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"Party Music" From Beyowulf On Its Way!

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Here we go! This is going to be hot!

As we reported, Beyonce is back in the studio and getting ready to cut her fourth album, and according to producer Sean Garrett, it's going to be filled with some serious dance tracks!

He reveals:

“I am going in the studio with Beyoncé this week to work on her next record. I think we are doing a lot of up-tempo records for this one. She’s in such a good place right now in life that she is interested in making party music, definitely.”

AMAZING! Although we love the occasional ballad from B, we think she shines most when she's cutting tracks that make us want to shake our ass!

Hells to the yes!

We can't wait!

What do U think?? Are U excited for the direction Beyowulf is taking??

[Image via WENN.]

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27 comments to “"Party Music" From Beyowulf On Its Way!”

  1. GG78 says – reply to this


    Wow, can't wait to see who she steals writing credits from this time. She has been caught several times lying about writing songs and also paying writers to add her name to the writing credits. She is a lying, rude kunt that can't sing or WRITE her own music !

  2. 2

    NO! im so tired of her and sick of her stupid dance moves

  3. 3

    No she is trying to jump on the GAGA AND RIHANNA bandwagon!!! Fuck her and her butt pads!!

  4. 4


  5. 5

    Dont she have enough money already??? Retire already B**ch! ur married to the most wealthy guy nd shes very wealthy herself! Leave it for those who need a chance to spotlight, WE ALREADY HAD ENOUGH OF BeyoNO!! I gotta agree w those who r sick of seeing her same god damn dance moves to every song!

  6. 6

    You guys need to shut your fu*ken hating asses up! Beyonce do not steal music.
    She has proven herself time and time again that is capable of making her on music by writing hits for desinty's child, co writing every single song on her first album, collaborating with producers for her 2nd album, and 3rd album. Please tell me what song she stole so i can put you in your place… 2nd black female to win ASCAP song writer of the year award. Stay mad bitches.

  7. 7

    You guys need to shut your f**ken hating a**es up! Beyonce do not steal music. She has proven herself time and time again that is capable of making her on music by writing hits for desinty's child, co writing every single song on her first album, collaborating with producers for her 2nd album, and 3rd album. Please tell me what song she stole so i can put you in your place… 2nd black female to win ASCAP song writer of the year award. Stay mad bitches.

  8. 8

    I love Beyonce! She is so talented. I can't wait to hear this!

  9. 9



  10. 10

    no im not.
    her and her over done lame dance moves were suppose to be on a break away from the world…let her go away for a year…then many people will be excited.

  11. 11

    NOOOO i hate party EuroPop music. FML

  12. 12

    umm she tried to take credit for irreplaceble even Neyo got mad, look it up, it was her song and she said she wrote it and Neyo was pissed and confused. How rude. Not to mention she tortures little animals in her clothing line. I say make a new 101 dalmations movie and cast the bitch as Cruela Devil. Her and JLO can make partners.

    Then again im guessing ur some ghetto as bitch who cares more about having a ghetto booty than poor little animals.

  13. 13

    Re: Brunette_barbie – No bitch, If he was mad and confused he wouldn't want to work with her, which he is for her next album. Beyonce co wrote irreplaceable. She had the write to say she wrote it, just like The Dream had the right to say he wrote Single Ladies after co writing that, Ne-yo was not confused or mad… People take things and blow it out of proportion and try to make others look bad. What else bitches?

  14. 14

    YAY! I CANT WAIT!!!!

  15. GG78 says – reply to this


    Re: Brunette_barbie – She lied about writing If I Were a Boy too. She also swtched 2 word around in Smash Into You and then added her name to the writing credits. She is rude kunt and a LIAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. 16

    Oh please shut the fuck up haters. Beyonce is the best an smashes all ur faves 2 the ground. She is the Queen B!

  17. JuNoZ says – reply to this


    Ugh! This cow needs to have a baby and leave the lime light for a few, to pave the way for better talent. Never been a fan next…….

  18. 18

    whilst i love me some beyonce and cant wait for her colabaration with alicia keys, i think that she may be copying a lil off kelly rowland who has found her niche in the euro dance music scene, by working with the likes of david guetta. i hope beyonce isnt trying to steal her thunder but i suspect she is. all i can say is if it brakes out ill be team kelly coz she was the original in that genre

  19. 19

    Re: GG78 – oh pl0x find me a video of when beyonce said she wrote if i were a boy. I bet your dumb ass actually thinks it belong to bc jean. Beyonce's name is not even on the writing credits. When it comes to smash into you, your ignorant ass need to know that there are more than "words" change. If you hear both version you can hear a clear difference. The harmonies are not the same. You bitches want to hate and your facts are not even straight. Who else? Let me put you in your place…

  20. 20

    am i excited? hmmmmm, no not so much

  21. 21

    I have a very very bad feeling about this…

  22. 22

    I knew she would try to jump on the GaGa bandwagon and try to come out with a dance album. That's why she did that duet with GaGa knowing that she was the one giving her competition, so that she will forever be attached to GaGa as long as GaGa is successful. The saddest thing is beyoodles is an opportunist, she's an attention whore and cares about nothing but Fame. When her fame comes to it's end, it will be her demise because her family has taught her that failing in something is not an option for her .

  23. 23

    @bluva4life - I see that you're one of those beYAWNcy Zombies who think this bitch is some kind of God. Im sure your resentful obsessed ass don't give your own mother as much respect, love and adoration as you do this bitch. The saddest part of all of this is, if something detrimental happens to this bitch, are all you gays and confused beYAWNcy fans going to slit your wrist, commit suicide, die when that bitch dies. beYAWNcy's time will end just like every other artist before her so get ready for it - BITCHES.

  24. 24

    Re: Troy1234 – *eye roll* You haven't even heard the music or the new style she's going for and you're already accusing her of jumping on the "gaga bandwagon". You hear "dance" music and you bring gaga into this. She didn't fucking create dance music. It's been around way before gaga and well after her too so STFU!

  25. 25

    I loved Dangerously In Love, and B'day was like my obsession at one point from the songs, music videos, and everything. I think that was her peak. I am Sasha Fierce was a mess. Single Ladies was overrated, so glad it finally died. I had a very bad feeling about this album when I read "party/dance music", as we all know mainstream party music these days is utter crap [auto tune, overproduced, computerized beats]. I hope she goes back to her roots. Dance music like Deja Vu, or Crazy in Love, and Get Me Bodied. Anything but that annoying computerized, auto tune crap please. I'm doubtful though.

  26. 26

    WOW. u guys are some serious jealous mother fuckers. beyonce hasnt stolen anything and neyo has done nothing but priase beyonce saying how amazing she is to work with. she has never once said she wrote if i were a boy and if it were true that she only changed a word to get her name added she would have added her name to if i were a boy bc there were words changed in that. beyonce has accomplished more than a any of u could possibly dream. also, u need the songwriters permission to change a song and add your name to it so all of u can suck it!

  27. 27

    Re: bluva4life

    what else? How about you idolize someone who makes a difference? Why do people get on here and defend celebrities from doing wrong. She supports fur and steals peoples songs therefore she is a bitch. Then again im sure you could care less about animals or how stealing is wrong. What are people coming to now? Why can't you look up to a doctor or someone who makes a difference instead of someone who uses her fat thighs to sell albums.