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Oprah's Got It Covered!

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So, a few years back, when Oprah Winfrey famously bestowed upon her audience a slew of brand new cars, she didn't happen to mention to her peeps that she wasn't going to be paying the taxes on this gift, which equalled out to be more than $7,000!

Times have changed, however, and though there were reports that the recent audience members of her premiere show who were given a trip to Australia would have the accept the same deal, we're hearing the Almighty O has already taken care of things.

According to one of the lucky 300 who get to fly with Capt. John Travolta and Oprah down under, a notice was sent out to ensure winners that the trip was 100% free to them and that any taxes attached would be handled by The Oprah Show. Furthermore, Big O is also set to cover any sightseeing or travel-related costs, like passport expenses for people who can't afford them.

How long before a person can be nominated for sainthood? Girl just gives and gives and gives!

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17 comments to “Oprah's Got It Covered!”

  1. 1


  2. 2

    I don't think this will work for Oprah or the people going, they would now be responsible to pay the taxes on the money she is going to pay the taxes with, it's no different than the original gift of the trip…..

  3. 3

    National Enquirer online: Australian gov't foots bill for Oprah's trip cuz it's good for tourism.

  4. 4

    Slow again fatty

  5. 5

    You forgot to mention that the Australians people will be slap with the 3 millions $ bill aka taxes to accommodate Oprah and her fellow American housewives.

    Oprah could EASY pay that from her OWn money, after all, what are 3 millions for a woman worth 1.5 billions?


    Oprah, do the right thing and put everything on your Black AX.


  6. 6

    Can you really say "just gives and gives" if she knows she will make all that money back in publicity?

  7. 7

    please, "girl" just has millions upon millions upon millions of dollars. Bitch can afford to pay for everything!….it's great that she does this for people, however, what would be more impressive is if she donated the $$ she spends on these trips and cars to various charities instead…and yes, I know she does that too…but really, why not give more to the charities instead of buying gifts for people whose names she could care less to learn?? just sayin'

  8. 8

    Yeah…erm only Oprah isn't paying for any of this..the Australian government is. Which really means that the Australians will be paying for this shit through their tax system.

  9. 9

    can't stand the bitch. i bet you she had the trips donated just like she had the cars. she never uses any of her money for these giveaways but she comes out looking like a saint. she's fake as fuck.

  10. 10

    Um…yeah…like perezsuxcox said - you can't skirt taxes. Both the trip and the money she gives them to cover the taxes for the trip will be considered "income" for purposes of taxes (i.e., you pay tax on it all). It is nice of her to give them some cash though to pay the taxes on the trip, because it will definitely help. But, they will still have to cough up their own $$ to cover the rest.

  11. 11

    Yeah, she gives and gives and gives, but it's always hyped to the max. People with major wealth should give and I'm sure many of them do, but it's done quietly and without all the frickin fanfare that accompanies O's great endowments. It's nice that she is so generous and there's probably plenty that she does quietly, but is this going to be how the final season of her show is going to be - give, give give? Cause if it is, get me some tickets!!

  12. 12

    sainthood? For flying to Australia with a bloated has-been movie star? For screaming and screaming in front of her demented followers? She became insufferable a number of years ago and is worse with each passing month

  13. 13

    i am SO sick of oprah

  14. 14

    This trip is paid by Australia's Taxpayers; that FAT COW Okra Panfry ain't paying squat!

  15. 15

    Gives and gives…Not really, Perez. It's just the cost of doing business. She probably writes it all off as a business expense.

  16. 16

    Yep Australian tax payers are paying for this trip NOT Oprah. Yes it will do alot for tourism in australia but she shouldn't be getting credit for being so generous this time when its us who are footing the bill.

  17. JDM says – reply to this


    The Australian Government is footing the bill. We are paying over 1.5 million (Australian) dollars to have her and her American audience in our country. She is not spending one cent.
    Again, Mario, check your facts.