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Shocking Video Of Toddler Smoking Pot!

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So awful!!

Police in Ohio have released shocking cell phone video footage of a two-year-old girl smoking what looks like a joint!

According to the authorities, the toddler's mother is heard in the background instructing the child how to smoke!


Watch above!

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52 comments to “Shocking Video Of Toddler Smoking Pot!”

  1. 1

    Yet another reason why Cincinnati keeps it classy.

  2. 2

    Wow WTF is wrong woth mothers these days

  3. 3

    Wow some parents really are pieces of sh*t.

  4. 4

    Now you're just giving in to sensationalism. Give it up Mario.

  5. 5

    That's Terrible!!!!!!!!!

  6. 6

    Granted, some people may find this video hilarious but honestly that child is NO way to raise a child in a happy and HEALTHY home.
    That kid should be sent to a better family so she could get a chance of a better future. Those parents are just HORRIBLE!

  7. 7

    awww technology… getting people caught stupid enough taping their crimes….

  8. 8


  9. 9

    That is horrible! I am glad these people are stupid enough to film it, otherwise they would probably never be caught.

  10. 10

    Hey, Im in Cincinnati and Im wondering wtf is wrong with people…that little girls mom needs to be shot….not in the head or heart, but somewhere that wil cause her to bleed to death slowly. Who does things like this??? The only good thing I can say is thank God someone found out what was going on now, while that little girl is still a baby, maybe she still has a chance. Ugh, Im so discusted I wanna puke.

  11. 11

    This mom is breathing air someone else could be using!! Disgusting!! Get that baby out of that house!!

  12. 12

    How awful and disgusting…poor child…may God have mercy and she not be addicted…I know..I started smoking cigs @ the age of 5…I'm a middle age person now and giving myself the chance in life I never had…and I hope this child gets the same…a chance!!!

  13. 13

    is that Cleavland in the background?

  14. 14

    yeah, wonder how many other kids this idiot has that she get's high on a daily basis - no doubt in my mind so they leave her alone so she can do her own drugs.
    required sterilization doesn't sound like such a bad idea once you see something like this…………..

  15. 15

    They probably gave it to her, to mellow her out so they didn't have to deal with her. . .


  16. 16

    Another fine example proving that just because you CAN have children, does not mean you SHOULD! The best punishment would be to place the child in a loving home and sterilize that woman parading around as a mother.

  17. 17

    You know Mario, just a few weeks ago, statistics were released, and it was something like, over 50% of male teens and 75% OF FEMALE TEENS thought it is OKAY to have a baby without MARRIAGE. The highest ever. And alot of posters here agree. BUT THE MAJORITY OF THEM CAN'T HANDLE A BABY OR FAMILY, economically or emotionally. And Hollywood is a lot to blame.

  18. 18

    thank god there was someone that turned in the low like hoodrat ghetto bitch in!! that bitch needs to be beat 2 death and never be allowed to have children again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. 19

    Where Marriage or just staying with ONE PERSON is laughed at. A long term marriage or partnership is considered over 5 YEARS!. A marriage certificate is considered just a piece of paper. Actresses say they 'don't need a man to have a child'. Fine, but maybe that child needs 2 parents. and a lot of stupid teens don't realize that hollywood parents, whether male, female, straight or gay-have a lot of resources THEY DON'T. Like MONEY, NANNIES, Education prospects, connections, etc. Most teens just live in their own world, I know, I have two that live on their own planets in different universes.

  20. 20

    OF course…

  21. 21

    then they get a 'knock' on the door and are surprised! CPS! 'how did you see that? I just put it on You tube for my friends! Where are you taking my baby? You can't take my baby. It's my baby! I am calling the PO leese on you guys.

  22. 22

    Take the baby away, give her to a family who will genuinely care for her and raise her into a respectable woman, then sterilise the mother and father. Simple as.

  23. 23

    ghetto bastards they are… call me what you want… they are ghetto bastards and should be steralized. stop effing up the world for my kids!!!!

  24. 24

    I hope they find this woman and arrest her. This poor child! Its things like this that gives the black community a bad name. For those of you who are saying 'ghetto bastards' please do bare in mind not all black people, in the ghetto and out, are this foolish and cruel just like not all white people are back woods hicks who put their children in freezers or kill them.

  25. 25

    Oh god, this made me cry. Poor poor poor baby. Thank god the mother was also stupid enough to videotape it so that she could be tracked down!

  26. 26

    What is really sad is I saw the mother's mug shot and she's crying in the picture. CRYING! Seriously. She's only crying because she was busted, not because she abused her child. People are not right these days but you watch, she'll get that baby back.

  27. 27

    had to be black.

  28. 28

    shocking. I'm not really suprised that the welfare checks this idiot is recieving is going to drugs instead of food and basic survival. Ignorant assholes.

  29. 29

    Re: yff1ndcRe: fordluvinkittie – …I do not feel you should call black people "ghetto" and whatever else words you used, not all minoritys are that way. and how dare you all judge someone before your self, that is the only why you are judging calling them ghetto and hood rats b/c obviously you have a bone you cannot pick your self so you take it out on the computer to make your self feel better about your self. I have two kids 4 and 2 and i smoke pot daily. my kids are happy, healthy and have all the toys and clothes they can possibly want for them and their friends. not all are like that. and never be qucik to judge or profile ready the seven deadly sins b/c you are comminiting one, god does not like ugly, he is our only judge, and on judgment day they will deal with him and you do the same. so let it be and let god do his job…OH YEAH….you do notice only "white people" are the ones to murder, strangler, rape and kill kids right? putting them in a car all windows locked and drowned WHITE, WHITE, WHITE people..do not be quick to judge other rases when no ones is perfect..so sad the ugly ness

  30. 30

    Re: St00p!dass DesPerez – I agree with you 100%. This is sooooo embarrassing. As a black person, I am embarrassed. MOST of us aren't ghetto, but then there's pieces of shit like this that gives off the notion that we are, therefore, proving the "stereotype." I'm appalled and I hope they find this woman, take her child away from her, and put the girl in a loving home. I'm so sick of ghetto blacks ruining it for all of us decent black people.

  31. 31

    just some weed

  32. 32

    Makes me want to KILL that mother….How sad - the girl will be taken away by CPS, and forever, as an adult, will know the reason why….heartbreaking….also, this girl will probably grow up addicted to drugs.

  33. MP says – reply to this


    Can we force ghetto trash to stop breeding? I'm sure these people are on welfare, where are they getting money for pot? Take away their checks.

  34. 34

    Your mock outrage is so pathetic.

  35. 35

    Shocking? Nope. That's ni**ers for ya. Stereotypes are always based on truth.

  36. 36

    Terrible! Thanks for making Psycho pissed Perez.
    and I'm a mommy who likes a joint every now and then.
    But…..this Bitch doesn't deserve to be in charge of a lil one.

  37. 37

    Re: kle_sam – u r seriously a low life.. yes you can call them ghetto yes they are black but that word is unacceptable. not all black people are like that. its wrong because that was a word that white people used to call black slaves. so do you condone slavery? im half black and half white and ive been on both sides of the fence to tell you race is socially constructed to breed hate and division. im not black or white im just human. if you think about it we all had to come from the same place whether u believe in adam and eve or not life started from one guy and one girl in one place, probably Africa just because scientifically thats what we have proof of. and we are all long lost descendants meaning we are all brothers and sisters. i feel really bad for this child this mother is despicable. however i bet this happens all the time EVEN white people. race doesnt matter character does. and i could tell by your character you are an ignorant racist loser.

  38. 38

    People like this is why pot is made illegal..Nice going you douchebags. Funny enough this girl probably had 4-6 kids..Living off my tax money.

  39. 39

    why does it always have to be a black thing? i would never do this in a million years(half black) yes part of me wants to shoot this mother for sure but it has NOTHING to do with her being black.. actions not color people! dont be brainwashed!

  40. 40

    Ummmm black parents are just different breeds. Ghetto and dumb-down.

  41. 41

    Not surprised!! Its always the blacks! And then they wonder why they have it hard……

  42. 42

    WTF is with the racism? Black, white, spanish, asian, who gives a fuck what ethnicity these people are! If they were white then they would just be another example of white trash. Not all black people are "ghetto", not all white people are trailer trash. These are just bad parents regardless of race.

  43. 43

    Re: Caligulascousin – You're awesome :)

  44. 44

    I would just like to say that there is probably more to this story. The kid could have autism, or liver cancer, or an autoimmune disease that is only soothed by Cannabis. So until you know the WHOLE story, dont judge. I would rather have my son use cannabis for a SERIOUS medical condition than all the man made SHIT prescription drugs with all of there side effects.

  45. 45

    Yet another reason I believe in sterilization!

  46. 46

    i wish i could roll up a blizzo when i was two. if only i had proper parents who taught proper blunt rolling technique.

  47. 47

    hmm…. daycare or pot… daycare or pot…?
    they are sick freaks of parents! how could they do that to her?

  48. 48

    Really glad this appalling bitch mother was exposed. May the child now be somewhere safe with all drugs far from her.

  49. 49

    I heard about this last night!

  50. 50

    Re: jaybles – I have an autoimmune disease and pot should never be used for it, NEVER! real medications should be used, pot would mask the symptoms and you would just get sicker. Same with pain killers, I am not allowed to have them and I am in pain everyday, but I don't care because I need to know that if my pain increases I need to see a doctor or go to the hospital. The "shit" prescription drugs keep me alive and stop my immune system from attacking my body, pot will NEVER do that. Masking pain doesn't cure the problem. I have pain 24/7 so that means i would have to be high 24/7. Pot is the same as pain killers, it's not a drug that actually helps you fight the disease, it gets high so you don't feel the pain. 10 years without pot or painkillers(I am on the severe end too) and I have managed just fine and I don't have any horrible symptoms from meds. A doctor would give a 2 yr old pot as "medication".

    Stereotypes are awful, not all white people are white trash, not all black people are ghetto hood rats. Though if these people were white they would be called white trash in this thread. I think we known people are just dumb and like to spout racist comments. There are trash in all races, all nationalities, no one is superior. It's sad that people are too dumb to realize this though.

  51. 51

    Re: BiaesLoca – I WAS going to agree with you. Until I read your last few lines. This is where you say "IT'S ONLY WHITE WOMEN WHO MURDER THEIR CHILDREN." Well, just last week, a black mother murdered her precious children a la Susan Smith because she didn't have a job and had a fight with her mother. Let me toss a few other murdering black mothers' names at you and these are just off the top of my memory. I'm sure a google search will name many many more black mothers: Alfreedia Leona Gregg-Glover MURDERED her disabled daughter, Alexis Glover, drowned her in a creek. Banita Jacks, Charging documents identify the children as Brittany Jacks, 17; Tatianna Jacks, 11; N'Kiah Fogle, 6; and Aja Fogle, 5. Apparently the younger ones had been starved, strangled and at least one of them was beaten, while the eldest was stabbed. Jacks' case is being reviewed before a superior court judge. No jury. Kenisha Berry at age 20, covered her 4-day-old son with duct tape resulting in his death. BLACK WOMEN MURDER AS ENTHUSIASTICALLY AS OTHER RACES, IF NOT MORE!

  52. 52

    What I find the most appalling is the fact that race is even an issue in some of the comments. There are plenty of people out there who can't have kids and would love a child of their own, a little girl just like that one. And the parents of the kid in the video, who's race is honestly irrelevant, who are perfectly able to have children, are abusing what would have been an otherwise happy and healthy toddler when so many out there would give this kid a really good home. It's not about the fact that they just so happen to be black, it's the fact that ANY parent out there would abuse a kid like that. It's a scary, scary world.