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A New Desperate TV Show From Jennifer Love Desperate!

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Well doesn't this just sound THRILLING?

Jennifer Love Hewitt is reportedly attached to a new series on FOX that probably won't be picked up!

The comedy, which was created by Walter Becker - the director behind the masterpiece Wild Hogs - and Nancy Drew writer Tiffany Paulsen, is allegedly being pitched as a "female" version of The Big Bang Theory.

Ha! And we thought Ghost Whisperer was the bottom of the barrel!

Does every show you do have to be a rip-off of a better one that's already on the air, bb?

We think someone better stick to Lifetime original movies!

[Image via WENN.]

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29 comments to “A New Desperate TV Show From Jennifer Love Desperate!”

  1. 1

    I swear you reek of jealousy when it comes to her. Don't see Fox (trying!) to pick YOU up for anything.

  2. 2

    Wasnt she making like $500,000 a month on her ghost whisperer show? I'd hardly call that desperate

  3. 3

    Strange that the only person who does not know that Jennifer Love Hewitt is one of the hottest star on tv is… Perez Hilton… The man so desperate to make a name for himself… that he copied somebody else's.

  4. 4

    I love how most of your posts about her involve her being connected to role after role, and boyfriend after boyfriend, but you still call her desperate. Could it just be that you are a jealous bitch who spends his days talking shit about people, jacking off to Zac Efron pics, and begging pathetically for any hollywood job that comes along so you can actually feel like you are somehow part of it? i think so, she's gorgeous and you're a troll…deal with it

  5. 5

    It boggles my ind that this girl keeps getting shows. SHE CANT ACT. No matter the part it just comes across as her reading lines I really dont get her appeal.

  6. 6

    Stop picking on her fat ass!!!!!!

  7. 7

    Still pining for John huh Perez? You are pitiful. John won't be gay for you and play with your pee pee so yo9u bash every chick he has ever slept with. Just because you are gay doesn't mean you have to be a bitch. Think about it, what kind of guy would want to be with you? You would whine and cry all day.

  8. 8

    I liked the show Ghost whisper and I like Jennifer Love theres not anything wrong with her . She has style

  9. 9

    Why do you always say negative comments about her? you must be jealous i swear you are the only one out there that makes these comments…. she's too good for you man!!

  10. 10

    Perez u r SUCH a fuckin hater, no wonder WILL I AM slapped the shit outta you, what did Jennifer Love Hewitt ever do to you you bitch?

  11. 11

    I love how almost all of the comments here are of people calling you out for bashing her. I know lots of sites bash celebs in one way or another, but I think it's the way you go about it that really gets under people's skin. The immaturity you use.

  12. 12

    you're a jealous cock sucking pedophile

  13. 13

    Re: cards81 – Couldn't of said it better myself

  14. 14

    She has more fans than you Mario!!! douchebag

  15. 15

    wtf is your problem with her?

  16. 16

    This girl has had a very successful career. I am not sure what your issue is with her! But you come off looking like an ass when you bash her.

  17. 17

    you are a mean, vindictive, ugly little prick Perez!

  18. 18

    Why do you hate her so much? You pin the word desperate to her all the time, but if anyone would deserve the word desperate it would be you. At least she has had relationships with humans. All you have is a dog and the dog probably doesn't even like you.

  19. 19

    What did she do to you that you hate her so much?

  20. 20

    ok the two of you are two desperate peas in a pod
    but wth a female big bang theory? umm ok now

  21. 21

    FU Perez.

  22. 22

    What the hell is your problem with her? Last time I checked, she was the star of a majorly influential teen slasher movie, and a highly successful 5 season long TV show. Not to mention, nearly every single one of your posts about her is about how she's been connected to a new role in a TV show or movie. Yet you still relentlessly refer to her as "desperate". How does trying to earn a living make her desperate? She's just doing what she knows how to do. So what if you don't like her, she's far from desperate. I don't see you ever having been offered to be the star in a TV show or a movie, despite the fact that you shamelessly self-promote and whore yourself out to anyone with a camera. You're the desperate one. I don't see her spamming websites with videos of herself saying "OMG, you MUST watch this, it's AMAZING". I also don't see her latching on to other celebrities like a parasite in order to get noticed. Seriously, WHAT is your damage. Just leave the girl alone, you pathetic little man.

  23. 23

    Jennifer Love Hewitt has been in act for long time she never been arrested she been in maxim magazine for 10 years straight she not like all these kids stars that get into trouble. She classy, well spoken, role model, talent amazing singer and Beautiful women atleast she has career she most be doing something right because she is always getting new roles and ghost whisperer is great show and you are really jealous of her she can not help it that guys fall in love with her. There is nothing wrong with looking for love

  24. 24

    i hate how he just bashing Jennifer.
    i LOVE her! and she was amazing
    in Ghost Whisperer.
    ( i'm still sad it was canceled :( lol )

  25. 25

    Mario I wish she had you on GW about a ghost who is in love you. That would have been interesting. Then you would have had a chance to work with her. So sorry she is not a trainwreck, not on drugs, have not been arrested. She is just what is called normal. She is very talented and her long career speaks for itself. Most people loved GW! But, come give the girl a break.

  26. npc25 says – reply to this


    im sorry dude but this is sad…she has a VERY lucrative career…WTF is wrong with you

  27. 27

    Hasn't she been working consistently for about 20 years now, making a ton of money. How is that desperate?

  28. 28

    She is rocking that LV Bag! Love it!

  29. 29

    She was on Law and Order: SVU episode last night (9-29-10) and was amazing. Very impressed. Leave her be Perez!!! Stop picking on her.