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Michael Moore Slams Canada

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While Michael Moore has defended Canada in the past, he is not so pleased with them at the moment due to their treatment of U.S. soldiers fleeing to Canada to escape fighting in the war.

"It is absolutely shameful how Canada has behaved toward those who have resisted this [Iraq] war. It's not the Canada we used to know."

Moore chastised Canada for not opening up their borders to escaping soldiers like they did during the Vietnam War.

"This country was so generous to those of my generation who did not want to kill the Vietnamese, and they opened the border."

What do U think about Canada not helping soldiers escaping the war?

[Image via Joseph Marzullo/WENN.]

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197 comments to “Michael Moore Slams Canada”

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  1. 101

    What a bunch of ungrateful ass cowardly soldiers. And who gives a fuck about shitty canada or what this fat ass has to say!

  2. 102

    I was arrested in 1978 for simple weed possession. Now I can't even cross the border into the U.S. for half an hour to buy cheap cheese. It's not the America I used to know.

  3. 103

    Escaped soldiers that VOLUNTEERED?! Moron.

  4. 104

    we are full get the fuck out

  5. 105

    I'm an American and I agree they signed up so they should honor thier commitments. I find it ridiculous that there are many gay armericans that would have honored thier commitments but have been dishonorably discharged. The straight boys are acting lke wimps and heading towards the border. Besides how can we expect dishonorable american solders running accross the border when we refuse to allow an open border policy ourselves?

  6. 106

    umm im pretty sure theres no Draft in the US…? so whats he complaining about? as a Canadian…i find his statement ridiculous. why blame Canada for US soldiers who dont wanna stick to what they signed up for?

  7. 107

    because it's not canada's shitty problem??? hello!! michael moore u little shit

  8. 108

    Re: Classy&Fabulous – I couldn't have said it better!

  9. 109

    it's not our damn war.

  10. 110

    Although I am Canadian, I totally agree with Michael Moore's statement. Bring back the liberals!

  11. 111

    Re: Jordan Laesch – as far as i'm concerned, educated discussion is valid anywhere we please..

  12. 112

    Canuck here. It's not the Canadian public keeping the war resisters at bay - it's our crappy, right wing, fascist government which happens to be ;aggomg in the polls - so the rest of the world understand this- the Stephen Harper government (a minority government at that).does not reflect the thoughts of Canadians as a whole. And reading the posted comments shows that we are being "led" by a weak government. On the plus side - if you are gay, you can legally marry in this country. So, I can remain a proud Canadian despite my government.

  13. 113

    Canuck here. It's not the Canadian public keeping the war resisters at bay - it's our crappy, right wing, fascist government which happens to be lagging in the polls - so the rest of the world understand this- the Stephen Harper government (a minority government at that).does not reflect the thoughts of Canadians as a whole. And reading the posted comments shows that we are being "led" by a weak government. On the plus side - if you are gay, you can legally marry in this country. So, I can remain a proud Canadian despite my government.

  14. 114

    Michael Moore is an idiot. Canada is awesome and so is USA.

  15. 115

    Re: BritBrit61384 – Shut up asswhole hes just standing up for his country fat ass.

  16. 116

    This fat pig always twist facts to push his own agenda. Who wants to bet he'll make a "documentary" about this soon. US soldiers took the benefits, now they don't wanna fight the war they siged up for. Our social welfare system is fucked up enough as it is (talking about that one woman soldier who changed her mind and came up and squeezed out a kid).

  17. cdv says – reply to this


    Re: churr101 – FYI people don't appose a war, they oppose one with an "O", you dope. Stick to something you know……which is nothing.

  18. 118

    well why the fuck should Canada let soldiers in that CHOSE to join and knew this is what they would HAVE to do when you JOIN Armed Forces. ANd, if AMERICA does not want immigrants coming in, why the hell should anyone let Americans in another country to escape?! FUCKING hypocrites. moore is a dumb ass.

  19. 119

    Dear Michael Moore,
    I do not, and all Canadians do not, need you to defend Canada. Period.
    So STOP trying.

    We have enough of our loved ones doing that in Afghanistan everyday.

    Those in Canada who have resisted the war in Iraq & Afghanistan have given endlessley. We CANADIANS have also endured the torment of having our brothers and sisters sent to Iraq & Afghanistan on a mission started by YOUR government and we have paid…

    We are paying severely for this endeavour. I think it is beyond ridiculous that you imply that we should support AMERICAN troops any further in this mission.

    What do you want?

    The Canadian government (whose taxes I pay) cannot support any more returning soldiers. I also wish that returning soldiers had more support - other than "The Highway of Heroes", which runs through my backyard, bringing dead Canadians on their way home.

    It is sad I agree.
    But you and George W. made your bed - and now you have to lie in it.
    Please don't look North for anymore help.

    A Canadian

  20. 120

    So long as there is no mandatory draft in the USA it is your CHOICE to join the military. My Canadian doors are open to ANYONE who is FORCED AGAINST THEIR WILL to participate in wars. But if you sign yourself up, your problem. Tell Michael Moore that's why. Duh.

  21. 121

    Dear Michael Moore,

    I could be wrong, but I believe there is no draft today. So if you did not want to fight in a war, then I suggest you do not join the military. I do not want to run, so I do not join a marathon. It's kind of common sense.

    Glen Coco

  22. 122

    P.S. Its not war its conflict.

  23. 123

    Yeah, it's not the same situation as it was in Vietnam. You don't get to sign up for the war, get paid for being enlisted, then flee when you actually have to GO do what you've been trained (and signed up) for.

  24. 124

    Dear Michael Moore,
    I do not, and all Canadians do not, need you to defend Canada. Period.
    So STOP trying.

    We have enough of our loved ones doing that in Afghanistan everyday.

    Those in Canada who have resisted the war in Iraq & Afghanistan have given endlessley. We CANADIANS have also endured the torment of having our brothers and sisters sent to Iraq & Afghanistan on a mission started by YOUR government and we have paid…

    We are paying severely for this endeavour. I think it is beyond ridiculous that you imply that we should support AMERICAN troops any further in this mission.

    What do you want?

    The Canadian government (whose taxes I pay) cannot support any more returning soldiers. I also wish that returning soldiers had more support - other than "The Highway of Heroes", which runs through my backyard, bringing dead Canadians on their way home.

    It is sad I agree.
    But you and George W. made your bed - and now you have to lie in it.
    Please don't look North for anymore help.

    A Canadian

  25. 125

    American's need to take responsibility of the trash war that they started…Canada is the country who always has to help them… They need to fix their government and Michael Moore is the dumbest american out there….We should have no business in American's problems. They did it, they can solve it.

  26. 126

    Re: likethepear – Give the Liberals a chance??? No thanks. If the frenchies get in, I'm moving to the states.

  27. 127

    Re: KimmyD – Well said!!!

  28. 128

    It's a CHOICE to be in the military. It's your decision - why should it be Canada's problem, you knew what you were signing up for, sucks to be you.

  29. 129

    lol USA if you cause a war, you're in!….it's not our fault! Silly American Government.

    Vietnam happened for many legit reasons….this war - not so much. When you sign up for war, you should know what you are in for.

  30. 130

    STOP LOSS watch it…itll all make more sense lol.

  31. 131

    Re: GG78 – exactly!!

  32. 132

    So what Moore is saying is that Canada should be the United States doormat? I'm sorry when was it OUR job to clean up YOUR mess. Canada is a sovereign, independent nation, not some escape ground or charity case for those who don't feel like fulfilling their contract obligations. Don't get me wrong, the war in Iraq is unjust and should have never happened in the first place but Canada is not responsible for that. We too are fighting in Afghanistan, we too are just getting out of a recession and we too have millions of CANADIANS who live in sub-standard conditions, but no no…we need to help American military deserters out first. Give me a break.

  33. 133

    Because NOW Canadians want to kiss American ass so bad. Why can't American soldiers with consience ask for political asylum in Canada? Canada is afraid of the US. They want to please the Master.

  34. @v@ says – reply to this


    The involuntary draft and subsequent draft dodgers during the Vietnam War was a bit of a different matter.
    These men and women of this current situation Moore is referring to here signed up to serve their country willingly. The U.S. wouldn't harbor Canadian AWOL forces personnel either, if any decided to go south to the U.S. rather than returning to Afghanistan. Could you see the U.S. allowing Canadian runners to live there as objectors? AS IF. Moore seems to forget that Canada is serving in Afghanistan too. Duh. Does he want to house a couple of AWOL Canadians? Oh. I haven't heard of any. There must be a few somewhere. Canada has no special contract to 'take' people who back out of U.S. contracts they previously signed. If anything, Moore should take the U.S. government to task for not creating a way for these backtracking runners; (and there is always a small percentage) of people who panic and want back out for a limited category of reasons. Moore - get your own country to deal with these people in a humane way.

  35. 135

    Wow, this is some s**t here. I also am Canadian and all I got to was the comment from "likethepear" stating that everyone should vote Liberal ARE YOU KIDDING ME. Have you not seen what they have done to OUR COUNTRY?????
    As for letting people across, I agree with most post, it was your choice to join and alot of the men and women that have join after 9/11 know what they were getting in to and did it anyways.
    We have delt with loss in the Region I live in and it sucks and I feel for the family and friends but it was your son/daughters, brother/sister/ friend that decided to be a big boy/girl and sign up
    Do I think we should fight the Bush battle NO FING WAY but we are connected to each other and thats the way things go!!!

  36. 136

    Re: wagger

    totally agree! =D

  37. 137

    Re: Ellie9

    you want to talk about mistreatment of native people? the usa basically exterminated their entire population! the degree to which canada did so is nowhere near what your country has done. moreover, you still refer to them as 'indian' which is a derogatory term in canada, we at least amend our education system to make sure that the way they are treated now is with respect and dignity. I have never heard of your country negotiating with it's native peoples for land and resources etc., yet it is a current issue of debate in canada all the time…

    so, i think you have a very skewed sense of reality, and should take a look at the treatment you are handing out to people such as the illegal immigrants from mexico right now…is canada doing the things you currently are? burning the holy books of other religions? discriminating against gays and mexicans?
    i think you need to look in the mirror before you open your mouth and point the finger.

  38. 138

    I'm going to go ahead and call out all of you… if you wanna talk Vietnam that' fine, but just realize you're way too young most likely to know anything about it. My father, a veteran of the Vietnam War, put his life on the line for all of you! His younger brother made sure to run away like a little bitch to the country up North! I don't really give a shit what any of you say, but don't you DARE EVER disrespect those men and women that put their lives on the line now or then! This is the greatest county ever and although we don't all agree, regardless we are American's and we should EACH set an example! So quit your bitchin and thank Jesus we're not stuck in Darfur or Afghanistan or Iraq or Haiti! Be thankful with what you have!

  39. 139

    It's simple. If you don't want to go to war, then don't enlist in the army. You have the right to not do it. Unlike those who fought in Vietnam.

  40. 140

    Yeah that's what Canada is here for, to be the refugee camp for American soldiers. Isn't it bad enough that our guys are dying in Afghanistan for America, now we are expected to feed, clothe and support your deserters? Shove it up your fat ass Moore!!! It's your war, leave us the fuck out of it and we'll keep your service men the fuck out of Canada.

  41. 141

    ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME??!?!?!? As others have explained, there was an involuntary draft during Vietnam. Anyone who has joined the military in the last 9 years has to have understood that a war was underway. Therefore, they have agreed to give their lives for our nation. They agreed to give their lives once they signed on the dotted line. That's what the military is meant to be- a group of individuals, admittedly unlike myself, who are willing to die for our country. I have little sympathy for those who have given their lives for my freedom. Where I completely appreciate them, for whom without I would not enjoy this life I lead, I believe that they willingly chose to fight till the death. That's what militaries are there for- in any countr! If you are ignorant enough to think otherwise, perhaps you should become Canadian and leave this great country!

  42. 142

    Sorry Michael Moore feels that way. I like him but it sounds like he hasn't thought this one out. There is a huge difference between this and the Vietnam war and that is the DRAFT!

    With Vietnam people were being FORCED to go. Not soldiers, but ordinary people, mostly very young boys who were just trying to go about their lives and never had any military aspirations what so ever. Now it's different. You choose to be a soldier and with that you choose the consequenses. The main reasons a country has a military is to go to war if need be. If you don't want to see combat DON'T JOIN THE ARMY!!

  43. 143

    As a Canadian soldier i feel very strongly about suppporting my countries decision. your american soldiers made a commitment to the country, not to whether they agree with the current terms or not. i see a lot in the media about the american immigration issues. how is this different if you are an AWOL soldier life is not very good for you you therefore become a burden on our national policies and systems that are already strained

  44. 144

    Re: kcampuk
    I agree! Or, go back to whichever 'native land' you came from. If you don't like the way this country is being run, or the lack of socialized medicine, or the fact that you have to pay taxes, then fucking leave!

  45. 145

    Fuck Him!!! Why in hell is it our problem? and further more, I get so sick of hearing about soldiers who do not want to do thier job..then maybe they should have realised that becoming a soldier is not just a means to women and money…although I am against any war, it is still thier job and not Canada's job to harbour these poor excuses for soldiers…hey heres an idea…how about that fat fucker blame all this mess on the USA…

  46. 146

    About a month ago 400 Tamils landed on the coast of British Columbia. They are claiming "refugee" status not the first bunch who have descended on us. So they now can live in Canada, be catered to, given every amenity and no doubt the taxpayers will end up supporting many of them. WTF!

  47. 147

    Canada has conservative minority government. During Vietnam we had Turdeau and he was a very popular leader. Stephen Harper, is in my opinion, Canada's version of George Bush. The majority of Canadian's did not vote for him.

  48. NDDD says – reply to this


    Blah blah blah…

  49. 149

    As a child of that generation, the differrence is our country was DRAFTING young men and forcing them to fight. We are not doing that now, and any soldier that is fleeing is one that is in a direct violation of the oath they took when they signed up for the service. I am not happy about the war, but they knew the consequences. I also take umbrige to those cowards as my nephew is now going on his sixth tour and I know he would rather be home with his wife and four year old son.

  50. 150

    Paleeeaasseeee!!! Don't try to blame Canada for your own country's mistakes! Nobody forced these soldiers into the military, or into the war. It's not Canada's responsibility to hold your hand every time you need help! We're not here to take care of you. We help enough when needed. And we are a country that also takes care of ourselves as well. You can't save 'em all.

  51. 151

    They weren't drafted you know….

  52. 152

    Um…There's no draft..People actually chose to be in the Army. Canada turned a blind eye to draft dodgers during the Vietnam War… Take a history lesson

  53. 153

    Re: samdavid – I'M NOT AMERICAN. I know how bad the Americans have treated everyone left right and centre from inner city school to Mexicans and Islamic migrants, the United States as an appalling HR record, but the international community is letting them get away with it, because they have the money and a dispensable military.

    A Canadian or British PVT. is far better trained than their American counterpart, as their governments have invested more time and money per soldier, with more amenities allocated to them. They can train, but they don't have to go unless they want to.

    As for Canadians and their treatment of their aboriginal population- centuries of maltreatment and alienation doesn't go away with a federal offer for free education in post secondary systems. Especially when they can barely graduate from your secondary institutions. Most of your Aboriginals are living in the streets of your major cities, because life in the reserves are that bad. As for the TRC, the Canadian government at the end of the day stills wants land and will do anything for it.

  54. 154

    Um, aren't we denying those people fleeing from our southern boarders entry into this country? Canada can do whatever they want.

  55. 155

    What do I think of Canada not helping soldiers escap the Iraq war? I think its not our f***** problem and the problem was created by the US, why should we change their diapers and wipe their ass, why should Britian? Why does America pickfights they cannot win and expect other countries to come and pick up the pieces? What do I think of the US ill proper business tactics that lead to econmic dispare that has a DIRECT EFFECT on my country Canada? Wheres our @#$% bailout. This guy is an idiot and if he comes to my country again I;ll show him how polite we are with a bitch slap.

  56. KateT says – reply to this


    I didn't know there was a draft going on? Wake the eff up Perez! These are soliders who volunteered to serve! They are cowards if the dodge their duties and dishonor every US solider who has sacrificed their lives for this great country!!!

  57. 157

    oh for fuck sake. as if the US treats its immigrants with kid gloves. self entitled pigs.

  58. 158

    The DRAFT is up and running full speed; it's called the "POOR MAN'S" draft. The RICH have send all the jobs overseas leaving millions of men with no chance at any work…..except for the military!

  59. 159

    Amen Toronto_Wop!!!!!

  60. 160

    Oh, sure. Come on in! But if you look American, we'll have to check your papers. If you're gay… well, just forget about it! Give me a break, after the last 9 years you'd think people who voluntarily joined the military would understand what they were getting into. However, this war has gone to a place that is beyond ridiculous, and because of that I truly do sympathize with the people who want out. It's sad that your own government is too busy wondering if gay soldiers should be allowed to fight to pull you guys out; something that should have happened LONG ago. But, Michael Moore, don't forget we have soldiers dying over there, too. Our brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers… dying for YOU. Greedy, greedy American government. Did you forget we're your number ONE oil supplier? How sad that the most powerful country in the world is so back asswards and in as sad a state that it is. We're not here to clean up your messes, but we probably will anyway.

  61. 161

    Re: likethepear – I take it your name is Bartlett. Anyways, totally right on. I could not stand Stephen Harper from the get go. He looks like a wolf and acts like one too. Sneaky and so in bed with Bush (look at the softwood lumbar deals etc.) that he made some decisions that were in the best interest of the States but against Canada's interests. You wait and see if he does not have some big,fat, job with an American oil company waiting for him afetr he gets defeated, which I hope he will this next election.

  62. 162

    As a Canadian who attended a University in the USA, your comments reflect the ignorance your country has and the sense of empowerment you think you are entittled to. I am an upper class canadian who wanted to move to your country after college and start a life there but I was never able to because you wouldn't allow me into your country. Friendliness is a two way street and I think we decided to close our doors becasue you never opened yours. How long do you thin kyou will be able to try to bully people into being your friends before ehy get sickof it?

  63. 163

    Well nice job slamming the whole nation Mr. Moore, your beef is with horrible prime minister, Mr. Harper.

  64. 164

    I'm sick of people taking "refuge" in my country. Maybe you guys shouldn't have joined the freaking army. Get lost. we need our jobs and whatnot. We don't need your bullshit too.

  65. 165

    Two very different situations. We had a draft in Vietnam war - 18 year olds were being sent to war against their will. These folks today joined the military for whatever reason, and now that they're being asked to go to war, they want to run away to Canada. These Americans wanted to join up for the college money or learn a trade?! What were they thinking… there's a war going on!!! And, YES, you're going to get sent over there. Good for Canada - I wouldn't take in this type of person either!

  66. 166

    Okay buddy… get this through your head. Canada is probably one of the most tolerant coutries out there, more tolerant than the United States. We let in more refugees from other countries than you do. We let gay people get married here. On another note, Stephen Harper isn't a Liberal, therefore he's not going to kiss the American's ass and let them walk all over us and he knows we don't have to do everything you want us too! Canadian's and Americans work together, but Canada is its own country, with its own responsibilities. Your military isn't our responsibilty. We have to focus on our own military and get prepared to pull our own troups out of Afghanastan in February.

  67. 167

    @pam's boobs…. you're right , war is a mass sacrifice.

  68. 168

    Please don't consider an occasional misguided and desperate government as actually representing the Canadian people. Sorry, but this government is a minority government without the mandate of the majority.

  69. 169

    Oh, those dumb canadians…close the border to them, for their cattle, oil and lumber, but geeze they should take our draft dodgers? Deal with your own problems, we are not the garbage heap for the world.

  70. 170

    Hey c'mon Canada, let our cowards? flee to your bosom. It's your responsibility now as a great nation.

    Remember when the U.S. was great and allowed people into it's borders, now it's your turn.

  71. 171

    Re: Classy&Fabulous – Finally!! A voice of reason and intelligence!!

  72. 172

    Re: Missa29Re: samdavid – Ahh! A Canadian with some sense! I could not have said that better ! But don't forget how well the Liberals have protected our Arctic borders.

  73. 173

    Re: KimmyD – What a STUPID thing to say! Unless you are a Native American we are all either DESCENDED from immigrants or are NEW immigrants! STFU!! Dip-shit!!!

  74. 174

    I thought that when you sign up to be in our military the whole point is that you would have to fight if there is a war. Its not just to get perks like free college and tax breaks…duh

  75. 175

    Re: andre.lempicki – I can't speak for other Canadian citizens, but I can assure you that I am not now, nor will I ever be afraid of the U.S.A!

  76. 176

    Well may i just say i have never been more proud to be a canadian as iam right now to see my fellow countrymen are on the same page as me in regards to REMOVING Prime Minister Happer ASAP….he is a disgrace…and i cannot wait to send his ass back to alberta….LOVE ALL OF YOU CANADIANS…lets get the job done this time….take OUR country back and make the government work for the people …not the other way around..if the job isn't getting done the way we want it …the next one in there …get loud…they work for us…

  77. 177

    moore has nothing better to talk about? how about all the canadian soldiers dying overseas because of the stupid war the US has dragged on for years

  78. 178

    I'm sorry are you generalizing my entire country based on the decisions of our jackass Prime Minister? So we should have considered everything the US government did during the Bush administration indicative of the opinion of the entire US? Stephen Harper is a buffoon that few of us voted for.

  79. 179

    So let me get this straight…The US has a history of multiculturalism?
    Literally having Human Traffician, so now you want Canada to allow American's who don't want to fight into our country? Canadian soldiers are dying in Afganistan for no reason and you want us to take on your weak links? I have to say this has to be the most ignorant thing I have ever read coming from Michael Moore. Since when has the war been Canada's responsiblity? Why isn't the US housing Canadians who didn't want to fight, oh that's right because we're not cowards. I am shocked American soldiers and their families haven't made a stink about this, if my child was fighting while someone else's ran with their tail between their legs I'd sure be voicing my opinion. So please take care of your own and kindly Fuck Off, thank you.

  80. 180

    @Pam's used Silicone Breasts You are totally right. The military offers the highest paying jobs with the best benefits available for lower and middle class young Americans. Hell, it's also the best option for quite a few college grads who need help paying off loans because their families didn't have the money to foot the bill. That being said, joining the military carries far more responsibility than most young ppl can comprehend. Luckily, that overwhelming since of responsiblilty usually turns into an enormous pride about the choices and sacrifices that our service members face on a daily basis. I do disagree with policies that force soldiers to continue their enlistments for years after their commitment is over, though. Signing your life over for four to six years is a huge deal and one should not be expected to have to continue serving after those years have passed or face a dishonorable discharge. It's pretty much impossible to reenter society after a dd which is sad, because in these cases, the guys/girls have done nothing dishonorable. They served the time that was agreed to in a contract.

  81. 181

    If a soldier can hide himself then fair play but the Canadian government cannot assist. I agree in part that if you joined up, took the pay and made a commitment then you should honor it but we also need to remember that kids of 17, 18 and 19 join up, sometimes without being given the full picture. Our politicians are grey haired old men but they send young men and boys to kill and be killed so you can sympathize that they didn;t have enough life experience to make that commitment.

  82. 182

    but people these days CHOSE to join the army, theres always the possiblity youll be sent somewhere you dont want

  83. 183

    Canadians helped those running from mandatory conscription, not those who willingly joined the military and then changed their minds when their country entered into yet another unjustified war. It's not our job to help those who change their minds.

  84. 184

    canada is its own country and an do whatever it wants

  85. 185

    Its not MY responsibility to look after ILLEGALS wanting refuge in our country. We already take in every tom dick and harry that floats up to us in a bathtub. Why should we deal with your tards knowing what they signed up for running here to get away???? yes I understand that 6 or 7 tours is stupid, but dont come crying to us when you cant handle what YOUR GOVERNMENT SIGNED YOU UP FOR

    The conservative government WILL FALL.

    Steven Harper WILL BE GONE.


  86. 186

    Re: beaucool – Hoora…..

  87. 187

    Re: Ellie9 – Should have handed out more blankeys

  88. 188

    some of what Moore said must have have been left out because it doesn't make any sense what he's saying…it's evident that this war was entirely different than the Vietnam war and there is no reason that Canada should HAVE to do anything, but they are our allies and they are the ones that signed up for that. Now when we need them they shut us out? No one in America except for George Bush wanted this war. Open the borders. Be a pal.

  89. 189

    Re: likethepear – Also as a Canadian ( and Québécoise) , I totally agree with you! I just can't wait to see Harper's governement falling DOWN.

  90. 190

    If you hate voluntarily serving your country so much I'm just letting you know Don't ask don't tell is still being enforced. Just two words can get you discharged.

  91. 191

    As a Canadian, I find this absolutely ridiculous that Michael Moore is even aloud to have an opinion about this. These are soldiers that WILLINGLY signed up to the Army, nobody made them. What did they think they were getting themselves into? It is not our problem to protect Americans from what they have gotten themselves into. It's not like America would ever do the same for us. Yes, we have more of a Conservative government right now, but even if we had a Liberal government, I do not believe that Canada should have to have refugees coming into our country because they all of a sudden realize what the ARMY is for.

  92. 192

    To all the people saying that's what the soldiers signed up for they should just deal with it, most of these soldiers signed up BEFORE the U.S.A illegally started wars in the Middle East. Its one thing to serve your country its another to kill whoever the government wants for whatever made up reason they decide upon. You become a soldier with the intention of PROTECTING your country, not with the intention of being used illegally by your own government. Think about that and think about what you would do if someone wanted you to kill innocent people. F***en Americans I can't wait til your country crumbles, and it's happening right now you can't see it but we can!! Bring on the hate America keep blaming everyone else but yourselves!!!

  93. mayi says – reply to this


    oh I'm confused, who started this war again? Don't try to blame us, you are the cause of your own misery. As far as I know, soldiers nowadays voluntarily enter the army…

  94. 194

    I'm confused… it's not like people have been drafted??? Why should we as Canadians, or anyone for that matter, worry about people who WILLINGLY enlisted??

    Michael Moore is a fat piece of garbage regardless. Canada hates him. And so does the USAAAA!

  95. 195

    I wish this loud mouth , hypocritical, pathtic movie maker would go away. He is so full of crap and drivel .

  96. 196

    As a Canadian, I have to say….I don't care!! Why is it that we seem to be a dumping ground for everyone elses problems?

  97. 197

    What does this fat fuck know about my country?

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