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Homewrecking Leann Rimes Whines About Wendy Williams!

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Wah wah wah!

If you don't like the heat, get out of the homewrecking kitchen!

Leann Rimes is once again whining about people criticizing her dispicable relationship with Eddie Cibrian, this time going after comments Wendy Williams made on her show about the affair!

She tweeted:

All I know is Wendy Williams done pissed my mamma off! I don't wanna be in her path. To say "I've reserved myself a place in hell?!" I'm incredibly disappointed to see someone with that kind of platform use it for such negativity and could be so mean and judgmental about a situation they know nothing about.

Whatevs, bb!

Maybe your mamma should be pissed off that she raised a shameless homewrecker who doesn't respect the sanctity of marriage - especially when there's loving couples in this country who aren't allowed that right!

Get OVER yourself and shut the eff up!

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69 comments to “Homewrecking Leann Rimes Whines About Wendy Williams!”

  1. 1

    How come and you never say that for Angelina Jolie ? Oh wait … Angie is bisexual and she supports gay marriage.
    Listen asshole, sometimes people fall in love when they are married. It happens, it might not seem right for their spouses but that's life.
    Eddie had a will of his own and Eddie prefered LeAnn, maybe because she has a career and a personality and she isn't a boring housewife like Brandi.

  2. 2

    Ok so y is ok that Angelina did it to Jennifer and Brad, you talk about them like saints but Leann is considered a slut in your book!

  3. 3

    Um didn't your precious Saint of Skank Angelina Jolie start out as a home wrecking whore??? Why is it coold for her, but not for anyone else???

  4. 4

    You never, EVER say this about Angelina Jolie. Hypocrite.

  5. 5

    Mario you should take your own advice!!! Get over yourself and shut the fuck up!!!

  6. 6

    Wahhhhh truth hurts doesn't it? I bet even more than getting that horrible waxing job on your eyebrows, right squinty?

  7. 7

    I was thinkin the same thing… Angelina is a saint and LeAnn is a homewrecker? when Angelina is just as guilty ..wow that makes sense?

  8. 8

    .. and yet you praise Angelina Jolie… interesting.

  9. 9

    Perez, I really like your site, and I read it everyday but I'm tired of reading how great and flawless Angelina Jolie is when she VERY publically and shamelessly stole Jennifer Aniston's husband. But everyone else is a homewrecking slut.

    So if Leann Rimes adopted a bunch of kids and traveled the world pretending to make a difference, she'd get a free pass too?

    For someone who dishes out a lot of smack, I'd for once like to see you own up to this. But I guess you can conveniently pretend you don't read these comments.

  10. 10

    Ok Hold UP! True, she is homewrecking RAT, but so is Alicia Keys and Fantasia. Both also had affairs with mairried men with babies! So wny is Leann put on blast and not the other's? Is it because she is white, really, I have to ask.

  11. 11

    @ ParalyZzzZzer…I had to join just to give my 2 cents in and as I was reading your post - you said EXACTLY what I wanted to say….Perez idolizes Angelina and she has broken up quite a few marriages. Perez - you are such a hipocrite!!!!

  12. 12

    Leann really needs to STFU…she's not doing herself any favors by talking. I'm sorry but they were both married and had an affair..PERIOD. If they were in un-happy marriages maybe they should have left first..then got together. ALSO they didn't help things by holding hands, kissing, being all over each other very publicly..it's tacky IMO

  13. esj says – reply to this


    THESE SO CALLED "FANS" OF LEANN trying to deflect the issue ARE LAME. ANGELINA'S situation is different.
    LEANN is cruel, conniving, manipulative woman and Wendy's reference to hell may even be too nice for her caliber. FIRST SHE STOLE THE HUSBAND, NOW SHE'S TRYING TO STEAL THE ROLE, AFFECTION, AND RIGHTS OF THE REAL MOTHER. How dare she! I'm glad this all came out as it should. IT EXPOSED THE KIND OF PERSON SHE IS. She's the one with the NEGATIVE MESSAGE. She is the kind of artist that no one should support. Her values, brains, and conscience are screwed. Anyone who stands for family and marriage would not support her or buy her records. SHE IS DESPICABLE.

  14. 14

    Who the HELL is WENDY WILLIAMS anyway WAS SHE A MAN BEFORE. Never heard of her before that talk show. Really was she man and turn to a woman and that why she has a show now.NEVER SEEN HER SHOW AND DONT CARE TOO.

  15. 15

    And Perez's vendetta against Leann continues… look, we all know she ended up with a married man, but he was the one who chose her over his wife. He is just as much to blame if thats what you want to do is point a finger. You just hate certain women. Plus, she's not the only one to do this, yet you praise the others.

  16. 16

    She broke up a marriage. That's bad. It really is b/c the hurt is horrible. She broke up one marriage. How many has - what do you call her again - St. Angelina - how many relationships has she ruined?

  17. esj says – reply to this


    She was bashed yesterday by country fans in the CMT website. Nashville fans said they don't want her ever there. CMT has taken down most of the comments but country fans have the right to voice out their opinion against the negativity that Leann brings.

  18. 18

    Really nobody should comment either way. We don't know the full details of Leann nor Angelina.

  19. 19

    let it go, perez. nobody cares about this year old story anymore, and frankly no one ever did.

  20. 20

    Re: esj – i'm guessing that your husband fucked off with someone else too.

  21. 21

    She is a whore and I love that Wendy Williams said that on her show! LOVE IT!

    But the truth is Angelina Jollie did the same damn thing. They are both horrible women who should be ashamed of themselves.

  22. 22

    Re: esj

    I don't think anyone is a fan of LeAnn.

    I think people were trying to prove that Angelina Jollie, Alicia Keys and Fantasia are ALL homewrecking whores. No one is defending LeAnn, people are just annoyed that Angelina who is bar far the biggest whore of all has been given a free pass. No one likes any of these women.

  23. 23

    What about Angelina and Brad? Yet you rag on the person who was hurt in that situation…Jennifer. What is WRONG with you and the media? That's what they call a double standard!

  24. 24

    Give it up Perez! LeAnn's not the first person involved in an affair and won't be the last. She has admitted the mistake and is just trying to live her life. Go pick on Angelina, Tori Spelling, Alicia Keys or Julia Roberts…all involved in affairs but NEVER experienced this kind of abuse.

  25. 25

    Re: esj – I am not a fan of Le Ann or Jolie. To me both women are the same trash. Just because Jolie adopted kids from 3rd world country doesn't mean she's a saint now. She's the same freak who walks around with a vial of blood on her neck, cut herself, made out with her brother AND ruined Brad and Jennifer's marriage. Why didn't Wendy mention any of these? Is she scared that Jolie would swallow her whole with her wide vagina's opening from all those guys she did?

  26. 26

    Re: esj – You are insulting anyone who has ever been a step parent. LeAnn is trying to support Eddie in raising his kids. It's not like she is encouraging him to be a deadbeat. You are a moron.

  27. 27

    Re: BAMAFAN17 – No kidding, it's not anyone's business!

  28. 28

    Maybe YOUR mama should be pissed that she raised such a bitter asshole. You're just as ugly on the inside as you are on the outside. I really don't know why I still visit this site, I hate reading the hatred that spews from your bovine lips.

  29. 29

    First of all, the Angelina and Brad affair happened years ago and Angelina has since redeemed herself. Leann can do the same but I doubt it! At least Brad and Jen never shared any kids! Leann NOT ONLY messed with Brandi's life but the children involved as well. When kids are involved, it makes things all the more complicated and ugly! Plus, ever since I saw Leann on that "I get that a lot show" I couldn't stand her. She was acting like a whore on there too, and you can tell it's her personality. She's loose! lol.

  30. 30

    i dont agree with how this relationship started. but i am so sick of people (and you do this all the time Perez!) throwing stones at certain people and Angelina Jolie gets a Halo put on her headand its like everyone chooses to forget that she did the same thing to Brad & Jen, who cares that they did not have kids, it does not hurt any less!!! Stop kissing Angelina ass! yes you Perez Hilton!!!!!!!!!

  31. 31

    Re: perez_has_selective_memory – Preach! Highly Suspect.

  32. 32

    One thing I know Perez hate - ADULTERY…anyway did WENDY go after the guy too? Or only Rimmes because she's the only half she can take on..and BTW, I saw Tori Spelling's husband's ex-wife on TV last night. She is GORGEOUS and SMART..What was he thinking?

  33. 33

    No one is buying her New Album & her Las Vegas gigs were disastrous (she even had to buy her own drinks and wave down her own taxi cab, and the cabs drivers would not stop to pick her up ’cause they thought she was a hooker).

  34. 34

    People can be so pathetic. She's admitted that she made a mistake, yet when criticized for it, she becomes angry. Admitting the mistake doesn't absolve you from the consequences, dumbass.

  35. 35

    People can't compare Angelina J to LeAnn Rimes. Did Brad Pitt flirt with Angelina and AJ flirt with Brad Pitt while still married to Jen? Absolutely!!!! But I bet my money that they didn't sleep with each other or even had sex talk (definition of adultery/affair) before he divorced Jen. I have seen married men and women flirt with people that are not partners..as long as they know their boundaries and don't take it too far. But LeAnn and this guy were definitely shagging before the he filed for divorce.

    Look I could care less about these people, it just unfair to compare Brad Pitt and AJ to these couple. Brad Pitt has too much respect for Jen to cheat on her. It's just unfortunate he fell inlove with another woman.

  36. 36

    Like, I so agree! Get her, Leann!

  37. 37

    Is there something new about cheaters in Whoreywood? What's all the fuss, Perez? You are the biggest hippocrite, Mr. Morality —NOT!

  38. 38

    If only LeAnn were bisexual….then all would be forgiven.

  39. 39



    You are obsessed w/ Angelina when she ruined not only Brad & Angelina's marriage but Laura Dern was engaged to Billy Bob when they ran off & got married & put their blood in a vile…give me a break.
    I love how Angelina says "My father cheated on my mother & I saw what that did to her & I would never do anything like that"

    I can't wait for the day that Brad & Angie breaks up…it WILL happen -just a matter of time.

  40. 40

    Re: 01badgirl – How do you know? lol Do you know Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie? Like the rest of us, you know nothing about them except what the media tells you. He and Angie could have been boinking each other for weeks before Jen ever found out about it.

  41. 41

    I think eddie had something to do with the homewrecking as well. Its not leannes fault completely. People fall in and out of love all the time its a matter of how you value the relationship you are in.

  42. 42

    Re: ParalyZzzZzer – You're an idiot. It might not "seem right?" No, its just plain effing WRONG. And they have no shame. Nobody deserves to be cheated on. If you want out of the marriage, get OUT and then move on with someone else. He owed AT LEAST that much to the mother of his children and the woman he promised before God to love and be with til death.

  43. 43

    quick, does someone have a hillbilly to english dictionary?

  44. 44

    Re: sharre – Beg to differ..he did post about Alicia Keys (mashonda's interview as well) and Fantasia. Now the only one he keeps in a f..cking shrine..is Angelina, which I don't understand. That's the worst homewrecking b..itch ever.

  45. 45

    I don't understand how you can sit here and call her a slut. And I hate how you call Jennifer "Maniston" she is way hotter then Angelina's nasty ass. There are endless amount of celebs that have cheated or had affairs with married people. The best part is Leann Rimes really isn't that famous anymore. So who cares!!!

  46. 46

    This is soooo true. I can't stand LeASS now…

  47. 47

    It really disturbs me how judgemental you are Perez. You cry because you are a gay man and all of the injustices that gays and Latinos face, but you can't stand it when married people become unhappy in relationships and move on and you find it your duty to sit around and judge everyone. Get a freeing life and quit judging everyone else already. Judge yourself for a change hahaha.

  48. 48

    "Done pissed my mama off?" ugh, speak English, Redneck.

    For the record, it takes two to tango. Although I think this little insect is a nasty piece of work, her boyfriend is no angel and she didn't break up a marriage. If anyone is to blame, Eddie broke up his own marriage by cheating. Leanne broke up her own marriage.

    But she's still a cheap redneck

  49. 49

    why dont you ever say that for angelina joile.

    she fucked over jen.

    your a hypocrite

    and wendy was wrong to say that. only god chooses who goes to heaven and hell

  50. 50

    The only reason why she is talking about the affair so much and trying to get people on her side is because she is coming out with a new cd she knows the country music fans are . She should try to stop making in to a fairly tale story and own up to her bad behavior because when she did was wrong I really sorry for his kids Eddie kids are the only innocent victims in this situation and Mostly he will start cheaing on Leann rimes in like a year

  51. GG78 says – reply to this


    You never say that about Angelina HOlie or Alicia Keys ! HYPOCRITE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. 52

    what a hypocrite. Angelina Jolie makes this girl look like a saint.

  53. 53

    Perez why dont you jump all over Brad and Angelina? He cheated on Jen and that makes Angelina a home wrecker BUT to you she is PERFECT. Hypocrite much dude?

  54. 54

    Quite frankly Wendy Williams is an insecure bitch, just like yourself it seems to me. Has nothing better to do than run people down to make yourselves feel better.
    It's none of our business NOR Wendy's what happened. And Leanne is right, she knows nothing about it. Because no one really does. No matter what her ex says… what she says… anyone. You weren't in their marriage. So technically, you know nothing about the situation. It doesn't make Wendy a better person saying something like THAT. If she believes in hell, I'm sure she believes in heaven and God. Well guess what… if it's true, he heard that. So he may just reserve a little spot for that bitch too.
    Like Ive said before, its not right what those two had pulled, but theres been many people who have done this, especially hollywood stars. It's fucking life. Drop the shit and move on.
    Looks like a lot of people who kiss your ass have the same faults here. You make yourself look a dumbass by even posting this.

    Leanne, if you read this… this guy is a moron, and you should just fuckin laugh. I would.

  55. 55

    Re: esj – I've never been a fan, but I believe people are built to make mistakes. She made a bad choice, like many people do in situations with an unhappy marriage. She handled it the best she knew how to at the time. Who are you that you are so perfect? If people are going to bash her, they should do the same with every other whore in the business. Sorry to say.

  56. 56

    This is an honest question Perez:
    Why is it okay for Angelina and Brad to cheat on others in order to find love. But you condemn this couple?

    If you're going to stand for something be consistent. Because then you look like a social climbing ass kisser.

  57. 57

    Leann, you are a SLUT!!!! Wendy Williams can say anything she wants.

  58. 58

    Re: esj – Tho Angelina has done it a few times. She also hooked up with Billy Bob when he was with Laura Dern.

  59. 59

    To the people who are asking why he isn't saying that about Jolie, I think its because it has less of an impact when children are not involved. Brad and Jen didn't have any kids, Angelina isn't now playing "mommy" to Jen's "boys" or anything like that. I also think that its less of an impact of 'homewrecker' because Brad didn't go around BASHING his marriage with Jen afterwards. They just kind of quietly moved on without making a big stink about it. People said stuff about them and they never made it a point to defend themselves. I think they know how it happened was wrong and neither of them regret being together, I also think that they're not trying to make people think that they weren't wrong like how Leann Rimes is doing. She was basically saying 'Well my marriage sucked, my husband sucked so I cheated. Feel sorry for me cus I didn't do anything wrong.'

  60. 60

    Re: mustbenargles – Totally agree! People screw up, all walks of life, all of the time. The point is to learn from our mistakes. I also feel that all of the posters who keep bashing Leann for "playing mom" are way off base. If my husband left me, I would certainly hope the woman in his life cared about our daughter. No one can take the role of a mother away from a mother. Kids need adults that love them. Having two supportive, strong women who are involved in their lives would be a positive experience for these kids. Also, I doubt that it's possible for someone to break up a happy marriage.

  61. 61

    okay I watch WW and that quote is out of context … she was giving her opinion, as you all are, and LeAnn and the guy ended their marriages in the wrong way, so did brangelina!!! you cant control who you love but you can control who you hurt. word to EVERYONE!!!

  62. 62

    Wendy will address this on her show tomorrow. Says there was a misunderstanding

  63. 63

    Interestingly, you never take on the original, heretofore unsurpassed homewrecker, Angelina. And you pick on this girl? You're shameless Perez.

  64. 64

    Re: esj – A homewrecker is a homewrecker not matter how they do it or how nice the are while doing it. It's not okay to hurt another woman or man like either of them did. Brangelina is known for breaking up marriages. Leann is not.

  65. 65

    Re: esj – Yep I agree with you, I read a statement she made that she is happy being in his kids life and being mum to them, and gushing about that and everything else… she is trying to steal the kids and that is not cool, affairs are never the answer and they should of both divorced before they hooked up, the poor wife!

  66. 66

    Re: Susie-Q – Everybody has forgotton that she has had numerous affairs with married men, Angelina is pretty bad, Leann is still a nasty Ho along with Eddie

  67. 67

    She is the ugliest thing on this earth, her TWEETS are sickening. if i were Brandi i'd beat the crap outa her. That Unemployed Eddies is using her..she is so ignorant she is so jealous of brandi the more she tweets about those kids you can read the jealousy…I am glad wendy said what she said ITS SO TRUE

  68. 68

    Give this women a break come on you are acting like if she was the 1st women in Hollywood to do this or in the real world as a matter fact, this happens all the time not that is right but it happens, I'm sure she is not trying to take the mother's place she is just trying to be a good stepmother you'll find a reason to talk shit about other peoples life regardless.. They are in loved I hope it works out for them Best of luck.. sometimes marriages don't workout and that is what happen with them and their exs.

  69. 69

    Re: sharre – or because he doesn't care enough about black people to comment on them?