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Busta Rhymes Sued For Throwing Glass At Woman

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Ouch! That musta hurt.

Rapper Busta Rhymes is being sued for $250,000 by a woman who claims that he threw a glass at her while she was dining at Mr. Chow's in Beverly Hills, California.

Devin Cooper alleges that Busta's female companion complained that she was sitting too close to their table. Cooper moved her chair, however the woman became irate and "continued to instigate the situation."

When Cooper tried to calm the woman down, Busta "snapped and yelled at the woman" and allegedly threw a drinking glass at her, "missing her by inches." She's now suing for assault and battery.

Throwing a glass at a woman for sitting too close to you? That's sooo not cool, Busta!

[Image via WENN.]

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11 comments to “Busta Rhymes Sued For Throwing Glass At Woman”

  1. 1

    So the glass didn't even hit her? It missed her by inches yet she's suing for $250,000? What were her actual damages? Idiot.

  2. 2

    The glass missed her … that's not assault. Quit wasting tax payers money and court time and leave it for real victims of abuse/assault etc. MORON.

  3. 3

    By the look of the picture, he should be changing his stage name to Busta Gut.

  4. 4

    if the glass didn't hit her why the blazes is she suing!!! FRIVOLOUS LAWSUITS.. THE AMERICAN WAY! YUCK!

  5. 5

    Black folks acting crazy and irate, causing a huge scene in public?? We know this can't be true.

  6. 6

    yea, I heard he's a dick. About a year and a half ago he was here in Honolulu and late night went into my friend's restaurant and him & his "posse" were totally demanding and rude. My friend says he thought a 747 was coming at him with his big ass snout! Sucks, once you're famous, you forget about da lil peeps dat got ya there…

  7. 7

    dumb ass

  8. 8

    Wow. Douche, much? He could have handled it better or she, the other woman he was with could have minded her damn bidness.

    Re: Phibes

    LMAOOO!!! xD Re: Monniecat808 – Wow…LMAO a 747 lol
    Man that sucks. He really must be a douche!

  9. 9

    taste of fame then u can throw a glass at some innocent person disgraceful

  10. 10

    what a stupid mother fucker

  11. 11

    well…I mean…he is a Busta afterall. lol. Can't say I'm surprised. Some black folks have no home training! Soo hood I swear & very embarrassing to us a a race. We need better Black Role Models representing the african american community. If you can't act right in public you should stay your @ss at home or go back to the ghetto.