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Glambert's Claws Come Out! Fights With Paparazzo!

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Sure, Adam Lambert was having a nice, relaxing time on the beach, wearing his floppy hat and turquoise board shorts, but things got out of control when the singer spotted a paparazzo snapping pics of him while on vacation in Miami.

Adam allegedly asked the photographer to leave him and his friends alone, but the guy told him that he couldn't leave until Adam had left.

And that's when things got cray cray!!

Adam reportedly ran after the photog and attempted to take his camera away from him. According to an eyewitness, Adam "leapt at the guy he'd told to go away. The photographer tried to get away but Adam grabbed at him."

The eyewitness added, "It didn't look provoked to me. Adam's friends pulled the singer away and they went back to their hotel - in the end nobody looked hurt."

Adam later tweeted:

Eeew paparazzi killed my peaceful afternoon on the beach! #howisthisok? They're real good at provoking, but there ain't any pics or video of the b.s. they spew out… Haha well… I lost my temper for a sec but wow it felt great lol MIAMI!!!

We always knew Glambert had a feisty side to him! BUT… violence is never the answer!

Whose side are you on? Team Glambert or Team Paparazzo??

[Images via Mavrix Online.]

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74 comments to “Glambert's Claws Come Out! Fights With Paparazzo!”

  1. 1

    Umm…what the hell. Team Glambert obviously. Paparazzi are shit, and he's right — u never see pics of the crap they give celebs. It would be so effing annoying. Go Adam. Beat the hell out of him

  2. 2

    Team Glambo all the way. :)

  3. 3

    Hey Perez….Where's the "Violence is NEVER the answer" tag line? I guess it only applies when people attack gays, and not the other way around.

  4. 4

    What happened to "violence is never the answer" perez? I don't like paparazzi but no matter how annoying they are, you don't attack them.

  5. fiona says – reply to this


    He lives a burlesque life, mocks social grace, then goes to a public resort and has a tantrum when some creeps want to make a buck off of his sleazy life.

    What a maroon.

  6. 6

    What a jackass! You can't go stealing some ones camera because they're taking your pic. The photographer should press charges.

  7. 7

    Get 'im, Adam! How can you not love a guy dressed like that going after the blood-sucker pap? (But I hope he doesn't do it again - he's got business to attend to and he's gonna have to find a different way to deal.)

  8. 8

    GO ADAM!

  9. 9

    God he looks dumb with that hat…. major style fail!!!

  10. 10


  11. 11

    Team Glambert all the way!

  12. 12

    GO ADAM! Those photogs are sickos !

  13. 13

    Well, since i'm not a high school girl but an actual grownup, i'm not on "Team" anything you pretentious fuck. Other than that, who fucking cares, what is this homo queen gonna do, scratch his eyes out. Oh the horor. The Pap probably just laughed uncotrollably when queenie lambert tried to go off. Little bitch.

  14. 14

    aren't his fifteen minutes up yet? boring.

  15. 15

    Re: jolson12 – Beat the hell out of him??? HA!, give me a fuckin break, more like scratch the hell out of him, or cry till the guy says i'm sorry. Something chich-ish like that would be all this homo could pull off.

  16. 16


  17. 17

    I'm on Adam's side, as any thinking person would be. He was clearly provoked, and the pap's compatriots in the bushes managed to get it all on film.

    All I see is Adam going for the camera, which turns into a sand game. If he had been going for the pap, the results could have been bloody as he is twice the size of the pap. As evidence note that Adam is holding his cell phone in one hand throughout the encounter, and that his flip flops and hat are intact. That sounds rather funny, but what man, anywhere, would go after a person without losing their camera and hat in the encounter?

    Clearly no encounter. Sorry.

  18. 18

    Once again late and you don't even have a picture of the fight, lame

  19. 19

    Team Glambert of course. Adam has displayed nothing but patience and kindness with everyone over the past two years,I think we should assume he was provoked. Reporting what is happening is one thing but to make something happen doesn't seem like reporting but harrassement. I have so much respect for Adam. There is not a nicer and more open celebrity out there. I will follow his career forever because it will be a long one!

  20. 20

    GIRL…he should be happy anyone would want to snap is pic…hello he should have embraced it not fight it…they all start to cry when they stop taking their pics!!!

  21. 21

    Re: hoochpit – you talk like you're in high school….

  22. 22

    Your on a public and have no expectation of privacy. The paps can be jerks, but he was dong his job and if he is obeying the law your not allowed to assault him.

  23. 23

    "cray cray" ?

  24. YUCK says – reply to this


    Careful what you ask for, you may get it;and everything else that comes with it. I hope the pap sues Adam for everything he's got! And the pap should have been the one beating up Adam for that ugly costume Adam wore in public. Adam instead of laying in the sun go get some laser treatments on those acne/meth scars

  25. 25


  26. 26


  27. 27

    I hope the photographer did not get any blood from adam on him!

  28. 28

    Maybe Adam didn't want to be photographed in that hideous outfit.

  29. 29

    Why do all these Paparazzi look like illegal aliens these days. Maybe these celebs should call immigration when they show up and start snapping off shots. That way the one's that are illegal can run for it and the one's who arent will be detained while showing proof of citizenship. I Guarantee most are probably here on work visa and if that is the case I dont think that being a pap constitutes a work visa. Just sayin. Oh and by the way I am not racist considering I am interacially married.

  30. 30

    GO ADAM!!!!!!!

  31. 31

    Team Paparazzo.

  32. 32

    I gotta side with Lambert. I'm not famous. but If I ever was I woulda taken a shot at one of those annoying paps way earlier in my career. I have no patience.

  33. 33

    I looked at the series of pictures. The pap never quit smiling. I'm assuming they really enjoy it when they provoke and someone responds. A lawsuit is another way to earn money to these guys. Of course Lambert should have never allowed himself to touch the other guy. But some days….they push your buttons just right.

    And I agree on the illegal thing. Most of them these days are illegals.

    **All the homophobic comments are truly disgusting.

  34. 34

    haha Team GLAMBERT for sure(: Adam's got a point…where's the videos of the way they treat the celebs? You never see those…only the reactions they finally get out of the celebs. And Adam is usually a cool guy, so when he politely asked the the pap guy to leave, the pap guy should have taken a hint. & Adam wasn't being "violent" he was defending himself. Soooo there. Team Glambert for life and I support Adam no matter what(:

  35. 35

    He wanted to get arrested for the free cavity search.

  36. 36

    TEAM ADAM!! I don't think Adam was being violent, he was just grabbing for the camera. Seems the police chose NOT to press charges against Adam — Miami Herald: Detective says the police will not press charges. Pap will have to take case to DA's office to pursue.

  37. 37

    Get it Adam! From all reports, Adam started out friendly and gracious to the paps like he always has been in the past, but after they harassed him for an hour shouting crap at him and his friends he finally snapped. I'm amazed he held out that long, the paps are scum who will do and say anything to provoke a reaction they can cash in on.

    #TeamGlambo fuckin A right!

  38. 38

    Re: fiona – It takes a "maroon" to know a "maroon". Hmmmm….moron can't spell?

  39. 39

    I am team Paparazzi. He chose this career and must deal with it. No one forces him to cause conterversy while performing and making out with a dude on live television. So he craves/needs the attention and now he wants to snap his fingers and make the paps disappear whenever he effin feels like it. I don't think soooo. Boo effin who go cry on your overpaid $$$. Lets face it celebrities wouldn't be sh*t w/o the pap. Thank them for spreading your name their names to the media/magazines!!!
    I wonder if he will punch his fans who want his autograph or pictures????

  40. 40

    First of all, his whole outfit is hilarious. I know he said it was a disguise but the only thing missing there are the crocs!!!! Secondly, he should be glad he's even getting some pap attention at all!!!

  41. kooka says – reply to this



  42. 42

    paparazzi needs to fuck off!!
    leave adam alone bitches!!
    Team Lambert all the way

  43. 6one9 says – reply to this


    Adam should have punched “` that FUCK“` right in his face!! YO!!

  44. 44

    Team no one. Adam, this is the life you chose, you need to be smart. This is what they want. Do you know the paps make more money when you give them pictures like these? Why do you think there was another one on hand to get those photos. Look, wanna really get back at them? Get a buddy to hide out somewhere too. Have them follow the paps to their home and take pictures of THEM! Taking their kids to school, their wives doing the shopping… Then put it on your face book page…whoa where did THAT come from? Look, just take it easy buddy.

  45. 45

    #1 - Team Adam. #2 - The "gay" comments are disgusting and should be deleted. #3 ~ Fiona, maroon is a color, honey, I think you meant MORON… I love when someone calls someone else a name and can't even spell. WOWZA. TEAM GLAMBERTTT

  46. YUCK says – reply to this


    Re: gossipgrrrl – so all the homo comments are disgusting but not your open racism? What does an illegal look like? I have lived amongst polish illegals, Korean, Chinese, Russian and salvadorean, Mexican, Guatemalan and Canadian illegals. What the fuck are you really saying you fucking racist! And for the poster that said they can't be racist because they are in an interracial marriage that's a lot of bs my sister is in an interracial marriage and she is about as racist as me and you. That's very racist in case you need help with that one!

  47. 47

    Hey Adam…your 15 minutes is about up. You need to start enjoying the last 5 minutes of it while its left.

  48. 48

    I don't even think he looks like Adam Lambert. Disguise or not.

  49. vbabe says – reply to this


    Re: fiona – It was a private beach, actually, not a public resort. At least, according to the hotel who owns that stretch of the sand there.

  50. vbabe says – reply to this


    Re: wysthud – I already replied to another commenter with this, but this was not a public beach, actually. It was a private beach owned by the hotel that Adam was staying at. And the fact is, the pap was smiling the entire time - he knew what he was doing and he got the response he wanted.

  51. 51

    That black nail polish on those lily white toes is yuck.

  52. 52

    Adam's side of course. He wasn't being violent. He never hit or slapped the guy, just tried to take the camera away.

  53. 53

    i hope hes wearing lots and lots of sunblock
    im not sure the last time ive seen someone so pale
    loving the hat too

  54. 54

    umm he was there for a rly long time and Adam got pissed… we have all lost our temper Adam is just in the public eye, so he is supposed to be perfect. and if the guy was close enough for Adam to be able to reach him he deserved to get jumped on. TEAM GLAMBO ALL THE WAY

  55. 55

    first of all, thats not acne, those are his freckles…second when did this become about immigrants? who cares if they are and third Adam really has the right to beat the shit out of him, tell me, woudnt you get annoyed if idiots followed you everywhere and got in your face while you're just trying to enjoy ONE DAY OFF. and 15 minutes of fame?? haha, he's been around for quite sometime now, dont you think he would have been done already if he was a 15 min fame singer :D …TEAM LAMBERT.!

  56. 56

    ADAM LOL This is hilarious!!

  57. 57

    Re: hollywoodatlanta

    People have been using that 15 min. crap for 2 years now. Do ya think your little brain can come up with something new??

  58. 58

    Re: YUCK
    Fuck… Oh I'm sorry I mean Yuck! Either way the name fits you. Have you looked in the mirror lately? I would rather have Adam's acne scarred face over your ugly ass face any day!! Plus he's not a hate monger like you seem to be!

    By the way, Adam let that photog take pictures for over an hour, before he finally asked him to give him some space. And like you the ass started making ignorant remarks toward Adam and his friends.

  59. 59

    F*ck off paps!!! Come on… celebrities are just human. Go Adam!

  60. 60

    team ADAM!!!!

  61. 61

    Re: jolson12 – get it girl! :) couldn't have said it better myself. How is that even a question Perez? Team Glambo, for being a badass, and also making a scum of a paps day. The slime ball is smiling in 99% of the pics.

  62. 62


  63. 63

    Why are the paparazzi such big whiney *******. They want to get in peoples' faces, up their skirts, stalk them for hours, car-chase and intrude their privacy with no shame yet they want to be treated like a dignitary?

    These aholes have been the cause of so many incidents and even deaths over the years and they bi*ch and moan to the police when someone tells them to go away. It should be illegal for PAPS to press charges against their victims.

    Freakin annoying mosquitos.

  64. 64

    Re: PreTTy*n*PinKRe: BlackDahliaRe: fionaRe: Anders JRe: dgshortyRe: hoochpitRe: xman66Re: YUCKRe: hollywoodatlanta – How does it feel being so STUPID?

  65. PatM says – reply to this


    Team Aniston

  66. 66


    Those types of people as evident from the comments fall under 3 categories: homophobes (grow UP, read a BOOK, EDUCATE yourselves); bitter stans of floppedidols mad at Adam's success & the fact that he has friends&fans in people like Slash, Queen, Spielberg….ETC……; AND the paps themselves. Lowlives.

  67. 67

    RT @AdamLambert Hahha the photos are hilarious !! Lol please everyone forgive me for that hat. - I was attempting a disguise- clearly failed. Hahah

  68. 68

    No wonder your site has lost almost all it's visitors Mario.

    Its just a cave for racists, bigots and closetcases with lousy journalism. Good thing Lambo doesn't read this site. His voice is DOPE. Paps are nothing more than moneyhungry nutjobs.

  69. KCL says – reply to this


    LOL omg I can not stop laughing

  70. KCL says – reply to this



  71. 71

    *** ANGRY TRANNIE! *** WARNING! *** Re: fockery – has got his/her pantyhose in a bunch and is reallaaaay, reallllaaaaay mad at us! ROFLMFAO! Go back to sucking some hairy man ass, retard!

  72. 72

    Team Glambert. The paps are harassing stalkers who need to be punched more often.
    hahaha! but beating someone up in that ridiculous hat? Priceless :D

  73. 73

    I would like to know the name of the person who took these shoots. For sure a friend of this "Paparazzo"………nice collaboration and nice pictures…but it is not really the right way how it should work!

  74. 74

    team glambert =D ofcourse