eat shit you MPD mutant FREAK!